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What should Ron Artest do with the key to Las Vegas?

October 12, 2010 |  3:11 pm

When Ron Artest learned he'd be given the keys to the city in Las Vegas Tuesday, he wondered if he could hand off the award either to Kobe Bryant or Derek Fisher for obvious reasons: "They got five rings."

But Artest's award goes beyond his success on the basketball court. He's earning recognition at the Mirage Hotel for his charitable efforts regarding mental health issues. That includes his work with Xcel University, which works with community centers and schools to identify high-risk students, and the Mental Health in Schools Act, which would provide $200 million in grant funding to support mental health issues should it pass Congress when it's reintroduced in February 2011.

So Artest will bask in the award and appreciate all the recognition. The only question: What will he do with key to the city?

"I'll probably just walk in everybody's home," Artest said after practice Tuesday at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. "I'll go to Floyd Mayweather's house first and put on some of his jewelry."

Or perhaps he will reach out Celine Dion, who Artest has thought would serve as a perfect duet partner. "After I get the key to Vegas, maybe now I'll do a song with her. Or maybe after she sees all the good things I've done, she'll do a song with me."

That's where I'm asking for your participation. What should Artest do with the key to Vegas? I'd create a poll, but the possibilities are really endless.

"I don't know what it means," Artest conceded. "Hopefully I get some free meals."

-- Mark Medina

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