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After three quarters, Lakers still lead FC Barcelona ... barely

It's not pretty, no doubt, with the Lakers barely hanging on to a 70-68 lead against FC Barcelona through three quarters Thursday in Barcelona, Spain.

It was mildly surprising when Kobe Bryant started the third quarter, but there he was, his knee apparently feeling incrementally better. He played a little more than 10 minutes in the quarter and has 11 points on two-for-11 shooting.

Pau Gasol has 22 points but has missed 13 of 20 shots in front of his hometown crowd.

Ricky Rubio, a Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick, has not looked sharp, going scoreless and missing all five of his shots.

The Lakers are shooting only 36.4% and have missed all seven of their three-point attempts.

-- Mike Bresnahan, reporting from Barcelona, Spain

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lakersz baby

It's just preseason, but I'm not happy at all about losing to FC Barcelona.

Go Lakers!

Congratulations to FCBarcelona!!!

good, it's over and so far, everyone's in one piece! time to come home.

For a pre-season practice game it wasn't that bad.

In fact I was really glad to see Bryant get on the court more. Getting burn and some shape for when the regular season comes. Of course he had an ugly shooting performance thanks to that knee but hey this is what the pre-season is matters not what the hell goes on negatively unless it's an injury of course.

Gasol may have been the leading scorer but remember he required 21 shots to get 25 points and 15 Free throw attempts. He shot 7-21 for 33.3% which is really poor especially for a guy who plays in the post. Of course the Euro league's no defensive 3 seconds sure helps bigs stay in the post more and leaves the lane less open.

All the more reason Pau Gasol as great as he is and a blessing to the Lakers still isn't a franchise player but rather a great Robin to Bryant's (when healthy) Batman.

Odom continues his great overall performance 12 point 18 rebound performance.

Ron is looking like to getting back in shape defensively after getting lit up by Michael Beasley. However still his biggest weakness in defending (working off screens) is still there and causes some concern when he defends players who are more used to working off the ball.

Derek Fisher is well....making DFish disappear atm (hopefully urgh).

Blake looks to be solid though Sasha only got his only basket off an in bounds SG curl (he really makes most if not all of those shots). Theo may be nice defensively but looks to be limited offensively and when Bynum returns hopefully we'll not need as much from Theo since Bynum can easily top Theo's offense even with one leg lol. Though to be fair to Theo he has tendinitis and understandably Jackson did not want to put pressure on his knees to the point where he was not usable even as a back up.

Good game despite the loss only loss by 4 points while shooting 34%. That is a sign of a great defensive year coming for LA as LA stole the ball 13 times against an offensive powerhouse like Barcelona.

Didn't like the swipe from Barnes though it wasn't really necessary and gave them to the bonus early.

Otherwise like what I'm seeing even if we aren't 100%. Heck we could just lose all of our practice pre-season games ala Indianapolis Colts. Getting Kobe and the rest of the team healthy and in basketball shape in time for opening will pay off huge dividends in not only the regular season but the post-season and if possible even the top record for home court. Of course home court doesn't guarantee victory but it is a huge factor.

Keep it up despite all the losses. This is pre-season and been a while since we all been excited.

Wow, a thread for every quarter, there must be a big money on this set up. We should also regulate to one sentence for every thread. lol!



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