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Poll question: Is the Lakers' preseason too long?

October 20, 2010 |  1:19 pm

It's gotten to the point where both Kobe Bryant and the media are laughing together over how little can be taken from preseason games, that we (including myself) are running out of questions and he's running out of answers. Clearly it's time for the season to begin.

If Bryant had it his way, the preseason would only last three or four games instead of eight. But he understands the NBA exhibition season goes beyond trying to get the team  back in shape, what with the Lakers' European trip to London and Barcelona as well as stops in Anaheim, San Diego and Ontario.

"We practice enough," Bryant said. "Games are fun. You play in different markets where people don't get to see games. So that's cool. Other than that, that's about it."

Coach Phil Jackson had frequently expressed frustration about the logistical pains the European trip entailed, considering the travel, decreased practices and increased participation in league marketing events. He's also appeared nonchalant about the results, even if he has voiced displeasure about the team's consistency, learning curve and defensive lapses. Still, Jackson won't go far as to say the preseason is too long.

"I don't think so," said Jackson, who said that as an NBA player he often played 14 to 16 exhibition games per season. "I think the way it's packed in this year for us is a little bit different. Usually you have one after the seventh day of our training camp and then for the next two weeks we play a few games enough for us to get a feel for it. It's a measurement."

But what about you as a fan? Is the Lakers' preseason too long, or are you just enjoying the ride? Do you feel frustrated that there's very little to draw from exhibition games, or do you like watching some hoops without worrying about the result?

-- Mark Medina

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