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Photo Caption Contest: Lakers' Ron Artest and Devin Ebanks meet with former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid


It's hard to tell what kind of dialogue Lakers forward Ron Artest exchanged with President Bill Clinton after receiving the key to Las Vegas Tuesday for his philanthropic work involving mental health issues. But thanks to the Twitter account of Shin Shin, a Chinese musical artist Artest has promoted in the past year, we have a glimpse of how Artest interacted with a former head of state.

Usually those body-language segments Fox News' Bill O'Reilly presents on "The O'Reilly Factor" wind up becoming nothing but a self-serving story to fill up time. But if there is ever a moment to do one, this photo featuring Artest, Clinton, Sen. Harry Reid and Lakers forward Devin Ebanks would make for great analysis. I can't help but roll over laughing after seeing this photo because of the contrast between President Clinton and Artest. In a suit and tie, Clinton appears engaged and businesslike. Meanwhile, Artest, wearing a colorfully striped button shirt, seems friendly in his lovable, aloof sort of way, the kind of personality he shares with everyone, whether it's with the media, his teammates or just the average fan. Meanwhile, Sen. Reid and Ebanks are soaking it all in. Tweeted Ebanks this morning: "Wow what a night wit my teammates.... and did i really meet bill clinton last night? it doesnt seem real."

Thanks to Shin Shin's photo, we can definitively say yes. The only question remains: what did Clinton and Artest say to each other? Provide your answers and I will feature the best captions in a Thursday post.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo credit:  Shin Shin via Twitpic

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Truth be told, which one of the people in this photo did not inhale?

man, the chance to meet one of the greatest figures in modern American history. A charismatic, transformative leader. I am so jealous of Bill Clinton.

LOL @ Rick's comment.

Appreciate the props on my post.

I think Barnes WILL get it, and WILL improve as a player drastically when he does. I base this opinion on the fact that thus far, he has been willing to feel like a fool (rather than just look like one) in asking for help and asking a lot of questions.

Pride has killed many careers.

On the other hand, the great ones are almost never too prideful (Magic goes to Kareem to learn, Kobe goes to MJ, Olajuwon... )

The nicest, most honorable guys just so happen to be the tallest guys in the photo.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Justa -

Don't bow to the that you were going to (regarding your profile). :-)

"So Ron...if you were going to suggest a psychiatrist for Sharron Angle, who would it be?

"I did not have sexual relations with your women."

Rick's comment is the winner in my book! To put it in contest form: "Tell the truth...which one of us did NOT inhale?"

Thanks to Mamba24 for getting me on the bandwagon expressing condolences to G Dub. Like I said, I've been not only not posting here for the last few, I haven't even been able to read most of the comments, so I am late to the party, but I am truly sorry for your loss, G Dub, and I am glad your family and friends are there for you. And here for you, of course.

I sent out an email about fantasy basketball to league members about draft time. I am very disappointed to say that we do not have enough volunteers to have a second league as of yet, but I would still like to




"So did Monica have her tongue ring when you met her?"

"Can I be Hillary's running mate in 2016?"

Since this guy is from Detroit, I guess that's why he didn't put Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince on the list.
Posted by: rage777 | October 13, 2010 at 11:12 AM
Rage777 - This guy obviously has no credibility. Like Utz said...they hate us cuz they ain't us.

MM - some blogs aren't worthy of acknowledging!

Phred -

I'd love to join, but I worry about being the person who never makes any changes to the roster due to lack of time. I don't want to be a drag on the league. When's the latest that you need to know?


well, if you send me an email, i will put you on the 'interested' email list. Then if I get at least 12-15 people, (I have five now) I will create a league and send the league sign up info to everybody on the list. First 12 to go to the league site and sign up get in, if we don't get 12 right away I'll send out another round of emails letting everybody know there are spots left.

So you can take your time and think about it, but if you think you are interested, go ahead and send me an email, no commitment required.


Phred -

I'll send you an e-mail. For privacy concerns, should I e-mail MM so that I can get your e-mail from him? If you give him permission, I believe he would float me your e-mail address.

LOL@ Rick Friedmans caption comment - & a nod @ Jon K's comment above

- - -

G Dub: Sorry about the loss of your uncle. Condolences. Hang in there...

- - -

DBDH: Get well bud!

- - -

phred: I'd be interested in joining the fantasy league too, but have to admit I'm a fantasy-league novice, so I don't want to mess up the league, lol. Is there a good primer to read up on how the league works?


A delayed ROFL at your comment above phred. Took another reading to get it, I'm just slow that way. =P

"man, the chance to meet one of the greatest figures in modern American history. A charismatic, transformative leader. I am so jealous of Bill Clinton."


" So, umm Mr. Clinton, do you think yo wife would like to speak on her mental illness?

....or you can scroll up a few posts and get phred's e-mail yourself! Just helping a brother out.

Laker J -

OOPS!! Totally missed that one. Thanks for the assist. :-)

L Rob - I thought it'd be best just so you're aware of it lol

We got a new post up. I'm loving these captions though. Keep them coming. I'll feature the best ones tomorrow


Laker J: How 'bout you join in on the fantasy league fun too! =)

I'd love to see more of the blog peeps join in - if sopher n me can do it - so can you guys!!!


Bill: So Ron, are you REALLY giving away your championship ring?

Devin: Can I PLEASE have it?

Ron: Yes Bill, I am selling it. And Devin, you'll get one this time next season, don't worry!

Ron: "........and so Bill, that's how you should have solved that whole global warming thing when you were president."

Bill: "I sure wish I would have thought of that Ron. Thanks. I'll let Al know right away."

"Ok, so the next time you and Reid are playing pickup ball against the prez at the White House, remember just grab Obama's shorts as he's shooting a jumpshot and pull them down. It works, I've tried it..."

Yup, email me at

be sure to put 'LAKERS BLOG' or something to that effect in the subject headline so I don't mistakenly delete it with the offers from Nigerian Christian Mortgage 'N Male Enhancement Company Inc.

Oh, and I promise not the use or let anyone else use your email address for anything else, but other people in the league might be able to see it, if you want to be careful.

-"Bill, could you tell Hillary, that if they ever need a new Secretary of Defense, I'm their man"
-"Will do Mr. Artest,... will do."

phred, I'm interested, but like many others my experience is in fantasy football only. I'm sure I'll catch on.

Oh, and for the record, not to get into politics too much, but I am seriously a big fan and supporter of Bill Clinton, he really has done great things since leaving office and I don't support cheap shots at his character.

Personally, I think whatever issues he might have had were really nobody's business, and were abused by others for political purposes.

Less seriously, I think we as a country owe him an apology, frankly. Do you see the kind of women the guys like the French president or the Italian PM get to hang out with? We are the greatest country on earth, and we should have done better.

Potentially NSFW Alert! (sorry everyone)

Ron-Ron to Bill, as Devin and Sen. Reid remain speechless:

"No Mr. President, I never thought about doing that during the parade celebration ...

*long pause*

... Now, I'm sure it tastes great when you dip a cigar in Hennessey..."

Ron-"Bill, is there anywhere you'd like to go, I have the key to the City!"

Truth be told, which one of the people in this photo did not inhale?

Posted by: Rick Friedman | October 13, 2010 at 12:39 PM

man, the chance to meet one of the greatest figures in modern American history. A charismatic, transformative leader. I am so jealous of Bill Clinton.

Posted by: phred | October 13, 2010 at 12:57 PM

That's comedy club material, Phred.

Very nice.


Bill to Ron:

"I'll do 'Dancing with the Stars' if you do."


Ron, I hear you are also in favor of a strict defensive policy.

Bill Clinton - I know you didn't inhale that joint...but did you inhale that sweet tasting cigar that night with Monica...

Harry Reid - You need to stop the foreclosures in Nevada, before you can stop the one on the White House...

He is for the people, with the people, he is honest, charitable and for the working man...I'm talking about Ron Artest of course...

Ron is saying, "Is it true Mr. Clinton that not only to MOnica, but to the USA, you got them with a Harry Reed?"

Yes Ron, people have called me crazy too. There was that Monica thing and I am here supporting Harry Reid.

"I used to have a shirt just like that but Hilary made me burn it."

"If you put your hands behind you, like mine, you'll seem more open and trustworthy - just sayin'."

Bill: Sorry to have to have woken you up at this odd hour, but...

Ron looks at his PJ's, then: Oh, I'm OK; it's just jet lag, I don't do the all-night party thing anymore.



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