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Lakers beat Warriors, 105-102, in overtime

Kobebryant_300 The Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 105-102, in overtime Friday night in Ontario at Citizens Business Bank Arena in the final exhibition game for both teams.

Kobe Bryant, who didn't play in Thursday night's game against the Warriors in San Diego so he could rest the right knee he had surgery on this summer, played 35 minutes and finished with 22 points on six-for-19 shooting.

Guard Monta Ellis scored 41 points to lead Golden State, which was playing without point guard Stephen Curry, who sprained an ankle on Thursday night. Reggie Williams added 27 points for the Warriors.

Shannon Brown, who finished with 18 points, hit a three-pointer in overtime to give the Lakers a lead they would not relinquish. Ron Artest made two key baskets in the overtime.

Derek Fisher finished with 13 points and Pau Gasol added 12 in the victory. Lamar Odom did not play because of a sore left thumb and tight back, Theo Ratliff sat out with a swollen left knee and Luke Walton played only 4 1/2 minutes because he re-aggravated a right hamstring injury.

The Lakers, who needed a 9-0 run in the final minutes of the game to force overtime, finished the exhibition season with a 4-4 record.

They open the regular season Tuesday night at Staples Center against the Houston Rockets.

-- Broderick Turner

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant pulls up for a jumper over Warriors forward Vladimir Radmanovic in the first half of Friday night's exhibition game in Ontario. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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OK, put me down in the column that says, "Seriously, dude, I'm worried." Yeah, I'm talkin' about Kobe...or whoever that imposter is wearing #24. Simply stated, he looks terrible, and I'm a big Kobe fan. I'm no longer sure it's just a matter of working himself into shape. Every game now seems like game 7 of the finals when his shot was shockingly off.

Kobe, come back! We need you.

The Mamba looks really back, all you Lakerholics need to be concerned. 6-19 this is becoming his normal stat line, the season is next week he's nowhere ready to play. get's his shoots block regularly, can't guard nobody on D. Maybe time is creeping faster then ever for the Mamba.

Kobe kinda scared me too...Anyway, it's pre-season, so I'll not be surprised if he start playing like to old times...

What really worried me was the lack of interior defense. Zero, nada, zip...

I only saw the last 7-8 minutes of regulation plus OT. Shannon's stroke looks good.

BShaw what in the world were you doing putting Kobe back in the game? He still looks real gimpy, but good move going small and pulling Gasol.

Sasha...lefty layup in traffic after offensive rebound. I don't think I've seen that in his repertoire before.

Ron Ron played like a Tru Warier.

Glad its the last preseason game.

Stuck in the editing bay all night, but thanks again to the Activator for the link to watch the game (the iPad makes for a great viewing experience, though my editor kept wanting to know the score all the time).

What The Preseason Meant To Me:

All I’ve ever wanted from a second unit is that they beat the other team’s second unit. That’s all. We have the most important sixth man in the league already; so I just want the others to beat their counterparts (unlike last year, when they couldn’t beat an egg). I really like our new and improved second unit. They started to gel, and I hope it continues through the regular season.

I’m impressed that Shannon is doing what I always thought others should do: he’s learning from the best. (In this case, he’s learning the 2 from Kobe.) Worked on his shot furiously over the summer (and it shows). Getting the trust of his teammates. I never understood why players like Mbenga (as an example) never took advantage of being on the Lakers and all that that entails. Why’d he never get a low post game? It’s not like great players and great coaches and great ex-players weren’t around to help. So, kudos to Shannon for taking advantage of his opportunities. And you can see Kobe’s lovin’ it.

Barnes is really playing like a total energy and team player. Really liking what he gives to the Lakers.

Ron Ron carrying over the Game 7 goodness.

I’m unsure about Pau and only hope it’s preseason, but he looks really low-energy. Especially on defense. But, he’s earned whatever he wants, so hopefully he’ll turn it up come the regular season.

Ebanks and Caracter, nice possibilities. Love that Kobe’s behind Ebanks; that can only help the kid grow.

Luke’s fallen over again and he can’t get up. I hope he heals; I feel for the guy.

Drew? Hope he comes back ready to play, no foolin’ around. This is his year to shine if he can.

Kobe? Meh, he’s Kobe, and he’s going to demand more from himself, as always.

And on to the regular season dedication:

@MM - Thanks for making us aware of "The Journey to the Ring". I definitely plan to pick up my copy and go behind the scenes. Hmmm....I wonder who'll be the first person to incorporate that into their signature line on their posts!

@63 footer - oops sorry for overlooking your RCOTD! You had me too busy going from blues to jazz to raggae. Like you said too much music and not enough time!

@Justa - remember no profile no ASG tix. Its your choice.

@mclyne - thanks for the KOL insight.

@GDUB - Yes, I consider Tortured Soul house with a slight touch of jazz. However, true "house heads" may disagree.

Man that Jazznova is smooth. Nice Detroit connection with the legendary Leon Ware & Dwele. Another good selection.

63 Footer, I'm printing your post as we speak and I'll frame it!


And the groove at the end...yeah!


Magic Phil - remember to turn it front to the wall!

Paul Weller can do anything. I've enjoyed all three incarnations of his career (Jam, Style Council, solo semi-R&B).

I'm real curious to see us go into lock down mode this year when our perimeter players totally deny any outside shots (maybe a little Matt Barnes thrown in), and then Drew & Pau reject the drive. Booya!

Guys - We'll have a more extensive post-game wrap up in a little bit.

This is going to be our best line-up since we got Pau Gasol.
And our non-additions are going to be better.
We get to experience history AGAIN my fellow lakeraholics.
We are blessed.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Jon K. - I'm with ya! Now, we need to all stay healthy (knock on wood).

so after an entire summer of rest rehab and supposedly conditioning luke misses the first 5 out of 7 preseason games then plays a measly 4 minutes each of the last 2 games AND IS ALREADY INJURED WITH A BAD HAMMY.. this after a total of only 8 minutes on the court!

if this isn't enough evidence to show luke is damaged goods than what is?

and mr broderick turner nice choice of words in the last thread with "Walton has two more years on his contract after this season that pays him a total of 11.48 million"

this season hasnt even officially started yet so you couldve been lot less ambiguous and just stated luke has 3 more seasons left on his contract for a total of 17.04 million... and technically speaking his last 2 season by the way pays him $11.78 not $11.48

at least according to rotoworld and hoopshype:
2010/11: $5.26 million, 2011/12: $5.68 million, 2012/13: $6.1 million

see link for lakers players salaries:

now imagine how blake, dfish, shannon, barnes or even artest feel when they look down the bench and see luke smiling in streetclothes all the time?

yeah sleep on that one tonight

I am depressed that Luke the Puke got hurt..once again. sniff sniff,, Lakers have no chance without him playing and mabye the lakers can trade Luke for LeBron James now.

No dought about it Kobe will bw Kobe when the season starts



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