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New Lakers poll questions to assess the 2010-11 season

October 25, 2010 |  4:30 pm

The wait has nearly ended, but there's still one more day of excitement, analysis and speculation before the actual games begin.

If fans on the L.A. Times Lakers blog are correct, the Lakers' road to three-peat begins Tuesday when they host their season opener against the Houston Rockets. Those thinking it's way too early to think ahead of June will be marginalized, considering the Lakers' ring ceremony will inevitably conjure up memories of the 2010 championship and what they need to reach that point again.

The majority of fans on this blog already predicted before training camp that the Lakers will three-peat, and I don't suspect a 4-4 preseason will damper that enthusiasm much. Still, the exhibition season featured many developing storylines that could have great significance on how the 2010-11 season unfolds, leading me to think that it's time for another series of poll questions below the jump.

-- Mark Medina

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