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Chat: Lakers vs Houston Rockets

Live Event: "Lakers vs. Rockets" by latmedina
Scheduled start: October 26, 2010 at 7:14PM PDT

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sup peeps!

@63 Footer: 'de nada', glad you liked 'Ty'.
@JustaLakerFan: Glad you liked 'Ty' also.

BTW, I liked your 'Latin' selections. I used to be a 'Deodata' junkie back in da day.(LOL) I also used luv 'Hiroshima', especially the female vocalists...such sweet voices.
@LRob: Glad you're enjoyin' the 'across the pond' series.(LOL) Also, I could only find one tune featuring Ty w/ Estelle...I'll post it below.
@ChicNstu: A lil' 'Third World' is always nice...thanks!

Estelle - Free - feat.Ms Dynamite, Terri Walker, Liberty X, TY, Blak Twang, Shystie, Natasha Bedingfield amongst others -

For those who enjoyed 'Ty' here's one more for you.

Ty - Happiness - feat.Vula Malinga -

Here's the next entry in my 'across the pond' series.

Electric Conversation - Vibe Change -

Electric Conversation - Cosmos - feat.Rep Life -

Here's one for tonight's game!

KoRn - Let's get this party started -

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Oh what a night something to remember for the ages back2back Championship.

Oh-oh the other coast, the crab, the shrimp and the lobster did not make it, I bet Eric Spoelstra is now in hot water. Pat Riley is eking to move in. Eric will be fired soon. hoho!

"the crab, the shrimp and the lobster"

high cholesterol

Correction: That 'Ty' track is titled 'Heart is Breaking' not 'Happines', sorry!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

God WTF shannon missing Steve Blake wide fricken open for three
In the beginning of the 4th. SB truly has no vision

what an exciting game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the rockets got browned for a few minutes and blakerized to perfection

The Rockets never saw it coming...


Blake, Barnes, and Brown set `em up and knocked `em down

Here's what's great about depth - somebody can step up every night.

Kobe played solidly, but still isn't his agressive self. Pau and Lamar were right on par. Fish and Artest were below par. Barnes played well while he was in.

And Brown stepped way up. Blake stepped up. And they squeeked out a win.

It will be different folks every night, but somebody will usually get it done. And PJ rode the hot hands, sitting Derek and Ron and giving Brown and Blake extra run.

Brown's improved outside shooting is a huge plus and will really affect Sasha's minutes. Bext Shannon has to work on making plays in the open floor.

sorry, having troubles with my sign in, i'll catch you guys later.

Glad for the win - we worked for it. The Killer B's did great. Lamar... you da man.

I thought the touching ring ceremony made up for the less-than-stellar parade. It was cool to see.

Kobe ain't at no 90%. I'm going with 75%... for the moment.

At the end of the game did anyone notice the bags under Pau's eyes? Is his girlfirend letting him get enough sleep? Get some rest ya big Spaniard!

I am full of paella, and totally happy at the L's win. Oh, and the Celtics won, too. Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics for the rubber match... Lakers, of course, kick some Celtic behind, make them all cry like little children, and the window closes on the Greenies.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

This was an excellent victory, the bench really stepped up. But early on, the Lakers showed a weakness in their bench. When Odom picked up his 2nd foul in the 1st Qtr--PJ went to Caracter and later to Ratliff. I think we need another F/C somewhere down the line.

Great win tonight, I think it's the second unit that really made the difference. They played good defense too.....the journey for the 3 peat has just begun....

oh my...derek fisher...1 of 7 shooting (14%)..3 rebounds...2 assists....i didn't watch the game. can anyone tell me if he played better than what that stat line looked? it is only the first game but it is discouraging to see our leader putting up such bad numbers.


Fish actually played worse that what those stats show.

Where's Dfish?

And we're off! Win #1 towards 3-peat!
Best part of the evening besides the win? Phil introducing Luke by saying "Bill may be his father but he's actually my son." LMAO

Bad game from Fisher, lame shooting from Fisher, Kobe and Artest. Caracter and Ratliff provide little.

And we still win.

Great stuff. Shannon looks like 08-09 again. It was the thumb people, the thumb. Very glad we kept him. And yeah, he totally missed Blake wide open. Oops. Blake needs to teach him to look left-right like he does as he brings up the ball.

Barnes is tight and is giving us exactly what I hoped he would. Toughness, D, rebounding and some going after it. As well as a little dose of crazy.

Blake seemed just okay, then dropped 2 key 3s in crunch time and another very late in the 4th for good measure.

The Rockets are a pretty decent team, but they are no match for us when we have it sort of together, at least as long as Brooks can't shoot the 3 like the rest of the darn team.

Frickin' TNT - they're saying that the Heat played the "best bad game" they've ever seen and are going to be scary. Ha! Anything to keep the myth going. I think they'll have some big games, but I saw some looming, gaping holes that only a few trades, drafts and wrangling over the years can fix.

They did say that Kobe was the best closer in the game and Phil and Kobe were the best duo... so that's gotta count, but I hat the false buildup stuff.

What did Phil Jackson say during the ceremony?
He held his ring high and said, "THIS is what we play for!"
Heck, yes, it is, Phil!
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

The game was a thriller and Houston, to their credit, played very hard and shot very well.
Could we have played better defense?
But it's okay.
I sure hope Andrew Bynum is using his Dit Da Jow, though. We could use him back and healthy.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

I loved the effort from the bench tonight, especially the way Shannon played. He showed me he's not content with being a throw-in in that '09 trade. He definitely worked on his game this summer, and I hope he can keep up a similar effort throughout the entire season. Blake and Barnes looked comfortable in the system as well.

-Happy Laker Day!

Almost forgot to mention the starters: Kobe played well, but is obviously not at 100% (not sure he ever will be, though 90-95% is plausible) as was evidenced by his shooting percentage; Gasol played like he's the best PF in the league; Odom was very solid; Ron struggled with shooting, but had a solid all-around game with 7 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assists; and Fisher struggled.

shannon missing Steve Blake wide fricken open for three
In the beginning of the 4th. SB truly has no vision

Posted by: ZaCh | October 26, 2010 at 09:53 PM
ZaCh - I saw that too. It was right after Blakie had just hit his 1st 3. Fortunately the Lakers still scored on that possession. They showed Kobe on the bench and you could see him motioning to pass to Blake in the corner. But Shannon made up for it by banging some 3's and getting a couple of steals.

I loved the effort from the bench tonight, especially the way Shannon played. He showed me he's not content with being a throw-in in that '09 trade. He definitely worked on his game this summer, and I hope he can keep up a similar effort throughout the entire season. Blake and Barnes looked comfortable in the system as well. The starters had mixed results:

Kobe played well, but is obviously not at 100% (not sure he ever will be, though 90-95% is plausible) as was evidenced by his shooting percentage; Gasol played like he's the best PF in the league; Odom was very solid; Ron struggled with shooting, but had a solid all-around game with 7 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assists; and Fisher struggled.

Happy Laker Day!

At the end of the game did anyone notice the bags under Pau's eyes? Is his girlfirend letting him get enough sleep? Get some rest ya big Spaniard!
Posted by: 63 Footer | October 26, 2010 at 10:55 PM
63 Footer - yeah it looked like Pau was sapped late in 4th. Once Yao fouled out he had Brad Miller on him. He had the ball in the post a few times and passed it back out instead of being aggressive.

We do have High expectations for Pau this year, but in his defense he did have a very solid game and it ain't easy banging with Yao.

Solid win. Kobe gutted it out, Pau and LO did their thing, but the big story was the Shannon and Blake in the 4th. Big time 3's and good defense.

Ron started off hot, but once the adrenaline wore off he couldn't hit anything. He must've missed 5-6 layups. I think the ceremony zapped him.

We have new Rings...We have a new Bench...We have an energized Lamar...

We have our first win for the new season...We have a good start...

Great ending to a great day...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!

oops meant Pau looked zapped not

LRob -

I beat Blitz for tonight 6-3...I saw that you took MM too...with only 2 players...

LO, Artest and Blake put up some numbers...and Rondo with the 16 assists...

Think I'm getting a good idea now...I just picked up Shannon too...

Conditioning really paying off for Fisher tonight. Did you see him get off that bench at the end of the game.

@Lew - pre game music boost by Van Halen/G&R got me pumped.

@JustaLF - No Doubt = good stuff. Sam/Ben E - classics.

@GDUB - That Estelle was really good. I like it better than some of her current stuff. The Ty you posted today "Heart is Breaking" was a hit. Had that Chubb Rock type of vibe. Enjoyed the Electric Conversation also. Cracked up when he worked "Danger Will Robinson" in the rap.

@Lew - yep I saw you had a good night, but its only about two games out of 30+ we have this week, so don't go counting the W too soon. Rondo will be an all star for you in fg%, asst, stls and even rebs for a guard.

@Blitz - what's up? I saw your gm gave one of your potential players a DNPCD. We haven't heard from you in a few days.

Quick thoughts:

- Best...Ring...Ceremony....EVER. So personal, so emotional, just perfect.

- Thank you Phil for leaving Blake in the game. Making the game winner in your first game as a Laker? Can't get much better than that. I am, however, a little concerned (confused?) as to why Fish got more minutes that Blake tonight.

- Shannon Brown will be this year's version of Trevor Ariza.

- Barnes looked solid, except for the time he got dunked on by some dude named Chase.

- Where's Sasha?

- Character looked nervous, but that is to be expected.

- The Lakers should sign Eric Dampier. He is still available for possibly the vet's minimum, and could possibly contribute 15-20 minutes a game until Bynum returns. If Luke voluntarily retires, the Lakers would have space and money to sign him.

- What a way to start the season!

LRob -

yeah Blitz is MIA...he didn't even set his roster...the guy he had on the bench had a huge night...

My Laker boys had a huge night...Blake with assists and trey, Ron with the treys, steals, and rebounds, LO strong across the board...

I waived Hinrich and signed Shannon...hehehe...

Now I know I have to reset roster when Lakers are off...

Pau was solid for you tonight...

Folks hate to admit it but time for Fisher to hang it up. just pathetic tonight...could not stay with anyone on defense. And can't buy a basket. Just too damn slow for the NBA !!!

Nice to be back!

Really exciting game. Lat year's Lakers LOSE that game.

Nice to see Blake make a few shots (every shot I saw him take during the pre-preseason was a brick). Like Barnes' toughness.

Shannon's shot release looks soooo improved. If he maintains his form, he could be one of our key assets this year.

Felt bad that we didn't see Sasha today. We have way too many guards it seems. I know that dude can play so I wish he'd get some minutes.

Hard to believe that one of our best players is out and Kobe is not even close to being 100%.

This team really has the potential to be special.

and yes fisher stunk it up. and no, I do not care. Come playoffs he will do his thing.

Theo Ratcliff didn't look good tonight, hope he picks it up, but I have a hollow feeling that the Lakers should have gone after Shaq during the off-season. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us. It made a lot of sense to go after Shaq, specially in keeping him away from the hated Celtics. Let's face it, the Lakers won game 7 last year because of rebounding. Shaq could have provided a solid back-up for Andrew. Now he's doing the same for Perkins in Boston.

More than anything though, Theo Ratcliff looks really old and slow. I hope this is just a one-game thing and he improves. I hate to say it, but I doubt he'll be all that much better than Mbenga.

I never saw Kobe this relax and happy with his team. I am sensing a very very special season ahead of us.

Go Lakers! Go Kobe!

>>>The Lakers should sign Eric Dampier.

Good call, Laker Truth. Ratliff has looked unimpressive. Caracter looked like a nervous rookie (though I think he'll settle down and do fine). Dampier would be a big fat lump in the middle until Andrew's back to work.

I have the unfortunate and unpleasant task of informing Laker Nation that our beloved friend and family member, Rick Friedman, is seriously ill and has been in the hospital for the past week and a
half, and will be residing there for awhile longer. He is having difficulty getting to the blog from his Blackberry, and so that's another reason why we haven't seen him around lately. He is currently receiving the world's best medical attention, and has a wonderful support system in place with family and friends. I spoke with him today and he is extremely upbeat and sounds good. (He watched the game last night and that helped LOL!) He can't handle a lot of emails and phone calls now, but I told him I'd keep in touch and convey any and all well-wishes from his second family here. Please post your thoughts, if you so desire, and I'll make sure he hears about it. God bless you Rick. Get well soon. Laker Nation needs your insight, intelligence, humor and enthusiasm. Much love, my very dear BFF.
(01) JUSTANTHERMAMBAFAN – OWNER - . God bless you Rick. Get well soon. Laker Nation
needs your insight, intelligence, humor and enthusiasm. Much love, my very dear BFF.
02) MARK MEDINA – BLOG GOD - Rick - I am sorry and saddened to hear the news regarding your
illness. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here at the blog that we certainly miss your presence
here, but more importantly, wish you a speedy and healthy recovery. Mark Medina
(03) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER – CHAPLAIN – LET US PRAY Dear Lord, we seek You on behalf
of our fellow Lakers Blog Patriarch Rick Friedman. We ask You Lord to usher him into full recovery. We
ask You to take every broken place in his body and mend it. We ask You to clear out every toxin in his bloodstream and make it pure. We ask you to reveal Yourself as HEALER in Rick's life. Use the doctors
to correctly diagnose the issues and to fix them. May he feel the love and encouragement from his Lakers Blog family radiating through his system. May he receive the love, comfort and encouragement from his immediate family above all else. I thank You personally for allowing me to meet him face to face.
Thank You for his humility. Thank You for his spirit. You have truly made Rick Friedman THE MAN.
And we boldly ask You to bring him back to us. Safe and sound and ready to unite with us as we pray
and encourage our Lakers into that mighty 3-Peat. We thank You for answered prayer. Most of all,
we thank You for Rick being part of our lives. AMEN!
(04) ZAIRA – BLOG GODDESS - I was meant to start by congratulate multiple RCOTD winners Justa sweetie and LRob, but the Rick's news Justa brought made me change it all. Please Justa send him my greatest well-wishing and open care. I was wondering what did happen to him yesterday in chat and somehow I was feeling the only thing that could have prevented him from HERE and us could have
been of a healthy kind. Mr. Rick Friedman is dear to my heart; he has been the very first person try
to reach for me out of the blog and he's one of the most smart and passionate persons I have ever
come across. And I don't just mean in the online people category. We all want him well and back soon.
I will think of him daily until everything is fine again.
(05) BENJAMIN – FAMILY MEMBER - Please add me to the Rick Friedman bandwagon. I'm actually family so I've gotten in touch with him a bit and he's one of our most enjoyable family members (and not just by being here on the Lakers blog). In good news, there's a possibility he's out of the hospital in a few days
(06) PHRED – THE LOVE - Not good to hear about Rick Friedman. Thanks though, justa, for letting us know. I hope we can keep up on his condition, and I hope way more that he will make a full recovery.
Not sure what I can do, but whatever I can, I will. Put me on the ‘Get well, and get posting more
RCOTDs soon, Rick’ bandwagon post haste. THE LOVE and the love of all of us are both here by your
side, Rick. Although we really do look for and appreciate the comments by the people we know on the
blog, we really don’t know anything about them. We don’t know them personally, we don’t know their families, and if something happened to them and they stopped posting comments here, we might never
hear from them again. Tonight, I’m just thankful that at least some of us know a little bit about one of
us. I’m thankful that justanothermambafan has heard something about Rick Friedman, and that she has been able to share with us at least some idea of what has happened to our friend. And at least tonight, I
have no doubt that we feel nothing but love for Rick and we are glad that we know him. I hope that this
can reach him, and while I am scared for Rick, I really am feeling the love for everybody here on the blog.
Ok, i have to go to bed now, but I want (and appreciate) Rick Friedman updates as soon as they are available. Justa, if you read this, please let Rick know (don't disturb him though) that phred and THE LOVE are here for him.
(07) LROB – CO/DRIVER - Justa - please pass along my get well wishes and prayers to Rick Friedman. Thanks for sharing that info.
(08) CALIPHILOSOPHER – DRIVER -Put me on the "Get Well Rick Friedman Soon" bandwagon. I would be very appreciative, and would like to show my support (however I can) to one of the blog's finest.
(09) #4
(10) EDWIN GUECO – RIDING SHOTGUN - Rick F, we'll be praying for your immediate recovery. Hang in there
(11) CAP’S GOOGLES - Rick Friedman: you have my prayers my blog brother. You, Mamba, and Edwin were the first ones to welcome me to the blog and I send good juju, karma, energy or anything I got to your well being. Get well!
(12) BRONXLAKERFAN - Get well soon, Rick Friedman!!
(13) LAKERMIKE - RICK FRIEDMAN ...On behalf of your extended family here at the LakerBlog, we pray that you will experience rest and healing in the days ahead. Your contributions here have endeared you to our hearts. Get well soon. Mike
(14) 63 FOOTER - justanothermambafan - please send my good thoughts and best wishes to Rick. Get better and come back soon!
(15) LAKERTOM - JUSTA... Thanks for the sad news about our good blog friend Rick. He will definitely be in our prayers every day until he gets well. Thank God he was able to watch the game. The healing powers of the Lakers and the Lakers Blog can only help Rick. Mamba, please put me at top of the Get Well Rick Bandwagon. Rick is one of our longtime original bloggers who deserves unanimous love and support from all of us. Get well, Rick. You are everything that is great about this blog. God bless you and your family.
(16) IHEARTKB24 - Rick Friedman - I'm sending you healing thoughts...Get well soon!!!
(17) LAKERLASS – Get well soon Rick!
(18) D(EREK) J(ETER) - To Rick, Get well soon my friend, we all need you healthy for yourself, your family and LakerUniverse! Our prayers are sent for you!
(19) KOBEMVP888 - I echo brother Edwin's sentiments. So saddened to here this. This is very sad news. I will pray for him and may he have a speedy recovery.
(20) LAKESHOWINPHX - Get Well Rick! the Lakers bretheren is wishing you a speedy recovery! Lakeshowinphx
(21) JOLLY RANCHER - Rick F - Do what Nurse Ratchet says and get back here soon. This season is going to be too fun to miss. (hospitals never have the right channels).
(22) ART-FL LAKERS FAN - Rick F, Your posts on the blog are intelligent and well reasoned. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts when you are able. Best wishes.
(23) PATRICKHENREYPRESS - Get well soon, Rick!
(24) NEWMEXICOLL - Rick Friedman... Prayers go out to you and your family.
(25) MAMBA24 – Get well soon Rik. The Blog needs all the Class it can get sir. You have The Lakers Blog and The Lakers Nations prayers.
(26) JEFE101 - Very sorry to hear that Rick is not well - best wishes for a speedy recovery
(27) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL - RICK F!!! Prayers out friend. We can't wait to have your wisdom, wit and best in class words back on the blog. But in the meantime, your extended LAT blog fam has your back. Feel the spirit - we are with you! PLG
(28) HTJ - Please add me to the Rick bandwagon. Get well soon Rick! The Friedman award ain't the same without you.
(29) TOM DANIELS - RICK FRIEDMAN, I always love your posts, and your creative blog handle, so my selfish wish is for your health. But more importantly, I wish you health for you and your family and your real life out there. We are all behind you here.
(30) ALLNET - Rick Friedman, may you get well soon. And a reminder to us all: there ARE some things more important than basketball (this being one of them).
(31) 2PHATT - Sign me up for Rick bandwagon" A True SUPERSTAR" get well soon.
(32) LAKERJ - A thought, a prayer and the best of wishes to Rick Friedman.
(33) JAMIE SWEET - Rick, get well, find strength in the love expressed frmo your family and friends and from everyone here on the Blog who has shared in your insights. Besides, the Laker season is best enjoyed in good health!
(34) JON K - Rick Friedman, - Man, I'm sorry you are ill. You are in our prayers.
(35) EASTCOASTJESSIE – Get Well soon Rick!
(36) MCLYNE – I couldn't have said a better prayer for Rick. So, I'll just say my prayers are with you, Rick and .AMEN as well.
(37) NBA4EVER - The great blogger Rick please get well soon! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(38) CHICNSTU - Please add me also.. Rick you are missed here at the blog. Get well soon Sir.
(39) LEWSTRS - Rick Friedman -I'm sorry to hear the new of your illness...Please know that your are in our thoughts and prayers...Get well soon and come back...otherwise we will have to call the RCOTD award...the 'justanothermambafan award'...
(40) FAN OF THE MAMBA - Rick my prayers are with you, be strong my brother.
(41) LAKERSUNSHINE - Rick, get well soon. I love to read your posts, and look forward to reading many more
(42) PURPLE HEART - please add me to the RF recovery bandwagon. Rick, may God's healing hand touch you and restore your body to tremendous health. Keep the faith!!
(43) MUD - i didn't see the Rick Freidman message, i wish him the best...
(44) SEGEBOY/TALIQ – THE SHERIFF - Here's wishing Rick Friedman a speedy recovery. Dude's always on point with his posts, and never starts no 'ish. So here's wishing he gets no 'ish from the doctors and walks out of the hospital on point with a smile on his face.
(45) DAN THE MAN - Get well brother, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.



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