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Poll: How do you feel about limited minutes for Andrew Bynum this season?

56560628There's plenty of incentive for Lakers center Andrew Bynum to rehabilitate his surgically repaired right knee as quickly as possible.

It would show that he can quickly recover from an injury and help silence the criticism surrounding his decision to delay off-season surgery until after the World Cup. And a speedy recuperation would surely improve his chances to secure his first-ever All-Star berth.

After the Lakers' practice Tuesday in Barcelona, Coach Phil Jackson gave him another reason to get better soon.

"We're hopeful that this is the time he's able to start playing consistently through a season," Jackson told The Times' Mike Bresnahan. "If not, we're going to have to look at Andrew as a short-minute guy, somebody like Yao Ming, who's going to be limited in the amount of minutes he plays."

Yao has suffered numerous bone-related injuries and missed significant chunks of the last five seasons. After he played in at least 80 games his first three seasons, he dipped to 57 games in 2005-06, fell to 48 in 2006-07, rose slightly to 55 in 2007-08, increased to 77 in 2008-09 and then missed the season altogether in the 2009-10 season. Lakers fans may recall Houston pushing L.A. to seven games in the 2009 semifinals despite Yao suffering a season-ending hairline fracture in his left foot in Game 3.

Lakers fans are also well aware of Bynum's deep medical history: He had surgery on a dislocated left kneecap in 2008, suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in the right knee in 2009, strained his left Achilles' tendon in 2010 and, weeks later, had torn cartilage in the right knee that limited him in the postseason and resulted in his second knee surgery in three seasons.

With Bynum's controversial decision to delay his surgery so he could go to the World Cup and his expectation that he won't return until December, any news regarding Bynum often comes with increased frustration and further doubt that he's worth the investment. Jackson's latest assessment seems practical, but it also could be a motivational message.

56345968-1Jackson stood up for Bynum in the immediate aftermath of his decision to delay surgery and news of his longer-than-expected recovery, saying the team thought it was OK that Bynum attended the World Cup and pointing out that his original surgery date (July 18) was delayed 10 days because Bynum's personal doctor, David Altchek, didn't have an appointment available.

Since then, statements from Jackson and from Bynum have been at times contradictory. Bynum initially said he'd return toward the last week of November but recently changed his timetable to December. Meanwhile, Jackson said he expected Bynum to return within two to three weeks after the regular seasons started Oct. 26 against Houston. Bynum expressed confidence that the off-season procedure would finally take care of any long-term concerns involving his knee. Yet Jackson seems wary.

"If his knee doesn't hold up after having this process, then we'll have to think about what kind of minutes he can play in a career," Jackson told Bresnahan. "This would be a [fourth] consecutive year that things didn't go well. We're concerned. That's why we're giving this extra time, or the doctors asked for extra time for this to heal, so when this heals, his career can go forward instead of having these stops in the middle of the season."

Jackson considering limiting Bynum's minutes isn't entirely new. When asked at his preseason news conference whether he'd ever consider playing Bynum in a limited capacity, Jackson said he'd probably follow that approach once Bynum returned to the lineup and caught up on his conditioning. Bynum also played that role during the 2010 playoffs and actually helped the team in a utility role. But Jackson's latest remarks frame the issue in a new way, as a long-term strategy for Bynum's career.

As much as I've said Bynum would put up a good effort despite any physical setbacks this season, I'm thinking having him play a utility role for the rest of his career wouldn't sit well with Lakers fans. And  it really would be a waste of the team's resources. There's no question it would diminish his standing with the Lakers.

Of course, at this point, it's all hypothetical. But Jackson's worry is apparent. Just before Bynum strained his left Achilles' tendon, the coach predicted Bynum would land on the NBA All-Star team, assuming he stayed healthy and said he believed Bynum had overcome the psychological hurdle in worrying about becoming injury-prone. He had nothing but praise for Bynum during the 2010 post-season run, when he won great respect in the locker room. Jackson staunchly defended him just as training camp opened. And now this.

Jackson's statements might just end up being a great motivating tactic for Bynum.  Or they might be spelling out his future.

-- Mark Medina

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Photos, from top: Lakers center Andrew Bynum dunks over Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce in  Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Bynum is still recovering from off-season knee surgery and will not be ready to play when the Lakers open the season Oct. 26 against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center and receive their championship rings. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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I think it's too early to ask that question. I think it's fair to think about reducing his minutes this season, but for his career? Too soon. Let's see how he does with 30 mpg. Then 32. Then 35. Etc.

MM, this is a weird thread. I voted "other" because if I understood Phil correctly, he only brought the possibility of considering turning Bynum into "a limited-minutes player as a long-term approach" soley in the event that Andrew were to suffer another knee injury in the wake of this latest rehabilitation period. So, within the context of what Phil is actually saying, and in the way you worded your poll question, you're aleady presuming that Andrew is going to suffer another injury. I don't know why you'd even want to go there - I know I don't. Therefore, I choose not to acknowledge the poll question on the grounds that it is leading, or rather misleading, in a direction that I believe to be unnecessarily pessimistic.

In spite of Bynum's history of being "injury prone", I actually happen to think that 1) Dr. Altchek made the right call by sewing up the tear in the right miniscus, as opposed to shaving the torn piece off, and 2) that Drew is doing the right thing by taking the requisite time off to fully rehab is right knee in the interest of coming back stronger than ever.
Let's try to stay positive with this - I'm very bullish on Bynum this season, in spite of the negative perception associated with this early "setback". I think this is the season Andrew proves the naysayers wrong, once and for all.

I totally agreed with PJ..bynum has NOT been our center Lakers are paying nor like other teams they have with lots less $..that is absolutely crazy to pay him that kind of money..when America average people are in poverty.. He is NO good other than BIG body.. has NO flexiblity in his body that is why he gets hurt easily other than others..
regardless he is favor to owner's son ..Lakers need to figure out his him for other less accidnet pron.

I apologize for any confusion. I think the poll makes it pretty clear it's just about this season


This all smells like PJ head games to me. It's a motivational ploy. AB will get on the floor in November and will see gradually increasing minutes as his health and conditioning improves.

In all honesty, this Lakers squad can beat most teams with their second unit, so Bynum or no Bynum, home court advantage is likely for the playoffs. Western Conference title is probably a lock. If Drew can give a solid 20-25 minutes in the playoffs, I like our chances. 30+ minutes and a double-double, we probably sweep the cheat, smeltics, or whatever pond scum surfaces out of the east.

jefe 101, we have lots weird threads this morning, too many speculations but no meat in breaking a real news. I go with what Rick Friedman asked, what is the real story? Could somebody please tell us everything instead of going around the bush by polling here and there... hehe just kidding MM? For heavens sake how many threads have been spent on Bynum, he is a disappointment in this preseason but there is nothing can be done. It is a dead horse issue. Can we cremate that dead horse or the very least, reserve the eulogy by end of November?

Watching the Lakers training camp on NBA TV makes me wonder, do Dr. Buss and Donald Trump share a barber?

@Jefe101 - I hope you are right. I also hope the stories of his core conditioning efforts this summer were real and pay dividends once his knee heals.

While Bynum's injury prone rep isn't as bad as Greg Oden or Yao Ming, it is disconcerting. This is supposed to be the young star the Lakers can build around as the rest of the team ages.

Edwin - There's lots of threads on Bynum because there's been updates on his rehab and lots of reaction that goes along with it. Obviously you already know that. The news to the Bynum story today is this: Phil shared a new stance that if Andrew were to get hurt again, he would play him on a limited time basis similar to what Yao Ming is doing even once he gets healthy. As I mentioned in the post, Phil acknowledged that idea during media day but only in the context of when Bynum's phasing back into the lineup upon his return. I think that's a clear distinction because even when presumably healthy, AB wouldn't get as many minutes. You have to consider that PJ is likely saying this for motivational purposes too. But I think it's still valuable to touch on because it might affect how Bynum is approaching his rehab and he may negatively or positively be affected by those comments. As I point out in the post, ever since PJ stood up for Bynum's decision to have surgery after world cup, he's contradicted things Bynum has said, such as his expected timetable. This could be another thing PJ is doing to keep him in check and make it clear he doesn't want any fooling around


"Watching the Lakers training camp on NBA TV makes me wonder, do Dr. Buss and Donald Trump share a barber?"

Posted by: htj | October 06, 2010 at 09:49 AM


Cotton candy hair is impervious to scissors. Young children are its mortal enemy.


Two words:

Untapped potential.

Two more words:

Greg Oden

The reality is this; Bynum is young, rich, unlucky, and fragile. In time, these things will change. He will get older, poorer, luckier, and tougher. Hang in there, kid.



1 Phil is doing his tactics on Bynum to stay in shape and stay focus while rehabilitating. He is telling Bynum injury prone, we will baby sit you, THEN REALLY prove to us you'll come back stronger than ever.


2 Incase Bynum does need to be save from further aggravating his injury, this is already a preparation for the team, 3 months of no Bynum, let's set the rotation and dominate without him.


3 Incase Bynum gets back fully healthy, it is also Phil's way of kepping bynum's mintues low and rested and avoid new injury and save him for last, THE FINALS, THE PLAYOFSS, THE CHAMPIONSHIP where BIGS of the ELITE TEAMS are ready and waiting for Bynum and Gasol.


4. Phil must have seen something in Caracter and he wants him developing in the regular season, so he can be used as a force in the playoffs coming off the bench to counter the likes of Big Baby, Dejuan Blair, Serge Ibaka, Udonis Haslem.


5 He is very impressed with Ratliff's defense and rebounding and that is all he needs from the big man. He can save Bynum for years to come.

All of which I am very satisfied whatever Phil's hidden agenda is, it an agenda for more Championships for sure.

My understanding is that last surgery was to "fix" his (right or left) knee. If he hurt his knee again this season, the Lakers better quick to start to look for another serviceable big man. I can ONLY HOPE this will not happen.

MM, we're interested on real news. We are getting bits and pieces and Laker fans are just confused on what is real and what is made up for the public hearing? First, when the story broke out, he'd miss the preseason but available by the opening games; Second, it was moved by end of November; Third, perhaps slide it to more question marks adlib by the Zen coach who does not really talk straight from the shoulder. As reporters, you've got to dig the story, verify it before releasing it to the public. That's the old way of doing it answering the 5 W's and the how? LAT did a great job in breaking the stories of City of Bell exorbitant salaries. I think that is what we need from all these speculations. If we want to resurrect that dead horse and turn him into a camel, then let's break the camel's back by releasing the real news with medical charts and with orthopedic surgeon's opinions. Today, before a story breaks into the open, tweet it there, then search someone's facebook, go to polling, discuss it on the blog still there is no clear story, it's all about what is sizzling but forgot to talk about the steak, we are the hungry diner still guessing what is the real story? I hope you got my point.

I know I'm being hard in asking all these questions but I just think that we also care for excellence in reporting.

Phil just wants attention and take some of the drama/circus back to LA, instead of in Mimai all the way.

Regarding Phil's jabs at players in the media: go ask Horace Grant. He's the expert. He's also a champion. Grant was the "whipping boy" for PJ in the Bull's heyday. Why in the world would he sign with the Lakers in 2001 if PJ was the coach? Discuss!


Sorry Edwin, but I think MM did good with this thread. There's no news, is either this or zip. And I think what PJ said is very relevant.

I actually agree w/ PJ 100%. That's it, socks! It's now or never! We're getting tired of waiting for this kid to get healthy. 2005? WOW, it's a long time ago.

PJ's message is simple: Take all the time in the world, but get back HEALTHY, we can't wait any longer before start to reconsider the investiment.

I'm a Bynum "backer", but that's probably my last stand, so please Bynum, make it a great one.




This isn't news - it's regurgitated nuggets.

Now NEWS would be where exactly did Pau take these guys and what did they do that caused them to miss the team bus?

I don't like the idea at all.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forver.

If the surgery and the rest is being done from a more mid to long term perspective as the article suggests then I appluad the decision and that Bynum stay out till the new year if necessary.

I would want the Lakers to be employing the best doctors and know more about that knee or knees (has it always been the same knee?) than any knee(s) in history.

Home court is important but not as important as a healthy Bynum in May and June.

Edwin - I understand your point and it's understandable why the news is slowly trickling out. Mike Bresnahan and Brad Turner are hard workers and relentless in talking to people and trying to find out what's going on behind the scenes. The reality is this: there's always fresh developments regarding Bynum's injury. Some of it may be the team trying to withhold information, but another of it is that simply the story is evolving and they're learning more about it as it's going on. Believe me when I say that we are always trying to find out more and more details. Sometimes it doesn't come right away and sometimes it's a matter of wait and see. But our intention is to keep everyone as updated as possible. I went through the developments the past month to put Jackson's newest statement in context. Why it's "new" is this is the first time Jackson has publicly thrown a red flag that if Bynum gets hurt again, they will limit his minutes on a permanent basis this season even when healthy. Even though we're dealing with hypotheticals here, the mere point that Jackson brought this up shows that he's still skeptical how Bynum's recovery will go. You can read into the motivation and psychology all you want, but to say that isn't news is just plain inaccurate.

Talk about transparent! To call this the first time that Phil Jackson has used the media to motivate a player would be the understatement of the millennium. When I read this, I chuckled. Phil Jackson is one of my favorite comedians, another Bud Abbott.

Time out! A moment of sanity between today's raindrops of controversy. News about a poll of NBA general managers. The early votes are in on LBJ's bid to 3-peat as MVP and the Lakers' bid to 3-peat as champs.

Ah, the sunshine we've been waiting for!

Sorry, we should have tried to deal Bynum for Bosh when we had the chance. I think he'll have the Sam Bowie and Greg Oden problems until he just can't play anymore. I think Melo is calling.

Let us also not forget the interior battle that is fast approaching between Jim and Jeanie and who will take final charge when Papa Buss is gone. Everyone looks to Jim in this, but what happens if PJ retires... and marries Jeanie? Who appears better then, Jim and his Socks gamble, or Jeanie and Phil as a "force to be reckoned with?"

Lots riding on this, and I think PJ's positioning himself, the Lakers organization and AB right now. It's all gamesmanship, but Phil's final goal? Hard to say.

Magic Phil,

That's also true, MM was repeating what Phil said. It is also how we tell stories nowadays, somebody speculates, it's already a story. Somebody tweets in the reality TV, it is already a story. My point here is why don't we dig deeper, get his medical chart and form a panel of orthopedic surgeons from our local hospitals and tell us the real prognosis of Bynum's injuries. Are the injuries on Bynum so complicated that orthopedic surgeons in any nearby hospital could not make any medical opinion? Is it is only Dr. Altchek who can provide a good diagnosis. How many orthopedic surgeons do we have here in Southland who wish to promote their names by making an opinion about Bynum's injuries. However, LAT should provide them the medical history and results of the surgery before they could render an opinion. Are the medical histories of Bynum in the TOP SECRET file?

Well, there is no budget for that kind of reporting but no added costs in speculating. That is also the stories of the times.

One thing about BYNUM's history.

He has always come back from injury with a success, a stronger more dominant, better Center. This tells me, maybe he is slow to recover but he surely recovers well, as NONE are recurring injuries. This alone should be looked as a WINNER BYNUM, handling all these unfortunate injuries and coming back stronger. At age 22, this is telling a lot of him. I am very impress of his professionalism and determination.

Unlike Eddy Curry wasted his talents. Unlike Greg Oden, has not come back from injury succesfully, has not played for longer periods of time and dominate. Unlike Tyson Chandler had very little development.

Bynum with all his unfortunate major injuries STILL MANAGED TO GET BETTER EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

This thread is better than the breaking news of Odom getting a candy machine, that's for sure.
It is relevant, and has to do with a key player in the Lakers squad, a player that is vital to a threepeat. We are not talking about a bench player here. He is as many have predicted, the next great Lakers center, a player that you can build your team around. That would not be the case if he becomes a part-time player.
Maybe Phil is sending a message to the FO, as much as he is to Bynum. Bynum has three years left on his contract, the third being a team option. Incidentally, Dwight Howard also has three years left on his contract. Hummmm.
My personal opinion is that Dwight may become the next disgruntled talented player if he does not win a championship with the Magic. He may demand a trade or become a free agent to play for a team that has a chance of beating the Heat, and winning multiple championships. That would be the Lakers with Dwight, not with a part-time center. Flame suit on!

Edwin - This isn't a reflection of the times that we're in. No doctors ever give up medical reports to the press about any patient. There's privacy laws for that. I've said this a while back: There may be doctors that are aware of Bynum's nature of injury and symptoms but they wouldn't speculate on an outside patient because there are extenuating circumstances. Plus they would see it as unfair. Bynum chose this particular doctor because he's comfortable with him and has a history with him. Of course there are plenty of available doctors, but that's Bynum's choice because he feels like he gets the best care from him


I'll have a post up soon about the NBA GM survey


@ iheartkb24 yes i watch in 02 arena that night,from where are you?have you got facebook?Im 5 hours drive from london...Thats I was a little dissapointed about our teams performance that night but im really happy to see our players in person specially KOBE...

63 - and the ultimate in power plays

Jeannie and Phil gain control over the organization; forcing Jim to go into hiding somewhere in Bolivia and forming the Lakers management in exile, and then Phil having Jeannie declared Basketball Incompetent and Darth Stearn handing the entire organization to Phil. Today Head Coach, Tomorrow the League!


is it me or did this sound like a Phred Predington scenario?

@ Lew thanks for the link I like it...Keep it up pare.Ingat lagi...

Rick F.

Congratulations to your bandwagon, no blackout but got attention of ESPN2 and KCal that they owe to broadcast the game live @ 2:30 pm EST. Why do they need a duplicating satellite feed, what we really need is to spread the coverage on other games by having mutual agreement which would eliminate duplicating costs & make the audience happy.

Laker J,
It might just be the rain messing with my mind, but I like that. D. Howard and Pau up front. If Howard would pick up a mid-range shot and learn to hit free throws I'd like it even more.


Jolly Rancher - it's so crazy... it just might work!

Jolly R,
It must be the rain. Dwight does need to work on free throws and a mid-range jumper, but playing next to Pau, his rebounding and defense would suffice.
Your earlier post was funny. All along Phil has had a plan, a plan of NBA domination. LOL. The only thing wrong with your post is that you said Phred, and it's phred. Oh, the wrath.

MM, hire Dr. Guftha of CNN. 60 Minutes get all kinds of medical histories on their weekly news. Do you mean to tell me Bynum medical files are top secret too? If Jerry Buss tells everybody, I want to know the real story, he could not get it. Is Bynum afraid to give his medical history in public?

Therefore, if there is no medical expose' then there should be no further speculations, let's wait till November on what comes next.

I think Dwade has a better chance of winning MVP than LBJ this season... it's "his" team and if they finish with the best record, you have "best player on best team" argument - But, I think Durant has perhaps the best chance of any single player winning it this season.

Now, how to get him in PnG.... hmmmm

Purely motivation and gamesmanship.

Hey guys we got another post up..this one if happier news.

There's absolutely nothing to like about "limited minutes", and especially nothing to like about the names Yao Ming and AB in the same sentence comparing career health.

THere is no debating that Andrew has played the minutes he's played and there hasn't been as many as all would like.

With a considerable amount of cash on the line, the staff and FO would be remiss not to be looking at this deadly seriously.

The only thing that happened this morning is, Phil Jackson voiced the obvious. Enough said.

Edwin - It's not just Bynum that keeps his medical files secret. I think every single player in any professional sport doesn't want medical files shared with the public. It protects their privacy and also concerns about teams negatively reacting toward it. This isn't just athletes. Doctors never publicly disclose full medical files


Classic PJ Mind F%&$# with Bynum. As far as I know PJ is in his last year so who is he to limit Drew's minutes for the rest of his career. I love it, this is why I love Phil, he motivates guys pure and simple. He is not a player's coach but he is a winning coach and that's what matters. WINNING.

"Jackson's statements might just end up being a great motivating tactic for Bynum. Or they might be spelling out his future."

I voted "other" because I believe it's the latter. His career is done. When that contract expires, he'll retire. If he did right with the money, the young fella will never have to work another day in his life. not a bad run for a contract that saw the equivalent of 1 full season, two rings - in all probability, a 3rd one - and a one in a lifetime opportunity - that he felt he would NEVER have again - to be at the world cup. Adios Bynum - your commitment to your team and Buss is no longer questioned.

I voted "other" because I don't think he should be earning the full annual salary if he is only going to be playing semi-annually.

For those here crying about Bynum and his knee injuries, let me remind you all on how he hurt his knees:

Kobe to Bynum's knee. Not suppose to bend this way. This also created the original tiny meniscus tear he later aggrivated against OKC that lead to this off seasons surgery

Odom's foot Bynum's knee. Not suppose to bed that way either. FWD to the 1:03 mark

MM... maybe you could do an article and post these vids or something like, kind of remind everyone that Bynum here is more a victim of the circumstances he's been put in. I mean you can plainly see in these 2 instances, this isn't a case where the kid's body is working against him like Yao Ming, a younger Grant Hill, T-Mac, etc. These are injuries where I don't care who you are and how many squats and leg presses and curls you've done, you're going to get hurt, especially if you're a 7'1" 285lb human being. The rap this kid is getting is bad and it's time people are reminded of how we got here.

Bad Luck, lack of toughness, genetic weakness, work ethic...who knows why he's always hurt. Bottom line, if he's healthy he plays and is a force. If he's not 100%, well we've been there and overcome before. We are stronger & deeper as a team than last year so let's hope for the best and have the Beast ready for the playoffs at full capacity. Scary to imagine what a full strength Lakers line up would look like with Kobe, LO, and Bynum healthy and rested for the playoffs. Nice to see the GM's think we have the best SG & PF in the world and the 2 best defenders. Lakers Big 3 > Heats big 3. The rest of the team is way better too. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the Refs will make it the Big 4 for Miami?

Edwin - It's not just Bynum that keeps his medical files secret. I think every single player in any professional sport doesn't want medical files shared with the public. It protects their privacy and also concerns about teams negatively reacting toward it. This isn't just athletes. Doctors never publicly disclose full medical files


Posted by: Mark Medina | October 06, 2010 at 11:32 AM


I wouldn't say Bynum keeps his medical file secret. In fact, I think he's a little too open about it.

HawaiiD, look at the posted links and you'll see why he's gotten hurt. Tell me who in the NBA could walk way from those circumstances without a major injury. Don't care if your name is Michael Jordan or Pervis Mcstinkfingerson... you're going to get hurt, period.

Once Drew is fully recovered from his latest knee surgery, I don’t expect the Lakers to limit his minutes to reduce the odds of injury in the same way that the Houston Rockets have decided to limit Yao Ming’s minutes. The circumstances are completely different, with Drew’s injuries resulting from freak incidents to different body parts whereas Yao’s recent injuries have been focused on his left foot and raise career ending concerns. To me, Phil’s comments were more of a motivational dig to Drew to get healthy and ready to play.
Having said that, this season has special meaning for the Lakers in that it really may be Phil Jackson’s Last Stand, not to mention the franchise’s opportunity to tie the Celtics with 17 NBA championships and Kobe Bryant’s opportunity to tie Michael Jordan with 6 NBA championship rings. And while I would like to see Drew make the All-Star team and start to prove that he is going to become the next great Lakers center, the goal of winning their 3rd straight NBA championship and 2nd 3-peat in this decade are all that count.
Bottom line, I do not believe we can win the championship this year without a healthy and dominant Andrew Bynum in the playoffs. If the Phil and the Lakers decide that the best way to ensure a healthy Drew for the playoffs, then I would support that decision 100%. Drew is only 22 years old and will have plenty of seasons to prove he can become our next franchise player. Right now, our goal is to win that key 17th NBA championship. Thus, we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure that we go into the playoffs with a healthy Bynum.

I think Phil's comments will be a motivation for Andrew to get his butt moving. Kobe has been much criticized for derogatory remarks about Bynum earlier in his career, but it seemed to make Bynum a much better player(until he got hurt again).

Bynum is one of the greatest players who will never be. It is a shame he has chronic knee problems. What a waste, really.


Bynum is one of the greatest players who will never be.

Once Drew is fully recovered from his latest knee surgery

and I am the greatest guitar player who never will be too..

Phil Jackson working his magic again. Hits two centers with one statement. It'll motivate Bynum to get back early. And perhaps either de-motivate by reminding him of his declining career or motivate him to play more and perhaps won't have anything left at the end of the season.

Silly me for asking the stupid question of the day? But why would PJ be trying to motivate if he knows he won't be back until December?

I don't think this is PJ head games - I think every time AB opens his mouth he stretches out the timetable for return and doesn't motivate himself by saying positive things about his rehab.

If PJ wanted to motivate anyone, I think he would be motivating the rooks and bench and not waste his time with someone who isn't going to suit up for two months.

from espn
Bynum said that a strict cap however, like the Rockets' 24 minutes or less rule for Yao, would not be something he would agree with.

"I'm not down with that at all," Bynum said.

Hola!!! You don't have a choice youngsta. You're done. At least you'll have 4 years to rehab both of those knees, ankles, and hammies just in time for the world cup!! Opportunities only come around every 4 years. Jeeze


bynum is not a professional calibur player. he is a immature kid with no work ethic and no desire to learn to play. he likes collecting his pay for doing nothing. I predicted bynum would not play until the all-star break and it is happening already. He is a distraction to the team
amd should be traded as soon as possible. The Lakers can win without him as they have every year. when he plays he plays like a community college player and not a 6 year NBA player. He cannot even dribble or rebound. get rid of him.

Vintage jackson sending a message through the media.

Zen master at his best dealing with cry baby Bynum. It's so obvious that Bynum felt like he wasn't getting much love from the fans on his delayed surgery, he decided to take out his frustration through the media, "oh, I won't be ready 'til December." Yeah right, Bynum, if that was the case, you knew it all along, why didn't you say so at the beginning of training camp?

This reminds me of a similar story from another young Laker center years ago, that had tons of potential just like Bynum, but he had the exact same attitude. That dude kept saying his foot hurt, couldn't play, the Lakers doctor examined his foot over and over again, said there was nothing wrong with his foot. So guess what happened? Coach Pat Riley at that time told the dude to stick it to himself, Riles never played him one minute the entire season, dude was waived after one year - the ever famous Earl Jones.

Phil's making the right call on this issue. Bynum screwed up, he should have just shut up and start rehab, let his work do the talking.

Most important, Mitch needs to start looking for a replacement for Bynum, not a back up, but a replacement.

Giving him that multi-million contract was a mistake. The Lakers should trade his sorry *** before whatever trading value he has left totally disappear!

Just PJ playing mind games again. It's the only way he knows how to deal with people. God forbid he should just talk straight with them ...

Mitch should have never signed him to that new contract, the one bad move in an otherwise brilliant tenure for him. I think Mitch will regret that decision. Move Bynum now while you can still convince some other team that he's worth something in return. Or, be very sorry in a couple of years when he's broken down and can't be moved to anyone.

Andrew Bynum to Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut, has a nice symmetry ring too it.

trade him.



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