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Lakers blog profile: Faith's nickname originates from her optimism about the Lakers


This is the 22nd post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers Blog community. Feel free to send submissions to

Screen name:

Real name: Jem Joven

Occupation: Nurse by day, rally capper by night.

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Hometown: Somewhere in Orange County

Story behind your screen name: Not sure if most people know this (some do) but Faith isn't actually my real name. I know, shocker. But actually it's borne out of my endless "faith" in the Lakers and what they can do. Just think about it -- 16 championships, more playoffs and finals than most teams can imagine, and time and again a tradition of winning that transcends economies, wars, famine, injuries. OK, maybe not famine, but certainly through many years of trials and tribulations they are often more on top than the bottom. That is why I have faith. I believe in the organization, I believe in tradition, I believe in the Lakers. Through thick and thin.

How I became a Lakers fan: Living in Southern California, it's not hard to root for the Lakers. I remember being in middle school with my Lakers jacket being asked, "Are you a Lakers fan?" And I would answer, "Not really." Oh, memories.

In a lot of ways I miss those times when my life didn't revolve around the season, when the ups and downs didn't affect my emotional well-being. But being a Lakers fan has its rewards, and as we're coming off the second consecutive back-to-back in my fanaticism (short answer, 1996), life as a Lakers fan is and can be sweet.

I still remember the euphoria of Robert Horry's game-winning shot; Derek Fisher's "one great shot deserves another"; and, of course, Kobe Bryant's 81-point night. But I also remember the bad times, getting eliminated by the Jazz in 1997, getting our hearts broken after such a heroic effort in 2007. (Note to self: The number 7 does not bode well for the Lakers). And the hopes and dreams of 2004.

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-10 season: Of all time? Robert Horry's game winner against Phoenix in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Can't go wrong with Big Shot Rob. To be perfectly honest, I didn't see it. I was an avid fan back then, but one with a weaker stomach than I do now. So much anxiety and so much hanging in the balance I had to turn the TV off. But I do remember the moment. The best Lakers memories live in the moment. Horry's shot was one of them. For a span of what felt like 10 minutes (when really it was mere seconds), all I could hear were the cheers. What's great about living in Southern California is that not everyone is a Lakers fan but there's something about the playoffs that sweeps you in even when you're not. When that shot dropped, screams could be heard all around my neighborhood. And it's a moment I will never forget. And will probably always regret (weak stomach and all).

But on the plus side I have another moment, my second-best-all-time moment: Derek Fisher's game winner in San Antonio. I was actually at Pantages Theatre during the game seeing a play. It was intermission and the crowd gathered near the bar to just get a glance at the game. It was an epic game and one I can proudly say I saw and experienced.

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: 2007 and 2004. Pick one. There's something about losing against the Phoenix Suns that just grinds my gears. I don't pretend whatever we had was a rivalry because to have a rivalry, your opponent has to win, but I do remember the pain of defeat. And the mourning that followed it. I think that's what separates Lakers fans and Lakers players from the rest, we don't just internalize defeat, we actually live it. It affects our daily being, our state of mind and it's one that we never forget and always strive to overcome. I am still to this day trying to get over our defeat against the Detroit Pistons. And I still to this day cannot stand to hear "Detrroiittt basketball!" Ugh.


Favorite Lakers player: Michael Cooper -- Cooooopppp!!!! I'm sure plenty of people will ask, "Hey why not Sasha Vujacic? Hasn't he been your guy since the beginning of time?" I got much love for Sasha (apart from him breaking my heart and all *wink*), but I love Coop's passion. I'm not old enough to have actually seen him play, but the thing about technology is you can revisit the past through videos and clips, and his passion then and now is something I am in awe of. Cooper talks the game the way I imagine any of us do with our friends. With a sense of kinship, a sense of ownership and a sense of tradition. His play wasn't bad, either. The guy knows his hard court. His defense in particular ... on a team of superstars, his defense stood out and that is perhaps the best compliment you can give. Defense is more than just skill, it's a desire and a passion, one that I think we see from him even to this day.

Greatest all-time Laker: Chick Hearn. That counts, right? Chick taught me the game. With his baritone voice and smooth delivery, he quite literally taught me the game. Before I stepped foot on the hard court, before I donned on my first sneakers there was Chick telling me why moving your feet is so important, why spacing is so important, why we are the Lakers that we are. Chick spans the time from what was to what is. He epitomized the Lakers spirit ... winningness, professional and legendary. He is the Lakers and the Lakers are him. I don't use his closing call lightly, I use it with a reverence and a respect to the greatest Laker ever. And I like to think that wherever he is, he's celebrating right there with us through every victory, every champagne toast, every ring ceremony.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: Staples in 2008. We beat the Clippers. Not exactly the best Lakers game imaginable, but it was an experience I will always remember. There's something about being in the building. Lakers crowds get the short end of the stick, but they're not passionless, they're just as voracious as the next Lakers fan, but they pick their spots. But then again, whenever I go, I sit near the roof (almost quite literally), and in a lot of ways I think it's more fun that way.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: If there's something to be said for hate being just another form of fear, then I'd say I hate the Boston Celtics. It's not so much I'm fearful of them as it stands -- I can still hear the Kobe MVP chant in Boston Garden -- it's that there's history there that enhances that which I am already anxious about. Think about it, in 12 meets (feels like 25) we have been devastated far too often and only recently have we been able to get some of ours. I feel Jerry West's pain, Elgin Baylor's pain, Magic Johnson's, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's, Coop's and most recently (although we got our redemption) our pain from 2008. Lakers fans hate the Boston Celtics not because they matter as it stands (although I wouldn't underestimate them if I was the Miami Heat), but because we are well-versed in what was and what is to come. Namely, redemption.

Mantra: Defense! I've always had an aptitude for it. I think most people are aware of my penchant for long-winded defensive analysis (some call bunk, but to each his own), and really I've learned from watching what we've done and what works. I find myself comparing those same things to things that didn't (Smush Parker years kill me now!) and I can't help but be vocal about it. Defense wins championships isn't just an old adage, it's got a lot of basis on fact. In every team you always need that one or two guys that are not flashy but get the job done. Defense is almost always about wanting it more than the opponent and taking that which is their strength.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: There are too many to mention, but since this is a Lakers Blog questionnaire about being a Lakers fan, I'll go with Lakers Blog memories instead. Easier to identify. Lakers Blog began just as the dynasty ended. A time of rebuilding, a time of patience and a time of growth. Being a Lakers fan, we don't often go through a lot of these, and to say that the times were frustrating is an understatement. I just don't think we're built to be patient. It's pathologically tough for us! I joined because I had something to say, I had ongoing Lakers memories to share (Kobe's 81 points) and a kinship to fulfill. What makes Lakers Blog so great isn't the insider, the insight, not even the easy access to the Lakers and all Lakers news, but the community. These are people who, through the ups (two-time champs) and the downs (Smush Parker), will be there for you. To challenge your stand, to buck you up and in some ways to offer a laugh. And in warm April days of a dynasty, they are the ones that will stand amongst the hoard with you for a five-minute glimpse of our beloved Lakers and have Chinese food afterward. We actually now have our own sense of tradition borne out of our love for the Lakers and that is through every championship parade, we congregate and we celebrate the season that was. Lakers Blog (something we call Lakersville) is a strong community and there are no signs of it fading. So long live Lakersville! Long live the vets and the newbies! One love!

-- Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at

Photo: Michael Cooper leaps into the arms of James Worthy in the final moments of Game 6 as the Lakers wrapped up the 1987 NBA title. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

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What's up homey, great profile!

Faith -

Awesome profile! Thanks for sharing! :-)


She's much prettier in person, y'all. Rick Friedman as my witness!

Queen Faith. After that awesome profile, I feel the need to scream DEFENSE. But I'm at work so I won't LOL!

Glad to finally, officially meet you!

Queen of the Rally Caps!
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

@JAMF - I think this means your profile is NOW. lol.

@Faith I must've missed something. What's the story about Sasha?

No Faith, NO! Do not tell me this!!! Faith is not Faith. SWEET JESUE!! Please, no, no, no! What’s next?
The Lakers real name is not the Lakers? OK…. I guess I can accept that, but Faith, you do still believe in Defense, right? LOL! Ah the wonderful Smush Parker years in all their Glory. Wonderful times the Blog
had then. Yep through the good and bad times Faith remained a solid Lakerholic. Even when Kobe was about to Bolt and the Blog was coming apart at the seams Your steadfast Lakerholism help bring all the various factions back together. I like your pick of Chick as the greatest Laker. The way you explain it makes
it seem like the logical choice. While I’m a Kobe fan, I think every Lakers fan who had the opportunity to watch Coop play wouldn’t be mad at you for choosing him. So I get a chance to thank you for being one of the first to welcome me to Lakers Blog and making me feel a part of Lakers Nation. You may not remember but you were also the first to comment on my very first Roll Call. I think your acceptance of it helped the other Blog members to accept it so thanks again. A beautiful person inside and out, it has been a joy blogging with you over the years. Your knowledge and passion for the game is second to none and truly, yes truly the Lakers Nation and the world also is a better place for your being. Thank you for all your contributions to the Blog and the Nation over the years. Thank you for allowing us to have a slice of the life of Faith. Well I guess all that’s left to say is…OUT FREAKIN STANDING QUEEN FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith: Love your faith Jem! Also, gotta love that you are a Coooop!!! fan, Chick is the GLOAT & you hate the Septics! Your profile also has the distinction of being probably the only one to make not one - but two - Smush Parker mentions. lol...

Great stories, glad that we share the blog with such passionate and great Laker fans!

now, if only justa would finish work on the masterpiece she's been creating...

Speaking of which, yes my life has been pretty much like a Seinfeld episode the past few days - that is if Seinfeld were a sad and longwinded TV show lol. This mornings topics of conversation included such things as how his friends son hoards books, not regular books but school books, and how he has a 104 year old lady friend who still plays the piano...




Thanks for sharing.



I know I'm not alone when I say this, Faith:


Great profile. Thanks for sharing. You've always been, and will continue to be, one of my favorites here. (Don't worry, Justa -- my crush on you is still alive.)

Go Lake Show!

@FAITH… What a pleasant surprise to click the link and find a blog profile from one of the original Lakers bloggers and our long-time Ministress of Defense. A pleasure to formally meet you Jem. And a great choice for your blog name. Faith in the Lakers as a franchise is really pretty easy to come by as you said. All you have to do is look back on our illustrious and storied history as the greatest NBA franchise. It’s also not a surprise that your favorite player is Coop, although your infatuation with Sasha still makes me smile. I also loved your comments about the blog itself. It really is a marvelous thing for Lakers fans.
Don’t be such a stranger this season, Jem. After all, we can’t win another ring without Faith. :-)

Great Profile Faith!

I feel bad now for picking Magic instead of Chick as my favorite Laker of all time. I too learned almost everything about basketball from him. I was truly the voice of a franchise. I think the thing I liked the best about him was that he always had something positive to say about the opposing team and it's players. He called it just as he saw it and was very impartial. When he passed on to Heaven, I cried harder than even for some of my blood relatives.

Chicky Baby lives on in all our hearts and memories!!!

Defender Of The Faith!

YES Faith even famine.. we are HUNGRY for more Championships.

A beautiful day and a beautiful profile. Very very nice.

Mamba24- Maybe we need a bandwagon for JUSTA profile, I'll put you up to it, I don't think i can take a punch to the

Faith- Nice profile, Coops one of my greats too.

Great Profile Faith!

I'm with you on Coop - NO COOP IN THE RAFTERS, NO PEACE!

He sure as heck belongs up there before the big traitor.

Mamba24- Maybe we need a bandwagon for JUSTA profile, I'll put you up to it, I don't think i can take a punch to the Posted by: 2Phatt | October 29, 2010 at 03:11 PM
You kidding right? I still have 3 more months of therapy before I'll be able to talk normal again. LOL! Just kidding folks!

(01) FAITH - OWNER - Cooper talks the game the way I imagine any of us do with our friends.
With a sense of kinship, a sense of ownership and a sense of tradition. His play wasn't bad, either. The guy knows his hard court. His defense in particular ... on a team of superstars, his defense stood out and that is perhaps the best compliment you can give. Defense is more than just skill, it's a desire and a passion, one that I think we see from him even to this day.
(02) HTJ - DRIVER - I'm with you on Coop - NO COOP IN THE RAFTERS, NO PEACE! He sure as heck belongs up there before the big traitor.

Faith -

Great to meet you...Another Pinay Princess in the Family...ayos!!!

Great profile Faith and what a pretty young woman you are. Love how you picked your screen name...Coop is my favorite too, {behind Kobe} and he should be hanging from the rafters. Loved his defense!!

Hi Jem! Great to know that one of the blog icons (i've seen you keep the "faith" through the dark years when Smush resided as starting PG) happens to have the same roots as I. Cheers! :)

Wow, thanks for the love everyone! I'm blushing!!

This is exactly why Lakersblog is Lakersblog like I said :-). We have a really special community here...I don't have as much time to chime in as often but whenever possible I'm here with you all. At the very least in spirit...and game winning calls lol.

MM, ever since Sasha has donned purple and gold I've always had a crush on him. I think most people here will attest how painful that was for them to listen to on an almost daily basis. While I was never blind to his faults...I nonetheless defended him whenever warranted. But now that he's marrying Sharapova, well my heart is broken and we are no more! Haha.

this is a great news for some of U

Fox and Dish Network resolve fee dispute; restore channels


Nice to see your profile and pic..It's been a long time with us as Laker fans on this blog! I remember when you were going to school for nursing. :)

I hope to do my profile soon..I dread picking my favorite Laker and Laker moment of all time.

@Faith -


Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


What a great profile. Warm & Fuzzy. Coop, Chickie and Lakersville, can't beat that. And I'm glad you're not turning off the tube in crunch time anymore :-)


You've always been one of the sensible posters in the blog and an original at that. Cheers.


Best band wagon since yesterdays. Great one and it needs to happen at minimum on the scale of Rick Fox getting an honorable area at Staples. Something.

@Faith - YEEEEAHHHH Profile! Nice one Faith,you were posting here when I started (more then than now, but life changes us all in ways we couldn't possibly anticipate). Nice to meet you formally.

GAME DAY, let's get off to a 2-0 start, people.


{Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting Information From The Eastern Front}
So, I just got off the phone with family back in Akron (Hudson) Ohio and the word coming out of the Cavs organization is that when LeBron wore the "wine and gold" (as they call it... more like burning river and yellow, but I digress) that when he would not get his way in practice or Mike Brown would want LeBron to practice on something he didn't want to practice on, LeBron would just walk out of practice and pout in the locker room.
Members of the coaching staff and/or fellow players would have to chase after him and coax him back into practice. This reportedly would happen A LOT.
In addition, when the Celtics played the Cavs last game, fans were high-fiving Doc Rivers and various Celtics fans... because they had beaten the Miami Hype. Doc Rivers reportedly described the experience as "surreal."-
By the way, the Cavs beat the Celtics in that game.
{Secret Agent Jon K. Signing Out}
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Awesome profile Faith, your name is just as pretty BTW. It's good to see that while young, you appreciate old time players like Coop, you get a pass on Sasha for that. :) Good to meet you.

Thanks to all for the congratulatory posts on the JAMF (Friedman) award!

Faith, it is a pleasure to meet another Laker sister. Great profile.

NBA Pre game... A bunch of guys {including Magic} making excuses for Wade and Princess Jimmy. First all the talk was if they were going to beat the Bull's record, now it's they have to learn to play together.
I seem to remember when we got Pau, the very first game they clicked..........I guess that's what happens when you have INTELLIGENT players, and not glory seeking, arrogant bunch of Meatheads. ARRGG, Really hope the Magic cream them.

Faith you are a saint, i too have a infatuation with sasha vujacic as i play strong defence but my shot is v. inconsistant.

on another note

Is anyone excited to watch Meat vs Magic now and finally see how lebron james and co cope with a big time centre like dwight howard

/lots of love from london\

London Laker it's great to have you!
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Faith is in the building! Oh, Yeah!

Faith, one of the true builders of this blog. Much respect, always.

Faith, Yessssss The Florence Nightingale of Lakers Blog is on board. Too bad Sasha got engaged but he could still retract it after seeing your picture and profile. Sassssha!

How are you doing? I missed your posts nowadays and that makes me a lonesome veteran, I used to be a newbie when you got a proposal for date on the blog, those Romeo and Juliet romance and poetry haha! I thought this was a dear abbie's column instead of the Lakers. lol! What I admire with you Faith, you never say NO to anyone and I've not seen you get mad at anyone except with Smush or Smoochie!!! Life is always positive and defense, defense and defense even when you're addressing to scrubs who are deaf and inept. Well, I know you have put up a new congregation and I wonder if you still talk to Stargazerrrrrr and Lolo.

Salamat at mabuhay ka Jem.

Came in late, but great profile!



Good evening Fam!!!!

I am awake from a bunch of hours only (24 hours of no sleep lead to 8 full hours of ronfing... except that I don't sound at all while sleepin), but even when parted from pc I was bracing to come here and honor FAITH!!! DA QUEEEEEENNN!!!!

Darlin, you're such a cutie and I enormously enjoyed read your accurate and beautiful prose of presentation.

You just come across as right as we all of us perceive you: full of passion, grace, really smart, really into the game, really original and personal, and most of all, totally adorable and genuine.

I'm happy to see we share practically the age (okay, you're one year older, but generation is that one), and you truly are one of the people I enjoy the most around.

I LOVE the history behind your name because it suits you well and that "faith" you have and spread is not a blind one, that doesn't request anything but a choice. I feel your faith is BELIEF. You believe in the Lakers as much as any Laker fan should.
You cherish everything about this team and its unique approach to sport, and there I feel so near to you, that reading you is like lookin in a mirror.

I love how you defined the commitment that the defense requests.

Girl you're wonderful.

I'm so happy you shared your profile and in honor of yours, take one of the most beautiful REM songs ever, and take it from the purity of teh Unplugged rendition.

A pure beauty deserves pure beauty.

This is REM's At My Most Beautiful:

And it truly serves the sweetest one on board.
(PS: your real name is lovely too... but to me you should just change it to FAITH... it's the best name for you... ;) and in any case to me you're forever gonna be Faith anyway ;))

I just want to express my appreciation again for all your kind words. I read every single one of them and all the love back to all of you.

Edwin, I remember that...proposals lol.

Zaira, wow, nice. REM FTW.

Forget the Lakers, how about that dress! And I love your name, Jem. Very purdy.




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