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Highlighting the Lakers' European trip through Twitter

October 8, 2010 | 11:12 am

56580292Whether you're a Lakers fan that has zero worries about the team's 0-2 start in preseason play or you think the season is now officially over, there were plenty of developments during the team's European trip.

The Lakers wedged in numerous NBA Cares events between their exhibition games against Minnesota in London and against FC Barcelona in Spain. Kobe Bryant played limited minutes in Britain, but felt healthy enough to log 25 minutes in Spain. Pau Gasol returned to his hometown. Lamar Odom appeared to be in midseason form. And though the Lakers look far from being a finished product, it appears their bench understands the concepts pretty well.

The trip featured plenty of other memorable moments and to help Lakers fans get up to speed, I'll take you through a time line based on the Twitter accounts from Ron Artest (RONARTESTCOM), Odom (RealLamarOdom), Devin Ebanks (DevinEbanks3) and Derrick Caracter (RebuildCaracter). As you can tell, you can always rely on Ebanks in ensuring that his Twitter account remains active.



Sept. 29

"damn this thing is coming around fast. we leave for london 2morrow, im so excited!!! who wanna help me pack? lol" -- Ebanks

"I HAVE TO MANY FREAKIN CLOTHES!!!! lol 4get this i will pack last min like i usually do, 4 sum reason wen i do that its goes faster.GYM FLOW" -- Ebanks

Sept. 30

"Practice was great. Gettin ready to head to Europe. London here we come! Is everyone ready for the season?" -- Odom

"On the plane on the way to London tweeps. 12hrs lol longest flight Eva!! Lol well I gotta do wat I gotta do. Ttyl!" -- Ebanks

Oct. 1

"WOW THAT WAS THE LONGEST FLIGHT EVA!! JUS finished practice, now im in my room 4 the rest of the day. WATS GOOD TWEEPS TALK TO ME IM BORED!" -- Ebanks

"Damn i jus woke up from a nic nap, my hours are all screwed up right now, What is there to do tonight in london?? hmmm??" -- Ebanks

"Thank god i didnt get in trouble for being late to dinner, it wasnt mandatory so im happy about that." -- Ebanks

"Even the shower's are diff, it took me like 5mins to turn it on lol" - Ebanks

"its reall 1207 am here and i have practice at 10 am 915 the bus leaves the hotel. How am i supposed to sleep wen im still on west coast time" -- Ebanks

"Am i fat for ordering my second order of 12 buffalo wings within 45mins? lmao" -- Ebanks

Oct. 2

"Brb twit fam gotta go handle my rookie duties real quick nd pass out these practice unifroms to every1. LOVING BEING A ROOKIE! LOL" -- Ebanks

"ok im back i hate knockin on doors 2 wake ppl up, but hey thats my job being a rookie, every1 sayin thank u wit the nasty morning breath lol" -- Ebanks

"Hey tweeps wats good? good morning to all of yall out there. Had a great practice today. bout to walk around london in a few nd shop a lil" -- Ebanks

"Bout to grab sum dinner wit the team i think the twolves will be there to, gonna be cool to see sum of my boys from that team as well" -- Ebanks

Oct. 3

"Jus finished handing out jersey's again lol this time i jus knocked once nd left da bags there, not waitin around for the morning breath lol" -- Ebanks

"so tired im not gonna go to the soccer game, jus gonna chill in my room all day and be a bum. if u need me this were i will be" -- Ebanks

"YO EFF TERRORIST, THEY STOPED MY MOM FROM COMIN TO LONDON TO C ME PLAY TOMORRW!!! Obama lets get it together!!! asap" -- Ebanks

Oct. 4

"First NBA game today focus is real high today. every1 plz pray 4 my grandma she isnt doin to well thank u! Makes Plays Not Excuses!" -- Ebanks

"Thanks every1 for wishing my grandma well she is thankful to, cant wait to get back to the states so i can speak to her on the phone" -- Ebanks

"Had good nap got my mind of things ready to hit the court, shower, dress, then bus, its a great day to be a LAKER!!! TIME TO PUT IN WORK!!" -- Ebanks

"Learned alot my 1st game, i had fun tho...on to the next 1 tweeps....Barcelona 2morrow, hittin the streets of london 4 the last night" -- Ebanks

"Yo this dude DC threw mad cold water and ice on me in the shower after the game, let the games begin he dnt kno it but imma get him bak" -- Ebanks

"off to sleep tweeps early flight to barcelona 2morrow gotta get up in 2hours" -- Ebanks

Oct. 5


Oct. 6

"Jus got back to the room from practice, gotta go do NBA CARES with the kids at 40, cant wait i love kids it should be lots of fun!!!" -- Ebanks

"What up Barcelona?!? there are a lot of dedicated fans here." -- Odom

"Had fun wit the kidz 2day, now back in my room grubing on some barcelona mckie d's lol about to play bynum in fifa 11. Who should i choose?" -- Ebanks

"Spain need to work on my Spanish" -- Caracter

Oct. 7

"OMG that was the best nap ever, im so ready to play now cant wait for this game to start. Wats up tweeps?" -- Ebanks

"Ebanks - the new Diddy" -- Caracter

"Daniel artest going to Portugal That's what I'm talking about U gonna come back speaking Spanish and not English" -- Artest

"Back at the hotel omg the crowd was crazy int the gym tonight, bout to chill for a min and enjoy my last night in barcelona!" -- Ebanks

"They have roscoes in Spain Wow I'm so amazed" -- Artest

"Barcelona is great Like Miami but better" -- Artest

"I'm walking around Barcelona with hearts on my boxers briefs and pictures of blonds on my tank top in bikinis" -- Artest

Oct. 8

"back to LA YESSSS" -- Artest

"on my way back to LA thank GOD !!! LOL SHOULD BE BACK AROUND 330-4" -- Ebanks

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Pau Gasol runs past the Timberwolves' Nikola Pekovic. Credit: Tom Hevezi/ Associated Press

Photo: Lakers forward Devin Ebanks tries to score against the defense of FC Barcelona forward Boniface Ndong in their exhibition game Thursday. Credit: Andreu Dalmau/EPA.