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Lakers defeat Golden State Warriors, 120-99, in exhibition game


The Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 120-99, Thursday night in an exhibition game.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 23 points and seven rebounds.

Kobe Bryant didn't play because he rested his right knee, which he had surgically repaired this summer.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't attend the game because of flu-like symptoms.

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw took charge of the team because the Warriors are a team that he scouts during the regular season.

The Lakers improved to 3-4 in the exhibition season.

They play their final exhibition game Friday night against the Warriors in Ontario. Bryant is expected to play in that game.

Sasha Vujacic, who started in place of Bryant, had nine points on four-for-five shooting. Vujacic had missed several practices because of a concussion, but he was back Thursday night and able to play 14 minutes 44 seconds.

Luke Walton, who missed the first six exhibition games with a strained right hamstring, played 11:13 and had five points and two assists.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from San Diego

Photo: Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic goes for a steal against Golden State forward Dorell Wright in the first quarter Thursday night. Credit: Lenny Ignelzi / Associated Press

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Great to see the real second unit (Lamar, Blake, Barnes, Theo and Shannon) play fairly well together (even if it was the Warriors). This bodes well, as, aside from a little too hurry-up occassionally, they were playing team bball on both ends of the court for awhile there.

Lamar gets kudos/assist-of-the-night for elboing Sasha the other day and getting our groom-to-be back into form. Hopefully it'll keep up, and if not... another whack to the head outta work.

The second unit did great tonight...I hope they will keep it up...

Great game... Did we hit our shots? Yes, yes, yes, 58% from the 3-line and 56% FG. Blaker (WOW), after a 0-7 night, delight us with a 8-10 night...AWESOME.

Everybody's numbers are awesome. Theo's not that much, but he hustle enough to get a good "grade" for his game.

If we can manage to keep this intensity when it matters, we have a good chance to 3-peat.


Gripe of the day...why don't NBA league pass show all the preseason games like they do regular season games? Hmmm....I don't get it.

Anyway, 59% shooting from 3pt and 56% overall while holding opponent to 7% from 3pt and 44% overall is a good recipe for a W. Looks like everyone contributed. One more tune up before the regular season. Yay!

As the world tumbles softly through the sea of night, and sleep wraps her gentle arms around me (and since I didn’t sleep last night, that’s a good thing), I bid you all a wonderful Lakers tomorrow, and leave you with a little something to ease you through the hours of moon, stars and dreams:

Go Lakers!


4hero - good vibe and versatile. I checked out another one of their cuts I saw posted on the side, "Morning Glory" and it was nice also. Each one was totally different.

I saw a young George Johnson (Brothers Johnson) playing with Billy Preston on "The Bus". I didn't know he played with Preston. (MagicPhil - check it out)

63 footer, here's for your bedtime:

Good night, bro

63 and Cali

Obviously you didn't get what my point was.

I was having a little fun at your expense 63 since your post right above mine was one filled with name dropping and personal balling battles with NBAers. Yet you claim it is only your opinion from these interactions that cause you to disagree with pfunk.
What you meant to say of course was.....
pfunk you dont know squat, Ive played with real NBA players and have been schooled by some of the best teachers in the game, so whatever you say I can trump it because of my experience.

Sometimes we see only what we want to see, my post was in no way critical of Phil Jackson, his record speaks for itself. My section on adjustments was a tribute that Phil has made the necessary offensive modifications to win championships.

Below is a reprint of your post then mine. Like I said, I was taking a light hearted jab at you.
Thought when you read that I rarely played but beat a small person on a 7 foot basket you would have figured it out.
Get it now, I can't drop names like you, never played against a real NBAer like you. My only claim to fame was high school basketball but of course that doesn't measure up to you. you got me, no matter what I say or anybody else, you must be right, that is until another blogger comes along with even better credentials

Posted by: 63 Footer | October 21, 2010 at 01:41 AM

pfunk36 - all's good. I don't know Phil, so I can only look to his total successes, but I have played with upcoming NBA'ers, NBA'ers and retired NBA'ers all through my life, and have been coached (if only in small doses, or as an example in a demonstration) by everyone from John Wooden to Pat Riley, and I can only give my opinion from what I know and the people I respect who I've interacted with.

Does Phil go away from the Triangle? Yup - a lot. But the Triangle itself is run more often than not, and rarely to perfection. The best it was run? 2001 - and it was a thing of beauty in the playoffs and finals.

So, it's all good to me. I respect Phil as the most iconoclastic coach in all of professional sports, and that's above and beyond his winning (which no one can touch). I'm always amazed at how he can produce the results he does in the ways that he does it. He's one of a kind, and without the benefit of interaction, I can only shrug sometimes and then cheer when we win another ring.

Posted by: There are 4 lights | October 21, 2010 at 02:07 AM

I don't know Phil Jackson so i can only look at his record, pretty good. Though I sometimes wonder whether his personal successes can be atributed to the triangle offense or the players skill set. Phil has stepped into some very prime situations.

Ive rarely played the game but one time I whupped a small person on an 7 foot basket.
But I do sit on my butt alot and watch basketball game after basketball game.
Can't tell the difference from a 4 corner, princeton, double post, triangle, isolation, ucla, wheel, 1-4 continuity, weave, turn key, or any other offense.

What I do see is that a team that does the same thing over and over again can be defended and that is the key. It's called adjustments. Doesn't matter the type offense, what matters is adjusting to the defense.

There are 4 lights

coming to you this year to ensure no one is blinded, manipulated, or intimidated to what is actually transpiring.

LeCrab gets 13 and 19 free throws last two games.. looks like the refs are just starting to get warmed up right before the regular season.

looks like that preferential treatment is gonna get even more ridiculous in miami.. you know there was something phony when vegas had them favored 2-1 to win the title (ahead of lakers 4-1) with over/under of 66 wins this year

and now sterns got way too much to lose with his golden child's damaged reputation... one things for sure.. should be whistlefest city watching miami play this year when dwade returns.

Tuesday night... Houston.. We Have a Problem... YaY !!!!

I'm a little perplexed about Kobe's injury. Is his knee 100% healthy, and does he just needs time to strengthen his knee or is it yet to be 100%? I hope the former is the case. But if the latter is the case, why has Kobe been even bothering to play and not wait until he gets 100% healthy? I am not concerned about his knee as much as it would cause the injury of other parts of his body, such as hamstring or back. He may well get other injuries so as to protect his knee. The Lakers have enough depth to play without him some games as we found out today. I'd just want Kobe to wait until he heals 100%, and then he can play to strenthen his knee.

63 footer,

You slipped that Cat Power in earlier. She's good...looked into and saw that a some of the band that backed her on the CD was from the Stax Records and Al Green's band...good stuff.

I know its a little late in the eve for this, but when I saw Cat Power this is what I thought of (being from the Motor City and all):

Although it is preaseason, and albeit against the Golden State Warriors, I'm hard pressed to remember a time when the Lakers shot as well (56% from the field) and looked as fluid offensively (30 assists) as a team.

I am wondering if this new tech rule will also be applied during the playoff games..If it does, the playoff games will be painfully boring games, and it could well change the outcome of the games too. I read an interesting article somewhere that after studying the players' reactions after fouls were called during last season's Finals if the new rule were applied to those games, the Celtics would have something like 48% of their fouls would have ended up as tech fouls (go figure, those whiner Celtices) as opposed to the Lakers' about 35%.

Gasol is a freaking animal. He'll be the 2011 regular season MVP for the Lakers, and Kobe will be the Finals MVP.

Kobe should just take it easy all year, play no more than 30 minutes per game. Save his health for the playoffs and crank it up in June.

Hey guys we should have a post up within the next hour or so. It's all done but it will be edited shortly

I think I just watched the Globetrotters spank the Generals.

Curious thought...where are the four lights?

jefe101: The last time would be the stretch of games that kobe missed last season.

Is there a pattern here?


Celtris III, a Cardassian border world

There are 4 lights

coming to you this year to ensure no one is blinded, manipulated, or intimidated to what is actually transpiring.

for those with short attention spans

There are 4 lights

coming to you this year to ensure no one is blinded, manipulated, or intimidated to what is actually transpiring.


Celtris III, a Cardassian border world

Posted by: There are 4 lights | October 22, 2010 at 12:03 AM


Are we talking about the Kardashian sisters' bedroom...

Good to see guys are heating up days before the regular season.

Thank you, one and all, for the birthday wishes! I love my Lakers Blog Familia! May God
continue to bless us all...and our LAKERS!!!
Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | October 21, 2010 at 04:04 PM
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(13) LEWSTRS - utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER -My St. Louis brother...
ENJOY your day today...
(14) IHEARTBK24 - Happy B-day Utz...hugs to you!!!
(15) 63 FOOTER - Happy B-Day utz - and Manny, Moe and Jaaaaack!Oh, and fourth best bar band EVAH (even if I'm the only guy who might consider them a bar band):
(16) J24(LADYJEM24) - Happy Birthday Utz!
(17) MAGIC PHIL - very busy here.....But I need to come here to say Happy Birthday Utz!!!
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Hey Turner, why no Caracter in the last three games? Is he hurt?



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