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L.A. Times' Mark Medina discusses Lakers' 102-95 pre-season victory over Denver Nuggets

--Mark Medina

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MM that video reminds me when the KBros did that in an empty Staples Center. Makes it more interesting than being in front of a wall and explaining things.

You should do that ever Laker game MM. Makes it look awesome.

MM: Love the breakdown. I hope Devin squeezes Sasha out of the rotation, it would mean he is playing good and Sasha is 99.9% gone (my guess is Mitch is holding him in case of injury as a trade-chip). Ebanks looks real good, hopefully Caracter can start correcting the foul problems.

Has anyone mentioned to you that you are must be the hardest-working guy at the Times? Well I will, man you keep busy with all you do, it's much appreciated - and is why so many of us stay put right here for our Laker 'fix' lol...

- - -

Nice game overall tonight.

Ebanks looks like a hard worker, and it's nice to see him hit some shots.

Barnes is really trying hard, also working hard. He had a couple of nice plays, I'd have liked to see him convert that one dunk, but he looks like a very solid addition that should suck up most of Sasha's minutes (sorry machine).

Ron Ron looks so much more comfortable this year, Kobe looking better, Pau is Pau, L.O. still in very nice form since the FIBA's, Blake looks oh-so-much more reliable than Farmar with a better shooting touch.

Caracter's got to watch the foul trouble.

Shannon though to me has been the most pleasant surprise, his shooting especially. 63 Footer, I think that he's gotten flak for being so hesitant on possessions last year that he is trying to put up more shots. I think his passing will come as he is very willing in the past to fit into the team game, but his shooting is so much improved that to me it's nice to see him be more aggressive with his shooting.

Don't know if anyone else caught Ron Ron speaking to John Ireland on the KCAL 9 Sports Central show, but he has really grown on me and continues to. His happiness to be doing a good deed in selling his ring, the fact that he is excited to be doing good, it shows so much selflessness on his part - I just love Ron Ron.

Great win, although it's only preseason, it's starting to look like the pieces are coming together and falling in place. Now, we just need Drew, and it sounds like he's a bit ahead of schedule so that's great news...

- - -

KB Blitz: First, don't think I want to jump on you when you post, I just couldn't resist this one because of a reason, as you'll see below this paragraph.

Have you seen what we've been calling the little princess around these parts? lol, this makes 'horses blank' look very mild. Frankly though, even you have to admit MJ was a horses blank for making those comments he made.

Here's why I couldn't resist posting, a funny coincidence, just this afternoon my son took a shower and used 'Axe' cologne. Have you ever smelled it? Let me tell you, it is godawful. He managed to stink up the house and I asked him what it was, when he answered 'Axe' I told him that it smelled more like -blank-. So, there's your answer about using that word around kids, lol, although he turns 18 in 2 months...


"Have you seen what we've been calling the little princess around these parts? lol, this makes 'horses blank' look very mild. Frankly though, even you have to admit MJ was a horses blank for making those comments he made."

Of course didn't I say he was scared because he was in the same position as Magic was when Magic was saying "You wouldn't win 5 rings" in Barcelona so Michael was acting all scared when he was now in Earvin's position then?

What Michael did while gained too strong of a reaction was acting like a scared baby that one thing that made him good was having more rings non Celtics wise save for Robert Horry. He was also exaggerating he could score 100 even though he could potentially do because of a variety of factors.

In fact Princess Jimmy is funny if a bit off tract. I really liked more the Prince James by Skip Bayless was more funnier to trashing Lebron than that.

That being said have you seen any of us use profanity here on this blog? It's one of the reasons we are better than Laker nation or even Forum Blue and Gold is that we can debate things in a civil matter even when making fun of another blogger/player. Heck good like trying to be all civil when it comes to other sites like inside hoops. I"m not saying we should act all goody two shoes heck in everyday life we swear so much probably. That being said we didn't come here to act like matcho brats and 13 year olds or even act like DFish. Did you come here to be like DFish? I didn't think so.

Go ahead and swear all we want in real life. It's really fleeting to get steam off. That being said here in a public blog that is more civil than other blogs we should show we are civil when debating not be using profanities as much to disregard a player we hate and degenerating ourselves to be as bad as other posters in other blogs.

KB Blitz: Yeah, I agree. I was on for a long time (late-90s), yahoo/BSPN posting and stuff too, and must admit to trolling quite a bit in the early decade throughout the various NBA team blogs around (sacbee, oregonian, etc...). I've stayed here because,

1) The K-Bros Smothers Brothers act is gone (OK, JK - well mostly ;)

1) The GREAT job MM does
2) I like to be on the LA Times site. I grew up reading the sports section of every morning before school, without fail.
3) A nice mix of smart & articulate fans here, it's more of a mixed bag on other sites.
4) No overbearing/controlling admins with flare ups of PMS (guys included)
5) We have a good time here without getting too crazy (language included).

Could I say without offense that you are very hyper-sensitive regarding MJ? It is fun to cut-loose on players/adversaries that say stupid/foolish things (calling themselves 'Kobe-Stopper', for instance). At times it felt like you were trying to talk down to KobeMVP888 and I, kind of like a school teacher trying to scold students. It seems like you are trying to find offense at times.

I hate to think that this would continue throughout the season - especially since the positions that you've taken have been borderline 'anti-Laker' with the justifications that MJ is better, Bynum is overrated, etc...

hobbitmage seems to have had an obsession with KobeMVP888, and it seems like you are developing one too as far as he and I are concerned. If someone comes in here touting the meat as NBA champs, and justifying that MJ could score 100, or Bynum is a bust - then yes, I will speak my mind without hesitation. But I don't want to think that some people are just waiting in the shadows, waiting their chance to 'pounce' - and I've gotten that impression at times with you.

Again, no offense, it's cool to debate, I try to be objective, but this blog, right here, is what I would consider 'home-turf' or 'ground-zero' when it comes to Lakers. If I go to the lame boston newspaper blog and write KG is overrated, then I'm a troll and expect to be flamed (and anything even remotely anti chowd will be erased from the blog). If I troll on Mark Cuban's Mav's blog, I expect to be debated. But it becomes disheartening when 'one of our own' is always taking positions that are anti-Laker.

You're free to do what you want, I'm just telling you how you come across sometimes. Again, no offense meant...


Cyber you have to understand even in Laker land there are a variety of opinions and some also are strong Laker fans who also get used to the NBA fanship as a whole.

To be honest this place is mild compared to me in insidehoops. I can't even be as civil as I can be here compared to that place. It's almost like you have to use pictures and no holds barred there in order to be good and have your opinions count.

Scolding? Sorry Cyber but when I get such an emotional response from either you guys it usually you guys who scold me in my posts.

To make things short, you acted like if I didn't believe Magic Johnson was the greatest of all time or I think Kobe has equalled or even close to surprasing Michael Jordan or a non-positive view of Bynum it's like breaking the law. You should know better than not every Laker fans believes Magic is the Greatest of All Time or that today's NBA is stronger than previous times. There's a TON of NBA fans who think similarly about the way the rules are (as in they benefit the perimeter player much more now). I like Kobe a ton but I don't go dismissing any era is "weak" unless either party has declared the previous 80 or 90's era as "weak". Even the 60's were a great era of bball and shouldn't be weak yet this era is buffed up just to make it seem Kobe is better and Michael faced weaker competition.

(Btw did you like how 3 defensive 3 seconds were called in last night's game?)

So if you want to debate I'm up for it and keeping it civil makes us better than other Laker blogs. That being said don't get mad when I don't think highly of the players you like especially when you demean other legends just to prop up Kobe.

And a side note Cyber:

There are fans in Miami who still think bad of Lebron especially what he did to Miami prior from his bringing his talents there or Magic fans being so critical of Howard for not being as good offensively and heck Thunder fans who felt Durant was too soft in facing the Lakers in the playoffs.

There's nothing wrong with not being positive as long as you remain faithful in the franchise and still keep a level headed brain not too much into drinking a superstars' cool aid (like what Cavalier fans did to Lebron) and being too negative.

CyberCosmiX - I agree that Shannon has a much better touch on his shooting this year and is willing to put it up more, but at the moment I'm noticing it's at the detriment of the offense's fluidity. As long as they go in, I have no problem, but he threw some god-awful passes (late or with bad angles), and it's not the first time. And he's still not shooting very often within rhythm.

I'm hoping that'll go away. He seems to take the ball up the court more often than Blake, so maybe it's Phil's way of acclimating Shannon to the system more (since Farmar is gone), and later Blake will take it up more and Shannon can fall more into the 2 position.

I like Shannon, I just don't like mental mistakes (hence my lack of sweating over Sasha being out, as he was making some bonehead mistakes before Lamar was quietly called in by Phil to... give him a little message).

I kid, I kid!

Go Laaaaaakers. I just got back from a little partying. Great win not for the sake of winning, but because there were many positives displayed during the game. Kobe looked much better, but I was particularly impressed with the ball movement. Everyone says that it is because they have been together long, eventhough this is Ron's second year with the team and they have 5 newcomers. I believe that it is more of a trust issue. They are starting to see parity amongst them and are executing the offense with fluidity, trusting both each other, and the system. I truly hope that this mindset carries over when the season begins. Ebanks looked very good, and Ratliff was a defensive presence, but incorporated himself into the offense also. I like it, so far so good.

We’re the World Champion LA Lakers , we’ve won (16) Rings
(10) of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
Lakers Dynastiy Number (4) is well along the way
We have more Dynasties than others have Titles in the NBA
Best Winning Percentage in History, can’t ask for more
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Then we’ve had (Four)
We got the (2) Time Finals MVP, The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant
Who scored more points than an entire team without even trying
He scored 81 points in a game & could have scored much more
But Rings not number of points is what The Mamba plays for.
With Pau Gasol lending The Mamba a helping hand
The Lakers will continue going to that Finals promised land
We got a man giving up his Championship Ring for Charity
Ron Artest, Great basketball player & Human Being is He
We got The Logo Jerry West & 1st Great center George Mikan
The Legendary Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
We’ve had all the great centers like Shaq, Wilt & Kareem
Super Stars Worthy, Goodrich & Silk played on the Laker team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman we just leased
(11) time Title Winning HOF Coach, who mastered Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Broadcasting Legend, Broadcasted Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest & Best HOF Owner, Kudos Dr. Jerry Buss
We play for Rings & Rings only , which is why teams FEAR US
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re Freakin Champion LA Lakers, Who the Hell are You

Good Morning Nation...

A few things I noticed in last night's game...

1. Looks like the NBA got new uniforms...not the design but the cloth itself...looks like new material...with horizontal lines ingrained...noticed it on both Nuggs and Lakers unis...anyone else noticed that...well looks like I have to get a new Kobe jersey...

2. Kobe being Kobe is very close...he looks much, much better with his movement and shot...granted he is missing shots he usually makes...but a big difference from his first 3 exhibition games...

3. I'm loving the Rookies, especially Ebanks...I love their hustle and length...This is great news, for our deeper bench, The Young Guns, will give PJ more versatility in the rotation, and helps when players get injured during the long regular season grind...

4. Barnes looked more at ease this his hustle and effort also, but I noticed he was lost on the offense a few times...Honestly, I think his emotion is more explosive than Ron Ron, and more likely to go off...Hope he can keep it under control, and not cause a tech in a crucial situation...

5. What can I say about Lamar Odom...His game is already flowing...I love his attitude, and you can tell he is having fun out there...A more powerful, consistent LO makes us that much more lethal...

6. Blake looks very capable, but still is not fully acclimated...But you can see it won't be much of a transition for him...He takes care of the ball, and surprisingly has a nice explosive move going to the hole...Once he fully get's everyone's tendencies...I see him setting up some nice plays and some incredible passes and great assists...

7. Speaking of passing...we went through a stretch there where the ball movement was phenomenal...The extra pass was made...the high percentage shot went in...Can you imagine The Next Generation doing more and more Showtime in their transition offense...Baybee...I can't wait...

8. I saw a first good glimpse of Theo, and what he brings to the table...Definitely an upgrade over DJ...He will be a shot blocker, and his contribution will be mostly on defense...The minutes he will be required to put in, won't effect his age...

9. I can't wait to see how potent and explosive we will be when Andrew returns...I see the game plan now...Our starters will get a quick start to the games, we get a double digit lead...PJ goes to the Young Guns...get's them more and more fluid and and acclimated to their roles...and by the time the playoffs come...PJ will have his rotation options for multiple situations and adjustments...of course, like in any scenario...HEALTH will be the X factor...

Other wise, I think we are well loaded for a run at a 3 can't say that Mitch and Dr. Buss didn't give us the best chance with the upgrades they accomplished during the off season...I can't wait...This year will be special...Here is my entry to reflect this mornings mood...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

MM- nice game recap video and the backdrop of the court, I may suggest less moving of the hands and take more breaths. You're camera look and presentation is spot on.



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