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Lakers' Sasha Vujacic pops question to tennis star Maria Sharapova [Updated]

Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic said he is engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova.

Vujacic, who spoke before the Lakers played the Golden State Warriors in an exhibition game on Thursday night in San Diego, said the couple has not set a date.

Also, Vujacic, 26, said Sharapova, 23, said "yes' to his "old-school" proposal.

"We are both really happy," Vujacic said.

[Updated at 8:20 a.m.: Sharapova's agent confirmed the engagement in an e-mail to The Associated Press.]

-- Broderick Turner

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now they can fix each other hair bangs.

how many mirrors will they have in each room? :-)

What's an 'old school' proposal? Presnting her father with a dowery?

actually, the girl and her father has to have the dowry.

Is it just me that Sasha looked more relaxed tonight? He always appears to be on the edge and pushing too hard. If Sasha can play relaxed and just try to have fun playing basktetball (just like having fun dating with Maria,) he will shoot much better (just like in practice game.) I hope he shoot more often (well, not too often) with confidence, and that's what (and why) he is getting paid for.

20-something stars have absolutely no business getting married. In ten years, they'll be different people

Congrats to Sasha and Maria!

I have to say I'm really impressed by the diverse muscial taste of so many of my fellow LAT Lakers Bloggers. Keep 'em comin' y'all!

@LEWSTRS, please add me to the bus. BTW, this one's for you.

Billy Preston - The Bus is Comin' -

@Mamba24, I know I'm late but, please add me to the Happy Birthday UTZ bandwagon - 'Belated' Happy Birthday UTZ and many happy returns.

@LRob, here's a couple of tunes from the next entry in my 'across the pond' series.:-) Tho' I never like to name any one artist as my favorite, these guys come as close as any. Enjoy!

4Hero - Escape That -

4Hero - Cosmic Tree -

Let's go Ls...all the way to 3-peat!!!!!

Otis for Sasha, it will be a good 10 years.

Yeah Jason - that's a fun one.

Lucky guy.

Lucky &*%...Its good to be tall,rich, and relatively decent looking. I give them five years before a break-up...

Way to go Sasha. You got a 10.

Lamar got a 4.

I'm just saying...

Last year of his contract and the pressure of a engagement? Hope the machine doesn't blow a gasket.

@Ed You must like Lamar, because you're being very kind with your grades.

Is it Tuesday yet?

I just came across Nick Bollettieri's Video interview ( how he trained and guide those champions. It's all about winning, the attitude Nick engraved in the minds of the champions.



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