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Clippers' Eric Gordon and DeAndre Jordan expect Steve Blake to 'fit in well' with the Lakers

Steve Blake walked onto the floor at Staples Center donning a Clippers uniform without really knowing much about his teammates. He had just been part of a trade the day before that sent him and his teammate, Travis Outlaw, to L.A. for Clippers forward Marcus Camby. Since he'd be making his debut the following day, Blake would have to solely rely on his instincts. 

It turns out his instincts proved more than enough, as he recorded a game-high nine assists Feb. 17, 2009, in a 110-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The performance provided an early sign that there would be no such thing as an adjustment period for Blake.

"Our first game together, he found me for three lobs," Clippers backup center DeAndre Jordan said. "We hadn't even practiced together."


It sounds similar to Blake's acclimation with the Lakers after joining them this off-season as a free agent and agreeing to a four-year, $16-million deal. He immediately impressed the Lakers enough during the team's first two practices about his understanding of the triangle offense. Since then, Coach Phil Jackson and teammates have lauded the backup point guard for his court vision and instant chemistry with teammates, two variables that will instantly bolster the Lakers' bench this season.

Still, Blake has experienced some adversity, including a few untimely passes, a eight of 27 clip through the first five exhibition games and, this week, feeling under the weather with cold-like symptoms.

"Personally it's been a little up and down," said Blake after scoring 10 points on four of seven shooting Tuesday in the Lakers' 82-74 preseason loss to Utah. "The first couple games I just wanted to run the offense and not get too aggressive. Then there's another game where I get a bunch of shots and couldn't make them and then I get shots tonight and I do make them. So it's been a little up and down. I think that's to be expected on a new team with a new system and new players. Even though the season is coming soon, I'm looking forward to becoming more consistent."

Blake's comments speak more about his self-criticism and hunger level than anything serious. As Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said after Blake went zero of seven from the field last Sunday against Utah, "Steve Blake? He's fine." His quick acclimation with the Clippers offers proof why.

"It was easy for him," Clippers guard Eric Gordon said of Blake, who started in 10 of the 29 games and averaged 6.8 points and 6.1 assists in 26.3 minutes per contest. "We had a lot of guys who could score. He was just picking his spots where he would hit an open shot or create for somebody."

That, of course, isn't anything new. Jordan vividly recalled as a rookie when Blake tied Portland's franchise record 14 first-quarter assists and a season-high 17 during a rout in the 2008-09 off-season. Then there are some, such as Clippers center Chris Kaman, who refuse to remember. Consider this exchange with Jordan and Kaman last weekend before the Clippers' 108-104 preseason loss to the Denver Nuggets.

"Come here, Chris," Jordan said, motioning him toward his locker. "Do you remember when Steve had [14] assists in the first quarter in Portland?


"You remember that, Chris," Jordan said. "Chris Kaman is a hater. But Steve finds people. He found Chris a lot."

"Yeah and DJ for some nice sweet lobs."

"Chris can't catch lobs," Jordan shot back.

The Lakers have shown they can. Blake already has developed a knack for finding Lamar Odom in the post. He and Matt Barnes seem to be helping each other learn the triangle. And his energy has helped bolster the bench. That's why it comes as no surprise that even though the Clippers wanted to shed as much cap room for the LeBron James sweepstakes, teammates would've preferred he stayed. Instead, Blake's triple-double performance against the Lakers in their season finale just provided a glimpse for what he'll offer the Lakers this season.

"He has a real good niche for finding people and building chemistry with guys," Jordan said. "That team already has a real good bond, so he'll fit in well."

-- Mark Medina

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Double your pleasure, double your fun…
01 – LakerTom
02 – KobeMVP888
03 - Lewsters
04 – (D)erek (J)eter
05 - leonardbast78
06 – Nuggets Country
07 - lance from da' bronx
World Series Triumph #28 coming…
It’s not over until the Fat Lady sings….

@ZAIRA… Don’t know how I missed your original comments about your SF trip. Loved your comments about how time slows and expands during great musical events. How cool to see Adam actually wearing a Lakers shirt. Had to feel it was just for you. As I said before, the Greek is one of the best venues I have ever enjoyed.
@MCLYNE… Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your best day of the year. A Lakers win on your birthday.
Phil Jackson as a wild stallion? For Jeanie’s sakes, I hope you are wrong. Wild Horses – One of my favorites:
@63 FOOTER… Congrats on winning the RCOD. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Where is your blog profile?
We’ve just had some tidbits of great Lakers stories. Now we want the full novel, including details of you exploits on the court with Lakers greats.
LROB… Damn, now I can’t think of music without thinking of all the great links you post and your encyclopedic knowledge of everything music. So here’s some CRAZY songs for you on a Crazy Friday: (written by the incomparable Willie Nelson)

no more Clippers mentioning on the Lakers blog. bad karma

except when we beat them.

leave them in the dark in the small locker room.



Thanks for the birthday wishes!

As for Phil, I hope he does stick it out with Jeanie. He just lives his life in a different way and seems to follow his own rules when it comes to a lot of things.

I just picked up the new Kings of Leon album today, so this one's for the music lovers on this blog:


I know I don't post as much as I used to, but don't forget about me on the Lakers/Yankees roll call!

Double your pleasure, double your fun…
01 – LakerTom
02 – KobeMVP888
03 - Lewsters
04 – (D)erek (J)eter
05 - leonardbast78
06 – Nuggets Country
07 - lance from da' bronx
08 - bronxlakerfan
Bronx… Don’t know how the hell I missed you.
Hughes is going to pitch a no-hitter tonight
World Series Triumph #28 coming…

Activator - Come on man. I'm just trying to get some insight from a team that he's played with before.


No worries...with all the good vibes that you're generating, it's all good for both the Lakers and the Yanks!!!

MM - Good post on Blakie. I loved when he said He's looking forward to where he's playing consistent.

He's a true pro and a winner who won't shy away from the big moment. I believe his NCAA title at Maryland helped him develop that champion mindset. I'm looking forward to seeing him play with Drew because I know Blake will feed him. And as Shaq used to know when you feed the Big Dog he'll protect the house.

Good post MM.

I'm glad Mitch waited and didn't trade for Kirk Hinrich last season.

I like Blakes game and his contributions to the Lakers so far.

Activator - Come on man. I'm just trying to get some insight from a team that he's played with before.

Posted by: Mark Medina | October 22, 2010 at 02:55 PM

i know i know, but in that case, put in some REAL effort. how bout Portland?

Blake does not need references. he had 14 assists in a QT. in Portland. he had a triple-double against US last year w/Clippers. and last night he was 18-7.

did Fish ever had 18 pts. 7 assists in a game?
did Fish ever had 14 assist (not in a QT), in a game??????????????

maybe u can tell us why Eric Gordon is such a media darling? is he David Stern's nephew or something? what an overrated punk.

I posted this on the last thread and I think its worth a repost....Adrian W. of Yahoo really hits the nail on the head with this article IMO.

One rule I would really like to be enforced strictly is the one restricting coaches on the sideline to the coach's box. Too many coaches (Doc Rivers in particular) spend a lot of their time actually on the court. This needs to stop. Also, why do referees stand right near the benches during free throws?. It seems to me, that if they stood on the opposite side of the court during free throws, it would eliminate a lot of the gamesmanship, lobbying and bitching by coaches while free throws are being taken.

I'm not worried about this Laker team. Once everyone rounds into shape and develops a certain comfort level with each other, this is going to be one formidable team. This team, even without Kobe or Drew would probably be good enough to win 48 to 50 games. Add a highly motivated and healed Mamba and a healthy Drew to the mix and this crew is going to be downright scary.


lol.. Activator. You should change your handle to "Agitator".

Mike Miler is out until January with a busted thumb.

I am hearing the Heat will sign Jerry Stackhouse. It seems like Mike Miller's injury is really serious.

@63 footer - Blues...a good thing ALWAYS. Deadly Tedley...yep aka...Uncle Ted...aka The Motor City Mad

@Ms - Hmmm. Good selection. I know House Music is big in Chicago also. Are you from there?

@Jamie - A man of the your thang bruh.

@Mamba - I don't know how I missed that classic Stevie/Dionne/Whitney/Luther collab earlier. But I do miss Elton and Gladys on it!

@Justa - Until the End of went deep on us today. Me and Caracter

@Lew - Kid Rock...yez! Oh yeah...I see you made several moves on your fantasy squad...bery bery interesting. Thank you for the title adjustment :-)

@JLF - A true House classic..Martha Wash rocked that. Of course I didn't like that they put that slim lady of the video instead of Martha...aka one half of the Two Tons of Fun and The Weather girls.

@BronxLakerFan - Thanks for posting the Adrian Woj article. He's always a good read.

@LakerTom - Patsy Cline now that's a voice for the ages. I almost posted her yesterday when 63 footer mentioned Chris Bell as dying young. I opted for a little Marshall Tucker salute instead because I didn't know if the blog could handle Patsy. I'll learn never to underestimate this blog. Great post!

@mclyne - Happy Bday again. I was a little lukewarm on Kings of Leon initially but they're growing me.

Zaira - your man is cooking dinner for you. That's a beautiful thing. Sounds like you got one of these type of brothers...


i don't have agit props

go back to previous threads like yesterday, i have 2 long posts/answers 4 u, re: Farmar, Bynum and freak injuries. i put a lot of time, slow typing into. just 4 U. nothing vicious. :-)

Activator - Come on man. I'm just trying to work within the confines since there's not a budget set for me traveling. So I went a few hours to the Clippers game before the Lakers to get their insight. I'd qualify that as a real effort

Hey guys we should have a another post up within the next hour. I hope you enjoy it. It's a very comprehensive one

>>>Mike Miler is out until January with a busted thumb.

And thus goes the first chink in Miami's armor.

And LeBron and Dwyane have each had a minor injury this preseason as well also.

I'm going to change my predition... whoever stays healthiest among Miami, Orlando, and Boston will face the Lakers in the finals.

Mike Miler is out until January with a busted thumb.
Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | October 22, 2010 at 03:39 PM

poetic justice. or rule of the thumb

wowwwwwww, Jerry is back. Jerry Stackhouse. another overrated fossil.

i was reading the yahoo blog and heard about the Miller injury. some blogger suggested that Heat should sign also AI. now, that will be a collection

i never liked Bosh. first time heard of him when he started his campaign to get in the all star game many years 3? ago. in the all star game he was a joke missing all his outside shots. if i remember correctly even a layup. never made a pass, nothing spectacular, and he was like a dead end when getting the ball.

in all star game i expect player to have fun and to make great plays so they can show WHY they r all stars.

anyway, i mentioned that because everyone is making fun of him that he is a wuss w/Heat.

looks like the "Heat Index" on BSPN or should we call it now the "Heat Thumb" lost 600 points.

I'm going to change my predition... will face the Lakers in the finals.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan

of course u do. Luke is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys we got a new post. I hope you enjoy it


I think KOL's best album is "Only by the Night," but "Because of the Times" is a very close second. I've seen them live a couple of times now, and like all really great bands, they are excellent live.

Thanks again for the B-Day props.

very nice good news i like it



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