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Phil Jackson likes that Kobe Bryant's pacing through his rehabilitation

As soon as the preseason started, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson emphasized to Kobe Bryant not to over compensate and over push himself as he rehabilitates from his surgically repaired right knee. Through eight exhibition games and two regular season games, Jackson says Bryant's 25 points on nine of 19 shooting in 34 minutes against Phoenix Friday reflects that progression.

"He was on cruise last night," Jackson said Saturday after practice at the team's facility in El Segundo. "He went through the game and measured it up as hard as he had to and I think that was good. We have plenty of games coming up and the more games we can keep at that speed, the better off we are."

The Lakers' practice Saturday solely involved the reserves, including Lakers forward Luke Walton, who the team says remains a game-time decision involving his injured right hamstring for their contest Sunday against Golden State. Walton, who has missed the Lakers' first two regular season games since reinjuring his hamstring last week in the team's final exhibition game, reported no pain in practice.

--Mark Medina

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I'm glad to hear that Lukke's hammy's better. I have no idea what kind of minutes are going to be available but it'll be good to see him out on the floor.

Re-Post - now I know how Justa feels.
Jon K - Congrats. Well deserved RCOTD.

So what I take away from last night:

Steve Nash may make good on his word that the Suns are setting. No playoffs for them may be a safe bet. A healthy Andrew and last night would've been even uglier, but Dragic looks legit and it's nice to see Grant Hill enjoying a good healthy streak.

Lamar, if he keeps this up, will finally make the all-star team. If he's around 16/10 and still starting around February, he deseves it for sure. I know it's only two games, but a summer of hooping it up serves LO's game much better than partying it up.

Pau - Brilliant. Darn near triple double. Preseason really didn't mean squat.

Kobe - was there ever any real doubt?

The Killer B's - Blake, Brown, and Barnes look legit. They didn't just hold the lead, they extended it. I'm thinking that'll be the case more often than not.

Fish/Ron - you take the good with the bad with them. Ron's D was its usual outstanding. His shot selection wasn't. That's the deal with him though, one clutch shot is sure to be followed by dozens of bad ones. Still, he's earned some good will. Fish took some bad shots and of course made the clutch ones. That's the Fish we know and love.

And Big Props to PJ on his 1,100th regular win. 1,100 WINS, and before long the majority of them will be with the Lakers. The way things are shaping up early, with a little help from the Basketball Gods, this may be his greatest team of all. 82-0 Bandwagon still in effect!

BTW - I missed it, did our phavorite phoenix troll check in and try to spin how last night's game was actually a phoenix win?



Like we didn't know that Kobe was going to rehab with insight and perfection? What else is new. Knock on wood - no injuries!

LRob asked for a Saturday song, so here we go, one of my fav from Mott:

Lewis Monroe -

Welcome to the best Lakers Blog in the history of Lakers Blogs.

You should come around and post more often. And share your thoughts & stories with us.

A little uptempo music – take that too the bank – shalomar - – Mariah carey & Cheryl Lynn - Portugese Love _ Teena Marie

Good afternoon Laker Nation!!
Jon K...Congrats on The RCOTD!!! Well deserved. I really LOVE this team and have such a better feeling with this bench mob than last years. Blake and Barnes are fiesty and that's what the team needs. Even Ratliff plays some good minutes.
Mamba24.. Read on a previous blog that you and your ex are trying to work it out. Hope she realizes what a GEM you are. Here's to you and Mari..."Reunited and it Feels So Good" by "Peaches and Herb"! Now you have a good day and buy the lady some flowers.LOL

Here's to you and Mari..."Reunited and it Feels So Good" by "Peaches and Herb"! Now you have a good day and buy the lady some flowers.LOL
Posted by: NewMexicoLL | October 30, 2010 at 02:23 PM
WOW!! Thanks, yeah we are working on that and the reason is...Mari G. Who is another person completely. But anyways, I guess you could say it's a done deal, so thank you my dear. And I will surely buy her some flowers, thanks for the tip.

Dave m - Luke/Sasha aren't going to be playing unless there are injuries, unimaginable foul trouble, or serious blowouts.

Peaches and Herb....



This is Kobe's 15th year in the league and the 2nd or 3rd times he has come back after injury or surgery. I don't think he needs the advice of Phil Jackson on how to pace himself to regain his form.

Kobe knows exactly what he's doing and after 14 years of doing it........maybe one day the media will realize it as well.

(Heavy Sigh).............If I see another Walton injury update I'm going to in "Luke Puke"

After watching the game last night there is absolutely no place for Luke Walton to fit in on this team...............maybe he could keep the towels warm and make sure the showers are working and hot...........but other than that..........What can Luke Walton do?

mamba24, I'm sure you and your ex will be reunited (and it feels so good...)....


I think Kobe will have a monster season(a very special season) and the lakers will 3peat!Hello laker nation.

mamba24, I'm sure you and your ex will be reunited (and it feels so good...)....
Thanks Magic Phil. But I really would appreciate no Bandwagons sir with all due respect. Thank you. Carry On!

no problem, mamba24...I'm not good at bandwagons anyway...

And, in the Shalamar mood, here's one fo you:

htj - I hope you're wrong but fear you're right. A healthy Luke and a Machine Sasha would add even more to our already deep team. I hope they're both ready to play every night, and get some burn depending on match-ups. The more weapons you have at your disposal, the deadlier you are.

justa - I think LEWIS is a spammer...

lew - I don't think so. Someone posted a link to other posts of his. I think he's a crazy Laker fan and will fit in here quite nicely!


Uh huh..................and the more extra weight you carry around the more susceptible you are to DISease. Sasha's value barring injury is his expiring contract...........the Lakers should think about trading that contract for some beef up front............a big body that could defend the post ............just in case we meet the Celtics in the would also come in handy against a team like Portland who I think loom as the Lakers biggest threat in the west......granted Oden and Przybilla return.

Luke Walton has no value

And, in the Shalamar mood, here's one fo you: ttp:// Posted by: Magic Phil | October 30, 2010 at 03:08 PM
NICE! Thanks Magic Phil! But actually it will be our third time around. So that will be my 3-peat. And yes if we break up again that will also be our third so I will have a double 3-peat just like the Lakers. LOL!

NICE! Thanks Magic Phil! But actually it will be our third time around. !!!!!

Posted by: Mamba24 | October 30, 2010 at 03:36 PM
Good luck, my friend. I'll be rooting for you both.

Pfunk - I didn't say Kobe doesn't know his body. But obviously he's had a tendency to overdo it at times. For example, there was no need for Kobe to play in the middle of the season if he could've gotten surgery for his finger. It's all well intentioned but it's just trying to channel the intensity properly.

pfunk - were you saying Sasha had no value after he sealed the Game 7 victory for us? Justa curious....

I don't think it's fair of you to say these guys have no value. They add to team chemistry. They add to the knowledge given to the new guys. Their contributions may be limited this year, but to say they are of no value is not only disingenuous but downright wrong. We have all see them play with heart and determination. I'm hoping Sasha can get his opportunities and Luke can get healthy. We need a deep, healthy, talented team this year to take on the league and keep what is rightfully ours. Any contribution - no matter how small it may seem to be - is vital to the Lakers success in reaching that goal again.

Good luck, my friend. I'll be rooting for you both. Posted by: Magic Phil | October 30, 2010 at 03:40 PM
Thanks my brother, I appreciate that!

Hmmm - all kinds of density going on today.....

Hmmm - all kinds of density going on today.....
Posted by: justanothermambafan | October 30, 2010 at 04:13 PM
Just remember, Density Good!!!!

Geez Mamba24.... OOPS..Sorry about the wrong name, I really don't know where I got that from except from the bandwagon, one shouldn't assume!LOL We're Ready for that Bandwagon to start the day tomorrow. Go Renegades!!



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