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Highlighting the Lakers' European trip through Twitter

56580292Whether you're a Lakers fan that has zero worries about the team's 0-2 start in preseason play or you think the season is now officially over, there were plenty of developments during the team's European trip.

The Lakers wedged in numerous NBA Cares events between their exhibition games against Minnesota in London and against FC Barcelona in Spain. Kobe Bryant played limited minutes in Britain, but felt healthy enough to log 25 minutes in Spain. Pau Gasol returned to his hometown. Lamar Odom appeared to be in midseason form. And though the Lakers look far from being a finished product, it appears their bench understands the concepts pretty well.

The trip featured plenty of other memorable moments and to help Lakers fans get up to speed, I'll take you through a time line based on the Twitter accounts from Ron Artest (RONARTESTCOM), Odom (RealLamarOdom), Devin Ebanks (DevinEbanks3) and Derrick Caracter (RebuildCaracter). As you can tell, you can always rely on Ebanks in ensuring that his Twitter account remains active.



Sept. 29

"damn this thing is coming around fast. we leave for london 2morrow, im so excited!!! who wanna help me pack? lol" -- Ebanks

"I HAVE TO MANY FREAKIN CLOTHES!!!! lol 4get this i will pack last min like i usually do, 4 sum reason wen i do that its goes faster.GYM FLOW" -- Ebanks

Sept. 30

"Practice was great. Gettin ready to head to Europe. London here we come! Is everyone ready for the season?" -- Odom

"On the plane on the way to London tweeps. 12hrs lol longest flight Eva!! Lol well I gotta do wat I gotta do. Ttyl!" -- Ebanks

Oct. 1

"WOW THAT WAS THE LONGEST FLIGHT EVA!! JUS finished practice, now im in my room 4 the rest of the day. WATS GOOD TWEEPS TALK TO ME IM BORED!" -- Ebanks

"Damn i jus woke up from a nic nap, my hours are all screwed up right now, What is there to do tonight in london?? hmmm??" -- Ebanks

"Thank god i didnt get in trouble for being late to dinner, it wasnt mandatory so im happy about that." -- Ebanks

"Even the shower's are diff, it took me like 5mins to turn it on lol" - Ebanks

"its reall 1207 am here and i have practice at 10 am 915 the bus leaves the hotel. How am i supposed to sleep wen im still on west coast time" -- Ebanks

"Am i fat for ordering my second order of 12 buffalo wings within 45mins? lmao" -- Ebanks

Oct. 2

"Brb twit fam gotta go handle my rookie duties real quick nd pass out these practice unifroms to every1. LOVING BEING A ROOKIE! LOL" -- Ebanks

"ok im back i hate knockin on doors 2 wake ppl up, but hey thats my job being a rookie, every1 sayin thank u wit the nasty morning breath lol" -- Ebanks

"Hey tweeps wats good? good morning to all of yall out there. Had a great practice today. bout to walk around london in a few nd shop a lil" -- Ebanks

"Bout to grab sum dinner wit the team i think the twolves will be there to, gonna be cool to see sum of my boys from that team as well" -- Ebanks

Oct. 3

"Jus finished handing out jersey's again lol this time i jus knocked once nd left da bags there, not waitin around for the morning breath lol" -- Ebanks

"so tired im not gonna go to the soccer game, jus gonna chill in my room all day and be a bum. if u need me this were i will be" -- Ebanks

"YO EFF TERRORIST, THEY STOPED MY MOM FROM COMIN TO LONDON TO C ME PLAY TOMORRW!!! Obama lets get it together!!! asap" -- Ebanks

Oct. 4

"First NBA game today focus is real high today. every1 plz pray 4 my grandma she isnt doin to well thank u! Makes Plays Not Excuses!" -- Ebanks

"Thanks every1 for wishing my grandma well she is thankful to, cant wait to get back to the states so i can speak to her on the phone" -- Ebanks

"Had good nap got my mind of things ready to hit the court, shower, dress, then bus, its a great day to be a LAKER!!! TIME TO PUT IN WORK!!" -- Ebanks

"Learned alot my 1st game, i had fun tho...on to the next 1 tweeps....Barcelona 2morrow, hittin the streets of london 4 the last night" -- Ebanks

"Yo this dude DC threw mad cold water and ice on me in the shower after the game, let the games begin he dnt kno it but imma get him bak" -- Ebanks

"off to sleep tweeps early flight to barcelona 2morrow gotta get up in 2hours" -- Ebanks

Oct. 5


Oct. 6

"Jus got back to the room from practice, gotta go do NBA CARES with the kids at 40, cant wait i love kids it should be lots of fun!!!" -- Ebanks

"What up Barcelona?!? there are a lot of dedicated fans here." -- Odom

"Had fun wit the kidz 2day, now back in my room grubing on some barcelona mckie d's lol about to play bynum in fifa 11. Who should i choose?" -- Ebanks

"Spain need to work on my Spanish" -- Caracter

Oct. 7

"OMG that was the best nap ever, im so ready to play now cant wait for this game to start. Wats up tweeps?" -- Ebanks

"Ebanks - the new Diddy" -- Caracter

"Daniel artest going to Portugal That's what I'm talking about U gonna come back speaking Spanish and not English" -- Artest

"Back at the hotel omg the crowd was crazy int the gym tonight, bout to chill for a min and enjoy my last night in barcelona!" -- Ebanks

"They have roscoes in Spain Wow I'm so amazed" -- Artest

"Barcelona is great Like Miami but better" -- Artest

"I'm walking around Barcelona with hearts on my boxers briefs and pictures of blonds on my tank top in bikinis" -- Artest

Oct. 8

"back to LA YESSSS" -- Artest

"on my way back to LA thank GOD !!! LOL SHOULD BE BACK AROUND 330-4" -- Ebanks

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Pau Gasol runs past the Timberwolves' Nikola Pekovic. Credit: Tom Hevezi/ Associated Press

Photo: Lakers forward Devin Ebanks tries to score against the defense of FC Barcelona forward Boniface Ndong in their exhibition game Thursday. Credit: Andreu Dalmau/EPA.

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Euro games

Gotta continue to grow the fan base or the Golden Goose dries up. Players hate to lose and coaches hate to give up the practice season but growing the game is critical with all the competition for eyes around the world.

seems like it would be better suited for the Miami Heat. They have the most practice posturing, and they have all those Olympic losses to avenge over there.

That was basically all Ebanks all the time. Anyway TMI on the morning breath. But I will say a prayer for his grandma.

What happened to Mrs. Blake's Twitter?? LOL

LakerPeace - She's still active, but she wasn't on the trip. I highlighted those players since they shared a few details on what they were doing in Europe

LRob - It sure seems like Ebanks is attached to his computer or cell phone at all hours of the day


Posted by: Rocky | October 08, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Agree with you 100%

MM: Great job compiling the tweets, those are always fun to read and the way you timelined it was excellent.

- - -

LRob: "That was basically all Ebanks all the time. Anyway TMI on the morning breath. But I will say a prayer for his grandma."
LOL yeah, agree with you about the morning breath. Seriously though, mamba should start a 'get well' bandwagon for Ebanks grandma. Hope she gets well soon.

- - -

LRob: "I would say adding Barnes and Blake as rotation players while losing Farmar is an upgrade. While Boston adding Shaq, Jermaine Oneal and Von Wafer is an upgrade offensively but a loss defensively."
I think those NESN/Boston sportswriters and fanatics are pretty myopic. The thing that made Chick so great, he called like he saw it. If the showtime Lakers were playing bad, he really let them have it. If Shaq was loafing around, he'd call him on it. Whatever he'd see, he'd say - good/bad or whatever about the Lakers.

I guess you have to be biased to get a job in Boston though. Good lord, I totally agree that Blake is a major upgrade over Farmar, and that Barnes was a great addition, especially for what they are paying him.

Honestly, I agree with you that they gained some offense, but lost on the defensive end. Shaq is 38 and has shown he can't even play 2 consecutive effective games anymore. Jermaine O'Neal has been an overrated bust for much of his career, he makes Kwame Brown look good on some plays. Von Wafer? If the Lakers were the LA Galaxy, they'd be chanting 'La-ker Re-ject' if he ever checked into a Celtic game at Staples.

Pretty much everyone around the league praised Kupchak's moves. I guess they can't bring themselves to do that in Boston, making themselves look like the blind, dense, hoop-illiterate homers they really are (OK, save Jackie MacMullen and Bob Ryan)...


@MUD... “look, at this point Bynum is no Wilt, Kareem, Shaq or Hakeem. that's a given. he IS a very effective player when he's healthy however, PLENTY good enough.”
“that's reason enough to be patient. actually, if he wasn't such a slow healer, i'm not even sure that he's missed an unbelievable amount of time due to injury. Wilt was certainly injured much of his career(3 seasons of less that 40 games, one season of 12) and so was Shaq(13 seasons playing less than 70 games, 8 of those 60 games or less), not to mention Hakeem(6 seasons less than 60 games) and the list goes on. big guys get hurt. deal with it. there aren't better centers out there available. he'll be healthy soon enough, and though he's not the greatest of all time or a statisical marvel, he'll help the team.”
“i'm with the CyberCosmiX on this one. no need to bash Bynum or his supporters. anyone celebrating a Bynum failure is a failure as a Lakers fan, as a Bynum failure hurts the Lakers.”
Great post, mud. Well worth reposting. Outstanding research on injury history of other great centers. No doubt that big men have are more prone to get injured than perimeter players. I think there is a good chance that as Drew matures and stops growing his proclivity to get injured will diminish. The only thing keeping him from developing into the next great Lakers center is his health. And, no, I am not saying he is there yet.
@JAMIE… “My personal opinion that is that limited minutes, this year during the regular season, might be just the thing to allow him to strengthen his base. Limit the pounding, the running, the jumping in games and allow his body to just calm down. Multiple surgeries, all of them very invasive, will take a toll on a human body. I don't think it would have to be a career long move, but it might have to be done this year.
Come playoffs, re-evaluate, take it one step at a time. But this Laker core has proven that it can win a championship with out Bynum playing major minutes. I disagree with everyone who says that the Lakers can win it without Bynum on the court for some of the game throughout the playoffs. It won't happen. I also disagree that we need a full strength Bynum to take this squad all the way. We have a very deep team and that is why we'll go far in the NBA playoffs. One team member will not make or break this season except for Kobe Bryant.
Excellent post, Jamie. I have mixed emotions about limiting Drew’s minutes and think that Phil’s comments were more motivationally based than complaining about Drew’s attitude or effort at rehabilitating his knee. If Phil and the Lakers actually decide to limit Drew’s minutes to increase the odds that he will be fully healthy for the playoffs, I would fully support the move. I loved Drew’s immediate response to Phil, however, and I think his play rather than fear of injury will ultimately determine how many minutes he plays in the regular season.
@MAMBA24, LRob, LEWSTERS, HTJ, CCX, JAMF, PHRED, RICK, FEARLESS, ET AL… Thanks for the good wishes for Mrs. LakerTom. Thankfully, Drew did not tear his ACL, MCL, and meniscus and will be back way before Mrs. LakerTom.
@STAPLES… “How can anybody not like what BYNUM has done. From dominating when he is healthy, to coming back from injury stronger than before, to getting better every year and the YOUNG MAN IS JUST ONLY 22 YEARS OLD.”
“Lakerfans who go against BYNUM-fans in a debate about little issues, I just can't understand why they do it.”
“Bynum has never said trade me, or said anything to any teammmate that disrupt a team harmony. With all the talents in LA, Bynum knows he is a young big with dominant force inside, rare TALENT in the NBA, he can easily bolt out in LA and join a team where he will be featured as the franchise player. But NO, NO, NO, he wants to be Laker and help this team of Pau-Kobe-LamLam-Ron-Fish win more rings. That should be good enough for everyone.”
Outstanding post, Staples. The blog is a microcosm of Lakers fandom, although with a much higher level of basic and basketball intelligence. It’s actually refreshing to see how the Bynum Backers and Boosters have won over most of the blog. It’s a sign that Lakers fans appreciate Drew’s playing through his injury to help us win another championship. I expect by next year for Drew to win almost unanimous support by Lakers fans.

Do you think the Lakers need another "serviceable" 7' center as an insurance at this point? Do you think Ratliff and Caracter will be enough? No one knows if Bynum can go through the whole season without another injury.

CyberCosmiX - Thanks for the feedback. It's cool that there's plenty on the Lakers that tweet fairly frequently. It makes for good little inside tidbits


Hey guys we got a new post up. Definitely check out the documentary I talk about in the next post


@ LakerTom - I hope it's motivational, but the timing feels all wrong since Phil is already on the record as being fine with Bynum's decision to do the surgery later rather than right away. It truly feels, to me at least, that Phil is raising a delicate issue in his typical blunt fashion.

If Bynum doesn't fully recover from these multiple injuries, this puts a serious dent in our teams future. The now will be OK, as I mentioned I feel we're deep enough to challenege any team out there...this season. But age will eventually catch up to Kobe, Lamar, Ron Ron, Fish and Pau. Sooner than later (although Pau is so finesse I think he'll always be able to score, it's his D and rebounding that will decline more as he ages). When it does, it's to Andrew Bynum we will turn.

If we take it easy on Bynum now, allow him to truly strengthen the knee and the muscles around it, get his core and his base on the same page, and mentally clear himslef to go all out, it will only make the team better a year or two from now. Rush him back, over-exert him or some other similar scenario and we're looking at somebody who could become chronically hurt. Not what the team or the fans want to see.

I don't know, I often think 'what if' in terms of Bynum and his injuries. His talent is obviously for real, he displayed grit in the playoffs last year, and he impacts the opposing team in so many different ways. His injuries were not self induced but inflicted by team mates. However, we most likely would not have gotten Gasol if he hadn't been hurt the first time. We'll never know.

I hope Ebanks has time to work on his game after all his tweets. Man, addiction spelled t-w-i-t-t-e-r. He should have played Germany against Bynum in FIFA '11. I wonder if Kobe plays video games...naw!

@LAKERPEACE... “LakerTom, Do you think the Lakers need another "serviceable" 7' center as an insurance at this point? Do you think Ratliff and Caracter will be enough? No one knows if Bynum can go through the whole season without another injury.”
LOL. If I knew the answer to whether or not Drew would make it through the season without another injury, I would be out buying lottery tickets right now. The one thing I am sure of is that there is NOT another center out there who would be a better backup center right now than Pau Gasol. I think the signing of Ratliff and the drafting of Caracter were the only realistic moves that the Lakers could make to back up Drew. I do, however, think the odds of his suffering another freak season-ending injury are in the Lakers favor. The last three years, Drew has been able to increase his games played from 35 to 50 to 65, the same number of games Pau played. I also think he is reaching the point where he is catching up with his body and will not be prone to suffer some of the injuries. The dislocation of his knee, for example, usually happens more frequently with teenagers and young players still growing. Drew still reminds me in some ways of gangly colt still learning how to run.
@JAMIE... I still believe that Phil was “tweaking” Drew because he wants him to get back as soon as possible. Nevertheless, I think to a man the Lakers front office believes that Drew will become the next great Lakers center and our next franchise player who will anchor the team once Kobe retires. For that reason, they will make sure that Drew is completely healed and that there is no further risk of injury, especially after it appears that he DID injure his meniscus further by playing in the playoffs. To me, that is the only REAL controversy surrounding Drew’s injury. What’s up with the doctors telling him he could not injure it further by playing? What if he had suffered even more damage? That is the issue nobody has said a single word about. It may also be another reason the Lakers will be even more careful about allowing Drew to return too soon. JMNSHO.

Do you think the Lakers need another "serviceable" 7' center as an insurance at this point? Do you think Ratliff and Caracter will be enough? No one knows if Bynum can go through the whole season without another injury.

Posted by: LakerPeace | October 08, 2010 at 12:49 PM

I have not been impressed by Ratliff and thought Mbenga was better. But too early to tell. I wonder why they have not played Naysmith (sp?)



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