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Devin Ebanks is feisty, and the Lakers like it

In an ordinary practice, Lakers forward Devin Ebanks showcased an extraordinary effort. He tenaciously guarded Steve Blake at one point and tried to strip the ball away. As soon as he saw the loose ball, both Ebanks and Blake dove for it. Ebanks came out on top.

That play epitomizes the grit and determination Ebanks has showcased with the Lakers thus far in training camp. Kobe Bryant has praised Ebanks' work ethic, Ron Artest says, "He has some feistiness in him and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson expressed satisfaction with Ebanks' intensity.

"Devin's reacting really well defensively, " Jackson said. "Offensively, it's still a little bit of a mystery to him. But he's got the ability to find open spots and take shots and get down the court and be real active in our offense."

Ebanks' stat line in the Lakers' first two preseason games shows a modest contribution: 4 1/2 points per game on a three-of-seven clip in 8 1/2 minutes per contest. His understanding of the triangle and his shooting stroke need work, but his defensive tenacity fits in well with the physical intensity Bryant, Artest and Matt Barnes bring to the floor. It's hard to gauge how this all will translate into the regular season, considering the Lakers' loaded front court and Ebanks' inexperience. But one thing's for certain: The Lakers have a prospect who will quickly improve thanks to a positive and relentless attitude.

"Given the time I've been able to play, I think I gave good minutes, and I keep working out," Ebanks said. "In practice, I'm playing hard and playing defense. Things will work out."

Ebanks' determined attitude roots back to his childhood in Queens. The native New Yorker says the environment was rough, but it taught him he could "handle any type of adversity." That same determination enabled him to average 8.1 rebounds per game and excel in Bob Huggins' 3-1-1 defense at West Virginia and proved instrumental, last season, in the Mountaineers' first Final Four run since 1959. And his work ethic has made Artest and Lamar Odom, both also from Queens, proud that Ebanks has represented their home area well.

"I never really got to see him play, but wow I didn't know we had that talent right back at home," said Artest. "He's doing great."

Though Ebanks' determination is apparent, he also has a quiet, unassuming personality (at least outside of Twitter), which bodes well for a rookie trying to fit in with a veteran-laden team. He handles the frequent Trevor Ariza comparisons with grace -- the team's reminders, the media's questions, even when a Best Buy employee asked him if he was the former Lakers forward when he recently bought a TV.

It's a transition period for Ebanks, one in which he should flourish quickly. He's already shown signs of offensive development, averaging 15 points on 42.5% shooting from the field and 45.5% from three-point range in the first five summer league games. He continues working with shooting coach Chuck Person on his footwork and outside shooting. And he makes sure, like in last week's practice, to look for ways to show his hustle and grit. It's been a proven formula he hopes works again.

"I keep working on my all-around game," Ebanks said. "Things will work out.

-- Mark Medina

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--"'s David Aldridge reports a team executive told him the Lakers' signing of Steve Blake represented the best free-agent acquisition."

Nice to hear it. Hopefully it works out that way... but that executive ought to be fired because there's no way you can compare FA acquisition Steve Blake to FA acquisition of LBJ - in terms of talent, in terms of buzz, in terms of altering landscape of a team/division/league, in terms of competitiveness, and in terms of dollars made by the franchise as a result.

Anyway, can't wait for the season to start... and in other news, why the hell didn't I schedule one of my live LV poker sessions for this week???

I'm kicking myself

@MM… Great article about Devin Ebanks. You continue to feed us great views and stories to keep our Lakers addiction under control. Who said 1 guy can’t do the work of 2 even better? Kudos for becoming the “MAN.”
With all the hullabaloo about Miami’s free agent haul and the Lakers signing Blake and Barnes, the rest of the NBA still has not realized that Mitch Kupchak may have pulled off one of the greatest drafts for the Lakers since Jerry West drafted Kobe and Fish in the first round. Getting Ebanks and Caracter in the SECOND ROUND has given a serious boost to the Lakers long-term plans to continue dominance after Kobe retires. Andrew Bynum, Devin Ebanks, and Derrick Caracter may be the core of the next Lakers dynasty.

The earlier thread on LO's formal stewardship of the Lakers bench players, and this one on Ebanks got me to thinking. We need a new name for our bench. "Bench mob" dates back to when Jordan Farmar was the defacto bench leader and that era is over.

So... new season, new bench, new name. Anybody got one?

Hey Laker Tom - You're much too kind. I'm glad you've been enjoying the articles. I know how hungry the Lakers masses are so I'm just trying to keep up. Rick - That's an excellent idea. I'm going to try to brainstorm some ideas, maybe even ask some of the players for suggestions.


Thanks Laker Tom, and the rest of you. Being a Lakers fan makes it easy to post and comment. As for my profile, I have deferred to the long tenured bloggers first. They have earned the right to have their profiles posted first. In due time I will submit mine, but never before justanothermambafan does. Hint, hint.

Mitch really made some great draft choices... and we got lucky that Ebanks and Caracter were still available.
We needed youth and we got it. Thank God.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Don’t know if you have been following the Brett Favre PR fiasco but it’s looking more and more like his drunken cell phone photos sent to Jenn Sterger may well end his illustrious career in a shameful downfall. Out of curiosity, I went to and the evidence against Favre seems to be awfully compelling. Maybe professional sports teams need to do a better job of educating their players about the dangers of cell phone cameras. It just amazes me the way that these cameras have changed so much in our society from capturing criminals in the act to enabling very naïve and foolish people to stupidly embarrass themselves.
Good luck, Brett. You may need it since it looks like your football career is going to go down the tubes.

Did I miss something? When did Ariza come back to us?

Eerie resemblance.

a thought how about, the mots crew / More Of The Same? . oh well

New bench moniker, eh...hmmm...

Howzabout, The Bench Squad in COLOR as an homage to

Steve Blake and the Blakettes?
Super Adventure Club...oh wait, we don't go 'round the world buggering little boys.
The Benchies
Custer's Big Bad Brigade of Last Standers
Bane of the League
The Bench Le Bron WISHED He Had
Bill Simmons Worst Nightmare Squad


@LEWSTRS - No, not The River, but when Geddy sings, 'THE RIVER' during Tom Sawyer. But Creedence is the bomb biggity.

@LakerTom - You think Favre will step down if he gets suspended? Last I heard the person persuing the allegations was not cooperating with the NFL in terms of confirming the when/how/etc. Possibly that has changed during this 24 hour news cycle. It's too bad because that Vikings team has been one of the more interesting in terms of novella style plot lines. Tavaris Jackson waits in the wings, I still think he can make it happen on the field but when you're behind a Hall of Famer on the depth chart you gotsa be patient.

I think MM had it best:

Bench BOBB

@JAMIE… I don’t think there is any way that Favre does not get suspended for the rest of the season or the commissioner is going to be accused of playing favorites. How stupid can you be to send somebody you do not even have a relationship with revealing nude photos of your privates while wearing the same watch as you wear when you give your ESPN interviews. If the photos were not real, Brett would have spoken up right away. The guy is through and rightfully so. At least we won’t have to put up with his revoking this retirement.

Laker J - I will not cave in the face of this pressure.


MM - just had a chance to watch LO's moves on that clip from the last thread... OMG!!! I wish he'd do some more of that!!

Charlotte drafted Kobe, not Jerry West, but he pulled off a great trade, Vlade, the lovable flopper for the deadly assassin.

Unless Luke Walton is on the inactive list, Ebanks seems to be the odd man out of the 12 men roster (at least in the beginning of the season.) I'd rather have him with the team to learn triangle and practice together than send him to D-League. In the mean time Luke could serve as the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. It will be really interesting to see how the Lakers will handle their roster this season.

Wow, there are so many great posts/topics in todays blog!

I continue to say, Laker fans are the most knowledgeable bunch of hoop fans on the face of the planet.

- - -

LakerTom: Frankly, I'm glad Favre's downfall is imminent - if he did send those pics. I hated the fact he would continually string along the media, like fish hooked onto a hook, and delay his comeback/retirement, all the while acting like a 'good ol' boy' that was too unsophisticated to even realize the media fuss this was all causing. 'Acting like' are the key words there, because he knew full-well everytime he'd make a phone call to a teammate, a comment leaning out of his pickup truck, answer a reporters questions with a vague reply in his drawl that that BSPN and the media would be going into full-on Favre mode, splashing his words all over the airways.

Favre was really plucking the media like a string guitar. So long, good riddance, maybe this will FINALLY put an end to the zombie known as Brett Favre...

- - -

Laker J: "Thanks Laker Tom, and the rest of you. Being a Lakers fan makes it easy to post and comment. As for my profile, I have deferred to the long tenured bloggers first. They have earned the right to have their profiles posted first. In due time I will submit mine, but never before justanothermambafan does. Hint, hint. "
Justa, see what you're doin? You're holding up the natural way of things! Gotta get movin' on that profile! lol

Laker J, you've been on fire and know your stuff! If you wait for justa to submit a profile first, you might not get it in before the playoffs! lol.

- - -

Edwin Gueco: I'm with you on that, the NFL abandoned L.A. (2 teams gone in one summer, no less!) and they decided to give 'our' expansion team to Houston, so for sure my passion for the league has gone way down. I remember dragging my TV into the family room Sunday's so that we could watch 2 NFL games simultaneously.

Now, I barely watch the NFL - outside of Raider games when I can catch them. My oldest son is a football fan, but his brother follows NBA and soccer more, he doesn't watch NBA at all. I think most kids in L.A. aren't football fans either.

The NFL is losing this generation. Sad, sad, sad that the league can't put a team in the city that within a generation will be the largest in the U.S...

- - -

pfunk36: SHEER BRILLIANCE! I must reprint your excellent post in it's entirety. For those that haven't read it, enjoy:

"It's becoming increasingly apparent that Micheal Jordan and his legions are starting to feel a litte insecure as Kobe approaches ring #6 with 3 or 4 prime years left in his career.

In the USA Today article posted by MM...........Jordan says Kobe will finish as "a top 10 guard"!!! Oh really!! Hey Mike can you name 9 guards better than Kobe in the history of the NBA.....because I would like to know who they are. Can you name 3 guards for that matter with a more decorated and accomplished career as 5-time champion Bryant?

It has become obvious with the descent of the LeBron hype the powers that be are trying to resurrect "the dead" as they attempt to make MJ relevant again in a speculative game of "what if"? As Kobe fast approaches the legacy of MJ.......his sycophants are revving up the hype maching in an attempt to diminish Kobe's massive talent and accomplishments

Now MJ is claiming somehow he would have scored 100 points if he had been playing now.......uh, sure Mike............In Mike's highest point total he scored 69 points against Cleveland.........AND THAT WAS AN OVERTIME GAME!

When Kobe scored 81 points it is nearly forgotten that Kobe sat out 6 minutes of that game at the behest of the "real Kobe stopper" Phil Jackson. Kobe scored 81 points in 42 MINUTES!!

I can't take nothing from MJ's greatness but he did not have the skills to pull off that kind of's just really hard to see now because Jordan and history is being "romanticized" and packaged into "the flu" game or "the shrug" game.

As Kobe nears this historic mark of 6 titles and his 2nd 3peat.....Look for more Jordan fodder to diminish it."


@LakerTom - I dunno, Big Ben was only suspended 6 games (reduced to later to 4 for "Good behaior") and this person, coming out 2 years later, with no legal entities involved...yet, isn't accusing him of any actual contact (Big Ben was accused of a lot more), just harrassment. I say maybe a one game penalty unceremoniously ending his consecutive start streak, but allowing him to play the majority of the season. It wouldn't be playing favorites, but ti would send a disciplinary message. And if you think the NFL don't play favorites, imagine if, say, the Bengals had been caught cheating in the same way the Patriots were.

That clip of LO busting a fellah through the legs and then off the glass for the score...awesome!

Is RON, RON becoming the poster child of the NBA? the key's of the City in Vegas. I'll be their to see for myself, this must be a dream.

Is RON, RON becoming the poster child of the NBA? the key's of the City in Vegas. I'll be their to see for myself, this must be a dream. Posted by: JUSTA HATER | October 12, 2010 at 02:11 PM
LMAO! You're growing on me! I think you should submit your Profile!

Great to hear all the positive comments about Ebanks...I like his demeanor and his attitude...he is very fortunate to be with the Lakers, an organization that will help him maximize his talents and reach his full potential...Will he be part of the core in the post Kobe, Fish, Pau, and Artest years...Stay tuned to find out...

Lamar and his shimmy move and between the legs on the video was...SICK...

Yes LO...we need to see some of that play this year...not the hot dogging, but the determined drive to the of his best assets...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation....

#16 Coming Up!!!

@Jamie: I'm firewalled and can't peep your You Tube link but I assume it's for my all time favorite cop show THE MOD SQUAD! If I'm right, good on ya!

Diggin the feistiness. May the hubris stricken upon us by the trolls in Boston & Miami after 2 PRESEASON games revert into genuine fear when THE DEFENSE MOB hurries them into countless shot clock violations and blown 3 pointers when we meet (one of them) in June 2011!

New bench moniker,

Band of Brothers......and Luke Walton
MOAB Crew (mother of all benches)......and Luke
House of Pain Posse......and Walton
Pain Posse.......and, well you get the picture.
House of Pain
Wrecking Krew
Bench Riot
Wards of the Court
Benchmuda Triangle

Anyway, way too much time on my hands. I'm obviously having a little fun at Luke's expenese, but I wish him a full recovery, and hope that he can contribute this year.

From Twitter:

LakersReporter (Mike Trudell): "By the way, the regular season starts in exactly 2 weeks for the Lakers. Jackson said he'll start thinking about it in 10 days."

If then.

They really should cut walton and get ebanks some minutes. Ebanks at least has potential and the more experience he gets, the easier it'll be to gauge how valuable he'll become. we already know what walton's capable of "contributing".

With alot of the roster aging, we're going to need to energetic youth fairly soon and the sooner it's developed, the better.

@CCX… “Favre was really plucking the media like a string guitar. So long, good riddance, maybe this will FINALLY put an end to the zombie known as Brett Favre...” Apparently, that was not all he was plucking according to the photos on LOL. Welcome to the new world of cell phone camera media.

first off, if she didn't leak the Farve photos, who did, and how?

second off, who cares? it's not even news. i'm getting really tired people becoming sanctimonious about public figures and then doing worse themselves. even if he sent those pictures, it was 2 years ago and nasty maybe, but hardly more than an annoyance.

the love of idle gossip is alive and well in tha 2k.

"Things will work out."

I like it.

Sounds like Ebanks is fitting in well and being noticed by PJ and Ron for his tenacity. Heres a list of some potential names for the bench.

2nd string kings
Drew's Crew

what do you think? just spitballin

Laker fan in Texas

But they need not do that.



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