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The Times' Mike Bresnahan reports Andrew Bynum cleared for non-basketball activities

56579062Laker fans should feel a little more at ease.

Center Andrew Bynum told The Times' Mike Bresnahan late Sunday night that he's made enough progress with his surgically repaired right knee to get cleared for non-basketball activities.

"I can start running next week, and then maybe start practicing in two to three weeks," Bynum told Bresnahan. "But the important thing is the doctor cleared me." Bynum then told Bresnahan his hope is that he'll play in a competitive game by late November.

Certainly Lakers fans will embrace this new development, considering the controversy surrounding his off-season surgery on his right knee, the uncertain timetable and the Lakers' sluggishness during the preseason. There will surely be new developments, particularly once he starts playing.

But there's a few things to consider. First, don't set your expectations to a specific timetable. The language Bynum outlined to Bresnahan is very conservative in that he definitely will start running next week and then possibly practice two to three weeks afterward. The progress that he makes once he begins his non-basketball workouts will surely determine when he'll begin to practice and, subsequently, when he'll play in a game.

Although there's been new developments since then, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson expressed similar sentiments after Bynum went through a personal workout, including exercises Friday with Lakers physical therapist Alex McKenchie.

"It's going to take him awhile before he's on the court with us," Jackson said at the time. "We hope it's within a week or two he's on the court with us. It doesn't mean he'll do a full practice, but he can do some of the things."

Second, the Lakers should still operate as if they'll play without Bynum for an extended period of time. That doesn't mean I have reason to believe Bynum will experience more set-backs. But just considering the unpredictable timetables involving all his injuries and the fact he'll miss at least a month of the season, it'd be beneficial for the Lakers to still go about their business.

That means Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest should be ready to handle the load. The Lakers have already made steps in doing that with Jackson prodding Gasol into taking more charge of the team in case Bynum's gone and Kobe Bryant's still rehabilitating his knee. Odom and Artest have surely looked the best this preseason, with Odom showing his experience in the 2010 FIBA World Championships kept him in game shape and Artest demonstrating that his slimmed-down 245-pound frame makes him more mobile. The two also lead the Lakers in field-goal percentage, with Odom and Artest shooting 53.3% and 48.9%, respectively. They each should still psychologically feel like they need to make those big contributions.

But with all that said, Bynum's revelation to Bresnahan surely provides a dose of good news with a litte more than a week before the season opener.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum, shown before Game 1 of the NBA Finals in June, had knee surgery in July and is expected back sometime between mid-November and December. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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November, December, January .. doesn't matter as long as he's 100% and stays healthy through the playoffs.

Freaking MM has the damn first overall pick tonight.

KB Blitz

If had had known you were in the league, I would have been all over it! Good luck, my man!

If MM ends up taking Princess James with the first pick, I think I'll throw up.

"Walton illustrates this point by the picture he paints of himself: "It's not going out and feeling like I need to score a bunch of points but more as a playmaker and a facilitator." Illustrating this point, he finished last season with the team's best passing rating, which determined by how many passes led to assists, including three-pointers, jumpers, close-range shots and dunks, divided by the number of passes that led to turnovers."

Kobe could NOT win one without LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {missing the sarcasm font}

Just read the last post about Luke Walton coming back........The two conspirators Phil Jackson and Luke Walton are up to their old tricks......using a very "dumbed" down media as their mouthpiece!

Phil Jackson is like one of these Berkley professors engaged in a game of "mumbo jumbo".......just a whole lot of vague and undefinable words that make the unsuspecting masses believe "something" is going on.....but in reality "nothing" is going on. How does Phil do it? How has he become the master of tricknology?

I've said this before but an analogy for getting specific and to the core of Phil Jackson and this triangle offense and Luke Walton's importance in like unwrapping a huge box and continuing to open smaller boxes within each bigger box until you finally get to the last one...........and guess what you find in that last box if you continue to search...................ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

There is no substance......just a bunch of boxes that you can't use. When Phil says things like "no rhythmn" or "no continuity"............There isn't a soul in the mindless Frat looking press that has any idea what he's talking about........................How do I know? Where is the follow up question? Hey Phil, why is there no rhythmn or continuity in the offense.....and be specific Phil?

When you ask Phil a question like that he gets very uncomfortable.......why? He gets uncomfortable because he really has no answeres........he's like the Wizard of Oz after the curtain has been removed..........he appears like he's all knowing but he really hides behind smoke and mirrors..........just like the wizard of oz. Only Phil uses words as his smoke and mirrors.....words and "terminology" that's really "made up"to make himself appear more knowledgeable than you. Critical thinkers see right through this malarky.

You know who else can see through it? Phil's ex-wife of 24 years June Jackson who used this very salient quote when asked about Phil Jackson

"My answer to why he's so frequently misunderstood is that he's unclear … it's even unclear to him," she said. "He learned early on to dodge, because people don't want to be pinned down publicly in their statements. So you just become kind of a master of obscurity, which people misinterpret as aloofness. What appears to be his standoffishness is just obscurity and opaqueness. And then people say, 'Oh my God, it's brilliance.' "

June nails it!

Why am I saying all of this? For some reason which isn't clear to me or any sober-minded critical thinker......Phil Jackson wants to play Luke Walton...........He wants to justify that ridiculous contract of Luke's by hook or crook..............but how does he justify it?

He says things like "Luke is the glue of the 2nd unit"......really? Tell us how coach. If you break down Luke's game logically what does he bring? He can't shoot or spread the floor nor has he improved in 7 years in those areas. He can't put the ball on the floor and create his own offense. He's not even a very smart basketball player as evidenced by his numerous gaffs getting the ball inbounds in crucial situations. Players play the passing lanes against him by laying off of him because he's no offensive threat.

Remember Phil Jackson was playing Luke ahead of Trevor Ariza which retarded Ariza's we have a soon to be 31 year old Walton who btw has not improved his game one iota, getting prepped by Phil to retard some other young Laker's progress.

Oh Well, at least another day has gone by on the OFFICIAL LUKE WALTON COUNTDOWN CLOCK

ONLY 971days 00hrs 48min

And the Luke Walton era will end

First off this is great news.

Secondly, to comment on the last thread, to measure Luke Walton by his statistical accomplishments is like to trying to describe what makes Phil such a great coach. It's not laid out in plain, concrete terms. But the strange, eerie intangibles he brings have shown themselves to be valuable in this system, especially when he shares the floor with Bynum.

The fact that folks clamor for him to coach show that, on some level, they respect his intelligence and knowledge of the game. Perhaps they wonder, as I do, that the Lakers will run some version of the triangle for the forseeable future.

Kurt is running a simplified version of it in Minnesota and you can bet that Darko picked it up quickly because they were pretty quick to sign him in a free agent market so filled with talent. The triangle has proven to be a championship winning formula in these our modern times.

The similarities in the perception of Luke and Kurt's game has been bandied about here since Luke burst onto the NBA scene on the Laker super squad of 2003-04.

I'll be the first to admit that Luke Walton is not the most athletic or dead eyed shooter, but I'll not ignore that when he plays a small role on the team by giving Phil the option of playing a guy who is quite familiar with both the triangle and the preferrences of Kobe whilst involving the bigs.

He won't make or break our season, but I feel his presence will be like dropping some Laker triangle science into the second unit.

Meant to finish the second to the last sentence with, "...his role is often effective and valuable." but it just didn't happen.

It just didn't happen.

KB Blitz

If had had known you were in the league, I would have been all over it! Good luck, my man!

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | October 18, 2010 at 06:57 PM

lol. Thanks. I got Kobe with the 5th overall pick since Durant/James were already taken. I was so tempted to pick CP but then with his injury history/new coaching style that isn't as high tempo as Bryon Scott's was made me think of a safer pick and well that was Kobe Bryant lol.

pfunk36: A very fine post, sir.

Can you imagine what it must have been like for June to have been married to Phil for all those years? OMG!!!

And what does it say about Jeanie that she hasn't figured this out yet!

Honestly, no, I would celebrate more if Drew could stay out until January or so. Except that I don’t want Lamar and Pau to play too much…sigh. League Champions burden (I mean that satirically)

I think FCM has fully integrated into full blog and journalism worthiness, if his tendency to qualify all of his statements like

“That doesn't mean I have reason to believe Bynum will experience more set-backs. But just considering the unpredictable timetables involving all his injuries and the fact he'll miss at least a month of the season, it'd be beneficial for the Lakers to still go about their business.”

Is any indication.


Everybody in the league, good luck. OH, and if you could try to talk up how awesome it is to be in the LAKERS BLOG FANTASY BASKETBALL LEAGUE over the next few days it would be cool, because


[email protected]

Oh, and I guess I sorta assumed that San Antonio would be in there somewhere. Add them to my list. I wouldn’t want to play them in the first round.

and to paraphrase Eric Idle;

"Oh, shut up'

Great News..........I picked Andrew on my fantasy league...

ol. Thanks. I got Kobe with the 5th overall pick since Durant/James were already taken. I was so tempted to pick CP but then with his injury history/new coaching style that isn't as high tempo as Bryon Scott's was made me think of a safer pick and well that was Kobe Bryant lol.

Posted by: KB Blitz | October 18, 2010 at 08:32 PM

Hey, sometimes we have to go with our heart! As they say: "Great pick!"

phred - just spoke with MVP888, and he is thinking of joining the second league...How many more teams do you need...I'll join this one too, if you need another team to make the league...

I guess i should qualify that too. I would add San Antonio to my list of 'good teams in the West' but not to my list of 'teams that will threaten the Lakers in the playdowns' cause i think we basically own them in the post season.

LEW- get as many people as you can to actually send me an email at

[email protected]

and it should be pretty easy. I will probably include all the current team owners in my email list too, if we need a few extras to fill it out. I figure there will be enough interest eventually, i just want to get people to email me as soon as possible so we can get the most applicants before I set up another draft.




[email protected]


[email protected]



[email protected]



Right here, my brother! I already belong to league that drafts on Wednesday, but when I saw there was a draft tonight, it got my juices flowing. No biggie.
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | October 18, 2010 at 06:36 PM
Sounds good MVP.

The game plan for this season is definitely to pound the ball in to Pau. Kobe quit shooting and feed the Big Spainard.

Okay, so I have an ulterior motive due to our fantasy league. I drafted Pau with the #8 overall pick. I'm expecting big things this season.

phred aka Commish- thanks again for organizing everything for the fantasy league.


hey, no prob.

The game plan for this season is definitely to pound the ball in to Pau. Kobe quit shooting and feed the Big Spainard.

Okay, so I have an ulterior motive due to our fantasy league. I drafted Pau with the #8 overall pick. I'm expecting big things this season.

Posted by: LRob | October 18, 2010 at 09:10 PM

lucky we have the FANTASY league

i thought the plan was to 3-peat. not going to work with the Spaniard as the center piece.

who the *(&*( is the 'ACTIVATOR?' I call BS.

Well, never thought I'd say this, but I actually enjoyed T.J. Simers article on Jeanie Buss, "The Laker Girl". What rare insights into the mind of Phil Jackson. Although I'm pretty sure by next week I can go back to hating Simers again for another bone-head article.

who the *(&*( is the 'ACTIVATOR?' I call BS.

Posted by: phred | October 18, 2010 at 09:32 PM

stick to the phantasmal league. and the entertaining department.

the Activator- well, no offense and all, but I think I do so well in the fantasy league and the enteretainment because people know who the ()&& I am when i sign in....

if i signed in as 'THE *&*&' all the time, people would probably have the same question i do. oh, and i'm phred. who the (&( are you?

that's a grawlix, by the way.


i'm phredingson

yeah, hard to build up gravitas with a pseudonym, huh?

@ phred

what is ()&& and *&*&' ???????

do u think Blitz and LakerTom's grandson will approve of it?

no offense and all, but I think I do so well in the fantasy league and the enteretainment because people know who the ()&& I am when i sign in....

Posted by: phred | October 18, 2010 at 09:49 PM

hard to believe for a guy who confuses alan greenspan with samuel beckett

Jamie Sweet -

Great post on Luke...I have to say I'm in your corner about Luke...He brings something to the table...too bad he inherited the injury genes from his dad...

Lakers Dyansty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


i knew it was you. how you doing?

Weel I got 2 heavy hitters right off the bat...

Blitz in week one...
phred in week two...

Let's get this party started...

hey, ouch, or anybody else, you get down to it, I am serious about the love. I won't hurt you, and it's great that you keep posting, honest.

Just when lakernation was getting amped up to start the season...

"Luke Walton could return Thursday"...

talk about a bad letdown.. BAD TRIP!

and did i miss another LUKE bashing thread? DAMN!

just to restate the obvious here:
dollar for dollar arguably the very worst existing contract signed by mitch in his entire tenure.. and if you consider the ridiculous length and the fact there would be no demand for luke in this league outside of possibly the pathetic rambis run timberwolves probably ranks it as one of the all time worst contract in laker history.

and thats just his contract.. seeing him in the flesh and watching him take up someone elses valuable space and minutes is even more painful.. watching defenses leave him WIDE OPEN and seeing him heave brick after brick even more deplorable.. or even worst if you had a chance to watch him shoot during warmups (we're talkin PRACTICE) and see him miss wide open jumper after open jumper is just laughable considering hes a professional.

as a small sized unathletic forward hes also a huge defensive liability.. bad rebounder.. cant run the break cant finish.. but theres no question its constant poor shooting thats his biggest weak spot.. a career 42% FG shooter and 33% 3pt FG is pretty god awful considering he played his whole career in the kobe era shooting wide open jumpers... and also considering he hasnt devoted one single summer in his entire 7 year career to improving his jumpshot says enough about his pathetic work ethic and commitment to this team.

in other words just a MASSIVE WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!

Luke...He brings something to the table...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | October 18, 2010 at 10:01 PM

do we really need more clipboards at the table?

i just wish he will bring something on the court.


in one of the Celtics game Luke replaced Ron. the Celtics MADE IT SO OBVIOUS that they don't respect Luke that even his biggest fan, PJ had to remove him

he was standing around by himself with the ball in his hands and the Celtics defense cut off all the passing lanes and doubled Kobe and Gasol.
HE COULD NOT PASS. where was the fluency?

where was that famous GLUE?

and the IQ? just a blabbering myth.

after that sequence, PJ never put him in the games AGAIN.

actually i find it ridiculous that a team that went for the RE-peat and now for 3-Peat, has the audacity to even have such an obsolete, worthless player on the roster.

and till 2013 there r (please look up pfunk's countdown) days remaining

and no TEAM, no one will give u even a 4th pick for Luke. maybe all those fans at the Staples who r chanting LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE should make a collection and buy him out. now i will call that Lakers fans. give up the price of the ticket and end a nightmare. for the good of ones favorite team.



u r the one that said many times that people on the blog have the attention span of a flea. yes, i expected at least from you to have a little bit more than that especially that u have "UNPOSTED POSTS" on your desktop.

yes, i have that too.

but earlier, when the first LUKE post was up, i did introduced myself with a simple interjection


sup yellow

good to see u around

now if we can find hobbit we can start the season

hobbit were are you????????????????????????????????????

my favorite hobby on the Lakers Blog. :-)

the Activator - Nice post, now the rest of you Lakerholic put down the Kool-Aid JUG.


some days ago, Professor Gueco expected u and me to get back on the site. looks like we were missed


today, both of US posted exactly at 10:19 PM

now that means: Lakers THREE_PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take it to the bank. this is for the first time EVER i used this expression. i'm becoming American.

"looks like we were missed"

my sarcasm font did not work again. :-)

Ouch- oh, come on. who else would post pictures of greenspan, beckett, lots o ellipses, and keep track of whether i cared or not? you might as well say hi.

I don't really try to make other people keep track of who I am, though.

I don't recall using the word 'flea.' Do you have a link?

hmmm. Oucccccchhh, yello and JUSTA TROLL BAG are all interacting.

I have some hideous fascination with how this will play out.

I have some faith in yello, and some hopes for redemption in ouch. J(*&*(& )(*()* I have very little hope for. But hey, nobody is so far gone into the darkness that they are beyond hope of being brought into the light....


i do not keep track. but from U i have expectations regarding "cultural" issues.

i was watching some game and i had also the live chat open in a different window when some blogger posted his Greenspan avatar and no one (including me) figured it out soon enough. funny u made the beckett reference.

actually u r the one taking notes and keeping track. see, no fun when it's on U. :-)


actually today i decided to say HI to all of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


i opened the blog and first post was LUKE

so i froze:


i came back after a few hours and more posts about

Magic (one of my LEAST favorite PEOPLE - because of his AIDS politics that r the same as the LOAN/subsidizing one - how i learned today from a blogger's post)

another LUKE post

and a BYNUM one (how can we miss him?)

so it's like going to a party with the smile on your face knowing that u will meet lots of friends and other fun people. and also that MAYBE you will meet like 3-5 annoying ones.

as soon as u enter, exactly the 3-5 annoying ones r in your sight one after another, even before u have a change to grab a drink. so what r the choices. get drunk and forgot that u r in foul mood and forget the friends. or turn around and go for a drive …

something like that.

so the LUKE-arade took over before introductions.

Oucccccchhh, yello and JUSTA TROLL BAG are all interacting.

I have some hideous fascination with how this will play out.

Posted by: phred

i JUST gave a shout out to yellow and hobbit. it was no INTERACTION with the Meat fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i did not came to drink the kumbaya-aid of the bloggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's all about the 3-PEATTTTTTTTTTTTT

Ouch- fair enough.

I do have the awful responsibility here of drawing out trolls and pummeling them remorselessly. Terrible burden. You console me a bit.

Sorry that you have experiences like that at parties when you are drinking.

Glad you can stop by here and chat instead.

LOL. You are stubborn, I admit. I am more stubborn, and I still love you.

It is fun for me, but it is always more fun when people keep track. I make a lot of jokes hoping that people keep track, and those who do keep a special place in my heart. phred's heart, that is. THE LOVE has a place for everybody.

So, what are you drinking tonight?

I am sorry that Luke comes between us.

LOL. Tells something about human nature that despite our differences, we are all brought together in opposition and scorn for the other (heat fan).

We have tried to be nice to haters. We appreciate that everybody hear loves basketball, even if they understand it as well as a fungo contemplating a martian.



mmmm...kumbaya aid...

the Activator.. oucchhhhhh? is that you?

dude where you been all summer? good to have you back..

10/18/2010 10:19PM LOL...

and like pfunk said 971 more days of luke!! like a freakin groundhog day.. OMG the horror!

are 'cultural' issues different than cultural issues, or simply stuff that interests us, as we call it around here?

I like how much culture the blog has to offer. Scads, I would think.


i'm not drinking anything. going to the gym later. but yes, i have some frozen stoli in my fridge.

not only Luke comes between us, but also Gassy, Fisshy and the unpalatable UPS.

maybe my party reference was not the best (and i don't get drunk), but being an artist and going to openings and other events, one is constantly facing an incestuous, revengeful, jealous and misdirected competitive atmosphere and characters. it's unavoidable. so one learns to have a THICK skin to navigate through it. like on this BLOG. regardless if ones opinions r popular or NOT.



hey phred phredington,

a simple hello wouldve been suffice.. hello!

but perhaps you've long had the wrong impression of me..

i'm all about seeing THE light not seeing lights..

cheers to the start of another laker season to you too!

ouch- well, that thick skin will be useful. I use THE LOVE to get me through. What would THE LOVE do?

And if you aren't a Laker fan, I can see how those would bother you.

As a Laker fan, those titles with those guys are nice. I just love that all those elements come together to make beautiful basketball.

I prefer Skye to Stoli, although that is an individual preference, decided probably by genetic and early environmental factores.

hey ouch, despite yourself, you keep being a dang interesting person to talk to. Hey, this is the Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Lakers Blog, and as long as I am around, THE LOVE will have some small say. Stop by, let it all hang out, and be yourself. This is the internet, we are all invincible here, be yourself as you want to be.




pfunks post ealier about Luke and PJ was brilliant. regardless if it was approved by jim "kobe hater" joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's already 970. his clock is set to eastern time when the deadlines r made. :-)

we will have 3 hours of champagne drinking.

Ouch- drunk or not drunk, you might have achieved the real realization- you can be what you want to be here, and you will be judged only on the merit of your comments.

Just don't )*(& with us.

much love.


cultural like jesse helms or meapplethorpe. ask them. forgot, they r both dead. Meapplethorpe RIP.
Jesse, follow dante's 3rd book.

yeah, I got your maggle thorpe-helms reference. Do you want to talk about what I think about Magglethorpe and Helms? Magglethorpe was an artist, Helms was a politician. I and I think a lot of people miss Magglethorpe, i think very few people miss Helms or say Wortheimer. Or Donald Wildmon or the Ayatollah Khomeini.

It is all pretty interesting to me.

Yes and hope Bynum gets better sooner and gets back mid November.

and I was wondering, have you ever read Rushdie? Interesting as well, and there is a lot more I would like to know about him.

Maybe if you ever get your Beckett play produced, you could share it.

And I will keep wondering how someone so artistic looks for so much failure of human achievement from the Lakers.

yello- hey, you are one of my old sparring partners and a good Laker fan. I have your back if you need it, and a correction for you on Luke Walton that I know you need.

but hey, just sit back and enjoy the titles. If nothing else, Luke knows when to help and when to stay out of the way.

grooving to my late night music here.


"Mapplethorpe was an artist, Helms was a politician."

good point

Kobe is an artist. Gassy, Fishy and Luky r politicians. get my point?
"And I will keep wondering how someone so artistic looks for so much failure of human achievement from the Lakers."

i never look for Lakers failure.

BUT, having maybe one of the best teams ever to lace it up. and we will find out about it in a few years, especially that the starting 6 -7 (let's include LO and maybe Blake in the mix) have 3-4 more years together based on contract.

i have HUGE expectations. we r talking 3-PEAT, 4-PEAT, 5th? DYNASTY and so on and forth. #17, #18.

as i mentioned months ago, besides the Lakers i was following sometimes the OKC and Memphis. fun teams to watch and i don't have to throw up in my mouth like watching Heat, Portland, Cavs, Celts ….

i do not have any expectation from those 2 teams. i watch them because i like some players and also r young and fun. and yes, satisfies my basketball fix.

from the Lakers, i have expectations: exactly how KOBE has expectations from himself to deliver the best every night and to give it to the fans, i expect the team to do the same.

and yes, exactly how i'm annoyed about the MJ and LBJ press that tries to put them on a pedestal, i'm tired of the LA press, BSPN and many Lakers fans to take away KOBE's impact on games and team and trying to prop up Gassy, Fish, Ron, LO in the past and especially PJ.

there is only one ACTIVATOR: KB24/8

hey, good night, ouch. I hope you keep posting, but I hope you post under you own name, it really does get more respect for your position and I hope you feel some pride in your comments on here. A good comment on here, or even a bad comment on here honestly meant is what keeps the blog going, and I know you want to keep the blog going.

much love and good night.





Ouch- no, honestly, I think Fish is definitely a politician, the kind the Lakers need. Pau is an artist who is still refining his style. Luke is neither an artist or a politician but a craftsman, someone who doesn't rely on talent, but instead does what they can will learned skills.

I see your point about wanted the platonic ideal of the Lakers vs the sorta common perception of the Lakers, but the Lakers I cheer for are mortals in the cave looking to emulate that ideal, and even if they fall short, it is beautiful and inspirational to watch. Luke is a guy who knows what the ideal is, and tries to overcome his physical limitations to reach it.

Oh, and if you believe that Kobe is the pinnacle of basketball achievement and the rest of the team are being carried, I (and I never play this card) believe that you know very little about THE TEAM SPORT that is basketball.

I won't even say 'we couldn't have won without x, y and z last year' That would be belaboring the obvious, like I said, basketball is a team sport. If you want to bring criticism of any Laker player, you had better back it up with some solid evidence, and I mean showing a play and diagramming a play (sorry I don't have the link to the template available right offhand) that shows what you think is good and what you think is bad. And do it for the rest of the plays, cause that is what we are made of.

Or, you know, you could skip all that and acknowledge that the Lakers have achieved their ideal over everbody else, and just acknowledge greatness.

Guys - I just wanted to assuage any fears. I didn't pick any Miami players in our draft tonight. I used the first pick to select Kevin Durant. So I will have to concede that when the Thunder play the Lakers, I hope Durant lights up Ron Ron and gets favorable treatment from officials like Phil has predicted lol

FCM- don't worry, we know you are unbiased, and none of us in the fantasy league fear that you will get too much enjoyment over KD's success.

pfunk i love your post. I found it insightful or interesting, or perhaps i was just confused because it was vague

"And I will keep wondering how someone so artistic looks for so much failure of human achievement from the Lakers."

i immigrated just before the Rushdie controversy. i did not speak english so i could not read it. anyway, in time i kind of forgot about him. and the interest changed. at this moment i have like 30 books from the library as interlibrary loans or the new advantageous, LINK +.

today, between the LUKE posts i went to berkeley (2.5 cents a copy) and i selected some texts. many of the books r just pictures or exhibition catalogs, but because of the loans i have to return them. so hundreds of pages that maybe will be read or will end up in another brown box. luckily i do not plan to move soon, so i can tolerate it.

i'm very god at research and finding connections and associations on subjects (i did work as librarian/scrub in some summer breaks in high school) so most of the times i end up requesting piles of titles that i can't chew. i'm a Gutemberg sucker.

what a copy/paste failure

the above was a response to your:

"and I was wondering, have you ever read Rushdie? Interesting as well, and there is a lot more I would like to know about him."

phred - thanks for the love. glad i'm meeting your standards

Ouch- you should spend some time on Rushdie, if you are interested in censorship and cultural transgression. He is a skilled writer who plays with cultural mores just as one of his tools, but I mostly enjoy him because he is so..well, enjoyable. Just fun with the English language.

Oh, and forgive my ignorance, what is your native language?

dang, I think FCM got some kind of note from the K Bros about pfunk.

FCM- You have exceeded my standards as a blog moderator, blog writer, and human being. Let's see if you can exceed me (standards? bah) as a team manager.


much love

dang, I think FCM got some kind of note from the K Bros about pfunk.

Posted by: phred | October 19, 2010 at 12:21 AM

i'm wondering where is the Jon K note. or is it "classified"?

Oh, and forgive my ignorance, what is your native language?

Posted by: phred | October 19, 2010 at 12:20 AM

basketball: shooting/PG.

I have in my head only 1 idea: This current Laker Team is really the Pau Gasol Team. Is the Gasol era.

Good morning Blog Fam!

I am probably inviting a maelstrom of comments, but I am one who can clearly see the value that Luke brings as a player. There are quite a number of instances where he has shown his value to the team (one of them being his career high hear in 2006-7).

I'm going to defend my alma mater from detractors that *think* they know something about UC Berkeley. Sounds like some people are just upset that they didn't get into Cal.

Honestly, if the analogy is supposed to hold, then Luke would have been off the team a long time ago. But that would be too ridiculous for you to actually think about that, yes?

I also find it hilarious that you state the "dumbed (which isn't even a word) down media" never ask Phil a pointed question like the one you propose...and then in the next paragraph you describe how "uncomfortable" he gets when he is asked that pointed question. Just to let you know, that violates the law of non-contradiction, and unless you're trying to posit a new theory about paraconsistent logic (a la Graham Priest), you're making a HUGE mistake. And even Graham Priest doesn't advocate certain contradictory statements (like strict contradictions). Start at this link - - and begin reading with #21.

Saying that the basketball beat writers looks like a frat is pretty strange. Sounds like you are making sweeping generalizations based on their physical appearance. That kind of thinking is extremely problematic...but I'm not holding my breath as to when you'll get that. Perhaps a symbolic logic class will help you to see how the form of your argument is problematic? There's a book aptly titled "The Logic Book" which you might want to brush up on. It would also help you with your critical thinking skills. You show potential, but you make a number of fallacious claims and your arguments are not logically valid nor sound (these concepts are discussed in "The Logic Book" which I have mentioned above).

I'm sober-minded (as you put it), and there are plenty of other sober-minded people who can understand Luke's value to the team. Again, your claims about his improvement are patently false (please look at his career at this website: You could also look up points-per-possession on for units with him in and with him not in them.

So just to let you know, there is a way (and I might add, rather easily) to falsify your claims with evidence. That's one of the ways that scientific progress is made (and one way to make epistemological or instrumental progress); one takes claims/theories, and attempts to falsify those claims. Example: To falsify the universal claim "All swans are white", all one needs to do is to find 1 (one) swan that isn't white. For a while in the 1700s, biologists thought this to be a universal law, until they discovered black swans in Australia. Judging from your previous posts, the only evidence that you seem to claim is introspective, and that is a notoriously fickle with respect to reliability (memory falls into that as well - please look up "The Gorilla Experiment" in social psychology for more information as to why).

So I see Luke as a top-5 player on this Lakers team? Absolutely not, but as a bench player I think he can help if he plays roughly 10-14 minutes a game (roughly between 2 and 4 minutes a quarter).

So the next time you decide to rant about Luke, please know that having evidence to back your claims would be fantastic - statistics would be a good start. That way, you can start to reach the potential that you have as a critical thinker.

Talk to you all after I get done with class today!

hmm. i gotta get to interlibrary loan, see what kind of books they have in that language.

hey, keep up the good work.

sopher- I see you brought your gun, or perhaps your A-10 warthog to the spork fight.

yeah, just give pfunk some love. He didn't get enough as a child, but he is trying for attention from the blog in the only way he knows how. Remember, all behavior is an attempt to fulfill a need.

Phred -

Hopefully one can make the separation between attacking an argument and attacking a person. It's just the claim that Luke isn't valuable. The members of the blog community I would NEVER attack, because they are not equivalent to the claims that they make.

Again, the potential for strong critical thinking is there, and can be nurtured, but claims about Luke being worthless need to be called out. Perhaps this can be constructive criticism?

Oh, and did you get my e-mail from a while back about the league? If not, I'll send another one to you.

Hope you had a good day today!

sopher- was it about a friend of yours who wanted to join? ask her to send me an email so I can add her to contact list, and email her with the new league info.

Probably going to happen by weds or thurs.

And I think i have advocated the post biblical philosophy before- hate the comment, love the commentor.

I hate that it is used as a justification (no pun intended for attack on homosexuals, but so far as the Laker's blog is concerned, I love everybody. I do not love their comments. I could almost hate their comments, but when I can mock,satirize and generallly drink the milkshake of most comments, I feel bad hating them. I own them, and who hates property?

Sorry if I controvene mores here. I am very tired, and I am going to seek the solace of Morpheus anon. Peace to all, and




pfunk36 back and MM already trying to minimize a great post.

regular season must be upon us

There are 4 lights
coming to you this year to ensure no one is blinded, manipulated, or intimidated to what is actually transpiring.

Posted by: Caliphilosopher

So the next time you decide to rant about Luke, please know that having evidence to back your claims would be fantastic - statistics would be a good start. That way, you can start to reach the potential that you have as a critical thinker.

I would say Lukes entire Laker career has produced enough empirical evidence to convince all but the most stubborn that he is cacanana

There are 4 lights

coming to you this year to ensure no one is blinded, manipulated, or intimidated to what is actually transpiring

sopher- we seem to be encountering come trouble with rational thinking, or is it just me?




I have a Crispin Glover motif going on here. Look it up, and tell me what you think.















until now we had 2 politicians (besides PJ): Gassy and Fishy

now we got the 3rd one: Lukey. with a clipboard in his left hand and the ball in his right he will double-dunk.

Ouch- my caps? You can do better.

At least, I hope

sigh. I see your Beckett and raise you a Crispin, can you handle that?

i can handle only Saint Crispin

also phred, sometimes i don't get your vernacular. remember, i don't have all the american cultural references. so, please be more alternative. otherwise, it will get lost in translation

props for getting that at least. My American vernacular I suppose would stymie those unfamiliar with it.

and google.

we happy few can use the google.

aight, i'm out



Good Morning Laker Fam,

Another great day to be a Laker fan.

Today’s selection is a reminder to appreciate life……baseball fans there’s a connection for you:

George Karl on the Lakers...

"They're always thinking ahead. They've got plans for the future before the future happens," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "Their free agency last summer was great."

cheers phred

i just poured myself a glass of vodka. straight up, chilled. thanks for the Crispin. a small info, but very important for a piece i'm putting together at the moment.

the urban dictionary is helpful too.


good link. Karls is right. especially for the past 3 years, all the teams adjusted to beat the lakers. unfortunately all the teams are one year behind.

one year=one championship

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