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Lakers to return to London in the near future? Not likely

The Lakers got drubbed Monday by the Minnesota Timberwolves, 111-92, but Phil Jackson admitted he enjoyed London, seeing Westminster Abbey and Big Ben in his first trip to England.

It doesn't mean the Lakers will be back soon for an exhibition game.

"Have you talked to Phil?" AEG President Tim Leiweke said. "Not going to happen."

AEG owns Staples Center and O2 Arena, the site of Monday's exhibition.

Jackson didn't like that the Lakers were unable to have training camp in one place, saying it would be a "bust."

"I was supposed to retire last year and someone else was supposed to be doing this job this year but I fooled everybody and came back and took the punishment," Jackson said. "We were happy we were able to come [to London] but not happy we gave such a poor exhibition."

--Mike Bresnahan,

Reporting from London

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Yeap, that wasn't a good exibition, but I like what I see from Blake and Ebanks.

I think many basketball coaches would be disappointed that their training camp is centered around a trip overseas. Oh well, at least they did their public service to the NBA for the next decade. =]

No more traveling in the preseason = incentive for Jax to stay as Head Coach.

Hey guys there's a Lakers chat going on now....

David Stern sucks...

lakers blog 2010 fantasy hoops... don't know if any one's been posted.

but we're back. forget the url. this is the new league. 14 teams. join quickly.

password: threepeat

any questions, email me.

[email protected]

Hey everyone,

New post up. A video report by Mike Bresnahan from London. I think MM is going to have to give him some tips on video presentation, though. Just kidding. Actually, some kudos for Michelle Maltais, whose title at The Times is manager of editorial broadcast. She guided Brez through the process and tricked up the video for him.


Hey guys we got a post-game analysis up. Be sure to check out Brez's video too!



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