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Tweetable nuggets from Lakers' practice on Saturday

--After an eight-day European trip that featured little practice time and an 0-2 preseason start, the Lakers had a three-hour practice Saturday. "We haven't played well," Coach Phil Jackson said of the team's training camp. "That's to be expected. We're out of focus a little bit and we didn't have a lot of practice time in Europe so we'll get that together."

--Jackson said three players missed practice Saturday: Andrew Bynum (recovering from surgically repaired right knee), Kobe Bryant (recovering from surgically repaired right knee) and Luke Walton (strained right hamstring). Jackson said he expects Walton to be out for another week. "He's coming along OK," Jackson said.

--Jackson said Saturday's practice primarily centered on "getting our feet on the ground" and defensive drills.

--Jackson is far from pleased with how Bryant looks, particularly after he played 25 minutes Thursday against FC Barcelona. He has made only two of 19 field-goal attempts in two preseason games. "I didn't like the way he looked on the floor, personally," Jackson said. "He wanted to be competitive and try to keep the game competitive, but he's entirely not ready yet to play. Yet he went out and gave an effort, which was nice. But I'm going to have to talk to him about some of the progresses as we go through this training camp." Jackson also said Bryant lacks strength and power in his right leg.

--Lakers forward Ron Artest said he weighs about 250 pounds right now and wants to weigh 245 by the postseason. He was listed on the roster this season at 260 pounds. "I really worked hard this summer to get rid of the weight," Artest said, adding that his off-season regimen included extra running and abstaining from alcohol since late July.

--Mark Medina

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Good comments by Phil about Kobe. I wish he would've reduced his minutes in that last game.

LRob, you maybe told me, but where is your wife from again? We're from Mt.Lake a little town South of Mankato. The Lakers didn't win today, but with hardly any practice, it was not that bad.
Posted by: NewMexicoLL | October 07, 2010 at 03:25 PM

Sorry for the delay in responding. She's from Minneapolis. Went to North HS. Moved to Michigan in 79.

I mentioned in a previous thread that I'm seriously concerned about Kobe and his knee. It isn't just that he missed a lot of shots, but that his jump, position in the air and his release have been noticeably altered. That tells me that his knee is seriously bothering him, and that he is trying to cover it up. This is a major development, Laker Amigos.

Bynum out? No problemo. Kobe out? Major problemo.

In memory of John of the best Beatles songs ever:

CornerJ - I think you raise a good point, which was why I objected to him playing so much in the Barcelona game. Kobe's explanation makes sense to a degree: He said he needed real live action where he's running up and down the court so he can get in a rhythm and fully know what he needs to do to build more strength up. But he made himself vulnerable by doing this in a live game. I think he can duplicate that type of thing where he's running up and down the court in practice setting


Wow, it is Lennon's birthday isn't it? He would've been 70 today! Happy Birthday beloved one. Here's a personal fav - minus Elton John's backing vocals on what otherwise was his only post Beatles #1 hit...

@LAKERPEACEā€¦. Thanks for the link to A Day in the Life. Great minds think alike. I was playing my YouTube Beatles collection today at work in honor of Lennon. I love the video that goes with the song. especially the cameo by Mick. One of my favorite Beatles songs along with Something and Yesterday andā€¦ I could go on forever. The single most amazing band in the history of rock music.

LRob.......... Thank's... MN. is a good place to be FROM. Don't miss the winters. The Twins are losing big time... I'm really happy we got Moss back, he was one of my favorite Vikes. Him and Favre should be really fun to watch and I think Randy is really motivated!!!

Walton gets injured warming up.
I really like Luke, but let's get serious.
He needs a full time trainer to watch every move he makes, from
how he sleeps to driving to practice to how he...



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