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Lakers vow ring ceremony won't distract them from regular-season opener


The lights will go off. Another banner will be placed in Staples Center. And every member of the Lakers' staff will receive their championship ring from last season's successful playoff run.

The rings will symbolize various championship totals among various Lakers. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson will have to figure out where to put his 11th ring, since all his 10 others fit two full hands of fingers. Lakers guards Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher will complete one hand with their fifth ring. Lakers forwards Pau Gasol,  Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, center Andrew Bynum and guards Shannon Brown and Sasha Vujacic still have enough room on one hand with their two rings. Ron Artest will temporarily see his before raffling it off to raise proceeds for mental health charities. And then there's newcomers, such as Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, who will stand as outsiders but no doubt view the ceremony as something they hope repeats next season.

Regardless of the varied backgrounds among the Lakers' roster, one universal truth remains. They all insist the ring ceremony Tuesday at Staples Center won't consume them once the Lakers tip off their season opener against the Houston Rockets. With an off-season consisting of numerous club appearances, a Dodgeball tournament and getting pulled over in a race car, Artest could've definitely been speaking about himself when he said, "We celebrated enough." Fisher less dramatically noted how the ring ceremony and the game are "two separate things." And Gasol noted the necessity to "focus real quick."

"It's important to do that," Gasol said after practice Tuesday at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. "I've seen some games after a ring ceremony where the champion has paid that price. I've seen games where the team did a good job in regrouping and refocusing and taking care of business."

The Lakers didn't pay the price last season after their ring ceremony, opening the season with a 99-92 victory over the Clippers. But as The Times' Mike Bresnahan observed at the time, "a pregame testimony to success turned into a reminder that this was an entirely new season." The Lakers led by only one point entering the fourth quarter, began an 11-game stretch without Gasol because of a strained right hamstring and played in front of a fan corps that Bresnahan noticed "dropped dramatically after the opening festivities, only to recover in the fourth quarter when the Lakers began to look like, well, the Lakers."

The circumstances surrounding the Lakers' season opener against the Rockets could be different, for better or worse, simply because the Rockets are a more formidable respected opponent than, say, the Clippers. As picked to finish seventh in the West by The Times' Mark Heisler, the Rockets feature newly returned Yao Ming, physical Luis Scola, speedy Aaron Brooks, sharpshooter Kevin Martin and defensive stalwart Shane Battier, who's frequently managed to force Bryant to work more for his points.

"Probably - we respect them," Artest, a former Rocket, said when asked if the Lakers' opponent will make it easier for the team to quickly channel their focus onto the game following the ring ceremony. "We respect everybody, but you know Houston is coming here to win so they'll definitely demand some attention."


The The Lakers must somehow appropriately channel any emotion triggered from the ring ceremony.

If history serves as any indicator, the Lakers can be comforted to know that the past three championship teams, including themselves, managed the season opener in proper fashion. The Boston Celtics followed their ring ceremony for the 2007-08 championship with a 95-89 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the San Antonio Spurs answered in similar fashion to their ring ceremony in 2007 with a 106-97 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. That shouldn't serve as a false luxury, considering the Miami Heat suffered an embarrassing 106-88 loss in 2006 to the Chicago Bulls after collecting its championship hardware.

The challenges go beyond the opponent and the recent history, however. The Lakers enter the 2010-2011 season with a litany of issues, including Bynum's expected month-long absence, a limited Bryant and a promising set of newcomers that should bolster the Lakers bench, but may go through inevitable adjustments. And then there's the emotions themselves. As easy as it is to say it, having to absolve any emotions surrounding the 2010 championship within a commercial break may prove challenging.

"It's different than the emotions of playing a game," Jackson said of the ring ceremony. "It's about thinking about last year and thinking about the teammates on your team, and thinking about the effort that went into winning a championship. You have to divorce yourself from it after that's done. The banner's raised, the rings are in your hand and you have to go back and play. You have to bring that intensity to it."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: One of the Laker girls has a close-up look at the NBA championship trophy and the Lakers' commemorative rings on the season's opening night last season. See the Lakers' rings ceremony in pictures Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images.

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I give you something to await tomorrow:

"Twas The Night Before Regular Season"

Twas the Night Before Regular Season, and all through LA,
The bloggers were blogging, preparing for next day.
The banners were hung from Staples with care,
In the hopes that Kobe would place another one there.

Laker fans were nested all snug in their beds
While dreams of a Three-Peat danced in their heads.
And Jeanie in her nightgown, and Phil in his Zen
Had just settled down to count his rings in the den.

When out in the NBA there arose such a clatter,
The Heat had created a three-headed blather.
So BSPN shouted out and avowed:
“Don’t bother to play, let’s crown them champs now!”

And Darth Stern he plotted and planned and connived,
To change all the rules so his Princess survived.
The refs where all given their rules to amend,
Break them or shake them, change them or bend.

When what to Laker fans’ wonder came ready for war,
The GOAT and the GLOAT, the Mamba, twenty four.
With a shots that are infinite, and defense that is locked,
The jaw it was out-thrust, his glare never to be mocked.

“Now Ron-Ron! Now Fisher! Now Sasha and Blake!
The Spaniard and Ebanks, even Luke Walton we’ll take!
Lamar and Drew protecting the paint,
And Shannon with dunks to make people faint."

Together they came to wrestle and wrangle,
To follow their dream, and run the Triangle.
They didn’t care who they played, whatever the foe.
They’d crush them. and beat them, and leave them in woe.

So Twas the Night Before Regular Season, and now everyone’s afraid,
Paul Pierce and Garnett, Chris Bosh and DWade.
And Lebron he is hiding ‘neath his Queen-sized bed,
Knowing that Kobe’s gotten into his head.

And as the Mamba set out on his destiny and quest,
To surpass Michael Jordan; be better than the rest.
I heard him exclaim, as he held up his bling:
“What do we play for? We play for Rings!”

63 Footer,
Very nice.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

The Lakers better enjoy their rings tomorrow. With the Big 3 in Miami breathing down Kobe's neck the Lakers' window of opportunity is closing fast. Kobe is no longer the best player in the league and with all the mileage those legs have logged over the years, he's slowing down. Laker fans need to face reality and the fact that Kobe is aging just like all the great players before him; albeit, he's still one the best players in the league but simply can't carry a team on his back for an extended period anymore.

Meanwhile, Coach Jackson, since this is your "last" year, please do us all a favor and do some "real" coaching. I'm tired of hearing about your overhyped "Triangle". In my opinion, you're not even the best coach of all time. You're nothing more than an opportunistic coach who happens to be at the right place at the right time with nothing but HOF'ers playing for you. Can we blame you for such great luck? Probably not. Can you say you're the greatest coach ever? I'd say no. You've never built a team from scratch or managed to mold young talent. After MJ's retirement, look at how well your Bulls squad did with Pippen at helm. With my vote, I'd certainly rank Pat Riley over you simply because he's built winners wherever he went. Coach Riley was a master tactician and despite a couple bad seasons, always improved a mediocre team and won division titles. Examples: Knicks and Heat. Although he doesn't have the ring to match, nonetheless, had Kobe, Shaq or MJ played for him, Riles would've ended up with just as many rings.

Pau... you're still soft. Although you do play acceptable defense, you're nothing more than a poor man's version of Dirk Nowitzki minus the long range capabilities. Ron Ron... you need to stop tweeting and acting like a maniac going on shows promoting non-basketball related crap like your i-Phone app when the season is just about to start. Your defense last year was no way on par compared to how you terrorized the league just a few seasons ago.

Lamar... you're one of the most talented players on the squad yet you choose to squander your God given talents and seem to specialize in "disappearing" acts. My biggest gripe with you is CONSISTENCY. We know you always have a pass first mentality but there's no reason why you can't dominate a game and put up consistent numbers and prove to all of us that you are indeed an ALL STAR!

Andrew... you're getting paid a BIG sum of money. For you to delay your surgery and postpone it thus causing your delayed return is not only stupid but IRRESPONSIBLE. When was the last time you even came to camp healthy and had a full season under your belt? Between your Playboy mansion escapades and your love for the World Cup it's time to grow up and realize that in order to be the BEST you have to be serious about your job and put in the time to hone your craft. Turning away the legendary Abdul-Jabbar was a stupid move on your half that will no doubt stunt your development.

Fisher... I've got nothing but mad love for you. You have no outside shot but your defense and leadership more than make up for what you lack. Without your presence on the squad the Lakers don't stand a chance to win, ever again!

All right my fellow Laker fans... let's hope this will be yet another exciting season as the Purple and Gold battle the big bad West and the new and improved Boston Celtics!

63 Footer,
Nothing but net!



Crapolly - I made some typos - sorry: "nestled" not "nested" (though I guess that would work, and "were" not "where" is what the refs were given.

"And then there's newcomers, such as Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, who will stand as outsiders but no doubt view the ceremony as something they hope repeats next season."

"Hope" is prolonged disappointment. The newcomers know that the 3-peat is up to them which is why they were brought here in the first place. What an excellent mix of experience and youth. Just live up to the potential, practice, stay healthy, don't party and remain focused. If you do those simple things that you are paid so well to do, rest assured, you'll be getting your first ring this time next year too!


frmkt - "Just live up to the potential, practice, stay healthy, don't party and remain focused. If you do those simple things that you are paid so well to do, rest assured, you'll be getting your first ring this time next year too!"

Words to live by - good stuff.

@63 Footer - superb! Now you really got me feeling like a kid on Christmas eve.

@Zaira - Tender Trap & Es Ou Le Swimming...two thumbs up! Shhh on Kraftwerk...I'm planning to dust off my Trans Europe Express album soon.

@2Phatt - Yep sometimes we're blinded by the P&G on this blog. While I love the Lakers I also love the NBA.

@JustaLF - good call on Brubeck's classic Take 5: Here's another I like by Lady Day's protege:

LRob - great call on the Carmen - haven't heard that one in forever.

MM - You have til 12am PST to set your fantasy team lineup. I noticed you have one of your eligible players on the bench. I prefer to beat you fair & square not because your squad's coach was asleep at the

@JustaLakerFan - 5 selections of Take 5, my fav is the manhattan super sax. Theo Ratliff could be Dave Brubeck, I guess.

Lakers won't be distracted, huh? I guess they haven't heard about the leprechaun sacrifice. That would distract the hell outta me, wondering where that pot O gold was and all. Probably under a rainbow, or maybe a double rainbow. Would that be two pots O gold?

Posted by: Basketball_Fan | October 25, 2010 at 08:19 PM


Man, the extent that posers go to on here is quite impressive! That post was hilarious!!

63 Footer....Awesome job!!! Lewstrs, one last roll call for the BUS, and Mamba24 a Bandwagon to start the day tomorrow!!!Can't wait!!!!!!

First off, I'm happy for Matt Barnes on the court decision.
@Jamie Sweet:Nice profile!
Wow, you guys have been on a serious roll since my last post on Friday with all those musical selections...and I'm luvin' it.:-)
@Zaira: Yes I do like Van Halen and David Lee Roth as lead vocalist...and I was gonna post Jamiroquai but, you beat me to it.:-)
@JustaLakerFan: Glad you liked Jazzanova and not sure if it was you or not but, whoever posted Lisa Stansfield, here's one of my favorites by her. Fellas, if you ever have an argument with your lady show her this clip and everything should be alright.:-)

Lisa Stanfield - All Woman -
@LRob and 63Footer: I really enjoyed the back and forth between you guys with that 'Tuesday' theme...nice!
@JAMF: I always enjow a little Robert Nesta Marley! Also, in tribute to another great Reggae artist whom we just lost...May he R.I.P.

Gregory Issacs - Night Nurse -

Now here's my next entry in my 'across the pond' series...a little hip-hop flava fo ya. Enjoy!

Ty - The Willing - feat.Tony Allen -

Ty - Phantom of the Opera - feat.Anthony Mills -

Ty - Something Big - feat.Carroll Thompson -

Ty - Happiness - feat.Vula Malinga -

Ty - I'm Leaving - feat.Anthony Mills -

See y'all tomorrow on the Live Chat.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

G in DC(aka GDUB) - nice Ty stuff - wasn't familiar... but I will be now. Gracias.

lol I chose 5 versions and not more because I'm saying we gonna not only 3-peat but 5-peat.

L Rob - Don't worry. Just got home from the gym and am fixing my fantasy lineup now...

"It's different than the emotions of playing a game," Jackson said of the ring ceremony. "It's about thinking about last year and thinking about the teammates on your team, and thinking about the effort that went into winning a championship. You have to divorce yourself from it after that's done. "

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Nice to be on board again for yet another Lakers season, which promises to be an INTERESTING one for 2010-2011.

With all the early championship hoopla surrounding the "three" HEAT,"still in denial" CELTICS, and "maybe we'll show up someday" MAGIC, it goes to show that the BACK-to-BACK LAKERS team is still not taken seriously for their WINNING ways via ADVERSITY. Actually, that's OK....

Through Kobe's rash of bodily injuries, Fisher's old legs, Gasol's lanky demeanor, Bynum's injury riddled knee, Artest's limited grasp of Phil's zen, Odom's inconsistency, and widespread DOUBT publicly in 2009-2010, the Lakers became CHAMPIONS.

The Lakers, for the most part, is a team that faces ADVERSITY quite well just when the slightest hint of darkness surrounds them. The last two seasons prove that very notion.

As long as "11 Rings" Phil guides the ship with "5 Rings and looking for more" Kobe by his side, I see the Lakers sailing towards a THREE-PEAT with a lot of subtle PATIENCE and MOTIVATION.

Folks, it's Lakers time once again! Time to get the 2009-2010 rings and take care of the Rockets on opening night. Let the THREE-PEAT journey BEGIN!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! Peace.

Lakers will start with the a tough game against Houston. If they win tomorrow, the EPSN prediction will be higher. If not the prediction will lean to the Heat team. I have been lakers fan for 28 years, enjoyed almost every year whether win or lost, and enjoy most of the the Lakers fans comments. Most of Lakers fans of this blog have shown the high level of BB knowledge and I've learned alot from you guys..

To Basketball_Fan, you should choose other teams than the Lakers. If you continue to follow and to watch the Lakers and Phil Jackson, you will be easy get upset and get high cholesterol.

63-footer - spectacular work.


And how about that "basketball_fan", huh? Brilliant stuff about how Jackson basically lucked into 11 rings 'cause of his hall-of-famers. Because, y'know, all the other guys who've coached the greats ones have lots and lots of shiny diamond hardware too, right? I mean it's only logical, correct? Sooo... I'm always up for wasting a little time late at night. And I decided to look at every single active coach in the NBA besides Phil. And this includes Pop who's the closet among current coaches with 4 rings of his own. And there's Larry Brown and Doc Rivers who've each got one and greats like hall-of-famer Jerry Sloan who coached lots of hall-of-famers and there's D'Antoni and George Carl and Doug Collins who coached Michael both before AND after Phil and there's Byron Scott and Stan Van Gundy and 20 other guys!! Yes, 29 other current head coaches in our wonderful league. And add up all those guys and all of their amazing careers and let's see how many rings they've all won as head coaches. I count 8. Total. Yup, Phil 11, the whole rest of the league 8. So well done, basketball_fan!! I am quite sure that everyone here is duly impressed by your wisdom. I know I sure am!

JustaLakerFan - ahhhh, the classics. I am now musically zen for the evening. Much thanks.

My prediction: I think we're going to start a little like the '71-'72 Lakers... a mite rocky at first 'cause of the injuries, then, ba-bingo - we roll like a big wheel. And we know how that one ended.... (Hey, maybe we'll even get a retirement during the first nine games of the season. Hint-hing Luke! I kid, I kid.)

dave m - right on!

And, as the great Lefty Gomez once said: "I'd rather be lucky than good." 11 rings? Phil should get to Vegas as quickly as he can and start bettin'.

Yellofever - interesting list. What about the rest of the team? Pau, LO and Shannon.
Posted by: LRob | October 25, 2010 at 06:50 PM

hey Lrob.. cant tell if you're being sarcastic but will offer my response. for what its worth...

Pau born again believer- after last years finals has earned right to not be called soft

LO cynic- unique talent as complementary role player but always very unreliable under pressure and that will never change

Shannon "fan"- brings intensity on both ends.. love the kid and his attitude, hardworker and athletic freak of nature but playmaking skills/decisionmaking can drive you nuts so probably just solid rotation player..

As I retire into the evening, I leave a personal favorite that has nothing to do with tomorrow, but is still a wonderful evening song:

hey Lrob.. cant tell if you're being sarcastic but will offer my response. for what its worth...
Posted by: yellofever | October 25, 2010 at 10:48 PM
Yellofever - no sarcasm. I enjoyed your classifications so I requested more.

Phil Jackson = Count Basie
Kobe Bryant = Miles Davis
Lamar Odom = Herbie Hancock
Derek Fisher = Dizzy Gillespie
Pau Gasol = Charles Mingus
Ron Artest = Thelonius Monk
Andrew Bynum = John Coltrane
Sasha Vujacic = Art Blakey
Steve Blake = Rush
...that's all I got.
Posted by: Jamie Sweet | October 25, 2010 at 05:15 PM
Jamie Sweet - Now that's a collection of talent. We can't help but 3peat.

No distractions, motivation. It's time to proceed on the quest for the 3peat!

@JustaLF - The Raggaeton was on point. Frankie J is smooth, but watch that Pitbull...a little to close to Heat Everytime I hear that Brian Culberton "Secret Garden" I'm expecting Barry, El, Al B and James to come in. Haven't listened to Hiroshima in awhile. That was cool.

@GDUB - You've got one heck of a "across the pond" series going. You might have to record that and put it into I like the one with Tony Allen and Carol Thompson best. I read he's got one with Estelle. How is that one?

@63 Footer - Joe Egan is good. Him and Rafferty is probably a case where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts...or you know what I Oh yeah, and that Andy Prieboy is talented.

Laker Nation tomorrow starts the quest for 3peat. Are you ready?

LRob - Andy's definitely got tons of talent and creative range. I remember all the way back to Eye Protection from SF.

@ Dave M whatever you're smoking, i highly suggest you to get off it. your comparison and horribly analysis is like reading a 2nd grader explaining quantum physics. yes, phil is OVERRATED. all the coaches you mentioned had no more than 2 HOF'ers playing for them. my argument never stated that having multiple HOF players on the same team means an automatic championship. certainly, phil's been very blessed to have coached elite superstars like jordan, pippen, rodman, shaq, kobe, and pau at a time when the league's overall talent has been so watered due to expansion.

had phil's bulls take on the 80s lakers, coach riles would DEMOLISH him. oh wait, phil won his first ring with michael when the league was totally diluted with lousy teams with subpar talent.... phil's bulls won their first title because of injuries to magic, worthy, and scott. hmmm... let's see... michael had to go through ewing, drexler, malone, and company to claim his rings... talk about fierce competition - wow!!! yeah yeah, so they beat the celtics and pistons... when bird and thomas were clearly on the decline due to age. compared to the teams the lakers had to face in the 80s when squads were stacked with talent it's a given that the bulls path to the their multiple titles were a lot easier than the lakers.

so before you open your pie-hole and spew out more garbage, any savvy basketball fans with half a brain would understand and agree with my point that riley has a proven record of building teams from scratch and the Ws earned by him carries far more weight than the ones phil has in his book. we all saw how "well" his bulls team was without mj. his title run against the blazers, jazz, nets, pacers, and sixers with the exception of boston last season does not equal to the quality of competition riles had to defeat en route to a championship. bottom line, as i said, phil is an opportunistic coach who happened to be very lucky in coaching teams with established superstars. he is by no means, the BEST coach ever.

dave m - did you notice how Basketball_Fan in his analysis of Riley's "team building from scratch" and Phil's "blessed to have coached elite superstars" fails to mention that Riles was handed the Showtime Lakers team AFTER they'd already won a Ring with Magic and Kareem (not to mention Norm Nixon, Coop, Jamaal Wilkes, etc.). Not a lot of team building going on there. (And I think Riley is one of the great coaches, by the way - no knock on Riles. Love Showtime with a passion; went to as many games as I could, wish that sort of team could come again... but alas, there can be only one.)

Just sayin' - if Phil's getting a bad rap for taking great teams to greatness (and ol' BF seems to forget, as you pointed out, all the other coaches who had those great players before and after who went zilch with rings), then Riley must be given a similar bad rap for winning with the Showtime Lakers. Fair's fair, eh?

Oh, and you were just showing off with mentioning Eye Protection. I make head-to-floor obeisance before vastly superior knowledge: "I am not worthy." (Either Wayne's World worthy or James Worthy... take your pick.)

Basketball_Fan -

A couple of things as I was reading your post:

1) Your analysis of counterfactuals ("had phil's bulls take on the 80s lakers, coach riles would DEMOLISH him.") is a bit off. Here's a link to help out with that:

2) Michael Jordan didn't play just individuals; he played with a team against other teams. I wouldn't put things so simply, because that glosses over the other contributors on those Bulls teams (Horace Grant, for one).

3) Regarding your universal claim that "any savvy basketball fans with half a brain would understand and agree with my point that riley has a proven record of building teams from scratch and the Ws earned by him carries far more weight than the ones phil has in his book.": I am a savvy basketball fan with a whole brain who understands what you are trying to say and yet who disputes your counterfactual claim about specific weights of wins that Pat Riley and Phil Jackson earned as coach of the Lakers. Mind you, disagreeing doesn't in and of itself make a strong argument; I'm just letting you know that your universal claim is false (considering you're not equivocating or using linguistic terms in a context that is radically different).

I think you'll need to say more about "equality of competition" in order to bolster your argument (at the very least).

Phil Jackson also coached his team to a CBA (Continental Basketball Association) championship. So I just curious of those questioning his credentials...was that team stacked with CBA HOFamers also?
I see the Heat cut DeSean Butler, DEbanks college teammate. I know he had a major injury last year but that still a little surprising. teams left and right cut their 2nd round draftees it once again highlight the great job Mitch and the FO did in getting Ebanks and Caracter.

Good Morning Laker Nation,

Today is the day the Lakers start on their quest to win another ship. It time to "Do It Again". Just like this 1999 RR HOF inductee says....

Yes, its time for the Lakers to do what they do ships. Let's "Do It Again"....compliments of RR HOF 2001 inductees....

Mamba in the Morning...where you at?

Here we go!

Has anybody been able to see a can of bud light recently, without hearing that

"It's different than the emotions of playing a game," Jackson said of the ring ceremony. "It's about thinking about last year and thinking about the teammates on your team, and thinking about the effort that went into winning a championship. You have to divorce yourself from it after that's done. "

Posted by: the Activator | October 25, 2010 at 09:36 PM

Duh. That's about as obvious a statement as Phil Jackson has ever made.

Here's what Kobe has to say about ANY season: "The whole season's all about ramping up," he said. "Even if you come out of the gates going great, you still want to continue getting better and better and better. The whole season's just a process."

Whole season = process. Fine tuning. Experimenting. Tweaking. Getting ready for every situation. Learning how to win close games. PRACTICING for the REAL SEASON.


Go Lakers! #17 coming up STRONG!!

I tried posting this last night, but was having computer issues:

63 Footer - well after reading THAT, I really don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight! That was GREAT! You're awesome, dude.

(BUT - you still need to show me yours before I show you mine.... Time's awastin' and the ASG in LA is coming up quick. MM says he needs my profile before then, so the ball's in your court buddy. Don't let me down.)

The song blaring from my iPod on my morning commute was random, but so very apropos - don't you think?

Cuz it IS MOST DEFINITELY time to:

hobbit - what Bud Light commercial?

Must see games:

Heat vs Celtics (tonight)

Lakers vs Rockets (tonight)

Clippers vs Portland (tomorrow) check out Blake. And you'll see he's in Lebron's league for a 6'10 PF.

Sometimes you gotta go with the obvious:

justanothermambafan - But as a gentleman I INSIST that the lady go first.

Good morning Mamba24 and the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!


I think the Laker Nation collective is JONESING for the game tonight!! FINALLY we're back and on our quest for the 3-peat. Can anything be more exciting???!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the ring looks like, to watch RonRon's face as he finally gets his first championship ring, to see Kobe & Fish receive # 5, then to see how they all respond come tip off. I know this team MAY have a rocky start, but I don't see it as being a given. This year our bench is veteran and scrappy - and hopefully more hungry than either of those two things. Seeing the starters get their ring tonight will hopefully not only remind them of just exactly what the goal is, but also that they are now on a proven championship team and all they need to do is their job. Don't play outside yourselves guys - stay in the moment, focus, do that thing you were hired to do and you too will be champions come June.

On this very special day - RING DAY - OPENING NIGHT - I bust out the perfect song from Thriller, and dedicate it not only to the 2009-10 World Champion LA Lakers but also to the World Champion LA Times Lakers Blog:

Oops - forgot to add my new moniker for the year:


Let the hunt for 6 begin - DFish


Attention Lakers Nation starting Tonight, It’s time for all factions of the Freakin Nation to Unite
A Nation divided cannot stand, We need each and every Lakerholic Woman and Man
Summers lazy days are over and Thru, It’s time to unite Lakers Nation , we have work to Do
Until we 3-peat only 3 things will I Love , The Lakers , My Daughter and My Mother Above
Can’t be distracted from the so called 3 kings, and The Lil Biatch Princess, that wants our Rings
But the only Rings that they will ever see, is the ones at the Staples Lakers Ring Ceremony
Tonight we celebrate for the Victory Past, After which The Lakers will whip some Houston @zz
This is a coronation all other teams Fear, They Know the Lakers will be back Year after Year
As the NBA sees The Lakers get their Rings, They are plotting for The Lakers, wicked Things
Princess Jimmy is keeping Notes they Say, Princess take that weak ISH & get the Frak Away
You try to be Kobe but you’re not the real thing, You don’t even have one, Mamba has 5 Rings
You won’t just get a Ring Handed to you, By trying to imitate the things that Kobe can Do.
You’ve got to have the fire & also the heart, You’ve got neither so you’ve lost before you Start
Lebron what you must understand, You got to be the best & have a Ring before building a Brand
From France to Germany to Italy to Japan, Kobe Bryant is hailed as the Best in every Land
But the Heat think the title is already won, Because of the Devilish things Darth Stern has done
Darth Stern believes he has some rules put in place, To knock the Lakers out of the Ring Chase
But he does not know the Lakers very well, They can win even while playing in Darth Sterns Hell
The Lakers know they have a Target on their back, But they always play better when under attack
Frak Princess Jimmy & that Evil Stern Fool, The Lakers are about to take the entire NBA to school
Laker Tom says it will be as Season for the Ages, I wouldn’t argue with one of The LakerBlog Sages
It’s going to be one hell of a wonderful Trip, I think the Zen Master is ready to let it all Rip
If on the road to winning something gets in the way. They will seek & destroy & make them pay
By now all should know that the saying is true Winning titles is simply what The Freakin Lakers Do
So tonight enjoy the Ring Ceremony Coronation, It will be the First of many for the Lakers Nation
Miami & Boston Nothing you can do , We’re The Freakin Champion LA Lakers who The Hell R U!!

Basketball Fan,

You mentioned Riles building from scratch but failed to mention that Phil also coached a bunch of scrubs and brought them to playoffs. Yes 63 footer was right, riles inherited a Championship team from Westhead while PJ got a team in '06 with low morale, newbies and lacking in talents except for Kobe. You have to revise your historical perspectives.

max? Seriously? That's all you got?


Stupid trolls.....

Get that weak ish outta here.

@ Basketball_Fan...
1. Coaches don't "build teams", that is the job of General Managers.
2. The Bulls success during MJ's early retirement would be evidence of good, not lucky, coaching by PJ wouldn't it?
3. Riley won 3 rings as coach of Lakers team that already were champions (he did not "build" those teams)
4. Riley won 1 ring as coach of Heat team, more an opportunist (force out of Van Gundy) on Wade/Shaq coattails than "build team" for sure
5. PJ won CBA championship with Albany Patroons in 1984 (previous year the team failed to make the playoffs as a FIRST year expansion team)


@ Max...

Embarrassing, shameful display. Move along.



Problem is, you don't have even a half brain, you just a hater and trol lurking on the Lakers blog still stressed out from 4th Boston collapse.







Here we go again...ready for another 3-peat?





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