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Lakers' Steve Blake, Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes share their favorite Halloween costumes

Childhood memories were immediately stirred up when several Lakers recalled their favorite Halloween costumes.

Some proved embarrassing, such as when forward Matt Barnes dressed up like a girl as a freshman at Del Campo High School in Sacramento. Some waxed nostalgic, such as when guard Shannon Brown dressed up like former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. And others conjured up laughs, such as when Steve Blake dressed up like Mr. T.

Even though the Lakers play Sunday night on Halloween against Golden State, the holiday's certainly been on their mind. Forward Devin Ebanks revealed on his Twitter account that he hosted a Halloween party at the Green Door in Hollywood. After joking that he'll dress up as former wrestler Ric Flair, forward Lamar Odom asked fans via Twitter to send him pictures of their costumes. And Brown added that he's seen a picture of Odom sporting the Flair outfit.

"That dude is crazy," Brown said Saturday after the Lakers' practice in El Segundo. "He's got the hair, the jacket and the feather scarf. It was hilarious."

-- Mark Medina

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Wow - Looks like I have Justa's powers this time around. Does that mean that Justa will get a souvenir from the ASG for me in Feb?

My abilities appear to be intact. Good to know.

Justa- did I miss your profile?,

I think the Lakers could have 10 loses before January.PJ wants team chemistry out of the way.
The Killer Bees will be the ones PJ wants to critique. As you know more and more of the starters are persons PJ does not yell at with the exception of Bynum and PJ needs to show some passion to keep him fresh. Killer Bees will get plenty of Killer Zen Sting. I see PJ going off on the Killer Bees many many times. Other then that Sting Zen will be putting the killer bees in early to keep himself off his Throne. Who will PJ use as his whipping boy now that LO is in the corral?
I think it is the one with the most tattoos,who acts like a renegade.

MM -

Since you asked the guys on the video, what's you're weirdest/funniest costume? I'm assuming you didn't go as Rowdy Rod Piper.

Cali - Well since you must ask, I often dressed up like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up, the favorite being Rapheal. In college I wore a few funny costumes such as being a referee (black electrical tape on a white shirt) while officiating numerous.....let's say "events" at the party. And yesterday I dressed up like a mobster with the pin stripe suit, hat and shiny shoes. Definitely a good time

cali.... not cool....

No souvenir for you.

a "dunk" will raise all the fans off their seats in the arena as much as the viewers in fron of the TV or computers.

but a Kobe Heat Check "Swish" will silence the same people 6 feet under.

and now i will put On my Halloween costume and remind you of my personal and most "satisfying" dunk i ever seen:

Luke Walton dunking on Car-"Melo" shiny face on his OWN birthday, May 29 last year in the playoffs. i'm sure that blew out the candles on Melo's cake.

and now that i had my "positive quota" for the season, i will ask the real question:

what will be Derek Fisher's answer for the the dunk vs. swish question?

i guess with Fish, we should just stop at layups????????????????

Laker J -

I actually went to a party last night, and I must tell you it featured some of the worst dancing I have EVER seen in my life. I also saw a hot mess, but will save everyone from the details of the affair. My team is going to need all the help it can get.

Justa - Good to see you here too. I apologize for not seeing your question about the fantasy league earlier, because I would have tried to answer it. From the looks of things, you can change your roster daily (but don't quote me on that just yet). Getting ready for the game tonight?

@Laker J - congrats on RCOTD...sent congrats to Laker J instead of you. I guess you are both brothers from another

@Justa/Laker J - How to set fantasy lineup.
1. Go to header the says My Team
2. Click on the date/day you want to set lineup for (ex: Monday November 1).

3. You can play up to 10 people per day...if they have games that day. You get stats for all slots listed except the bench players. (Usually on Tues/Wed/ could have more than 10 players playing so you will have to bench someone...and not get stats for them...even though they're playing.

4. Move bench players up to actual positions and put someone else on bench depending on who's playing that day.

5. You must put players in right position. (Computer won't let you put a PF in SG position unless that player is listing as playing both positions.) All players can go into utility position.

6. You can set your lineup for as many days as you would like. I recommend you set it for one week at a time, but check in during the week in case you want to tweak it. Ex...if someone's injured (Curry) then obviously you can bench him and put in another player.

7. Always click on submit changes after each move to make sure its saved by the computer.

8. Lineups can be set up to 5 minutes before tip off. So if you have anyone of Lakers/GS tonight...put them in by 9:25 PST. If you have anyone from OKC...I believe their game starts at 4pm PST.

That should get you started.

ouchhhhhhhh - Fish's favorite shot, and the Halloween costume he's going as this year? A Dagger.

Justa -

I'll use the power for good, and besides, I'm pretty sure my power will wear off in a matter of seconds. And I'm still supporting you for the ASG - promise! :-)

@2phatt - I'm not in LA so its the first time I saw that Wassup. Thanks for posting it. I do get LA's ABC affiliate and Fox Sports West on my Direct TV I can keep up with the LA vibe slightly.

@63 Footer - Five

@ChickNstu - good look on Rascals. HOF class of 97.

MM -

as far as your referee costume, you didn't have any stripes to borrow from one of the Intramural refs at 'Cuse? That's a pretty fantastic improv job.

I will share my funniest costume to date - a few years ago, I was scheduled to give a talk at the University of Memphis, and unfortunately for me, it was on Halloween weekend. However, there was an 80's party the weekend I went as Dave Chappelle as Rick James - wig, guitar, ruffled shirt, and tight pants. The thing that made the costume complete? I brought pancakes and grapes with me too.

I'm sure there's some photo evidence out there, but good luck finding it, especially since I can't locate any of those pictures either. lol

Cali - "I brought pancakes and grapes with me too." Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.

63 Footer -

"Game...Blouses" :-)

LRob- Thanks alot for the info.

Just give me a Jeanie Buss fright wig....



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