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Phil Jackson doesn't see Bryant playing 'heavy-minute games' at start of season

Kobe Bryant's minutes will be monitored closely at the start of the regular season, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Wednesday, another sign that Bryant still hasn't fully recovered from off-season knee surgery.

Bryant is shooting a woeful 27.3% and averaging 11 points in six exhibition games. He had surgery last July.

"I don’t anticipate he’s going to be playing heavy-minutes games to start the season," Jackson said without specifying how many minutes he might play. "We’ll have to find a pattern out there so he has the greatest influence in the amount of minutes he can" play.

Bryant probably will not play Thursday against Golden State but will probably play in the Lakers' exhibition-season finale Friday against the Warriors, Jackson said. The regular season begins Tuesday against Houston.

Jackson didn't seem worried by Bryant's lack of outside touch (18-for-66 shooting) in exhibition play.

“I’m not that concerned about his shot as I am just about having an overall ability to play with the kind of energy he wants to play with," he said. "His shot will come as soon as that happens. He’s the best caretaker I’ve ever seen of his own personal physique."

Sasha Vujacic might return to game action Thursday after sustaining a concussion last week, and Luke Walton might also play after sitting out the last two weeks because of a strained hamstring.

--Mike Bresnahan

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I think I've beat Justa, Kobe will play heavy minutes. Go Laker


Phew, Phil sure can overdo it at times.
Saying “his physique” would suffice.
Saying “his own physique” is redundant.
Saying “his own personal physique” is . . . well, we get the point, P.J.

Allnet -

That's a VERY funny observation. :-)

However the hell you say it, I'll take his physique anyway, anytime.
Love the guy.


maybe you should recommend PJ a book. or u r discriminating?

and what is the difference between:

That's a very funny observation. :-) and

That's a VERY funny observation. :-)

didn't u made your point with VERY? u needed a :-)? isn't :-) for FUNNY too?

talking about redundant: VERY, Funny, :-) (sounds like “his own personal physique”)

indeed, we get the point.

reminds me of the hypocritical post written by Jon K (not addressed to me), when he said something that he does not responds to posts that have misspelled words, bad grammar and … u get the point

but, at the same time when i pointed out all the misspelling and his bad grammar (that coming from an immigrant) exactly in THAT post, his feathers got ruffled.

The only way Luke Walton can help this team is by becoming as assistant coach..If he plays, he hurts the team! He should just sit down and help the new players learn the system! Its like trying to have Shaw go out there and play for us, it aint happening, he helps the team by coaching not playing and that is what Luke should do!!

Gassy was totally embarrassed by his own performance. he started 0-6 till got to 1-7. "The Real season starts on the 26" is the best, lame excuse that he pulled out his hat

Posted by: the Activator | October 20, 2010 at 10:18 AM

That excuse works for me. He did play like the song you posted this morning (yep I saw that), but no worries the all-star Pau will be here on the 26th. I drafted him 8th overall on my fantasy team so I'm rolling with him hard.

@mclyne - Yes, I agree on all points.

@JLF - Smokey walking out in that all white suit was the epitome of cool.

@Lew - thanks for posting me up on the bus as a DJ, but please delete the bartender from my title.

Being that I don't drink anymore, the only thing I would be serving up would be this...

Of course, the non-alcohol original version.

Activator -

" :-) " signifies the smile on my face. When referring to something, you should use quotation marks. Am I discriminating? No; reiteration is a rule that is clearly ok in Symbolic Logic.

By the way, how's your reading schedule going? And I'm glad that you got the point, especially since your handle isn't "Allnet".

Thanks anyway!

I Bleed Purple and Gold- A 5 million dollar assistant, now that's a job.

I almost get excited at the thought of anybody discussing or referencing a book on here, but frankly i read for enjoyment, not to beat anybody over the head with how smart I am.

Hey, Caliphilospher: What's with all the criticism of posts? Why don't you mellow out and enjoy the scenery and let others express themselves however in the Hell they want to. It's called literary license, or poetic license. Now, be a good little boy and crawl back into your diapers and contemplate your navel.
Had enough of Cali.

Virginia -

Thanks for your comment!

Kobe has a few more years in the league than Shaq, I am not trying to disrepect Shaq is what it is.....



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