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Caught in the Web: Lakers' preparing for Memphis


--The Times' Broderick Turner details Andrew Bynum's progress in his rehabilitation surrounding his surgically repaired right knee.

--The Daily Breeze's Vincent Bonsignore details how Bynum's return will help ease the workload off Pau Gasol.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr notices Bynum shortened his timetable for his return.

--Ball Don't Lie's Eric Freeman gives his take on Ron Artest's take on why he didn't call a late-game timeout against Indiana.

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin criticizes Jackson for his changed stance on Bynum.'s John Hollinger ranks the Lakers at No. 3.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky previews the upcoming week.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky clarifies Phil Jackson's comments about Bynum.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus ranks the Lakers at No. 5.'s Marc Stein dropped the Lakers to No. 5 in his rankings because of their recent losing streak.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen argues Artest should be SI's Sportsman of the Year.

--The Memphis Commercial Appeal's Ronald Tillery lists the several areas the Memphis Grizzlies must sharpen.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz notices the Lakers' changed tone following the loss Sunday to Indiana to the demeanor after Monday's practice.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Gil Meriken assesses how a player affects the team's performance.'s Mike Trudell argues there's not much to worry about Pau Gasol's heavy minutes and the Killer B's recent struggles.

--Lakers Nation's Gary Lee details his experience of sitting courtside at a Lakers' game.

Tweet of the Day:"Just got lamar the new call of duty #blackops game. I know he is so going to be so excited to play with @robkardashian! What did I do? LOL" -- KhloeKardashian (Khloe Kardashian, reality T.V. star and wife of Lakers forward Lamar Odom)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Good morning, So, what's more important today? a) Andrew Bynum's return date? b) Heat management standing up to LBJ? c) Winning tonight's game in Memphis? The answer is c) Winning tonight's game in Memphis. (a) and (b) may be more interesting topics, but most important is for the Lakers to get back to playing everyday basketball with a winning edge. Memphis always puts up a good fight. Marc Gasol always looks to dominate his brother. But for the Lakers, the best way to shut down discussion of a two-game losing streak is to start a win streak." -- Rick Friedman

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Memphis center Marc Gasol, front, tries to pass as his older brother, Lakers center Pau Gasol, defends during the Lakers' 124-105 victory Nov. 3 at Staples Center. Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty Images

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And we're baaaaack!

I was getting all wound up from catching up on here - what with the sniping, threatening and downright nastiness that was happening.

I was thinking through a post of my own to blast people on here who are causing blog degeneration.

Then I read PLG's post. Now I have nothing left to say except "LISTEN TO HER or suffer the wrath of the RLG's".

That's all folks. Move along. Nothing more to see here.

Dear BFF - congrats on a most excellent Friedman Award-winning post.

Question - do YOU call them Friedman's too?


Good morning everybody - Lakers Game Day! Congrats on the Friedman award...Rick Friedman!
"the best way to shut down discussion of a two-game losing streak is to start a win streak." - that's what I'm talking about!

Justa -

Are you going to be on the renegade chat today at some point? I have a question to ask of you, and it involves the last few days' worth of material on the blog. I can meet you there between 3pm and 4 pm PST your time if that works for you. If not, just let me know and float an e-mail my way.

Rick -

Congrats on the RCOTD! :-)


Thank you for breaking it to me sir in a gentle manner - I totally forgot today is *tuesday*. It makes it highly ironic that the paper I was writing was on how Special Relativity deals with time and how Special Relativity impinges upon the philosophical issues (time travel, static/dynamic time, direction of time).

Hope everyone is having a good day today, no matter what the day happens to be! :-)

Want some free training gear? Get ready!

cali - yup - I can find you over there during that time! Just be patient for me if I don't show up right away - I'm at work and I never know what will happen LOL!


Blake Griffin had better be careful or he will be arrested for this type of behavior:

Straight killing and smoking fools...

Friedman go the Friedman. And all is well in the world.

Rick: Congrats on your namesake award! I think that (c) is the right choice, but (b) is just so much fun to discuss! lol

Hope you're getting back up to speed health-wise.

- - -

Adrian Woj's article on Yahoo! is must-read for all those that like to keep up with the ongoing implosion known as the Miami Heat. Seems like princess jimmy has to resort to tantrums when not getting her way...

Sad to see Wade succumbing to the queen-b, backing off of leadership responsibilities. He is going down a dark-path. Truly, we are seeing a team devoid of alpha-dogs, this is a pack that soon will turn on itself. The sniping will begin soon, just watch. It's like a train-wreck in slow-mo, just too much fun to watch since the only things that will get hurt are the ego's of the 'scared-3'.

I don't think I'll ever root for a non-Laker team more than I will be rooting for Cleveland this Thursday... lol


Congrats Friedman times two!

Pau needs to shut up everyone, including his coach, and come out on fire, dominating his lil' bro and the rest of the Grizz in the paint.

Rolled into work jammin to this one thanks to Jack FM:

@JAMF - Hope you don't take it personal. For a while, it seemed like you thought you were going to keep winning these awards.

CYBER - welcome back!

ummm - you got a link to the article you're referring to?

@ART, 888, & CCX... Thanks for the support.
@PLG & JAMF... While it always takes two to fight, it only takes one to escalate the situation to a level of unacceptability with profanities and physical threats. I respect your opinions and know you do not want to get embroiled in this dispute but sometimes bystanders need to take a stand and accept responsibility as to what constitutes acceptable behavior on this blog. But then maybe you don’t want a particular blogger to threaten you with physical harm or spew obscene and profane comments about you... that of course is your decision. At any rate, I’m done communicating on this issue or about this blog stalker.


MM - no worries. I'm more than happy to share this prestigious award with my BFF for whom it's named.

(But - did you get that $5 I sent you for tomorrow's?)

Sorry about the dreaded double post.... don't know how that happened....!

LakerTom - I respect and appreciate your contributions on here a lot, as you very well know. I just want the infighting to stop. I do NOT condone name calling, threats or "chest puffing" as PLG called it, and I have called people on it before, and will continue to do so. I told hobbit several times that he needs to cut it out, and when he's not into it with you, his posts are a very good read. I just want us all to get along... I know that may sound corny, but I'm serious about it. This is a great place to hang and talk about the Lakers. When it's not fun anymore, I'll move on, as I'm sure others will as well. That said - I'd cry if that happened. And y'all don't want me to cry - right? Right? :)

MM may not want to single anyone out, but I will. hobbitmage's obsession with LakerTom is getting out of hand. Don't want to turn amateur psychoanalyst here as to reasons why it may be, but enough is enough. This has been going on for quite a while. I don't see LakerTom coming on here and calling people out, singling them out, therefore we can't equate one side with the other. The hostility is coming from one side, it's North Korea vs South. It's becoming a problem. If we don't call it like we see it and face up to it, it will continue to happen because both sides aren't equally responsible...

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | November 30, 2010 at 09:03 AM
@Cyber - must throw the penalty flag on you on this one. LakerTom provoked this latest "war of the words" when he said hobbit would be happy if Bynum got hurt. I don't know what happened 6 months ago, 1yr ago...etc, but in this instance that is what happened.

justa: Thanks, glad to be back! =).

I notice that some things stayed the same while I was gone, namely you topping the fantasy league and I lost again. Some things change, some things... lol

The name of said article is "King James wants Spoelstra to bow to him" by the title alone you can see this is juicy reading...;_ylt=ArHqR9iGAVo_g6__nh425wy8vLYF?slug=aw-lebronspoelstra112910

Happy reading! lol


@mclyne - Life's been good indeed. I just hope you weren't doing 185 while you were cruising in

@Justa - I appreciate your peace keeping efforts, but that in no way excuses you from your musical duties. Report to the deejay booth asap.

Ha, I don't drive a Maserati into work, but my M3 could get close to 185 if removed the governer.

Wow, Spoelstra is quickly becoming my second favorite coach:

"The funniest part had to be how they leaked the idea that Erik Spoelstra was panicking now, behaving like he feared for his job. Truth be told, he’s been behaving in the opposite way. Spoelstra isn’t running from LeBron, but running at him."

I hope Riles lets Spoelstra hang on for the rest of the year. This is sooo good for a year long fireworks show!

LRob - oops, my badness....

My morning commute was smoooooth....

Friedman with the Friedman. Some things just aren;t fair. Congrats, Rick! Hope all is well with you.

Roll call ... checking in!!!

Yep, another dangerous venue tonight. Here's a place where the Lakers come to get in a little practice on the road during the season and the Griz have been rude enough to hang meaningless losses on us from time to time. Not tonight. Two losses in a row is the Lakers' saturation point and this mediocre 5-4 stretch must now come to an end. Look for some solid defense to cure our "woes." It will be what just the doctor ordered.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Very Nice!!!!

@Cyber - must throw the penalty flag on you on this one. LakerTom provoked this latest "war of the words" when he said hobbit would be happy if Bynum got hurt. I don't know what happened 6 months ago, 1yr ago...etc, but in this instance that is what happened.

Posted by: LRob | November 30, 2010 at 09:31 AM


I think you might missed the first foul. lol!

LRob: You mean he wouldn't be happy???

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol... We all gotta keep a sense of humor about things, I mean, we could be meat fans or whatnot. When we look at the big-picture, we're all pretty lucky. This run we're on is probably already top-10 in history, and moving up. This team might go down as one of the finest teams, and it's probably mid-dynasty. At some point we will look back on this time, this era as magical, much like the earlier Kobe/Shaq team, the showtime Lakers or the West/Wilt era. We're seeing the player who has a great chance at bring recognized as the GOAT. It's been a pleasure watching Kobe's game mature to a level that is similar to Salonen conducting the L.A. Philharmonic, getting the most out of those around him while still possessing skills enough to put on a virtuoso performance.

I'm always amazed how Laker fans cups aren't at very least half-full at the present moment. Sure, there may be little nitpicks and criticisms from game to game, but when one looks at the grand scheme, detaches and see things big-picture, these are times we should all be reveling in...

- - -

mclyne: I think that Riles sees that he wouldn't be stepping behind the wheel of a sports car as much as driving a pinto with a blown gasket. I think he may let Spo do the heavy lifting, much like he did Stan Van, then swoop in. But, I'm sure he sees that this isn't the Shaq-led team of '06, it's a team with no clear alpha-dog, with mismatched stars possessing overlapping skillsets, each of whom's nature is to defer to the other, and one in which Maverick Carter wields as much power as Spoelstra.

Yes, it has been fun to watch! :)


Cyber - wow - quite revealing. It seems like the Miami basketball world had no idea what they were in for. Still, I respect Spoelstra for doing his job. Too bad princess and her merry band of fools can't see the forest for the trees. Still - this bodes well for a Lakers / Celtics Finals LOL!

More insight into the world's most toxic personality:
"They're cold!"
What a doucebag.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I totally agree. I just don't know how much Riles can take standing in the shadows. His reputation is just as much on the line because he assembled the most narcissistic trio in basketball to date. I bet he reaches his limit by halfway into the season and takes over. I really wish he would wait until summertime so we can watch the Meat lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Jsut found this girl on youtube:

There were a few posters here earlier this year, before lebron picked a team, that were saying it would be nice if he signed with the Lakers (can't remember who). I wonder if they still feel the same way.

justa: Yeah, looks like the curtain is being pulled back a bit on King James, the Chosen One. Looks like we're starting to see a spoiled little brat pulling the levers on a freakishly-athletic body.

I truly don't hate LBJ, but it's been satisfying to see his fall.

phred has the right perspective though, picking him to his fantasy league team. When princess jimmy does well, his team does too, but he can also be happy when he struggles too. Looks like a win-win situation, lol...

Celtics/Lakers sound great. I just feel real bad for the meat fans, I mean some of them have been fans for weeks!


@Justa - checking in with the Refugee camp. One time..yeah!

@MVP - No sir counselor. As I stated in my post on Sunday night, the first foul was on LT. The second foul was on you. Now hobbit did commit the third foul and it was a flagrant #1, but perhaps if the ref would've called the first foul...then the second or third wouldn't have happened.

Some ridicule others for going to the archives, but they can serve a purpose to keep the facts straight. Again I'm not going back to what happened prior to 5 months if I'm wrong please correct me and I'll be the first to apologize to Laker Tom.

Just saw ESPN poll result: 49-of-50 states say LBJ was out of line vs Coach Spoelstra. The one holdout: Louisiana...

- - -

mclyne: She could do a duet with:


- - -

LRob: So, wouldn't going to the archives be a bit like video replay? Plus, would MM be our Joey Crawford? I'll volunteer to be our Jack!


LRob, no need to apologize to anyone if you don't want. Remember that we have the witness protection program, or in this case the Lakers Fan relocation program. You would have to change your handle though!
Just looking for a some humor in an otherwise hot topic to say the least. Maybe I shouldn't have.....but compared to Cyber's inlaws visit, this could be a cake walk. Look for Cyber to let his no comment policy at home be lifted here in a big way. Welcome back Cyber. The Dolphins??? That one hurt!

part of the concept of greatness , a great player in this context, is the ability to make his teammates better, to set a tone,the standard to which everybody on the team is expected to work towards, regardless of individual talent. if we use this as measure to which we can look at various players, it becomes apparent that kobe meets that standard. ON THE OTHER HAND, ,lbj, if what has been reported is the case, can not even be in the conversation

Too bad Kobe can't score 40 every night...

"Usually when Kobe Bryant scores 40-plus points for the Lakers, they win.

He had 41 on Sunday night against the Pacers, but the Lakers lost.

Overall, Bryant has scored 40 points or more in 105 regular-season games, with the Lakers going 72-33. Last season the Lakers were 7-1 when Bryant had 40 or more points against an opponent.

And in the playoffs, the Lakers are 10-1 when Bryant scores 40 or more."
--Broderick Turner

Ha! That would be great. I actually saw Matisyahu live last year, open up for 311, and beleive it or not, he was EXCELLENT!

Matisyahu doing his best Kings of Leon:

Just to be clear here...I enjoy reading LakerTom posts. I enjoy reading hobbit viewpoints. I enjoy MVP's takes. Heck I enjoy it when they long as its civil.
In this instance I thought LakerTom threw the first blow some disagreed...therefore I have to go to the DREADED ARCHIVES...but are they really archives if its only a few days ago???

Below you'll find the following:

1. LakerTom's post that started it.
2. MVP's post that poured a little gas on the fire
3. Hobbit's post that escalated things even more.
4. My initial post on the situation

This just took up 20 minutes of my life. Maybe this blog needs to vote in members to oversee and rule on matters such as this. I'm just saying!

So let’s set the record straight. Hobbitmage is NO Andrew Bynum fan. Even a fool could see from his history of posts that he has no respect and little appreciation for what Andrew has done for the team or what he means to this year’s chances to 3-peat much less what he means to the franchise’s future. Even a fool can read between the lines and see the charade that hobbitmage is now trying to pull off is just another attempt to beguile, mislead, and misinform so as to create the illusion that he supports Andrew Bynum. when the reality is that he would likely jump up clapping if Drew got hurt again.
Posted by: LakerTom | November 28, 2010 at 01:43 PM
You think? He could have fooled me! LMAO!
hobbitmage is not a Bynum fan. He's a hobbitmage fan.
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | November 28, 2010 at 02:27 PM

Per the archives, 2 years before it happened, *I* said that the Lakers could/
would beat the Celtics with Bynum at C.
Now, will the senile old fart in Northern California kindly shut up!
Posted by: hobbitmage | November 28, 2010 at 05:16 PM



I usually stay out of beefs when they reach this level...but as someone that enjoy reading posts from each of you I felt compelled to chime in on this one.

LakerTom/MVP - in the short time I've been posting regularly on the blog (July 2010) I haven't seen any evidence to support hobbit being a "Bynum basher" or wanting him hurt. IMHO, to call him out as such was/is out of line and seemed to be an attempt to provoke.

hobbit - To resort to calling LakerTom or anyone else names is way out of line.

Posted by: LRob | November 28, 2010 at 05:50 PM

You put up a good fight last week, but you played a team destined for greatness. With one Kobe Bryant leading the way. Having Kobe is a bit frustrating at times, but I certainly would not want LBJ, fantasy or not.
I play Justa this week, I'm going down swinging if need be. I think she'll meet her match, and the honeymoon will be over for her! If not, please keep the crow and humble pie recipes handy. Thank you.

Hey guys we should have a new post up fairly soon.

You guys sound like the Miami Heat.


Lakers fans need to unite, not fight. Peace out 'til it works out.



I've been on this blog for years, and this latest incident between LT and Hobbit went the same way as every other incident they EVER had. It's Groundhogs Day:

- First, Hobbit states his opinion on Bynum, usually critical, but supported by stats or quotes.
- LT than responds in an angry manner, and accuses Hobbit of being a Bynum Basher, and suggests that Hobbit is ignorant.
- Hobbit denies being a basher, and responds in kind to LT with some unkind words of his own.
- Cyber, Kobe888 and others in the LT clique than chime in and scold Hobbit for crossing the line.
- Hobbit responds by stating that LT started it (which is true).
- and it continues to escalate from there with more name calling.

If people can state their opinions without being attacked by those who disagree, these fights would never happen, and we can all go back to talkin Lakers.

LRob: So, wouldn't going to the archives be a bit like video replay? Plus, would MM be our Joey Crawford? I'll volunteer to be our Jack!
Posted by: CyberCosmiX | November 30, 2010 at 10:33 AM
Lol...yep only allowed in last 2 minutes... and you would make a good

Hey guys we should have a new post up fairly soon.

Posted by: Mark Medina | November 30, 2010 at 10:50 AM

MM, you should hold off on the new post until we sort all this out. On second thought, I'm low on popcorn and the season would be over then. New post it is.

Laker J: "Look for Cyber to let his no comment policy at home be lifted here in a big way."
You got that right! lol. Thanks, happy to be back home.

Nice win in the fantasy league, asked Brandon to check Saturday and was winning at that point. Actually thought I could get a win, next thing I know it was a 4-5 loss, lol. Just knew deep down that would be the case... lol

Yikes, now that you've called your shot vs justa, well that is a dangerous thing. I can tell ya that humble pie with crow isn't a tasty dish. Of course, I didn't have one Kobe Bryant on my team though. At this point I'll be happy to simply finish ahead of a team named after wookiees! lol..

Dolphins? Hope I don't have any in my tuna can. Looking back I'm grateful the in-laws wanted to go up to Big Bear, that woulda been a painful game to watch... A loss to the fins... ugh... Man, I was really hoping they turned things around this year, it's been sooo long. I guess we'll know by next week, the Charger game is suddenly a must-win. Oh well, there's always the Laka's!

- - -

mclyne: The wife saw a Matisyahu video on MTV about a year ago and got a few tracks of his for the ipod. Talk about an odd musical mix, but I agree he's pretty good. Definitely not a 'gimmick'.


congrats to R. Friedman...great point

I'm really tickled about the lakers at present....all the loses do, is show the need for health on the team, and it's close.

I sense a maturity in Andrew from watching his interviews, hopefully it transfers to the court

San Antonio looks good right now,,,,how will they fare as the season wears on the old legs...

I almost feel for Mark Fade and the miami sleet....who is king down there?

Is the NFL trying to capture the hockey fans?

Go Lakers, great so far, proud of all of you



Dunno even how to start this... after attempting to read all posts as usual, I HAD TO SCROLL.

I never do it, but enough is enough and to be honest when I come here, I come to read about all of you's bball opinions (and not every single one of course equally rings to me, but generally I try to read and try to understand every point of view nonetheless, maybe just even to confirm to myself that I see things completely different than those I am reading from), but I wouldn't ever take not even 5 seconds outta my life to witness those kind of battling words wars.

If that was what I have missed the days I went away in New York... Well THANK YOU for saving me a slice of that bitterness.

Not really going back to catch up, now that I realize that might have been what I could read.

I won't claim that we must all be lovey dovey, because certainly we can't, but as it happens in all social environments, the only way to carry it on decently enough is mutual respect?

If we can't provide it... I think a fair policy of ignoring one another to avoid such nasty verbal attacks, or attempts to revenge (revenge for what? that really leaves me clueless... isn't this just blogging?? where did it become a matter of life and death? Do you really feel that an ounce of your real life persona can be affected by dynamics here? If you do think so, THINK TWICE, live life outside... I dunno... practice a lot of "My Kind Of Healing"... go out and run, read, breathe.... whatever but don't spam here because in the end, no matter sides... it isn't really THAT mattering for any of us???), please.

PLG said it well, but in the end (and I'm glad MM made it comment of the Day, because I was ready to quote it fully) I'm on with Rick (man, how beautiful that you're back...) and I'd just love us to focuse on the game today, on the team nowadays and try to substantiate our sporty opinions but please, without trying to win whatever kind of street/blog/universal credit?

I thought only in Italy we had the insane tendency of loving the quarrel just for the sake of it.

Let it go.

Move on.

And if you can't, just ignore one another.

That's a case of silence being golden and for the safety of the whole community we'll avoid irking moments where we have to accidentally see personal attacks and abuse that although verbal (and I hope just verbal) really make this whole environment way gloomier than a simple blog should be?

All that said, I will never ever speak about this again, because it makes me feel REALLY uncomfortable and weird.

On a more light note, I can't wait for game and chat tonight.

I think we all can agree there?

We are in a transitional not easy moment as a team and I am curious to see what we can provide as an adjustment to decreasing lucidity and energy to try to stay afloat.

Grizzlies already packed us a surprise last year, and sure they're ready to repeat it.

I'm out to see what we can invent to stop the flooding of the good water out from our golden bath.

Oh... and I sure would like to add my support to Barnes, and most especially I'd love to CONGRATULATE ANDREW K. too!!!

Now that is the good measure of this blog community: when we can keep on feeling united and being feeling nearby to someone who belonged here, no matter if they took a journey elsewhere.

I'd love to think once you (every single one of you, even those I don't agree at all with) are part of this Family, there's something that sticks us together more than the opinionated and strong differences we might have regarding the topics we speak about.

Song for today, is quite aptly "Everything Must Go" by the Manic Street Preachers:

Catch you later in chat, LLL, (and I mean... LOT OF IT FOR REAL) Z.

"Too bad Kobe can't score 40 every night...

"Usually when Kobe Bryant scores 40-plus points for the Lakers, they win.

He had 41 on Sunday night against the Pacers, but the Lakers lost.

Overall, Bryant has scored 40 points or more in 105 regular-season games, with the Lakers going 72-33. Last season the Lakers were 7-1 when Bryant had 40 or more points against an opponent.

And in the playoffs, the Lakers are 10-1 when Bryant scores 40 or more."
--Broderick Turner

Posted by: FEARless | November 30, 2010 at 10:40 AM "

The stat is a little misleading because it doesn't take into account the games he shoots a lot and doesn't make it to 40. Reading that stat straight up would lead one to believe that he should take it upon himself to score as much as possible every game.

Whats with san antonio? How are these old guys doing this. Should we be concerned. Looks like they are going to be 16-2 in a couple of days. We cant keep losing these games we should win. Why s kobe shooting so much. I don't think this Is good for our team.


Clock is very good.




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