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Photo Caption Contest: Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher embrace during ring ceremony


Usually, I put together these caption posts when I notice a funny Lakers picture circulating on the Internet. This one, however, proves caption-worthy simply because of the emotion and body language Lakers guard Kobe Bryant shows toward longtime teammate Derek Fisher. It's a touching photo and it's part of a great collection The Times' Wally Skalij and Gary Friedman documented during the Lakers ring ceremony before their season-opening 112-110 victory Tuesday over the Houston Rockets.

"This next guy I'm going to bring out, I'm not sure if you guys know who he is," Fisher said, tongue in cheek,  in the video below. "He doesn't do very much to help us at all, he kind of just runs up and down the court, plays defense every now and then, shoots up a couple shots every now and then, but in some kind of way he figures out how to will us to be the best year in and year out. His passion, his tenacity, the world's best basketball player, Mr. Kobe Bryant."

Bryant and Fisher then hugged. Bryant patted Fisher on the back, smiled, put a hand on his shoulder and then clasped his hand.

"It's special and you know about the bond that we share," Bryant said afterward. "For him to bring me out means a lot."

Bryant is correct in that the strong relationship between the two has been well documented. They played together as rookies in 1996 and the relationship flourished such that Bryant shared during the NBA Finals that Fisher's the only one on the team that he truly listens to, while Fisher stressed that his relationship with Bryant became the main factor in re-signing this off-season with the Lakers.

So this contest isn't so much about funny punch lines and zingers, so much as the sentiments you draw from this photo. The best caption will be featured in Thursday's links post.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant prepares to give point guard Derek Fisher a hug after Fisher introduced the Lakers' All-Star guard during the ring ceremony on Tuesday night at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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It must be truly special for Derek and Kobe to share moments like that. From rookies in 1996 to 5 time champions in 2010, their journey together has been incredible. Included in that journey have been bitter defeats, including two in the Finals. Those type of experiences help form a bond and basketball brotherhood that no words can describe. The unabashed joy on their faces and the strength and warmth of their embrace says it all.

BTW, every time I see the Princess' new commercial where he asks "What should I do?", just one thought comes to mind....


bronxlakerfan - "BTW, every time I see the Princess' new commercial where he asks "What should I do?" just one thought comes to mind....


So obvious. So true. So funny!

bronxlakerfan - "BTW, every time I see the Princess' new commercial where he asks "What should I do?", just one thought comes to mind....


So obvious. So true. So funny!

Princess' commercial has a funny spot as he addresses Barkley from the "role model" to the donut.

So, Shannon "UPS" Brown wants to know:

Kobe taking his competitiveness to a new level.
"C'mon Fish. I thought you were the strongest point guard in the league. Hit me harder! Harder!"

That was the greatest ring ceremony ever.

Go Lakers!

In that commercial, every time the Princess asks "I shouldn't listen to my friends?; they're my friends." I yell at the TV, "Not if your friends are dumb MFers and give you terrible advice!"

"Thanks, man!"

My Dog!

@Bronxlakerfan. EXACTLY! STFU Prince Brawn. that is what you should do, STFU and play basketball. No more "The Decision" or "I could average a triple double" or crying out for help on twitter. No more fake pictures and theatrics before the game, just play dude. And hopefully for you, better than the 14 turnovers you commited in your 1st two games on the Miami Meat.

Stepping off of soap box to address more important championship caliber issues.

I remember when the Lakers drafted - err traded for Kobe Bryant. I thought wow this kid must be something special if Jerry West is trading Vlade (one of my favorite players at the time) for someone fresh out of high school-little did I really know the legend that was being created.

As for Fish, the defining moment of his career, in my eyes, was when he came back (in '00-01) from a 60 game hiatus because of a foot (if my memory serves me correctly) injury. He came back and obviously had a new shooting stroke, I remember watching the game with my dad and both of us saying: "wow this guy spent the entire last 4 months shooting, like nonstop." Does anyone else recall this? Before that injury Fisher could not shoot, his shot was UGLY, he would miss really bad, I cringed every time he shot the ball. I think that was a perfect example of his tireless work ethic and commitment to this team. It is great to have such tough competitors as the leaders of our team.

Man its hard to keep up cuz MM keep the posts coming fast and furious.

On the Ron Artest article about him not ranking Lebron. I know we'll be seeing the quote incessantly especially leading up to the Christmas game.

@phred – great comments at 12:41am. Also a good call on Mr. Cash

@Justa – So what are you going to do just post the classics now since I gave you a B+…lol

@FEARless – good observation about Ron’s transformation being genuine. He’s displayed a great deal of humility…which is always a good thing.

@Art – I agree with you about Ron Ron’s gesture. He wouldn’t accept the ring back because it would defeat his purpose.

@Rdlee – I’m concerned about any 37yr old player. I was strongly opposed to his signing based on his post season production 2 of the last 3 seasons. I wish we would have signed Shaq. But alas I support the FO decision and will support Theo now that he’s on board.

@63 Footer – Cool Pretenders story. And the Gary Lewis and the Playboys card…on point.

@Activator – thanks for posting the making of the championship bling

@Cyber – congrats on RCOTD…well done. Just don't fall down from patting yourself on the

@Zaira – oh yeah, meant to tell you the other day – count me as a fan of bjork also. Ray Parker Jr., made a ton of loot off that Ghostbusters…but he’s looks back now and says that wasn’t his finest moment as an artist…really...haha. Perfect for this season though. Anyway he's a really fine musician and got his start playing with Stevie when he was still in HS.

@New MexicoLL – That Chubby Checker Twist probably ranks near top for songs being used in movies/tv shows. I just saw it the other day on an MadMen episode

The main sentiment and theme that this priceless photo conjures up for me (and please forgive the cliche) is "Brothers In Arms" - because that what these two, and this team, are/is all about.


Fisher's return that year catapulted the Lakers to a 15-1 record that postseason. During that time the Lakers' played some the best basketball I've ever seen! That team absolutely annihilated the Spurs that year. The only reason they didn't have a perfect 16-0 postseason was because of their long layoff between the WCF and the NBA Finals. Philly lucked up in the first game before getting blitzed the next 4. Yes, I remember how big Fish was then. He's an all time Laker in my book!

By Arash Markazi for
An outstanding article by Arash. Must read for Bynum Boosters and Backers.

@Lew - 3 straight Aerosmith. Can't go wrong there. I also like Eminem's Aerosmith sample.

@63 footer - did you say something about "Have Your Cake and Eat it too"? According to Lady T...(at her sexiest) problem...


"Sometimes bent, but never broken."


LRob - LOL!! I've totally blocked that B+ from memory. I'm toiling under the assumption that I've received nothing but A++'s from the Music CRUE LOL!!

Besides - I think Purple Haze is really the only full-fledged 'classic' I've posted...

My iPod has all kinds of stuff on it - it's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get! How else do you explain Buju to Bowie in the same week? HAHAHHA!!!

@ jello,

Indded! I noticed his improved shooting after the foot injury. The ridiculously high arc he put into it has been fun to watch ever since. D-Swish! I do have to admit, however, that my defining moment for Fish's career was the BEAST MODE performance he had in game 3 of last year's Finals. True warrior spirit. His interview afterward was genuine and heartfelt. I was so proud to be a Lakers fan that night.


Jefe101 - you missed the link:

LRob - I'd take a bite out of that cake back in the day!

@bronxlakerfan; "BTW, every time I see the Princess' new commercial where he asks "What should I do?" just one thought comes to mind....


Very well said. STFU, Princess Jimmy.


Good question for Shannon courtesy of the Shirelles..."Will you still love me tomorrow?"

I think that Shannon will continue his strong play all season long. Last year, his injured thumb held him back. Only Kobe can shoot with mangled fingers. LOL!



@ANDTHEJELLOSJIGGLIN... “Does anyone else recall this? Before that injury Fisher could not shoot, his shot was UGLY, he would miss really bad, I cringed every time he shot the ball. I think that was a perfect example of his tireless work ethic and commitment to this team. It is great to have such tough competitors as the leaders of our team.” I remember Fish’s return like it was yesterday. In fact, I cannot ever remember another player who so completely improved his outside shooting in such a short time. I also remember Stu Lantz telling viewers on the air that he had seen Fish shooting in the gym and that we were all going to be stunned when he came back. I’m hoping right now that this is what we are seeing from Shannon Brown this year. If so, it would be another coup for the Lakers and make us much better.
As for LeBron’s latest Nike commercial, man what an ego. That’s why so many fans have turned sour on the guy. Blessed with the best body in the NBA, the guy still does not have a clue how about winning NBA championships. All the Bronze apologists keep saying what a great player he is and how many amazing exploits he has accomplished and that it is nothing but jealousy and envy that are making us haters. My response is that LeBron continues to display an attitude and expectation that is just weird and bizarre. Leading a team to a championship requires a level of commitment and character LeBron simply does not yet have and may never get. May he continue to embarrass and fail. He for sure is no Kobe Bryant.

bronx - I've only seen the princess commercial once, and if I never see it again it will be too soon.

The entire time, I was gagging and thinking the exact same thing - SHUT UP YOU IDIOT.

What a complete buffoon. Is this girl for real? Yeesh....

I vote justanothermambafan for caption winner.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Laker Tom,
"May he continue to embarrass and fail."


"How about them killer B's - Blake, Brown, and Barnes?"

Regarding LeCreep's commercial...
Can ANY of you EVER imagine Kobe doing a commercial where he repeatedly asks the audience, "What should I do?"
Why? Because Kobe Fricken Bean Bryant is a winner, a leader, and a Champion! He doesn't ask his crew of Akron thug sycophants "What should I do?"
He just does it!
Fricken ridiculous.
I love {sarcasm font BOLDLY on} the part where he's driving past his "Witness" banner in Cleveland and says, "Remember all the fun we had?"
Yeah, so much fun that he betrayed his community that had given it's heart and soul to that immature narcissist. "The King Don't Pay!"
What a jerk.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Photo caption:

Fish: "Did you like what I said about you bro?"

Kobe: "Yea dude, I liked it this much"


Nice choice . I saw Lady T back in the day when she was on tour with the late great Rick James. RIP.

She is a special lady in my books.


"I love you TH-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S much."

@BRONX... Your post about the Shirelles’ “Will you still love me tomorrow?" really brought back memories for me. 1972. Some other great songs from 1972:
Neil Young – Heart of Gold:
Elton John – Rocket Man:
Don McLean – American Pie:
All these oldies but goodies reminded me of my favorite group as a boy – Everly Brothers:
Let it be me:
All I have to do is dream & Cathy’s Clown:
Crying in the Rain:
Love their harmony. A great influence on many rock and rollers.

Kobe: Hey Fish, these rings look nice, but a sixth one will look nicer!

Fish: Yep, lets' plan another ceremony for this time next year!

You're simply the best, You're better than all the rest.

LakerTom - Everly Brothers... classic. Here's Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds (Rockpile) doing their acoustic thang with a couple of Everly songs. Not the Brothers, but still kinda nice:

BTW, every time I see the Princess' new commercial where he asks "What should I do?", just one thought comes to mind....STFU!!! Posted by: bronxlakerfan | October 28, 2010 at 12:35 PM


1. We gonna need a box THIS BIG to hold all our rings.

2. Comear ya little side kick...

oops, forgot the JR so ya know it's me

One of the best things happened during the offseason was not signing Raja Bell (or Raja not signing with the Lakers.) If the Lakers had signed Raja Bell, they would not have signed Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

@jamf, congrats again on rcotd
@rick friedman, get well soon and my prayers are with you to heal up faster.
@cyber, congrats on rcotd

Kobe to Fish, next time buid me up better than that lol

@63 FOOTER... Nice covers. Of course, watching the Everly Brothers could only remind you of this guy:

bronxlakerfan... STFU!!My sentiments exactly!!! Just too much of the Princess.. Too much Heat!! It's ad nauseam to the extreme!!!!!


"Heart and Soul" of the Los Angeles Lakers

LakerTom - Ricky - totally underrated. Good stuff.

As for Lebron, I read an article on how he's concentrating on his low post game, and that's what the coach and team want him to do. Heh-heh-heh. Really, Ron Ron will eat him alive on the low post with his lightning fast hands. Lebron's greatest advantage is he's a fullback who rarely gets called for charges. Harder for Ron Ron to stop that way (or anyone), forces the D to wall him off from the basket. He goes to the low post and tries to muscle Ron, he'll discover real quick there are other strong guys in the league. And no need to fully double-team except when he finally makes his move to the basket and either Pau or Drew are waiting to smack him down.

As stated before on income taxes here are things all should know.
See these links and deny we are just slaves - even if we kept social securuty and medicare and remove federal income tax we would be better off.

Dang if we eliminate these unconstitutional income taxes more people can afford court side Laker tickets or any Laker tickets.

JustaLakerFan - not going to get into politics here on the Lakers blog (not going to hit the links), but I tip my hat to you for turning them around to make it Lakers-related:

"Dang if we eliminate these unconstitutional income taxes more people can afford court side Laker tickets or any Laker tickets."

Laker Tom tell us how you really feel about the Lil Princess, LOL! great stuff LT.

As far as a photo caption goes: " You're simply the best my brother! Together forever, Class of '96 Baby!"

@63 FOOTER... Ricky was definitely underrated and underappreciated. I find it funny that the Heat want LeBron to post up. Posting up is really a lost art even among power forwards and centers, which is why Drew is such a difficult player for teams to matchup against. Among guards and small forwards, there are even fewer players with back-to-the-basket moves. NBA teams no longer really know how to post guys up. The one exception is the Lakers, who almost have as many players who are adept at posting up than the rest of the league combined, which is why we see them do it so often with Drew, Pau, Lamar, Kobe, Ron, and even Luke. We may run the Triangle but we go the post up game whenever we get the right matchup.
I’m sure you saw the same thing I did in the Celtics game when LeBron tried to post up. He got an easy shot and missed it point blank. The fact that the Heat are trying to get LeBron to post up more simply indicates that they fully realize their vulnerability with respect to scoring in the low post. The reality is that most of today’s players regardless of size want to play on the perimeter where they can dribble through their legs and slash and weave their way to the hoop for dunks. I’ve seen very few players who could learn to post up AFTER becoming pro players. Maybe LeBron is the exception but I doubt it.
On another note, did you also notice that the Heat were trying to do the same thing with Bosh, who is basically just a jump shooter who occasionally drives to the hoop. Bosh also struggled to try and post up, not realizing that it is footwork, head fakes, and the ability to freeze defenders with hip and butt checks in order to get your shot up. Make no mistake, I would bet that Miami will be hitting the trade wires before the end of the season looking for better low post scorers to cover up their lack of a low post game.

The T-Wolves FO never ceases to amaze...

According to a league source, the Timberwolves have asked the NBA to look into whether Portland knowingly traded them an injured player when the Blazers dealt Martell Webster to Minnesota for the 16th overall pick in last summer's draft.

Webster on Monday underwent surgery to repair a disk in his back and is expected to miss about six weeks. He said the injury dates to last spring's playoffs, when he was undercut and fell hard in a game against Phoenix.

The Wolves are likely looking for a draft pick as compensation.

LakerTom - about the Heat posting up... what you said!

I think will maybe get the rudiments of posting up, but Ron will show him that years of practice (a la Kobe) are needed to really be affective. Same with Bosh. I think if they all practiced hard (like Kobe) every summer, in a few years -- since they ARE incredibly talented athletes -- they could master it. But try it this year against a good defense, and it's going to get frustrating.

It's such a problem. If Lebron Magic Johnson's it... he's susceptible on his dribble, cause he AIN'T Magic (or truly a point guard). If the offense flows through him and he "charges" to the basket with that one spin move, he can be walled off. That may open up guys in the corner... but the Lakers with Pau and Drew can afford to leave a man on that person (Jones, Miller or DWade).

Basically, you don't have some size in the middle, you're just going to have a big fat hole. All posturing and fake low post won't help... in the end, in the playoffs, where it counts. Against the 76ers it should have been a 30 pt blowout. But no....

I like this caption is simple and to the point

Kobe: Hey Champ, nice ring

DFish: Thanks Kobe, Here's yours, Lets sit down before the game and be Champions.

If Fisher gets 6 rings how could you not hang up his jersey? He and Kobe will have been the only 2 Lakers to get more than 5 rings, what more does he have to do?

Alfreezy24 - "If Fisher gets 6 rings how could you not hang up his jersey? He and Kobe will have been the only 2 Lakers to get more than 5 rings, what more does he have to do?"

I don't know; do you see any jerseys up there that aren't HOFers? I'm not saying Fish ain't immaculately valuable to the Lakers, an inspiration, a workhorse, a leader, but I think they tend to choose by Lakers importance AND HOF. But maybe this once....


I am with you on this one. Yes, Fish doesn't posses the individual greatness that all the others have, but there is no denying his leadership, clutchness, and heart as a true champion.

Bottom line: Fish greatly contributed to all 5 of those rings that those Laker squads won together.

Caption: "MY MAN!!!"



If Stumpy is deserving of his jersey being hung in the rafters, D-fish should eventually be up there as well. Just because the membership in this exclusive club continues to expand, it does not reduce the star impact of those embraced by its recognition.

caption: I'm the eagle, you're the fish!

whatever D Fish lost in skill, he more than makes up for it in heart. i wasn't for fish, shannon, bynum or lo coming back and i'm man enough to say that i must've been friggin' crazy!! the only one i'm still not sure about is bynum and for obvious reasons.

Retire Fish's jersey - NO DOUBT. HE EARNED IT

Shannon - I think he will be loved tomorrow and forever after. He has the right attitude and all the work he put in over the summer has paid big time dividends. I know he's motivated to do more. Hopefully, that married life won't be too distracting and he can keep his head into the career.

LO - I'm sorry. I thought FIBA was going to sideline you until next year. Thank you for making me eat my words!

Drew - get healthy. if there was any doubt that this team needs you, it should be gone. please make me eat my words, my hat, my shorts... well, you get the picture. you can be the best center in the league - better than the slow developing D Howard!

correction to caption:

"I'm the eagle you're D-Fish!"

Killer B's is good

"Heart and Soul" is good

my caption..."Mr. Fisher, thank you too"

Caption reads:

"Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven , but eight after all is said and done!"

Caption: "Come to Papa, brother man!"



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