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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 82-74 preseason loss to Utah Jazz


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details Shannon Brown's off-season work (long hours in a really hot gym) and how that could make him into a more complete player this season.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Jim Alexander explains how age and fatigue will prove challenging for the Lakers this season.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding explains how Steve Blake's contentious play with Francisco Elson sparked the Lakers in their 82-74 preseason loss Tuesday to Utah.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky present post-game video. BK also breaks down the Lakers' loss to Utah.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen says the bench's energy helped the Lakers step it up in the second half.

--The Philadelphia Inquirer's John P. Martin reports Lower Merion High School will name its new gym after Kobe Bryant.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller believes the Lakers should be wary of the Miami Heat.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Brian T. Smith highlights Elson's performance.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford explains Blake's up-and-down preseason as well as Phil Jackson's curiosity about what Magic Johnson will do now that he sold his stake with the Lakers. Teaford also talks to Fox Sports about the upcoming season in the video below.

<a href="" target="_new" title="Countdown to Tip-Off: Lakers">Video: Countdown to Tip-Off: Lakers</a>

--The Commercial Appeal's Ronald Tillery talks to Jerry West about his regrets about not landing a franchise player for Memphis.'s Mike Trudell shares his running diary of the Lakers-Jazz pre-season contest.

--Basketball Reference put together its preview capsule for the Lakers.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore sizes up the Orlando Magic.

--Lakers Nation's Ramneet Singh asks readers where Bryant ranks in Lakers history.

Tweet of the Day: "Woke up this morning stuffed up, headache, sore throat. Feels like @steveblake5 gave me his cold. Nooo! If mama goes down we're all screwed!" -- kristenblake2

(Kristen Blake, wife of Lakers guard Steve Blake)

Reader Comment of the Day: "1. The Lakers looked like they were sleep-walking through the game. - 2. It seems that we are getting more creative with our passing this year, which is good. - 3. Listen I find the non-stop whining and complaining of players to be totally annoying and offputting, but this technical rule needs to be adjusted because it simply does not work as it is presently being enforced." -- Jon K.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is pressured by Utah guard Raja Bell during the first half of the Lakers' 82-74 exhibition loss Tuesday. Credit: Jae C. Hong/ Associated Press

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My favorite part of the game last night was Kobe taking down Bell.

My 2nd fav was Blaker getting all feisty.

Otherwise - meh.

Oh - and congrats Jon K on the Freidman Award! I totally agree.

I too have noticed the creative, free-flowing ball movement the Lakers are displaying this preseason. It might just be because of the fact that it is preseason, there's nothing to lose and they are playing carefree. But at the same time it doesn't seem like the ball movement is resulting in over-passing. Lets hope this translates into crisp ball movement in the regular season and that the mustard's NOT off the hotdog by then...


LOL @ yello and ouchhhhh -
You guys are in mid-season form already!!

Posted by: justanothermambafan | October 20, 2010 at 10:38 AM

i am in JUNE 2011. bring it on.

Yay Jon K - Congratulations of the RCOTD...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!

Wait a second. Activator is Ouchhhhhh?

Welcome back ouch.

Awesome Justa! Steve BLAKER! Love it.

And BTW Thank you LEW, KobeMVP888, and CyberCosmix for the love on on one of yesterdays posts.

Utah will NOT be an easy out like in years past.
Unlike Boozer, Al Jefferson can more than hold his own against Gasol and/or Bynum. He knows how to score against length with his craftiness.
The Jazz will also have a SG (Bell), unlike in year past (Ronnie Brewer, Wes Mathews), who will make the Lakers pay for leaving him wide open on the perimeter. Lamar can dominate Boozer at times with his speed and penetration, but Milsap is not a good matchup for Lamar. The short, strong and feisty players have always given Lamar problems (Big Baby, Carl Landry, Milsap). Considering the fact that nobody wants to play in Utah, the Jazz have done a great job assembling the right pieces around Deron this summer.

Jello - no problem, but sadly I did not originate the term "Blaker".

However, I've got no problem taking credit for it!


ouchhhhhh - yeah baby - It doesn't matter until June 2011. But still - gotta enjoy the ride, right?! Why else be on here? LOL!!

Throw me on that next Wednesday bus.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


Posted by: mamba24 | October 20, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Have I mentioned lately that Mo Williams stinks?

Hugo Boss!

How are things in the CO? All is well I hope. It is good to see you posting here again. Are you planning on going to the one of the Lakers games in Denver?

Good time Fam!!!

Congratulating Jon K for his totally well deserved RCOTD, I have also to show appreciative signs to the post that made me giggle uncontrollably while reading all that had passed since my mourning post yesterday evening (I still need recovery after that loss... and sorry Larry... but I enjoyed my *special healing* therapy a LOT ;)... lol...).

This was ace:

"Yes, Lebron can only imagine
"We are emotional players," James said. "I mean, just imagine if it's Game 7 of the Finals and you feel like there was a call missed or something you felt should have been called and you show emotion. And you're at a point where you already have a technical foul, and now you get kicked out of Game 7 of the Finals because of this rule. It wouldn't be great."

Posted by: There are 4 lights | October 20, 2010 at 02:25 AM"

Man, I LOVED it. Kudos ;)

About this freaking Evil Stern new bs T-rule trick, I said as soon as it came out that it would have been vicious, negative, and a total weapon on the back of our necks.

Of course nobody will ever adjust to it enough to prevent shams... because how can a player forget that they are PASSIONATE??? It's ridiculous.
And what really sets me off is that I am SURE this rule was made up to allow without contest the referees to work their evil ways (if there's a thing Stern doesn't want, believe, it's our Three-Peat).

No matter what: we'll survive this but it's gonna for sure cause more than a trouble. And I mean all season long.

About the game of yesterday (that I watched in excerpts today) and in general about pre-season, no, I'm totally untouched by the well detailed minuses.

And as Mark noted in a reply in the thread below, yes I LOVED catch Kobe so lightly and smiling looking. It's the best assurance for me things are fine and they think they're just where they're supposed to be by now.

I'm positive about the bench at the moment and quite frankly, I'm not fearing a thing.

And I say this expecting a not very stellar start of the season for us (I say this now, so that after I can't be blamed to have been short-sighted. I think we won't start to roll okay before end of November).

As Kanye loves to say... it's a process ;)

Oh... one second to praise the kind soul who posted one of my very fav songs of when I was a kid, No Scrubs... I love this music turn the Blog has shown lately... I'd just ask you guys to name the song aside the YouTube link because sometimes linking doesn't show to me in Italy (some videos may have restrictions) and that way I don't know which song you were supposed to share... and being a music freak (on my road to my 950 album, after Kings Of Leon adding yesterday) I really would love to get also YOUR sound along your bball vision :)

My feelings about being expecting the best - quietly, but firmly - from my Purple and Gold Knights stay in one of my forever fav songs and artist:

Please bow to Otis Redding, and gem Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, and feel the chill and the thrill and the future holding our inevitable glory:

And unlike him there, I'm not unconfident... I know Lakers will shine at their planned time.

No doubts there.

All that said, I see Utah being a good team this year. To me our main competitor in the West is gonna be Kevin D's hungry OKC, but Utah looks nice.

Not that it truly means a thing right now: remember how last year first part of the season of Denver and Novitzky's crew were promising, and how they ended and fell short when it really was counting, and you get why I'm totally unfazed not only by pre-season, but by the wide majority of regular season too.

I like bball to be seen... but i can rate the impact of games depending on WHEN they're played, and how they truly matter.

I'm really glad to see the crew is gathering in its full strength and number as the season start approaches.

I suggest everyone to get ready with their pumpkins and disguises and celebrate holiday time... real work starts soon for everybody after it (well, a little prior to it, but we're kindred hearted and we'll allow some slow motioning in it...) and that means also us, the fans, gotta work our magic and supporting vibe out for the best.

The bus is there and road to Three Peat eagerly awaits to be tinted in Purple and Gold.

Who are we to deny what Destiny wants so badly?

Tune in To Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" in the maintime ;)

A big hug to my adored Fam :)

Z. ;)

"The Heat will dominate nationally because ESPN, mercifully, has decided to forego the charade. Once a proud network, now a preening infomercial."

Jeff Miller's 2 sentences follow an article largely cynical about today's NBA. We posture for months and wait till the HEat play the Lakers mid baseball season.

It may come to that, but watching the Jazz recently gives a different perspective. Teams have gotten better and athletes are proud. With all the dramatic potential, even the dog days will be a dog fight.

The regular season means more this year. As it should.

Thanx Justa, you cute creature!

I saw that already (I did even before Maroon5 themseves shared it ;)...), and I was almost shocked that for once LA Times treated them well ;) LOL.

I'm not really caring what "critics" claim... but I enjoy interviews.

So thank you for caring:you're always shining ;)


thanks for holding the fort during the summer. i had may brain drained from:

the Decision (or whatever was called)
re-signing Fish (especially for 3 years) and the final punch with
re-signing UPS (ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

i never liked Barnes, especially reading the Suns blog and most of the posters calling him the cancer of the team and locker room. but looks like the Lakers have a different energy with PJ, especially with Kobe's imposing personality and LO and Fish. so does not look like Barnes will bring on drama. if Ron can make it, Barnes can too. and we have enough players who can punk him if necessary.

Blake is a great addition (finally we have a real PG), and i always liked Theo (remember when he cam in the league, dunking and swatting balls), even if he is older and offensively not the best. but as seen yesterday, Kobe can find him and make it easy 4 him. and he even makes his FT's.

i'm happy with the team and looking forward for a great season and a live 3-Peat

Activator has something positive to say? Oh Oh. It was preceded by 3 negatives. That makes more sense. ;-)

justa - I'm not sure, but I think I used 'Blaker' first...

Hugo - got you covered buddy...

Zaira - always a pleasure to read your posts...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!


make sure the expiration date is beyond June 17th, 2011.

so it jiggles at least 73 times. :-)



Let's show unity and support for this most excellent season coming up!


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I'm going to try to make it to the game next month. Great to see you too.

LEWSTRS- thank you brother.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

LEW - yeah - I already had mentioned that I didn't deserve the credit for the 'Blaker' reference. However you'll also note that even though I shouldn't take it, I'm going to anyways LOL!!!!!

Keep 'em coming lew - I love taking credit! It's one of my many talents!

HAHAHHA j/k of course.... not really.... :)

Since we are posting some of our fav songs now on this blog, I'm gonna jump in with one of the most talented and inspirational musicians still putting out new tunes(although currently with a diff band):

@master justa -

You get credit for everything I do...till I snatch that pebble from your hand...

Confucious says:

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Genration...

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@ master justa -

This is my new creed...

To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.

Maybe MM could put include in Terms Of

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Genration...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Jazz Won!!!!!!!!!!!!! So HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Agree with LAKER TRUTH that the Jazz will not be an easy out this year. The loss of Boozer was addition by subtraction, at least when it comes to matching up with LA. Al Jefferson is a beast in the post, and he gave Gasol fits in both preseason games.

The Jazz are bigger, tougher, and more athletic than in previous years. I admittedly still hope they don't have to face the Lakers until the WCF, but this year I think they actually have a shot.



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