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5 things to take away from Lakers' 92-88 pre-season loss to FC Barcelona


I'll say this for every pre-season game. The result doesn't matter. Sure, the Lakers' 92-88 loss Thursday to FC Barcelona ended the team's European trip at 0-2. There were a few areas in which the Lakers sorely lacked. And the showing wasn't exactly what Lakers forward Pau Gasol hoped to get in his hometown in Barcelona.

Still, it's the pre-season. Below are a few nuggets on what stood out.

1. Why did Kobe Bryant play heavy minutes? After clocking only six minutes Monday in  London because of concerns regarding his surgically repaired right knee, Bryant logged  a much heavier load against FC Barcelona. He played 25 minutes this time, but his 15 points on two-of-15 shooting clearly shows that the knee remains an issue. This isn't a long-term cause for concern. Many of his shots, especially early on, showed that Bryant wanted to test his knee so he could accurately read how much lift he could get from it.

What should be a cause for concern involves the question of why Bryant played 25 minutes. Whatever happened to the plan to limit his time during this European trip? Lakers Coach Phil Jackson told reporters afterward that Bryant asked to come back for the second half after he sat for the final 3:05 of the first quarter and the entire second quarter, adding that he trusts how Bryant assesses his health.

Sure, this speaks to Bryant's competitive level and Jackson's willingness to defer to Bryant, two qualities that will surely pay dividends during the season. But this is an exhibition game. Bryant's shooting clearly demonstrated that his rehabilitation on his right knee remains a work in progress, so why take the risk? Fortunately for the Lakers, nothing bad happened.


2.Gasol had an up-and-down showing. Gasol had called the Lakers' exhibition against FC Barcelona a "very special game," for understandable reasons. The Barcelona native returned to Spain for the third time as an NBA player and wanted to put on a good showing before the home crowd.

His stat line of a team-leading 25 points and 10 rebounds appears impressive. But his shooting (seven of 21) and inconsistency (he dipped after scoring 13 of the Lakers' first 18 points) further clouded his performance.

At first, Gasol appeared brilliant in the post. Bryant and Gasol showcased their chemistry when the Black Mamba retrieved a loose ball and darted a quick pass inside to Gasol. He displayed his high basketball IQ when he and Derek Fisher ran a textbook give-and-go, with Fisher drawing a double-team from Ricky Rubio and Boniface N'Dong. And Gasol demonstrated his length and footwork when he used a quick first step past N'Dong and then finished with an up-and-under one-handed dunk over Roger Grimau.

But Gasol also seemed consumed with trying to do too much. In the third quarter alone, Gasol missed four shots within four to six feet of the basket. With the score tied at 76 with 4:30 remaining in the game, Gasol couldn't convert a bank shot as FC Barcelona played help defense.

3. The Lakers' shot selection was questionable. You really only have to look at the box score to know this was an issue. The team went 29 of 85 from the field (34.1%), zero of 14 from three-point range and featured only two players -- Fisher (12 points on four of five shooting) and Ron Artest (10 points on five of 10 shooting) -- to shoot at least .500.

The problem isn't so much the numbers as it was the consequences. Too often, the Lakers settled for open shots instead of running the offense. For how poorly they played against Minnesota in London,  at least then the Lakers showed a willingness to get everyone involved and ensure that the newcomers understood the concepts.

The bad shot selection also arguably decided the outcome of the game. Steve Blake missed a three-pointer with 8:26 remaining, when the Lakers trailed 72-70. Artest missed a 19-footer a minute later. Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes each missed a gimme. With the score tied at 76 with 4:52 remaining, Bryant missed a three-pointer, as did Artest two minutes later. As the Lakers trailed 86-83 with 1:09 left in the game, Bryant missed another trey.

FC Barcelona didn't shoot much better from the field, going 30 of 78 (38.5%). But its 12 of 38 mark from three-point range (31.6%) directly correlated to quick ball movement leading to open shots.


4. The Lakers and FC Barcelona were chippy. As Bryant walked toward the free-throw line, FC Barcelona's Pete Mickeal yapped a few words to him. There were plenty of reasons for Mickeal to talk trash. He eventually finished the night with a team-high 26 points, the Euroleague champs wanted to see how they could measure up to the NBA's best and Bryant had just made his first field goal of the night. Mickeal's trash-talking after Bryant's pump fake led to a jumper from the right block and a foul, but it also epitomized how aggressive these teams were with each other.

Artest picked up two of his three fouls barely a minute into the game, and also exchanged some barbs with Mickeal.  Barnes knocked Juan Carlos Navarro to the floor on a three-point attempt with 4:41 left in the first quarter. And the teams combined for 56 fouls.

Clearly, the officials called this game fairly tight. But it also spoke to just how much a win would mean for FC Barcelona, and it revealed the Lakers actually took this game more seriously than  their loss to Minnesota.

5. Fisher is quietly playing well this pre-season. You can't draw anything definitive from the pre-season. But it is necessary to point out that Fisher has had quality showings against Minnesota (12 points on four of nine shooting in 15 minutes) and FC Barcelona (12 points on four of five shooting in 30 minutes) for a few reasons. Fisher shot poorly in the regular season last year and it's a good sign that his shooting stroke hasn't dropped off from his impressive playoff run. Obviously the Lakers bolstered their bench this season, partly so Fisher could get more rest and so the team could better absorb any offensive inconsistency he experiences. But so far Fisher has held his end of the bargain.

More importantly, Fisher looks very fluid and well-rested. Fisher is cognizant of his age (36) and puts in the extra work in the off-season to stay healthy. Obviously there's going to be times he won't be able to keep up with the fastest guards out there. But so far he looks as healthy as you'd expect from a player who's played in all 82 games for the past five seasons.

Stat of the day: 0 of 14. Nothing epitomized the Lakers' poor shooting than their woeful mark from three-point range.

Quote of the Day: "He’s not ready to play. He’s going out there to help the goodwill and to show the fans his presence." -- Jackson on Bryant (quote via's Mike Trudell)

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant strikes a familiar pose during a break in the action against FC Barcelona on Thursday. Credit: Albert Gea/Reuters.

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol finishes a dunk in Thursday's exhibition game against FC Barcelona. Credit: Lluis Gene/ AFP/Getty Images.

Photo: Lakers rookie forward Devin Ebanks and FC Barcelona's Boniface Ndong battle for a rebound in Thursday's exhibition game. Credit: Lluis Gene / AFP / Getty Images

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0 for 14 3-point shooting enough said. Oh well - Go Lakers!!! Three Peat!!!

Poor DFish,
MM did delete his posts from early this morning.
So since most of you missed it I will tell you what he said on the his 2 posts to the best of my recollection.

Post #1.
With Kobe not being 100% and Bynum out till whenever, It's a good thing we still have Derek Fisher on the team.

I appreciate being reinstated to the Laker Blog, just in time for the new season.


Well, obviously he wasn't reinstated, much to the chagrin of myself and many other fans of our compulsive neurotic anti-Fisher blogger.

Of course I had to respond since I hadn't seen a DFish post in such a long time

DFish Sighting
glad i saw your post before MM deletes its lol.
yes we are so lucky. I liken Fish to Mike Ditka

Posted by: Troll Man | October 06, 2010 at 09:04 PM

Who wins
Lakers with only 4 players but one of them is Derek Fisher against Miami?

You say Fisher is playing

Lakers by 20.

Posted by: Troll Man | October 06, 2010 at 09:09 PM

That's my best DFish impersonation.

Posted by: Troll Man | October 06, 2010 at 09:10 PM

Wonder which stoolie finked? I have my usual suspects.

MM you should reinstate DFish. The guy is so out-there he is great comedy and always keeps me in stitches. Not only that, he brings you many hits.
If he crosses the line again, then ban him again, he never warranted a lifetime ban.

Why did Bryant play heavy minutes? Because he's not a sissy who'd find an injury or recent surgery as an excuse for not playing. Kobe wants to win and that's why laker fans loved him. Yes, it just a preseason in the eyes of the newbies but for the Catalans, this was a high stake game. They caught the Lakers at a long time after long lay over since June and half of the team are still adjusting with each other.

FC Barcelona is a decent team but would be an averaged team in NBA. Navarro has tried NBA with Pau and they could not lift the Memphis out of 1st round playoffs. FC could land in the Final Four in NCAA and could win it too but in NBA 100 punishing games from November to April it's a battle of attrition and test the legs, the limbs and firepower. During the playoffs, the best remaining teams will go against each other. It is not just a one game deal like the NC or Olympics but 4 out 7 series and must win all series from four different teams.

Going back to the Lakers, there is still a lot of practices and individual honing of skills to do before being ready for regular season. I don't think it is about the absence of Walton or Bynum that is missing but it's the rustiness and hangover of the back-2-back Championship. The has to be hunger, passion and skills present in order to 3peat, right now they're just as good as the Clippers.

Keep DFish Alive
Keep DFish Alive
Keep DFish Alive

@MM - thanks for the thorough summary. I'm not surprised things got chippy with Mickeal. He's a former UC Bearcat and most of Huggy's boys play with aggression (KMart, Van Exel, Ruben Patterson, Danny Fortson, Jason Maxiell).

@Blitz, Laker J and Cyber - Thanks for the recaps.

@Lew - yep that last one is my favorite male/female duet that regularly recorded together.

Edwin - I'll respectfully disagree. That's admirable for him to do during the playoffs and during stretches of the regular season. But it's still a pre-season game. That doesn't mean he should've sat. It's good for him to get in a rhythm, but to ask to come back in the game when clearly the knee is bothering him? It's not worth it


LRob - Thanks for the love

Troll Man - D Fish is banned permanently because of his constant comments that were solely meant to agitate other people. Please don't repost his comments


Didn't watch the game, but from what MM wrote and from what I see in the Lakers pratice live feed from nbaTV, I'm not surprised at all. Fish looks good on pratice and Gasol looks like he takes some time to get into the groove.

I'm not concern at all. For example, the game against the Timberwolves, I was very happy for the simple fact that Ebanks showed up big, that was enough for me. The guy is a 2nd round pick, I was not expecting anything from him and now is like having Ariza back WHILE we have Ron-Ron...What a GREAT deal.

Everything is gonna be allright (Bob Marley)

Lakers looked slow and sluggish today, Doesn't look like many of the players came into camp in an advanced state of shape. As long as there are no injuries it's all good though.

Celtics actually looked pretty good. Shaq, if he can stay healthy, is more a positive than a negative in their system. Delonte West was a good pick-up, and that 7 footer Semih Erden from Turkey looks like a servicable backup.
Miami will certainly have it's hands full against this team, they are deep and their roster fits their system. Similar to the Lakers.


With regards to Mickeal, part of it is a show off and ego in trying to take down the best player who is really 60% effective. The Kobe brand is still there and whoever brings it down becomes prestigious in the eyes of other peers. Part of it is jealousy that as an American hoopster, he is trapped in Europe. Wants to tell other team, here is my resume and I'm qualified to be in NBA because he's a Kobe stopper( like Ruben).

MM, I don't think it was a bother to him or hurting or else he would not have played. Kobe is a good gambler even as a player, he will dare to do the impossible that a layman would not try. That separates an ordinary star from a Superstar. Similar to great players who played "hurt" like Reed and Thomas, they don't the after effects but the call for the moment. Supposing Kobe hurt himself for coming back in the 4th, those are the losing probabilities in gambling. Remember what he told Bynum during the playoff, suck up that pain and play ball (maybe not the exact wordings).

Edwin - Exactly. But you're willing to gamble because you assess the cost-benefit. There's little benefit to play in pre-season if you're hurt


exactly what was innapropriate of his comments I reposted?


That is his gimmick, and there are a lot of other bloggers besides myself that enjoyed his shtick.

You go down this road then you will have to ban alot of other people who constantly rip Kobe, Pau, etc. and when they do, I'll be the first in line for you to be fair and permanently ban them too.

Don't see your reasoning on this issue nor do I appreciate being warned about posting any comment that is obviously harmless and in no way agitating to anyone but the most very thin skinned. Did you even read it? You didn't like my attempt of humor or what? I thought the Mike Ditka comparison was funny.

I'm pretty sure your superiors could not support you on this issue within this context.

MM, not me I'm just the messenger, it's Kobe-thinks-it's-OK. If it was me, I'll do what Luke is doing enjoy the trip and smile in front of cameras. lol!

Well, he got PJ's nod to the idea so it's OK, maybe not an NBA but your customers for your jerseys have been waiting for this moment so why not give them the show.

Here are the 5 things I took for the game:

1. Kobe allowed his competitive juices get the best of him. Not to mention, that he wanted Gasol to have bragging rights over his former team. Phil, trusts Kobe and will allow him to be the judge of his health, hard to do with such a competitive player, but he does for now.

2. Lamar looks in midseason form and neither Khloe, nor the World Cahmpionships, have taken a toll on him. He will pick up the slack nicely while Bynum is rehabbing.

3. Sasha seems to be ahead of Shannon in the rotation, but it will be a toss up between the two by the time the season begins.

4. Today, Ebanks played slightly better than Caracter. Caracter was bothered by the length of the Sapaniards, and has to realize that, that's also going to be the case against NBA bigs. Rebound and play D Derrick, let the offense come to you.

5. Blake is the most seasoned player off the bench that was signed this year. He never seems riled and knows his role well. I'm sure that he'll step up his shooting when necessary.

I meant "from" the game, my bad.

Edwin - I understand his mindset. I just disagree with it in this circumstance

Troll Man - I gave D FISH PLENTY OF LEEWAY. When your sole comments are ONLY about Fisher, sarcastic comments and ones that become personal, then yes it is grounds for dismissal and my superiors wholly support it. Those comments he posted today aren't bad in isolation, but the matter of the fact is he's banned from this blog for a reason


i'm reading some comments on the Spanish sites and man o man are they geeked up. the one argument I keep hearing is that they are a better basket ball club because they play as a team vs NBA and Team USA , we play as a team blah blah blah always the same. also that the NBA players dope thats why their so big.

Edwin - I understand his mindset. I just disagree with it in this circumstance

Posted by: Mark Medina | October 07, 2010 at 07:03 PM

Mark, you never know, dinner could've been on the line. Heck, if they had bet a dollar (euro) he would've done the same thing. That's his DNA. He must've showed Phil something during practice that gave Phil the trust to let him back in. But you're right, the risk outweight the benefit.



But, as you probably know I read alot of comments and the fact remains that a lot of bloggers crossed way over the line with their own personal attacks on DFish.

Justa trying to protect the minority
ACLU approved

Kobe shot the miserably, though he did seem to be moving a little more fluidly, and got to the rim a few times. I realize this was a preseason game, but I was annoyed at losing to a team you cannot play again for a long time. Spain really wanted to win this game, and did so against a team that is obviously still rusty and unprepared.

@Laker J and MM

Thanks for your respective takes/positive notes on how the Lakers played.

I'm just wondering how it is that the Meat and the Septics played "well" in their debut games, while we've not done well in our first two. Is it possible that Phil Jackson is just trying out a lot of different combinations and/or allowing the 2nd unit to stay on-court longer, or maybe trying out something new on offense?

That being said, i was really hoping that the second unit would play the way they're expected -- an upgrade from last year. Kinda curious on why we get blown out by the Wolves and pipped by Barcelona. Do take note that i wasn't able to see both games, thus, asking for feedback from the guys who did. :) Thanks in advance!


You guys live in bubble, everybody in the rest of world knows that NBA players use illegal substances to resist 100 games every year, the reason why the CIO (Olympic organization) made an special agreement with the NBA officials for specially waving dope testing in NBA players (they wanted to increase the audience bringing this marketing tool called NBA players to the Olympics)

NBA is an fantastic league but is a SHOW, like restling, nothing against it.
Americans like shows and this is what they have although they want to continue to believe their are special and blah blah blah.

Americans are very infantile people that believe everything.

Raymond42n - I think the Minnesota game was a wash. They looked like they understood the offensive concepts, but they totally blanked out beginning in the second half. The Barcelona game was more competitive and the Lakers actually tried. The story is the team's shot selection. Not enough of moving the ball - My take. Pau wanted to do too much because it was a homecoming. Kobe wanted to do too much because he wants to get a rhythm back . I would take zero stock in pre-season results. It's more about what do you see that can tangibly carry over to regular season.


5 things to take away

1. This preseason
2. This was a preseason game
3. Getting ready 4 oct. 26
4. Everyone wants some of the Lakers
5. They better get while the getting in good, during the preseason

While the Laker players are still shaking off the rust, Phil looks like he's in mid-season form. Below are his comments about FC Barcelona...

When asked if FC Barcelona could be a competitive team over the course of an 82-game NBA season, Jackson replied flatly: "No."

"They played really well [Thursday], but they're not up to the competition that we face night in and night out," Jackson said. "But that's not taking anything away from them. The physicality of our game, the size of our players, those are things that night in and night out are very difficult to contest."
Of course, Pau and Kobe disagreed with their coach...

Nice find LRob,
I believe they are both right. Talent wise Barca can compete, though not dominate nor make the playoffs. But the 82 game season would take a toll, conditioning, injuries, and mental focus would be factors. Not to mention, traveling, and back to back 48 minute games with an occassional overtime. I'm tired just typing that.

I'm getting a kick out of reading the vast array of crazy posts tonight.

Japaneseguy: "You guys live in bubble, everybody in the rest of world knows that NBA players use illegal substances to resist 100 games every year, the reason why the CIO (Olympic organization) made an special agreement with the NBA officials for specially waving dope testing in NBA players (they wanted to increase the audience bringing this marketing tool called NBA players to the Olympics)
NBA is an fantastic league but is a SHOW, like restling, nothing against it.
Americans like shows and this is what they have although they want to continue to believe their are special and blah blah blah.
Americans are very infantile people that believe everything."
Wow, and I thought that Cowtown Kings fans were the most paranoid people out there, with David Stern ruling who will win a series and all.

Mr. Japaneseguy, do you wish to show proof here of what you are saying? That NBA players get an exception from drug testing to play in the Olympics?

Please, just copy a single, legitimate link to what you are saying, a single news report or article, that says NBA players are exempt from drug tests.

I know you won't - because you can't. That is untrue. NBA players are subjected to the same drug tests as all athletes in the Olympic games are.

In fact, here is the NBA rule for drug testing, as laid out in the 1999 NBA collective bargaining agreement:
"The following substances are prohibited under the program: amphetamine and its analogs, cocaine, LSD, opiates (heroin, codeine and morphine), PCP, marijuana, and steroids. "

Note the final banned substance: steroids. NBA players are subjected to tests for all of those substances. Please, Japaneseguy, show us here a single link you have to substantiate your paranoid claims...


On second watching of the game, the KCAL broadcast, I took notice of a few things:

* Ricky Rubio not only had a bad shooting night (as he poorly shot throughout the FIBA's) but he also made a number of turnovers. I'm starting to think that Brandon Jennings had it right about him, saying he wasn't as good as the hype. He only played 17 mins and change - not even a quarter and a half.

* L.O. looked terrific the first time around, even better the second time. 18 rebounds? OUTSTANDING!

* Ron Ron is getting more elevation on his layups, and actually dunking the ball. Last season he really had less height on his layups than Rick Fox, but this year he looks a lot more spry, those dunks are better than the many missed layups he had last year. He looked good.

* Kobe looks 60%, but a lot of those shots looked pretty good, just off. I was glad to see his competitive juices flowing, that should kick-start his recovery into another gear.

* Pete Mickael put on a good display for the NBA GM's that might have watched the game. He should be on somebody's roster, he's got some game.

* Pau was his usual self: quietly effective with deceptively big numbers at the end - recording a double-double, 25-and-10.

* Blake is a solid backup, no more worries about backup PG.

* Barnes has got to watch the fouls, same with the two rookie's.

* Ebanks has a nice stroke to his shot, although he only made one shot from the field. I didn't realize he was as long as he is! 6'9''! He's got a nice, quick game for someone his size!

It was fun to watch, although the Lakers showed their rust in the final few minutes. Kobe's shooting will come around, but it was funny to see Mickael pester Kobe when he knows Kobe is only a week into training camp. I'm sure that he would be regretting it in a couple of months. I bet Kobe just told him 'Get to the NBA and I'll shut you up'... lol


It depends on the substances. There's a list of drugs that improve performance, that are allowed in the NBA.
The NBA makes difference between "Abuse drugs" like Cocaine, Marihuana and stuff like that wich includes alcohol tests, and other kind of drugs that help raise the NBA show wich are mostly allowed. NBA is much harder on first kind of drugs, although marihuana is smoked by 60% of players in the league (New York Times said) but the players association doesn't want more controls.

As they say in this interview, there's more doping controls in Europe.

NBA players don't have antidoping tests by the Olympic comitee since '92 when NBA players were allowed to play FIBA ball. NBA made a pact with FIBA, they would take care of those tests or NBA players would not play.

Some players had heart problems recently: Jason Collier, Eddie Curry, "Tractor" Traylor, Fred Hoiberg...

Tom Davis, US congresist, openly critizied Stern and the president of the players syndicate (Billy Hunter) because of their "ridiculous" as he said, antidoping policy at the NBA, like he previously did about the MLB.

Ebanks has a nice stroke to his shot, although he only made one shot from the field. I didn't realize he was as long as he is! 6'9''! He's got a nice, quick game for someone his size!
Posted by: CyberCosmiX | October 07, 2010 at 10:51 PM
Cyber - I didn't see much of todays game, but his stroke didn't look good to me in previous games I saw.

It was fun to watch, although the Lakers showed their rust in the final few minutes. Kobe's shooting will come around, but it was funny to see Mickael pester Kobe when he knows Kobe is only a week into training camp. I'm sure that he would be regretting it in a couple of months. I bet Kobe just told him 'Get to the NBA and I'll shut you up'... lol

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | October 07, 2010 at 10:51 PM
Very funny! I can def see Kobe telling him that.

japaneseguy: As you understand, and as it is with the other leagues, the players association rejects increased testing for NBA players. I don't disagree that a number of NBA players smoke marijuana. I'm sure that they do.

But NBA is not a game that the players necessarily want to 'bulk up' with steroids, although I do understand that steroids also allow athletes to recover quicker.

I'm no expert - not in the leastest of bits - but I do understand that the Olympics tests all athletes, I simply am not aware that NBA players are not tested. Please, just give me a single link that states what you are saying, that the NBA made a pact with the Olympic Committee stating that FIBA would handle their tests (supposedly because FIBA would handle it less strictly than the IOC).

I know that Steve Blakes's old Maryland backcourt mate Juan Dixon tested positive to a steroid, but don't know of anyone else ever having tested positive. They may have, but I don't know of any other NBA players.

Please, supply a link that verifies what you are saying, I've never heard it before and I'm sure that others here would be interested in reading what you are saying about IOC not testing NBA players.


OK, looked online, apparently there has been 3 NBA players that have tested positive to steroids (including a Laker): Don MacLean in 2000, Matt Geiger in 2001, and of course Soumaila Samake (everyone's favorite Laker).

Here's the story on Samake:
Los Angeles Lakers backup center Soumaila Samake was suspended for five games by the NBA on Tuesday for violating the league's steroids policy.

Samake, 24, a native of Mali in his third NBA season, will not be paid during the suspension, which began with Tuesday night's game against Atlanta.

The league and the NBA Players Association do not disclose details regarding the testing or treatment of players in the program, but Samake issued a statement saying he had taken a dietary supplement that contained Nandrolone, a substance banned by the NBA.

3 players in 11 years isn't exactly very many steroid users. Juan Dixon's positive test came when he was playing in Europe, also testing positive for Nandrolone.

Again I ask, please post something verifying your story that NBA has a special exemption from being tested by the IOC.


LRob: Yeah, Ebanks looked pretty good in the Summer League, then dropped off after a couple of nice games. His shot looked a little better than I had thought before, on the couple he took. He did hit 2-of-3 free throws. I just didn't realize he was 6'9'', I think that is even an inch or two taller than Ariza - who he's most compared with.

Personally, I got a kick out of the game because I like to see how teams from different leagues match up. Especially though, when one of those teams are the Lakers, and they are playing the Euro champion Barcelona. The fact that the Lakers are in early preseason, and basically at a reduced level of fitness and form, it actually made for a very competitive game.

I read the link you posted above, about Phil saying "No" to their competitiveness in the NBA, and Pau/Kobe's responses. Phil is ornery most of the time, lol. I like how Kobe said "I don't know why he says things sometimes" ROFL

I tend to think they'd be somewhere from 25 to 30 out of 30, but I'd bet that their well-coached ball, great ball-movement coupled with some pretty nice players like Rubio (although he was underwhelming), Navarro, Mickael and a collection of fairly nice & long centers would actually fair pretty well - at least compared to the Clippers/Nets/T'Wolves of the NBA world.

Playoff-bound? Nah. 20-game winner? Possibly...


@MM -- yup, neither am i into taking stock of pre-season results. As correctly stated, the elite teams use the pre-season to bring the new members into the flow of the team, while the contenders use pre-season to fire themselves up. And gee, Barcelona shouldn't be preening about the win; it IS an exhibition.

I have no doubt that the Lakers will be ready to go by the time the season starts. It's just that i may have this (mis)conception that the Meat and the Septics are ahead of the Lakers in the development/preparation curve. In any case, i'm still optimistic that Jon K doesn't need to ride his lucky stool just for the Lakers to pull games out. ;)

Hi, I´m writing from Spain, I´m fan FC Barcelona and 2th Lakers, its wanderfull our victory. I know you where in pre seasson, but FC Barcelona Is playing like this with 20 times less incommings than the worse team of NBA, I would like to see how it works with more busget
Another golden ring, and Gasol MVP!!!

PS Sorry for my grammar, i speak 5 languages but I am native of just 1 :)

Barcelona would make the playoff in nba... but i dont think they could win the ring... somewhere between 10ª and 20ª in the regular season...

I know Barcelona won't win Lakers during the season, but I don't understand why nothing positive has been written about F.C. Barcelona.

I say again FC Barcelona is one of the topest teams in Europe. Also maybe you dunno Barcelona FC use to loss a lot of money. Between 20 and $50M dollars per year. That money if payed by their soccer team. Obviously their future is to become a team of NBA. Thats what happen with Real Madrid too... Florentino Perez (president) said a few weeks ago how much they loss with their acb team.

One of the main problems it is to build a stadium with the requeriments of NBA, it costs a lot of money. Real Madrid, after rebuild Bernabeu, if they win Champions League (winning also $150M) i think whey will try to be an official NBA team and stopping losing money with ACB team.

Mafius, I think Real Madrid loses a lot of money with its ACB team due to they want to beat FC Barcelona, spending lots of money with players that are not so good to win Barça. It is the Real Madrid's politics, spend money they don't have trying to compete with Barça. Do you know they already have played this preseason?

Final score: Barcelona 89 - Madrid 55

I'm really impressed with both Steve Blake and Devin Ebanks.Blake is very good as our back up PG.Ebanks is very impressive in his defense and in moving without the ball just like what Ariza is doing before.very good in finding open lanes to get a good assist from our PGs.I really think,if only he could get more playing time,am sure he will develop his confidence in his game.

FC Barcelona lossed only by 4 2 years ago, and now is a better team.
In pre season macdonalds open with Magic jhonson team LAkers won by referees vs Joventut de Badalona the other Barcelona area team.

Obviously this ACB teams have not legs for a 82 matches season, but with one roockie year this 20 times cheaper than NBA teams should achieve play offs.

But I'm sure that NBA losser teams must think in incorporate as head coach some of Euroligue best as FC Barcelona head coach XAVI PASCUAL

Good defense of FCB Is'nt it?, better than most of NBA teams in concept and 7 footers. Good passing game for good open shots Is'nt it?. Good open court game and fast breaks Is'nt it? No first second unit quality loss, balanced roster Is'nt it?

What this kind of clever Head Coach can do at NBA?, Is it worth for a loser NBA team to try it? Is'nt it?

And this way of playing is also a good basket show Is'nt it?

PS1: Rubio is not playing his best, but he is 19, and an excellent guard, playing NCAA would be a 30 ppg player. Not in this coral team.

PS2: NCAA champions are at 2nd division Spanish level, they would loose by 30 or more vs ACB teams, as 30 years ago ACB teams vs NBA ones. NCAA teams stopped to be at International pros level champions at 1975 and last good NCAA USA basketball olimpic team was 1982's at LA olimpics with Jordan and other future NBA stars on that team
That is why some good 18 year players prefer to play Euroligue than NCAA.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Lots of FC Barcelona fans checking in. Congrats on the big win. They made more plays in Q4 than the Lakers...plain and simple.

Anyway, good to see the guys getting in shape and gearing up for the regular season. My only beef is why did the rookies only playing 2min? That's the only reason I want to watch the the preseason is a chance to see the rookies play. I know what everyone else can do.

Abaut the LAkers, my favorite NBA team, I think bench has improved a lot, I prefer Blake and Ratliff than Farmar and Nbenga,

Odom is playing better after the FIBA World champions gold medal, and I hope injuries will be good in this next season with Bynum and Kobe.

And I love Lord of the rings way of coaching.

Today I'm hitting you with a little country flavor. Gotta love it!

for me the worst officiating was impossible, it seemed that Team USA had to win by any means. I read your papers and very few, almost none, comment.
Anyway, I have no doubt that the NBA has a great level but in Europe each year level is higher. It would be great to do a sort of intercontinental (4 best in the NBA to 4 finalists in the Euroleague)

Good morning everyone!

I'll give props to Barca - lots of competitive fire, good passing, nice rotation of's easy to see why they were so good last season.

LRob - I agree. I really wanted to see how the rookies and non-roster invitees would perform under some duress. I guess the only solace is that the Lake Show has a number of pre-season games to finish before the start of the regular season, so hopefully we'll see how they do in the next 2 weeks.

CyberCosmix: Your really & definitely wrong: the US Team was allowed to play the Olympics in Beijing without drug test (I wonder how you don't know that when there was even a threat of abandonment from the NBA later accepted by the CIO). And you piss on your own roof when relating the substances, dont ya know that drugs you mentioned are paleolithic drugs in the professional sports world? Cocaine? LSD? amphetamines? Steroids? Marijuana? You really live in Wonderful land. Sounds like Clembuterol, tibolone, zeranol, peptide hormones? Like corticotrophins, enriched plasma as platelet derived, insulin-like growth factor-1? Do you know the Beta-2 agonists and Serm's (selective estrogen receptor modulators? Diuretics, oxygen transfers... Icould follow for nothing. You and most of you do not know how the rest of the professional world look at us. Give them the same rules -and I'm not talking about 3 sec violation in the lane- and they will grow as we've done. Or Gasol was like he's now 6 years ago? He was like Vasquez, and you see... Wonder land. They play more as a whole team & they have better second units. We're losing difference since 90's. Kobe, LB, Wade, Dwight, CP, Melo and the rest won for lasts 3-p and some decisions from referees, and it was against Spain with only 40 mill people. Combine a selection of euro players and oh dude wtf!

BTW...they have those antidoping controls, just if you ignore that.

4. Everyone wants some of the Lakers
5. They better get while the getting in good, during the preseason

Posted by: whodattalking2 | October 07, 2010 at 09:18 PM

Sage comments. The rest of the Lakers pre-season opponents better take heed!



Have these Euro fans not heard of a dude named David Stern? You know the same guy banning turtle-necks of all things? He's seen what drugs have done to football and baseball. He doesn't want to tarnish the image of "his" league.

Lest we all forget that Agent Zero is still looking for a job. This is a guy who can score 50 points with one hand tied behind his back. This is a guy who wakes up in a zone.

What kind of suspension would Stern give out if a guy got caught doping?

Sheesh. Talk about believing everything you hear!

Americans are bigger, stronger, faster, and more agile than everyone else because of diversity. We draw our athletes from a larger gene pool, choosing from the best that every kind of person has to offer. Besides, we have the largest pool of mixed-race individuals to choose from. No homogeneous nation will ever be able to compete with us in any broad-spectrum sporting endeavor.

We also have the largest pool of trained individuals to choose from -- those who have already combined their own innate skills with coaching, practice and conditioning.

Being a melting pot is our strength.


PS: If you think this is unfair, then do what everyone else does, immigrate to America and join the party.

RELAX Lakers fans don't get your panties in a bunch it's only pre season.

now fly back safe...

Hello I am a Barça - Lakers fan. Please be gracious Barcelona was better than the Lakers and won that´s all. Barcelona played a mediocre game and still won so dont you think that Barcelona won cause they made an incredible perfomance. BArcelona bench players are a lot better than the lakers.........The Lakers are the best team of the world but this barcelona would be a conference PLAY OFF finalist or semifinalist .

NBA teams focus more on strenght and individual skills, european focus on tactic and teamplay.
Thats not the topic i wanted to talk about, but about doping Streakolean is so rite. NBA players undergo 4 controls a season, and they have a 4 months stop that they are not tested in this time they can do what needed without leavbing proof. What happend in the olympics was a shame all players were tested excep US basket team.
About the pool of people u need to make a good team. Thsi has nothing to do with quantity is more about know-how. The spanish soccer national team that won the WC had 6 catalan players coming from a region with 7M people and 8 players belong to FCB. And these where better than the german (80M pool) that at the same time won Brasil (200M pool)

C'mon spanish people and Barça fans, just be realistic... Do you really believe Barça could win a single NBA match? Let alone reach playoffs or win the ring... That's sci-fi. Lakers we saw in Barcelona were out of shape, Kobe very far from his self, bench playing many minutes and so on. Barça showed some serious hustle and took the match very seriously playing in front of their crowd and all, and for sure it's a team to respect... in Europe. Zenmaster just didn't throw the match and tried to show some determination (or perhaps some respect as guest) by playing starters at the end. But be serious... would any of Barça players start in an average NBA team? No. How much do Mickeal or Perovic earn?. Do Grimau, or Fran Vazquez or even Ricky Rubio really show NBA level? Hardly.

For sure Europe and NBA are closer now, but don't draw conclusions from a single match. 20 years ago Real Madrid or Joventut weren't so far from beating Bird's Celtics or Magic's Lakers at the -most missed- McDonald's Open. That really doesn't mean much. NBA and Europe keep on being worlds far apart. A european team -whatever european team- cannot stand NBA business, and that will be so for many years to come. It's not bad to dream of reaching NBA but right now it's just that, dreams.

By the way just seat in front of your TV and enjoy these Lakers threepeat, which they will for sure.

And pleeeease try to improve your english. Reading you really hurts.

Con cariño,
A fellow spaniard

one of the best players in the L.A. team is PAu GAsol an ex- fc barcelona player and you keep saying this team won't do at the NBA... ok, see you next year...barça play wasn't very good , in fact was below average performance comparing last regular season... of course also the lakers weren't performing at his best, it was a real match man, and lakers were defeated , barça won , end of history.

It wasn't a real match, it was pre-season and the Lakers couldn't care less. If they did, they would've swept you 4 straight. And as far as how good Euro basketball is ... how good did Spain do in the FIBA tournament? Oh that's right ... they were so putrid they couldn't make it out of the first round, while the USA "B" Team took home the gold. NBA > FIBA ... end of story (not "end of history" ... DUH!!!)



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