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Ron Artest asks L.A. Times Lakers blog readers to call him Tru Warier

Plenty of readers on the L.A. Times Lakers blog debated whether they should continue to call Ron Artest "Thriller" or switch to a different nickname. The name had caught on after Artest wore No. 37 in honor of Michael Jackson's hit single "Thriller" going No. 1 on the billboards for 37 consecutive weeks. But with Artest changing back to his original jersey number, 15, some wondered if a new nickname should come with it.

When I asked Artest, after the Lakers' 102-95 preseason victory Saturday over the Denver Nuggets, whether fans should call him by a different nickname, he appeared rather nonchalant. But I figured I'd give him the platform on, you know, addressing such a pressing issue.

"They call me Ron Ron. They call me Tru Warier. Tru Warier is what it is, though," said Artest, who also had a record label by that name. "That's my New York name."

So should they start calling you Tru Warier? "Yeah," Artest said, sheepishly.

In other news, Artest also shared details of his plan to auction off his 2009-10 championship ring. Artest will raffle it off on Dec. 25, meaning Santa will be getting tons of Christmas requests this year, and there will be something to talk about beyond the Miami Heat.

The auction starts Oct. 27, a day after the Lakers' season opener against Houston, where fans can purchase a minimum of five raffle tickets for $2 each through Artest's website. Those proceeds will benefit Xcel University, a charity Artest supports, with funds directed toward two as-yet-determined mental-health causes.

--Mark Medina

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Ewwww, I am so NOT feeling TruWarier. With all due respect to Ron, MM would you mind terribly going back to him and just telling him that we're going to stick with Thriller?

I think I will just call him the heart of this team.

Jefe101 - lol Let's see how the reaction is and see what the pulse is

Jefe/Mark Medina/Ron Artest,
Ummm... we really like Thriller. It kind of works with the whole Michael Jackson theme of number 37. And he's no longer in New York... so "Thriller" is a good, positive fresh start and, umm... it's spelled correctly.
But if he insists, I might start calling him Tru Warrier, but only by spelling it properly as "True Warrior."
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

I think Kobe should sit down tonight's game. What's reason he needs to play in back to back? I also think Odom is playing way too much in these meaningless exhibition games. I am not really sure what PJ is thinking. Remember the regulars will be very likely to play the 4th straight Finals next June. They need rest as much as possible.

hey guys, heres a the OTL spot featuring Tru Warier and his shrink

i figured the blog would like to meet one of the true heros of last years team hahaha

Jon, it's not even's Warier. I'm extremely Wary of TruWarier - which also happens to be the name of his not-so-successful record label. It just smacks of bad cross promotion. Thriller is just so perfect.

As long as we're on the New York vs. Hollywood tip...if the number 37 was a homage to Michael Jackson, I wonder if Ron is also a fan of the recently dearly departed John Hughes? If so, maybe we could then consider, "Fifteen Candles".

Wait. Is this really the 6th thread since last night's game? Seriously? Medina, you are out of control. I don't believe there's any other basketball site out there this prolific, it's like a giant hay harvester gone mad. Artest can call himself anything he wants but as far as I'm concerned, he's a man of the people.

It's a little odd that because the Jazz beat the Clippers in part 1 of yesterday's portion of the Staples Shootout, the Lakers will end up playing the Jazz twice in the next two days. I was at Staples yesteday to see the D-Will-less Jazz pick apart the Clippers yesterday afternoon and was struck by two things; the Jazz are a relentlessly disciplined team (so surprise there, really), and Blake Griffin is a beast!
I'm kinda psyched to see Pau match-up with Al Jefferson in the middle, and to see a little Kobe/Raja Bell action tonight!

Alex Smith is singlehandedly keeping my Raiders in the game right now! hahaha, Sorry Lakertom and all the other Niners fans....

Well, since he said he goes by "Ron Ron", I think I'm going to stick with that.

I just don't really like the other name. Perhaps we can call him "Queensbridge" too? That would be cool.

I hope he doesnt get mad that I will forever call him Artesticles.

Mamba24..........Sorry about the Bears.......But the Vikings are PATHETIC!!!!!!!The line doesn't even give Favre enough time to get it to Moss!!! Kinda hard to throw when your on your back. We should have gotten McNabb. I need one of those Purple and Gold fingers to throw at the TV. Also, Chillie just isn't cutting it, wish we could get Dungy, he's a U of Minn. grad. One BRIGHT spot in this we always have our Lakers. Looked at the schedule and the home, away games are much better this year. Helps not to start out with 16 at home.

Ron has been taking much of the spotlight this off season. I hope he is as much in the limelight during the season for his on court performance. All indications are that he will be, for all the right reasons. As for his nickname, if he wants Tru Warier, then let's make it T-Dub, short for T-W. I know, sounds too gangsta right. Having said that, he is playing like a true warrior.

I'll stick with Ron.

Self-administered nicknames always give me the creeps.

Thriller is his name , putting fear into opponets is his game. Wow... sounds like sweet music.

Nothing fits better then Ron Ron...

All the others can be gone gone...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!

Well, since he said he goes by "Ron Ron", I think I'm going to stick with that.

I just don't really like the other name. Perhaps we can call him "Queensbridge" too? That would be cool.

Wow I didn't realize so many wouldn't embrace Ron Ron's nickname lol

Dave M = Just trying to provide you guys with enough coverage and incentive to check back frequently throughout the day. Hope you've been enjoying it


VIKINGS WIN! VIKINGS WIN!! NewMexicoLL is carried off the field and given the game Ball!!! See NewMexicoLL I told you, all you gotta do is believe! Now, as for the Bears...they were PATHETIC!!! It's over for them! OK the Vikes may not get to the Superbowl but I GUARANTEE, they will finish higher than the Bears! Now you can enjoy the rest of your evening!!

"I hope he doesnt get mad that I will forever call him Artesticles"

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Oh man, I think I scared my wife from laughing so hard.

Ron you can't just trade in nicknames like you do cars. The Laker Fans have come to know and love you as Ron Ron and so I'm sorry my brother and with all due respect...Ron Ron it will have to stay.

Jefe - I caught one of the Clippers' games... Griffin is outrageous - he was all over the place, skying for dunks, rebounding everything in sight, diving for loose balls. The guy knows one way - flat out.

I support Ron. He is a amazing, careing and real person. I was lucky to meet and get to know him. And I have yet to be disappointed in his true self. I feel it is a selfless action to a great cause. There is not enough support for mental heath. I feel people are to quick to disgard people with mental illness. I am very happy for the help of a star like Ron Artest to open more eyes to what is needed to give people a better quality of life.

I pledge to refer to him by his full name, True Warier Insures Title, or TWIT for short.



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