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New Lakers poll questions to assess the 2010-11 season

The wait has nearly ended, but there's still one more day of excitement, analysis and speculation before the actual games begin.

If fans on the L.A. Times Lakers blog are correct, the Lakers' road to three-peat begins Tuesday when they host their season opener against the Houston Rockets. Those thinking it's way too early to think ahead of June will be marginalized, considering the Lakers' ring ceremony will inevitably conjure up memories of the 2010 championship and what they need to reach that point again.

The majority of fans on this blog already predicted before training camp that the Lakers will three-peat, and I don't suspect a 4-4 preseason will damper that enthusiasm much. Still, the exhibition season featured many developing storylines that could have great significance on how the 2010-11 season unfolds, leading me to think that it's time for another series of poll questions below the jump.

-- Mark Medina

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There is no doubt the Lakers will 3-peat, if healthy.

@2PHATT… “LT and Outlaw, Two dieharded Lakerholics as much as I love the Lakers it's a NO BRAINER. Pau/Ron Ron for Bosh/LeBron c'mon what are you two smoking? Your talking chemistry vs talent you can have BOTH. That trade will be made in a New York minute, no questions ask. Mitch wouldn't think twice, and wonder what you guy's are smoking.”
LOL!. Actually, what we’re smoking is a wonderful blend of back-to-back championships mixed with a heavy dose of Laker Mystique. It’s called the Blessed Lakers Purple-and-Gold Sky-High Sky’s-the-Limit Don’t-Trade-Away-Championship-Character -and-Chemistry for Fool’s Gold Grass-Is-Greener Smoke-and-Mirrors.
By the way, that New York minute you were talking about is why the Knicks have sucked for the last 30 years.

Hey there's a technical glitch of some sort. There should be a lot more poll questions than the ones published. I'll try to fix those kinks asap

LT- What the Lakers have in Pau and Ron Ron is chemistry that's was developed from season past. Two great players coming together to perform at the highest level with the MISTRO(Jellybean). And this is just talk, but Bosh and LeBron would take this team beyond the Universe. But saying all that, I'll go to WAR with Pau/Thriller anytime.

Okay. Just fixed the glitch. All is set. Feel free to vote away. I'll do an analysis post on the results later tomorrow afternoon.

Wanted to clarify a vote, I voted for Lamar playing inconsistently because the one I wanted to vote for linked his value with his scoring. I don't necessarily think that his out put and overall value to the team is reflected in Lamar's scoring. Even with Kobe out.

Gotta say I don't see Pau being any more vocal a leader during games. Artest handles the ra-ra role on D, that was established last season.
(first story I found, my major was theatre)

I know it's a bit tongue and cheek and doesn't really mena much, but he does seem to be more vocal on that end.

Kobe could be in a wheelchair and still out score Raja Bell, so I would say he's the leader of our offense. As I type this I regret voting that Kobe wouldn't contend for an MVP nod. If he has shown us anything over the last 15 years, it's that when he sets his mind to it, he can do it. If he gets the nod, it would most likely be for being top 5 in scoring, setting a career assists and lead all NBA guards in rebounding.

This Laker squad is moving into the regular season like a jazz band moves through a standard. Starting in a loose structure, many familiar elements evoking the imagery of the well known tune, strangely simple-yet full of promise!

Then, as the tune progresses and starts to push the boundaries of the melody of the diddy we all can whistle, the band explodes in several different directions in perfect syncopation, sonically obliterating our concepts of what a song can be. In essence, by the end of the tune, the band is jamming and we're not sure what we're listening to.
But it holds our attention like a many faceted gem.

Is there a purple and gold stone that gleams in the night?

Someone mentioned the's showing through today! There are some weird HTML functions going on, thought swirls and the options that the program offers near the chat box.

Phil Jackson = Count Basie
Kobe Bryant = Miles Davis
Lamar Odom = Herbie Hancock
Derek Fisher = Dizzy Gillespie
Pau Gasol = Charles Mingus
Ron Artest = Thelonius Monk
Andrew Bynum = John Coltrane
Sasha Vujacic = Art Blakey
Steve Blake = Rush
...that's all I got.

Will Luke Walton 'stay' healthy?

This poll question uses an impossible premise, and I like Luke.

Jamie Sweet- That's all you got...That is SWEEEET.

And I actually think the Dallas Mavericks are a pretty solid threat in the west, not a gimme by any means, but they aren't even on the list.

Phred- Nobody fears Dallas, their only good for the regular season.

phred - yeah, I was looking for the Mavericks as well. I don't think they'll beat the Lakers, but if they gel, they could have a pretty good team.

Kobe Bryant...Laker franchise record 15th season. prosaction=newpost&status=ok&prosaction=newpost&status=ok

My new season resolution is to not doubt Kobe. Can you be critical and not doubt someone? Does not criticism suggest doubt?

I hope you guys are kidding about trades already. I absolutely don't ever want lbj the big spoiled brat to play for the Lakers....NEVER!!!! Lakers already have the pieces they need for a 3 peat - can't wait for the season to start.

And it's going to be a great ride!!

2Phatt- well, if 'having a reasonable chance to actually beat the Lakers in the playoffs' was the only criterion of the poll, there wouldn't be any teams on the list at all. I think the Mavs are a respectable team.

Kobe81pts- It's all in fun, we've got the best team.

Was that a lot polls?

A. Yes, Mark over did it.
B. No, Mark should of listed more.
C. No, that's about the right amount.
D. We don't need no stinking polls.
E. Can you repeat the question please.

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

phred- I agree.


LEWSTRS - Lol. I'd probably vote for option A


Asking this crew will the Lakers repeat is like asking a kid does he like candy.

There is no "main threat" in the west. The main threats are all in the east...Boston, Orlando and Miami.

What did I like best about preseason? That its over.

Who do I dislike more Miami or Boston? Boston in a landslide. They're the team that has tormented Laker Jerry West & Elgin Baylor, their teammates and Laker fans in the 60's. So I would like nothing better than to exact the same misery on Doc, PP, Ray Ray, KG, Shaq and the rest of their team, their fans and everyone associated with the Celtics.

Kobe homer
Bynum pessimist
Artest loyalist
Dfish incredulist?
Blake optimist
Barnes supporter
sasha doubter

Posted by: yellofever | October 25, 2010 at 12:22 PM

Yellofever - interesting list. What about the rest of the team? Pau, LO and Shannon.

Laker Fam,

I'm ready for the season!!! I've been sooooo busy with church, family and work lately, but it's always great to begin the season with my blog family!!! Go Lakers!!! Purple & Gold forever!!!

Great post on the upcoming season. You get it. However, putting Gasol-Artest as the best NBA forward tandem over Bosh-James is either interesting or an oversight. I think it's a bit of a stretch, but this is a TEAM sport, so individual match ups only go so far. I agree that Pau has the edge over Bosh, but ....

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | October 25, 2010 at 01:39 PM
LakerTom - I'm with MVP on this. Loved most of your post, but if I'd definitely trade Pau/Ron Ron for Lebron/Bosh.

Unless you were picking a fantasy team, there are solid reasons for picking Gasol and Artest as the best forward duo. Both Gasol and Artest have proven that they can play at a true championship level whereas neither LeBron or Bosh have performed well at the highest level. In fact, LeBron totally bailed out on the Cavs during the playoffs last year and Bosh has never even won a playoff series. While critics can claim that neither LeBron or Bosh ever had the supporting teammates that Gasol and Artest have had, the simple fact remains that the latter have shown they can be clutch in their biggest games while the former have shown nothing to speak of.

Posted by: LakerTom | October 25, 2010 at 02:16 PM
I'm good with Pau over Bosh. But remember Pau was 0-12 in playoff games before joining the Lakers. Even Bosh has won a few playoff games. So I don't buy your argument of using Bosh past playoff performances unless you include Pau's pre-Laker performances. Let's be real!

As far as Ron Ron over Lebron. All the purple glasses in LA couldn't convince me to take Ron over Bron. I really think some people believe if they keep saying Lebron chokes in the playoffs, Lebron shrinks in the limelight, Lebron can't handle pressure....that it will make it true. Not. Lebron has had at least five times as many positive playoff moments as bad ones.

Oh yeah, I did pick Pau over Bosh for my fantasy team :-)

PJ's teams never won anything until he came on board. Will his next stop be Miami? Stay tuned for more on The Twilight Zone.
I'm a huuuge NBA fan and I would love to see PJ head out to Miami after wrapping up this championship. If he pulls out a 'chip in Miami, his legacy is signed, sealed and delivered! Right now, he still gets that dumb rap about not being able to win with superstars but as it has been stated, those "superstars" didn't win until his arrival. We are all "Witnesses" to the greatest coach in sports history!!
Posted by: frmkt | October 25, 2010 at 04:44 PM
PJ legacy is already signed, sealed and delivered. Any haters now...would say the same thing if he took the Heat to a title. He only won because of the talent.

PS....on the rooting for Lebron thing. If I managed to root for Rodman 'ugh"when he joined the Lakers, I think I could find a way to root for Lebron if he donned the P&G.

LRob - yeah, but Rodman was "prettier" than the Princess.

LRob - it WAS spectacular! What are you talkin? :)
Posted by: justanothermambafan | October 25, 2010 at 12:26 PM
To quote the most famous Laker fan....You can't handle ___ _______ lol.
LRob - you're givin' Joe a B+?! Man, you're harshin' my mellow.
Posted by: 63 Footer | October 25, 2010 at 12:34 PM
Now see that Joe gets an A. Anytime you work in the King of the Jukebox Jump Blues/Boogie Woogie classic I'm all in.

LRob- How's thinks going? I actually made the argument between Pau/Thriller for Bosh and LeBron. Which I stated it a NO BRAINER, but the Lakerholics can seen to put down the Kool-Aid. And I love the Lakers, can't wait till tomorrow, but c'mon in a heart beat.

arguing whether Pau/Artest is better or worse than Bron/Bosh seems to be to be typical of a Lakers blog argument. Yes, Gasol is better than Bosh, yes, Lebron is better than Artest. Any pairings beyond that seem a bit silly. Are Lebron, Bosh and Udonis Haslem better than Artest, Gasol and Odom? Are Lebron, Bosh, Udonis Haslem and Jerry Stackhouse better than Artest, Gasol, Odom and Shannon Brown? Are Lebron, Bosh, Haslem, Stackhouse, and Dexter Pittman better than Artest, Gasol, Odom, Brown, and Theo Ratliff?

Who cares? Team sport.

Yes, I realize there are people on here who actually were mentally making the comparisons all the way through my list. Yeah, I had to look up Dexter Pittman, and I'm proud of just taking yahoo's word for it that he actually plays for the Heat. There is only so much NBA trivia i can handle.

You beat me to the punch with Simply Red and although I posted a few BST songs I did not post Spinning Wheel. Beat me again.

But The Lakers will win 5 championships as predicted by these 5 Jazz selections.

"LRob:" Agreed - I just want to see him do it Miami or, if Melo and Chris Paul wind up in NY. It's possible that PJ will take that sabbatical after this season and come back for another shot with another "winless" team loaded with talent. It'll be a great thing for NBA and PJ fans everywhere.

It's official: I'm addicted to this blog. YIKES!!

It was a lot of poll questions, but Mark pretty much covered the gambit.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Thanks Mark,

Great poll.

@phred - I think I meant the question in the more normal sense as in will he be normally healthy enough to play that sorta thing

@Jon K - sorry for overdoing it more than Gallup, but just wanted to cover all bases so i know what's making you guys tick these days

@LRob - lol great point. but i'm sure there's going to be that 1.2% who say they won't three-peat (probably Heat or Celtic fans trolling)

MM - you done lost your cotton pickin mind and gone crazy. Quite the pollapalooza....!

justa - let me guess, you voted in all of them!!!

The start of a new campaign. Sweet!

MM- enjoy the polls, but feel like I already saw these in an earlier version..

Jon K - you are usually a v literate guy...but I think you meant "gamut" not "gambit" in the post above. Not trying to bust but I don't expect to see malapropisms from you ;)

Let the season begin!!

1969 was the first time I saw a laker game. Class of 1972 and have a fan from that day. # 1 lakers fan that is not in L.A.

Lakers Joe. Up in the Bay Area. From Compton

It is that time... Our bench this year should resemble those benches in the 2000's. They played hard on defense, pushed the ball and in most cases extended leads. Hopefully Kobe, Bynum, and Fish will get a lot of game breaks throughout the season and will be a in form in June. I'm looking forward to watching the youngsters get out on that court. I think Character will be a gem down low. Go Lakers!!! See you tonight.



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