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Lakers beat Sacramento Kings; Kobe Bryant still has shooting woes

The Lakers defeated the Sacramento Kings, 98-95, Wednesday night in an exhibition at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas only after Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins badly missed a three-point shot in the closing seconds.

Kobe Bryant, still recovering from right knee surgery, scored seven points on two-for-10 shooting.

Bryant is four for 28 from the field in three exhibitions.

Ron Artest led the Lakers with 18 points.

The Lakers are 1-2 in exhibition play.

They play again Saturday night at Staples Center against the Denver Nuggets.

 -- Broderick Turner, reporting from Las Vegas

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Kobe doesn't look very good...well, that's pre-season, right? Perfect time to not look good...

But Barnes, Ebanks, Shannon, Artest, Pau and (why not) Blake were very good, nice surprise! Ratliff too. Lamar was good, but not a surprise.

Very nice to see the bench taking over in the 1st quarter and holding its own.

Yes indeed. Mix and match games.

If EITHER team had done a few things better, the score could have been lopsided.

On one hand, your very well rested team came in and played the starters
(Gasol, Kobe, Artest, and Fisher) a total of 89 minutes (116 if you count Lamar).

On the other hand, on a back-to-back, the Kings played Reke for 34 minutes, on a very rare 'off' night, hitting only 4 of 14, sometimes wide open shots.
Beno (a starter) didn't play. Neither of our ball swatting bigs played (Dalembert and Whiteside). Don't recall seeing a healthy Cisco in there either.

And through all the sloppiness and steep learning curve, the Kings never gave up, and could just have easily won the game, clearly beating you in two quarters as it was.

So what does all this mean? Probably not much. It is, after all, pre-season.

But, if I was a Laker fan (and thank God I shed that baggage),
I'd be just a tad concerned about prospects for the coming season.

See you on the 3rd.

With our starters.

Go Kings!
Go San Francisco Giants! (All the way!)
Go Niners! (Two storied NoCal franchises going head-to-head this week)
Go Boise!
Go Nevada!
Go Manny, go! too pathetic to even mention, so maybe I'll stop.



--I know we all are excited about D Caracter's potential. But I am noticing a tendency of him having his shots blocked more often than not. NBA success will require him reckoning with this reality.

--Through three meaningless preseason games (major point not to overlook), Kobe's outside shot is consistently off, but wildly so. No pattern (sometimes long, sometimes wide right, then wide left, etc.). Clear indication his legs are not in shape yet.

--Ball in Steve Blake's hands already leads to better flow in the triangle than what Farmar accomplished after years in the system. Expect more three-point accuracy from him once others (Barnes, Brown, Odom) develop game chemistry with him and better floor spacing becomes a positive by-product.

--The loveable Ron Artest is taking body-balanced, floor-balanced, in-the-flow three-pointers with confidence unlike at anytime last year. Definitely see him settling in to a comfort zone in the triangle now.

--Theo Ratliffe can still cover ground and block shots in the paint. Defense has yet to plan for and trust in him yet. It will come as the season unfolds. Amazing combo of Bynum/Gasol/Ratliffe shot-blocking rotation will make wing defender combo of Kobe/Artest/Barnes even more aggressive.

--Has anyone spotted the "contract-year" Sasha yet?


Didn't see the game. Any feed back? LEWSTRS, what did you think seeing it live?

@LakerJ . . .

Typical sloppy preseason game. Nothing more, nothing less . . . except for Sonny Belfast's visions of grandeur.


Thanks Mike,
Good to hear the news on Artest and Ratliff. I too, have noticed that Caracter's shot gets blocked too often. I think his lack of height will be an issue. He is listed at 6'9, but even Mitch alluded to that stat as being generous. He needs to find out how Barkley did it. Not a bad guy to model himself after.

Oh, and almost forgot. For those who don't think that Reke was the clear choice for Rookie-of-the-year because of his performance in this game...

I guess he was plumb tuckered out from demolishing Curry, Ellis, and the Warriors only a day earlier.

Go San Francisco Giants!


That was a fun exhibition shirts-skins scrimmage. Nice little warmup/tease for the 82 Real Scrimmages/Practice Games! Trevor Ebanks, er, Devin Ariza, looks great. Caracter looks lost. That's all folks!

lakers will be just find on october 26 2010' p.s they will beat houston perior


--Shannon shot well, but he still hangs onto the ball too long and isn't passing quick enough. He's still coming into defensive shape, but that will come I'm hoping.

--Sasha, Sasha, Sasha... will he EVER get his head right? Rookie mistakes near the end there, and not just one.

--the bank of Ebanks had a pretty good game tonight and is finding a nice niche for himself. Nice to see.

--some nice open-court hustling by the Lakers which was really fun to see. I hope it carries over a bit, as it led to some easy and fun baskets. This team is more focused in the open court than last year (when Farmar was clueless on how to be point on the break... and after years of watching Showtime, it physically hurt me to see that).

--I agree about Ron's comfort zone... he's finally enjoying the fact that on the Lakers he's going to have more open threes than his entire career put together. If he hits those consistency, it's going to be the easiest 15 to 18 points a game he ever made.

--I think Phil will use Caracter in niche ways that he'll shine in when necessary (knock on wood: no more injuries).

--the team defense is starting to come around.

Sonny Belfast- put down the crack pipe

Typical sloppy preseason game. Nothing more, nothing less . . . except for Sonny Belfast's visions of grandeur.
Posted by: LakerMIKE | October 13, 2010 at 10:35 PM
Lol...that says it all LakerMIKE

Jesus---- Sonny Belfast.....Why should any Laker fan be concerned when only 3 of our starting 5 are currently practicing? Kobe is just now starting to get involved in workouts.. he plays in these games simply because ppl pay to see him= he's not ready to play but he's doing it for the fans.. Guess what else he's going to do for the fans? 3-Peat

Bottom line: not only is this the same core that won last years championship, they're upgraded their bench through the draft and free agency.. and don't forget that PHIL JACKSON is still on the bench... he's not known as a "pre season" coach.. think on that one for a while

I keep hearing how Sasha's shot is back but it still seems MIA. I fear the Machine is broken and you can't get parts for it anymore.

So, Sonny, if we were to use Butler's Theory of Delusion, you'd classify this as a Kings victory. Right?

And since I'm keeping score...
You told us to be afraid in 2007.
You told us to be afraid in 2008.
You told us to be afraid in 2009.
You're telling us to be afraid in 2010.

So every season you've told us to be fearful has ended up in a Finals appearance. Hmmmm...



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