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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Ron Artest, Devin Ebanks, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol discuss 102-95 pre-season victory over Denver Nuggets

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers forward Devin Ebanks

Lakers forwards Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol

--Mark Medina

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Jeeze - MM never sleeps!

Good stuff here, thanks!

Looking into KObes eyes i know that he is thinking about taking this team to a four peat. Its one thing MJ never did.

This laker team is relatively young and have the quality plus age on thier time to go all the way.

Come on lakerholics i know it seems boasty but can u not see this laker team go all the way two more times ?

Last night's game was very interesting to me. This team is going to be special with all these 6'6" and up guys. The Barnes, Ebanks, Artest, Kobe combo is so tall and so fast that I see us bring down a lot of teams with great 2 guard/SF combinations.

It just seemed to me that these guys were faster and taller than the nuggets, and then throw in Odom and Blake, and this team is wicked. The second unit played amazing defense last night. At least from what I saw, the Laker defenders were in charge last night.

And Caracter didn't have many highlights, but his going one on one with the huge Nene and not giving up his position was amazing. We broought in bench players that were better than the Nuggets last night.

And I think Barnes will be huge for this team. He looked like a short-armed Tayshaun Prince out there with his speed.

To have Barnes, Odom, Ebanks and Blake on the bench to rest Kobe and Artest and Odom is HUUUUUUUGE.

Go team.


Morning Fam!

Anyone know where I can get extensive highlights? I just checked and it was pretty thin.

We’re the World Champion LA Lakers , we’ve won (16) Rings
(10) of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
Lakers Dynastiy Number (4) is well along the way
We have more Dynasties than others have Titles in the NBA
Best Winning Percentage in History, can’t ask for more
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Then we’ve had (Four)
Weve appeared in half of all the Finals there have ever been
We’re the Freakin LA Lakers and all we do is Win baby WIN!
We got the (2) Time Finals MVP, The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant
Who scored more points than an entire team without even trying
He scored 81 points in a game & could have scored much more
But Rings not number of points is what The Mamba plays for.
With Pau Gasol lending The Mamba a helping hand
The Lakers will continue going to that Finals promised land
We got a man giving up his Championship Ring for Charity
Ron Artest, Great basketball player & Human Being is He
We got The Logo Jerry West & 1st Great center George Mikan
The Legendary Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
We’ve had all the great centers like Shaq, Wilt & Kareem
Super Stars Worthy, Goodrich & Silk played on the Laker team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman we just leased
(11) time Title Winning HOF Coach, who mastered Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Broadcasting Legend, Broadcasted Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest & Best HOF Owner, Kudos Dr. Jerry Buss
We play for Rings & Rings only , which is why teams FEAR US
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re Freakin Champion LA Lakers, Who the Hell are You WE ARE FAMILY

Action are louder than words.

Kobe @ 70% effective from current rehab made 18 pts. 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 t/o's....enough is said about past superstars.

MJ, Magic & Bird belonged to past, Kobe is in present tense and let's see if Lebron, Bynum and Durant are the futures.

Don't get riled up by media sensationalism on intrigues through comparison of players belonging to different generations. Nobody is perfect in making statements. Examine yourselves on what u have said lately to your family, friends and co-employees: did u not brag? did u not protect your ego? did we not prejudged other people, then discovered later that we are full of ignorance? No sermon intended but just mere observations from what were posted.

Therefore fellow fans, enjoy the game. Without the Celtics, Heat or maybe Thunder, it would be a boring season. There gotta' to be a challenge to make future achievements worthwhile, the harder the conflict the greater will be the triumph. Anything that is done and said in between is part of the ball game.

Guecl....I even misspelled my handle. lol!

Therefore fellow fans, enjoy the game. Without the Celtics, Heat or maybe Thunder, it would be a boring season. There gotta' to be a challenge to make future achievements worthwhile, the harder the conflict the greater will be the triumph. Anything that is done and said in between is part of the ball game. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | October 17, 2010 at 06:45 AM
Great post Edwin! And good morning to you sir!

This team is going to be scary good on defense, baby. Even though it's still early and we're not at full strength, you can already see the potential emerging. Length, quickness, intensity, toughness. Wow. I can't wait to see us put it all together and clamp down on some supposedly hot offense (cough***Meat***cough).

Ebanks and Barnes in particular look amazing in our system. Phil loves length in his guards, and boy does he have it in abundance now. He's going to send them out in waves this year.

The 4th quarter will be ours this year! I see shutouts...

Good morning lakerholics,

Interesting game indeed. We have a great bench and that comforts me!

Good morning to Edwin, Caliphilosopher, wes and the great mamba24!

Love the personalities that come through the posts over time. The did too/did not discussions, the equanimity of Edwin's post this a.m. The measured voices of fans who have seen generations of Laker greatness balanced against the manic immediacy of youthful enthusiasm. Going into this season there is much to look forward to, a large measure of which will be the set of challenges to be met, battles that can in truth go either way. So mamba24, put me on the roll call please, I'm in for all of it. I'll travel to the hated Garden again in hopes of seeing another Kobe dagger over Allen to win the game (just like last season). I tell you nothing matches walking out of the Garden with a Lakers t-shirt on amongst all the chowderheads disgruntled as all heck (except for Game 7 of course).
VT Laker


Good Morning Nation...

A few things I noticed in last night's game...

1. Looks like the NBA got new uniforms...not the design but the cloth itself...looks like new material...with horizontal lines ingrained...noticed it on both Nuggs and Lakers unis...anyone else noticed that...well looks like I have to get a new Kobe jersey...

2. Kobe being Kobe is very close...he looks much, much better with his movement and shot...granted he is missing shots he usually makes...but a big difference from his first 3 exhibition games...

3. I'm loving the Rookies, especially Ebanks...I love their hustle and length...This is great news, for our deeper bench, The Young Guns, will give PJ more versatility in the rotation, and helps when players get injured during the long regular season grind...

4. Barnes looked more at ease this his hustle and effort also, but I noticed he was lost on the offense a few times...Honestly, I think his emotion is more explosive than Ron Ron, and more likely to go off...Hope he can keep it under control, and not cause a tech in a crucial situation...

5. What can I say about Lamar Odom...His game is already flowing...I love his attitude, and you can tell he is having fun out there...A more powerful, consistent LO makes us that much more lethal...

6. Blake looks very capable, but still is not fully acclimated...But you can see it won't be much of a transition for him...He takes care of the ball, and surprisingly has a nice explosive move going to the hole...Once he fully get's everyone's tendencies...I see him setting up some nice plays and some incredible passes and great assists...

7. Speaking of passing...we went through a stretch there where the ball movement was phenomenal...The extra pass was made...the high percentage shot went in...Can you imagine The Next Generation doing more and more Showtime in their transition offense...Baybee...I can't wait...

8. I saw a first good glimpse of Theo, and what he brings to the table...Definitely an upgrade over DJ...He will be a shot blocker, and his contribution will be mostly on defense...The minutes he will be required to put in, won't effect his age...

9. I can't wait to see how potent and explosive we will be when Andrew returns...I see the game plan now...Our starters will get a quick start to the games, we get a double digit lead...PJ goes to the Young Guns...get's them more and more fluid and and acclimated to their roles...and by the time the playoffs come...PJ will have his rotation options for multiple situations and adjustments...of course, like in any scenario...HEALTH will be the X factor...

Other wise, I think we are well loaded for a run at a 3 can't say that Mitch and Dr. Buss didn't give us the best chance with the upgrades they accomplished during the off season...I can't wait...This year will be special...Here is my entry to reflect this mornings mood...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Posted by: LEWSTRS | October 17, 2010 at 07:10 AM

Hey magic Phil I love our bench also these are Dobermans baby!
Lewstrs excellent Post and points sir as always. The "Boys are Back" I take that to mean The Bench Mob is Back, Yes sir, Yes it is!!!!
VT LAKER I am putting you on as we post, look for ROLL CALL about 10:oo or so. Welcome to Lakers Blog & Lakers Nation although if I'm not mistaken you have posted before. If so my Bad for not having you on Roll Call before now!

Carry On Laker Nation!

Good morning Corner J. scary indeed sir! SHUTOUTS? Lol so be it my brother!

I tell you nothing matches walking out of the Garden with a Lakers t-shirt on amongst all the chowderheads disgruntled as all heck (except for Game 7 of course). VT Laker Posted by: VT Laker | October 17, 2010 at 07:26 AM
And I tell you, your post was...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

Good Morning Lakers Nation! Nine days to Ring Night and counting!

CyberCosmiX, thanks for saying what I have been thinking. I was admonished to "grow up" by someone I pegged to be between 25-30 and it turns out I was off by 10-15 years. hmmm I hope this settles down because he is a very smart fan and I admire his encyclopedic takes. In reality, I enjoy defending my positions, but I know it annoys others. I'll try to tone down the filth that flies off my finger tips as depicted in the link below:

Lew, what the heck are you doing analyzing pre-season scrimmages? Shame on you! :) Great post, buddy.

Well, She Who Must Be Obeyed just took off, so I think I'll watch last night's scrimmage. Or maybe Game 7 again.

Go Lakers! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Good morning ladies and gents, I like what E banks brings to the court. an element of youth and energy that blends with a stablizing hand of vets. Maybe it's time to move the machine for cap space, I'm still like to have another big, but knowing it's not going to happen

WHAT'S UP "GOD FATHER" nice to see you in grand form today.

"Carry on nation"


While I know this was just a pre-season scrimmage (which I'm "watching" right now), it appears that Artest feels much more comfortable in the offense now that he has a year of it under his belt. There is no question that he appears to be lighter on his feet as well. Maybe that plantar fasciitis that he dealt with last season has completely subsided. Look for his scoring average to increase to about 15 ppg this season. Of course, this can only help the Lakers and Kobe. There is every reason to believe that this will be a special team this season with an improved Artest, a driven Lamar, the always famished Kobe going for three-peat #2 and ring #6, a rested Pau Gasol at his playing peak, Andrew Bynum who will come back with something to prove, a deep squad with great new additions and Phil Jackson's last stand with his motivation being three-peat #4 punctuated by a season to remember! He has said before that his 1991 Bulls team was the best team he ever coached. Wouldn't it be nice if he could say that his first championship team and his last championship team were the two best teams he ever coached?

@2PHATT, so bro. I see you bursting out the gate feisty as ever. Yeah a Kobe Bryant that's looking a lot better and a Bench Mob that's looking great can do that to you!!! Good morning sir and I hope you "Represent" today! Carry On!



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