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Caught in the Web: Lakers return to L.A.


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan focuses on the Lakers' plan to get more serious about the preseason now that they're back in L.A. Bresnahan also reports that Lakers forward Luke Walton will have his strained right hamstring re-evaluated sometime this week.

--Award-winning NBA photographer Andy Bernstein goes behind the scenes during the Lakers' trip to Barcelona.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr rates the best forwards in Lakers history.

--Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer explains why he's looking forward to the Vlade Divac-Drazen Petrovic documentary.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky provides an in-depth analysis on the NBA's general manager preseason survey.'s Sekou Smith has a survey asking readers whether they agree with Kobe Bryant's or Phil Jackson's take on FC Barcelona. Bryant believes the defending Euro League champs could compete in the NBA, while Jackson doesn't think they would stand a chance.

Tweet of the Day:"Yay!!!! Going back to LA to meet my baby! He's almost home from Barcelona!" -- KhloeKardashian (Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star and wife of Lakers forward Lamar Odom)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Kevin Durant was invited to a party thrown by LeBron James Thursday night in Kansas City, but chose not to go. 'I don't go out to parties the day before a game,' Durant said. 'I really don't go out too much during the season.' The teams will play tonight in K.C., and once again, Durant has said and done the right thing. I LOVE this kid! He sounds more and more like Kobe Bryant with every passing day. Of course I'll hate him the moment his Thunder and Kobe's Lakers oppose each other..." -- Jefe101

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lamar Odom shoots against Minnesota during their Oct. 4 game in London. Credit: Ian Kington/AFP/Getty Images

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Jefe101 -

Congrats on the RCOTD...great post...and I agree 100%...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

jefe - congrats on the RCOTD. And I couldn't agree more - LOVING Durant - until it's OKC vs the Lake Show. Then I'll hate his guts LOL!


Congrats on RCOTD. That's how I felt about Isiah until the Pistons got really good.

Durant comments on the difference between him and Lebron...

``Everybody in the media tries to twist things up and say I'm the anti-LeBron,'' Durant said before Friday's neutral site game at the Sprint Center. ``We're two basketball players who love the game. We have the same mind-set, just trying to get better every day. The way [James] handles his business and the way I handle my business shouldn't be criticized or overpublished, I think.''

Read more:

jefe- congrats on RCOTD! I love watching Durant play and I would modify your take on him as it applies to me by simply saying that I root against him when he plays the Lakers. I could never hate that kid even when he's playing us; everything about him is good and right. When he's hot and killing us, I just shake my head. To compare my feelings about him to another player, I have a tremendous respect for Chauncey Billups. When I was at the game last season when Billups killed us with 9 threes, all I could do was watch in amazement. I have considered him to be the best lead guard in the NBA since 2004, while others gloss over him for guys like Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Steve Nash and others. Chauncey Billups was in 7 consecutive Conference Finals and everyone saw what he did to transform the Thuggets. But hate him? OK, maybe in 2004 when he burst into the limelight and schooled Gary Payton in the NBA Finals, I cursed him out a bit (understatement), but since then he gets nothing but respect from me. Same goes for KD.

Jefe101: That is one heck of a RCOTD. By the way, and I'm just pointing this out, there was another very talented, young player that was branded a few things because he would stay in his hotel room, not going to the clubs with teammates, basically just preparing himself to play basketball... I'm sure you all know which young Laker phenom used to do just that...

I too LOVE Durant. I called it a no-brainer for Portland to pick out of college, remember riling the heck out of the blazer board posters when they did draft Oden. I thought he'd be the player of this coming decade. I've said that the baton would never touch the little princess' hands, but be passed straight from Kobe to Durant. But, what he's done so far, so quickly - it's faster than what I envisioned.

(Speaking of Portland, gotta feel for them after they lost their center Jeff Pendergraph for the season. Oden's down, Pryzbilla too - now him. All knee injuries. Man, we talk a lot about Bynum, but we gotta see just how common these type of injuries are for big-men...)

Durant a future Laker? Man, wouldn't THAT be nice! His game is just too good, too big for OKC. Kobe and Durant have a 10-yr difference. Sometime in 3 or 4 years, Kobe will be a grizzled vet, and that would be a great time to pass the baton.

I most love that he's the ANTI-LEBRON!!!!!

- - -

MFont681: That is a great profile, we grew up together it seems like, same memories/same era. I too remember living and dieing with every showtime Laker win/loss (there weren't too many losses though, thankfully! lol). We even share the most devastating on-court memory, the Ralph Sampson shot in '86 that ended up killing the Lakers chance to win 4-consecutive titles, and set up another epic Laker/Celtic title (although it would have been a lot like '87, Lakers would have swept the floor with those green jerseys!).

That is some killer Worthy artwork if you made it. Great stuff!

- - -

LakerTom: Excellent posts yesterday. I most enjoyed the line: "Drew still reminds me in some ways of gangly colt still learning how to run." That is a great description. Gotta admit sometimes I hold my breath when he goes up for rebounds in traffic, elevates for blocks with a penetrating ball-handler bowling into him, etc... When he first returns from an injury, being nervous for him not to re-injure himself is the worst.

Great observations - as usual!


I side with Kobe on the Barca in the NBA debate. Phil was too harsh, they do have some nice players, I'm convinced that Mickael, Navarro and Rubio (if he works on his shooting) are NBA-ready, right now. Some of those Euro bigs they got (all their names end in 'ovic' it seems lol) got some game. Their starting center is a bit stiff, but with more work he could develop too.

But throw a couple of athletic lottery picks on that team, give them a couple of years, there is no doubt they are in the mix.

Right now? I'd give them a chance to win 1-out-of-4 games, maybe less. I think they'd be lucky to finish out of the bottom 3. But could they beat, say, Duke? Yeah. Could they beat any NBDL team? They'd probably win the NBDL crown. Could they hold their own in the NBA? Yes, on most nights, but they probably just don't have enough depth to compete right now.

- - -

LRob: the little princess says she was always compared to Kobe - which is an insult to Kobe. the little princess racked up the regular season numbers against the Nets/Knicks/Wizards/Sixers in the Leastern conference. Led the Cavs to consecutive best records in the league. But couldn't face the playoff pressure.

THAT is why the MVP should be voted on AFTER THE PLAYOFFS! I've always thought that. They might as well give out preseason MVP awards too, maybe give them a trophy on opening night. It's ridiculous.

Oh well, because most people see the tremendous athleticism that the little princess possess, they get bedazzled. It's the quiet, skillful players like Kobe/Durant - those are the ones that will succeed in the clutch, not the ones that give themselves a multitude of nicknames, surround themselves with sycophants, call attention to themselves with immature dances/skits/powder throws - but come up short repeatedly.

I think though with Durant, people are starting to FINALLY realize this. He may deny it, but he is the ANTI-LEBRON.

Man, I love it. This has got to be eating the little princess from the inside out. He was never up to Kobe's snuff, and now Durant is here to take the kingdom from his grip before it even got to his clutches...


KobeMVP888: "I could never hate that kid even when he's playing us; everything about him is good and right. When he's hot and killing us, I just shake my head."
I'm right there with ya. Some players I could never hate. Ronny Turiaf. Grant Hill. Steve Nash. Kevin Durant is definitely one of those, I hope he does win come in second in MVP (to KOBE - of course!!!!) and I know he'll be the player of the decade.

I just love how it has got to really be eating at the little princess. She had to go hide behind Wade and Bosh for a title-shot, she wasn't able to do it herself. She does the whole Decision thing, Durant does none of that. I love Durantula for what he is, but the fact that he's now the ANTI-LEBRON - I love him that much more!!!!!


Them Grizzlies, boy oh boy. They'll be making a strong push this year for sure. I see a strong possibility of us and the Grizzlies in the playoffs this year. If one of our main guys is injured during the playoffs MARK MY WORDS...ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN... THE TEAM TO WATCH OUT FOR ARE THE GRIZZLIES. THE GRIZZ CAN'T BEAT THE HEAT IN THE FINALS HOWEVER. Grizzlies with the other Gasol, Thabeet, Gay, Mayo and other role players finally have the all the right pieces to the puzzle to make them a serious contender this year in the playoffs like the Lakers did when they won in 09. I'm the only person in the world who sees this "dark horse" as a possibility (only if 1 of our guys gets injured we could loose) by picking the Grizzlies based entirely on their team makeup and team potential. Their final piece was Vasquez who will be solid average but good role player, but make his team way way better in the process. Just like Lin over at the Warriors was a perfect fit for that team and has potential as well. Warriors though will be a fun team to watch because of they're fast style of play, but they're not a playoff equipped team like the Grizz. Everyone else is not paying attention to the Grizz. They haven't done anything, but I'm basing my prediction based entirely on gut feeling and potential right now. Keep an eye on them closely, as they will only get better and better as the year goes along!!!

One other thing, If they take the time to exercise their minds as much as they do their bodies they'll give the Lakers a real battle this year for the ages that will be very entertaining to watch. If they just work on their physical aspect, they will be an average team again this team.

Hmmmmmmm - I feel forced to qualify my comment about hating Durant's guts when he plays the Lakers.....

Don't get me wrong. I love the kid - and when do you ever hear me say that about an opposing player? He's a great talent and appears to be a great person too, so in that regard he's everything the princess isn't, which I also love.

Some day - hopefully sooner rather than later - I want him in the colors of Laker royalty. I don't think it's a pipe dream. You just never know what will happen. I mean really - who foresaw the Lakers getting Pau? So I'll hold onto my hopes on this one - he'd be a great, great Laker, and if that day ever comes I'm sure I won't be the only one dancing in the streets LOL!

That said - when he's up against my beloved Lakers - I hate him. It's not personal. He's just on the wrong side of center court and wearing the wrong colors. So - I want him to play like crap and lose. It's simple really. If you're not for us, you're against us. And I hate whoever's against us, regardless of how good you are or how nice you are. Once the ball is tipped and you're not wearing purple and gold - you're scum that deserves to be beaten down and stomped on.

I will not apologize for my fandom (is that a word?) in that regard. (Not that anyone's asking, but I hope I clarified my position LOL).

justa - no need to hate. You can do what I do for great players like Durant. Root with joy... for them not to play well. Cheer for them... to miss their free throws. Scream for Ron Ron to give him fits. Hate is such a dirty word. We should LOVE Durant... to play badly.

Lebron on the other hand....

justa: no worries, I hate ALL Laker opponents too! I totally agree with saying "If you're not for us - you're against us."

Imagine if Kobe liked a certain opponent, and decided to take it 'easy' on them - lol... We all know THAT would NEVER happen - so that would be a fantasy!

Certain guys though, well they are easy to 'hate' (such a strong word! lol). Paul Pierce, the little princess, Matt Barnes - oh wait, nevermind... =P.

I'd like Durant to get 30, and OKC still lose LOL. Let's just say that off the court, love Durant! On the court would root for him in most games. On the court vs the Lakers - well he can get his, but Lakers must win. If Kobe or Ron Ron is covering him? I hope they SHUT HIM DOWN!!!

So yeah, hate him when the Lakers play him, but unlike certain guys, like him a lot the rest of the time!



Great RCOTD.


No need to hate on Durant. It's clear he's the new flavor-of-the month player, pushing aside LBJ. I'm not saying Kobe is done. Far from it. We have many splendid Kobe moments ahead to enjoy. But of all the younger players, Durant has shown himself to be special. He will become the NBA's next emblem player. As long as we can move past LBJ, I'm good with that.

I don't know about you, but I have enough hate for LBJ to use up my quota. It's OK to embrace our worthy competitors, because that's what makes the game great.

We are fans of the back-to-back Champion LA Lakers. Nothing more to ask for.

So... I was watching BSPN last night and they had highlights of the Meat/Thunder game... but it wasn't really highlights of the game... It was just highlights of LeBron Lames' game. That's it.
On the ticker afterwards they only showed stats from Meat players. Not a single Thunder stat.
Kevin Durant plays with class and gets zero respect from BSPN while LeCreep is the embodiment of all that is wrong with Generation Y and he has nothing but adulation thrown upon him by that "channel." It's repulsive.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Thanks for the RCOTD props fellas & MM - didn't see that coming! I really do like Durantula - he is the anti-Lebron. It would be amazing if the Lakers could somehow get this kid right before Kobe decides to hang 'em up - stranger things have happened.

Now all is indeed right with the world and The Force is in Balance!!

I will not apologize for my fandom (is that a word?) in that regard. (Not that anyone's asking, but I hope I clarified my position LOL). Posted by: justanothermambafan | October 09, 2010 at 10:46 AM
What? Fabulous Justanothermambafan(Head of the Mamba Clan) apologize?

Congrats Boss101 on RCOTD. You are the Jefe.



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