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Caught in the Web: Lakers nearing season opener


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details Kobe Bryant's progress on his rehabilitation efforts surrounding his surgically repaired right knee.

--The Times' Mark Heisler predicts the Lakers will win the West.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr explains why the Lakers' coaching staff wants more out of Pau Gasol.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky previews the Lakers' upcoming week.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen looks at the upgrades the Lakers made to its roster. Lassen also looks at Andrew Bynum's rehab efforts.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin focuses on the Lakers' readiness for the 2010-2011 season.'s Marc Stein ranks the Lakers No. 1 in the NBA. writers predict the Lakers will win the 2011 NBA championship.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford recounts a productive conversation Lakers Coach Phil Jackson had with Lakers rookie forward Devin Ebanks. Teaford also focuses on the possibility Bynum could return by Thanksgiving.'s Mike Trudell details the team's practice on Sunday.

--The Naples Daily News' Woody Wommack highlights Magic Johnson's contention that NBA contraction might make the league better.

--The Orange County Register's Randy Youngman shares his NBA predictions.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore dissects six Laker-centric stats.

--NBA Playbook's Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the Lakers' triangle offense.

--Laker Nation's Tyronne Washington argues Bynum needs to grow up.

--Forget taking classes and listening to audio tapes. Learn to habla y escriba en Espanol by checking out this Lakers blog in Spanish.

Tweet of the Day:

"Then i turn to the money and said.......... "i wanna get next to yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu" lol" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "So we are on the threshold of another Laker season. The suspense, the drama, the tacos - I can't wait for all of it! I'm more excited about this team than I have been about any other - except maybe for when we were vying for the elusive Quat-row (but we're not gonna talk about that here - bad juju). Regardless, it's gonna be a helluva ride, but I only want chills and thrills - no spills - if you know what I mean. Health is gonna be the major deciding factor this year. We need to be healthy - and stay sharp." -- justanothermambafan

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is expected to play about 30 minutes Tuesday in the team's season opener against Houston. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Wow.. Justa won the RCOTD, congrats, nice post.

justanothermambafan - congrats on the FA. Well deserved and nicely stated.

For your win:

@Edwin.. Nicely put. Good to have u back

@Activator.. Luke can spend 82 games watching and even the rest of his ridiculous 3year contract (17MIL remaining) with STREETCLOTHES and the luke lovers will always (I mean always) come to his defense.. First they argued he's a great triangle asset ON the court and now they argue he's a great asset to triangle OFF the court in practice. Lol

Yeah.. Its season opener tomorrow and guess who's not gonna be dressed again!

You can tell the season is about to begin, Justa is en fuego. Congratulations!

justa, a well deserved RCOTD. Congrats. Yes, HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH. The rest, as they say, will take care of itself.

One journey ends and another one begins. The offseason and preseason are over, and I must say, that I'm pleased with the different approaches the players took to prepare themselves for this championship run. Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton are entering the season with question marks, but even they did what was in their health's best interest. Walton's approach is paying off in that he has had no issues with his back, eventhough, a new injury has surfaced. Bynum, will be hungry and renergized when he returns, and will want to prove his critics wrong. He will be a force to be reckoned with this year. (Fingers crossed)
The rest of the team took very different roads to get to this point, but all have worked to prepare themselves to become significant assets to the team. I'm pleased with Gasol's and Kobe's rest and recovery philosophy, Lamar's playing for Team USA, and being in great shape, Shannon's focus on basketball fundamentals, Fisher's physical preparation, and Vujacic's, well Sasha, is just Sasha, although he looks determined to regain his stroke and more playing time. Last but not least, Artest, what can we say? The evidence speaks for itself. He is as committed as ever, and has prepared himself physically and mentally to become the ace in the hole for this team.
The newcomers are all trying hard to integrate themselves to the team and becoming key role players and contributors when their number is called. The depth and talent on the bench is reassuring.

@master justa -

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Congratulations on your RCOTD award...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Genration...

#17 Coming Up!!!

I haven't been this excited for a new season since the summer of '96! Woot-woot!



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AndTheJellosJigglin - Chick's legacy lives on!
segeboy - A new season is upon us...
Don't Blame Del Harris! - I haven't been this excited for a new season since the summer of '96! Woot-woot!

The Mamba Clan applauds our Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Justa....come to think there is no need to congratulate every time somebody is chosen by MM. Everybody here is unique with their postings and to be chosen by MM to represent everybody, then you must be extraordinary. How about those bloggers who have been on this site since the time immemorial and never been recognized. They are unique too isn't it? and deserved to be appreciated by this blog. I'm not referring to the regulars but to those who comes once in a blue moon say something out of ordinary. To them I salute their loyalty for being a constant reader.

Thank you yellofever for watching my back too. There are times along my travelogue whether our viewpoints are still needed. My contemporaries are gone now except for Jon K and the loyal few. This is a good insight where there are changing of the guards. However to consider 2006 & 2007 seasons as one of the Lakers best years is just unacceptable. It is the year of the Scrubs why Luke and Sasha are forever identified. They need to step up and prove to the fans that they are 6M each which actually 12M each w/ luxury taxes. How many good players in the league are willing to trade places with them and continue the dynasty we have been dreaming of? Got to be realistic with dynasty, you want to be the best, then all your players should be the best in the business. If we are just best cheerleaders with so-so players, are we not playing the Yankee or the Philly formula? Therefore if Bynum will be an All Star this year and the best Laker Center ever....then PROVE IT!

I WON???????????

WITH THAT????????????

MM - you're seriously compromising your standards, my friend. There have been MUCH better posts than that the last 24 hours.... You need to put down the shotglass and step away from the bottle....

(In other news - WOO HOOO!! I WON I WON I WON!!!)


where u've been?

did the Yankees Down-syndrome got to u 2?

Edwin Gueco - in response, I can only agree:

My Man Mamba24...Great to see you bro...not the same with out you in the mornings...

I am so psyched to see Opening Day Roll Call tomorrow morning...please let me know if there is anything I can do to help...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm without my computers and now my car...uggg...complete transmission blowout. No car, no computer means no chatting....for now....


wes.......... missing you over here......


i wanted to close my previous posts with the question:

do u guys remember what yellow said a few days ago?
"all the Luke supporters need their head examined"

but i did not want to mix u into the Luke concoction.

The heck with it... it's never too early to celebrate:


We're celebrating?

Cool - cuz this team makes me wanna

Did someone say Jay Z?

Well this Jigga jam is for the Celtics and Heat

Jon K - question - someone mentioned to me a link between people who get migraines being low in magnesium? Do you have any insight?

LRob - no comment on my pick for today? And you were sooo looking forward to it too....!

Yay! Justa got RCOTD!

Good evening from a frosty rainy Milan, and let me set the jet off by congratulating first our unique Justa!!!!

So well deserved dear, and totally channeling my own feelings on RCOTD babs :)

Today both the grey coldness and the incoming Glory Night have conjuncted to suggest me music that is pumping.

There is no particular relation to the words (even if in some cases - 2 DCC especially- the words actually apply to some that bursts in my mind after reading all posts...): I just played some of this while working at lab today out of my "Alternative/Dance/NewBands mix and I found myself dancing as I was calculating chemical reactions.

This told me they are good "pumpy" songs to cherish mood and make you sweat and I wanna share them with you, hoping the same boosty (but positive... yeah, what can I do... I'm fascinated with positivity... guess I'm dumb...) mood pour on you all too:

Temper Trap > Fader >

Two Door Cinema Club > I Can Talk >

The Hoosiers > Choices >

Où Est Le Swimming Pool (RIP the singer, who took his life off recently) > Dance The Way I Feel>

I enjoyed all of your suggestions, particularly Jefe101's Smokey, and LEWSTRS DionneW + one of my fav jams ever, Everybody's Talkin (supreme!!!).

Gotta also specify to LRob that yep, I'm 25, but I have been a music junkie since I have memory of myself. Music is everything that makes me going... I listen to it like I read books, and beside trash metal, I pretty much have a room for every genre, which includes everything from Classic Opera to Kraftwerk. I love to follow each one of your suggestions here, because every Sunday is "buy music time" for me, and you so far are better than follow itunes advices (which I rarely follow anyway: I use AllMusicGuide website to link the things I like with others I might like ;)).

To Laker Tom, I have to confess that my total love for Tom Waits raised after I properly met him: he's a good friend with Italian filmaker and actor Roberto Benigni; a few years ago he cameo-ed in a movie of Roberto, and I was there thanx to a friend to meet Benigni (one of my fav people in the world). Tom Waits was the most gracious human being ever then, and the SPOKE sound of his voice actually captivated me fully. I was aware of his production, but never really drilled into it until after that gracious coupla words spoken.
After, like I always do with music researches, I started back from start and grow to be a HUGE fan of him. He's one of the musicians which I am COMPLETE about. I have everything he has put off.
And I will continue to. ;) I'm happy we have the same idea on him (we often have the same vibes, and this is no surprise).


I have wandered enough in topics, now let's talk basket because this is why we are here in first place.

I loved your Breaking Down of Lakers roster MM: I just disagree with the fact Kobe should limit his 3 point shooting. First of all, I honestly believe he won't do it - he's made like that...- and secondarily, although I know it might hurt us at first, I don't really think he should. He gotta practice shooting and adjust it under pressure.
And the only pressure that works for him is the real game one.
A killer instinct doesn't show in practice, this even if ALSO in practices Kobe gives it all, just because he's the ultimate competitor.
But a leader's mind, a champion's mind doesn't really test itself nowhere else but facing an opponent u wanna win over.
He might craft his own killer instinct and force yourself to tame his will a bit, but he wouldn't be the Kobe he is if he consciously would tame it too longer.
We will see him trying for threes.
I'm sure he's gonna miss a tad, especially at first.
But I'm also sure those mistakes will be the key to have him save our games in tricky times when it will count more.

I want to compliment 63 Footer very smart and sharp observation yesterday about the inefficaciousness of dWade when ball-less; and I reiterate that bball isn't fantasy basketball: to sum LeBron with Wade in a singular team won't sum up their stats.
Because their stats as we knew them were an offspring of a system of game play where TWO teams had only ONE pivotal player.
Now we have ONE team and TWO pivotal players and mathematically, the chances to be THAT one finalizing the action for good SPLIT.
I agree they have to be covered both, but they are not as equally dangerous in the same way in the same places of the pitch, and in fact, no method better than triangle can give us advantage against them.

I'm still so completely confident we don't really have to fear nobody BUT ourselves this year (as all the others years).

If we do our thing, sorry, nobody will touch us.
If we don't, instead, there is room for attacking our fortress (but I don't see it coming... I mean... in playoff times. The only time which counts).

To close it all, I completely back up LRob about Pau. You said all I would, so no need to double it ;) Pau is one of the greatest Power Forward the NBA has ever seen actually. And to me he really doesn't need to bulk. I don't like Mr. Goodyear's players, never did and never will. And this especially when to gain weight, they have to sacrifice quickness.
No thanx- Pau's fine as he is with me (sure everybody can get better, but hopefully you understand in which way I don't see why Pau should "change", given that very rarely those kind of "changes" don't imply a limitation of some of the already shown skills, to make room for new "strengths".

I like class over force. Always. Because it's a definition of intelligence over brutal force. And no, I don't believe you can often have the two ingredients at the same peak.It happens very rarely. I don't really remember a LONG career which has displayed a continuous brutal force dominance, while I do remember lots of amazingly sparkling career in players who advantaged pure skill, lift, quickness and IQ over brutal force, keeping evolving and adjusting to maintain their dominance derived from SKILL and Talent, rather than force- .

What else?

Oh, yep... thanx to JustaLakerFan who's always so cute in his shouts :)

I think I've covered it all...?
Yes, I think I have ;)

Milan is about to play now in Serie A so... gotta wave goodbye already beloved Fam ;)

Tomorrow is the GREAT day and as my Seraphine sings:

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1... I won't stop until it's done, no curtain call, I will not fall".

I will use it as my Lakers Fan Mantra.

Ring... here we come ;) and I don't mean the one that will be given to us tomorrow: that is story, now we look for more history ;)

Have a great day, beloved fam.

LLL, Z. :)

@Lew - Thanks for getting the bus rolling. And yes I do have slight ulterior motives for wanting Pau to step it up this season and I BELIEVE HE WILL...that's why I drafted him #8 overall. Great 68-69 of my favs by Dionne.

@JR - Pau = Nightwing. Please educate a brother on the comic reference. Is that a good thing or bad? FYI...newest edition of ESPN Mag has NBA teams as Comic book characters.

@Jefe - Thanks for sharing that Gregory Issac passed. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

@KobeMVP - Yes Pau is best PF in Laker History by a long shot.

@Activator - I'm more of a rally behind the whole team type of guy, but I do find your posts entertaining.

@LakerTom - That James Morrison is cool. He should be bigger here.

They need to step up and prove to the fans that they are 6M each which actually 12M each w/ luxury taxes. How many good players in the league are willing to trade places with them and continue the dynasty we have been dreaming of? Got to be realistic with dynasty, you want to be the best, then all your players should be the best in the business. If we are just best cheerleaders with so-so players, are we not playing the Yankee or the Philly formula? Therefore if Bynum will be an All Star this year and the best Laker Center ever....then PROVE IT!

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | October 25, 2010 at 11:22 AM

Can you kindly translate this for me? Why do fans concern themselves with players' salaries so much? Yes, the Lakers blew it with these two contracts, but they didn't keep Dr. Buss from fielding championship caliber teams, and both of these overpaid players HAVE made contributions to the last three championships, however so small.

We probably would have been swept by the Celtics in 2008 had Sasha not dropped 20 in Game 3. Sasha hit the halftime three to tie the score and give us halftime momentum in the pivotal Game 5 against Denver in 2009 when everyone had the Nuggets beating us at that point in the series. And let us not forget what Sasha did with 11.3 seconds left on the clock in Game 7 to more than atone for that overblown defensive lapse in Game 4 in 2008 when the game was already in the icebox. Sasha did that with 20,000 eyes on him, not to mention the weight of a potential dynasty on his shoulders. Tom Watson couldn't hit a 6 foot putt in the British Open with a lot less pressure on him.
Luke was instrumental in Games 5 and 6 in Denver in 2009 as well as Game 1 defending Turkoglu in 2009. Yes, they are overpaid, but unrealistic comments like this border on the absurd: "Got to be realistic with dynasty, you want to be the best, then all your players should be the best in the business." Sorry, but it has never worked that way.

Yes, I'm pointing to a few moments in a few games. However, they happen to be the games that COUNT!

How do you feel about the following contracts:

Bynum : 13.8 mil
Odom: 8.2 mil
Artest: 6.3 mil
Blake: 4.0 mil
Fisher: 3.7 mil
Brown: 2.2 mil
Barnes: 1.765 mil

I have a feeling I know what you will say about Bynum (which I disagree with), but the other ones are bargains as far as NBA salaries are concerned. So when you look at the "big picture," I think our GM has done a pretty good job and THAT is about the biggest understatement anyone can make about Mitch Kupchak.

Go Lakers! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Zairia - Wow. Just... wow. People like you just make me feel so needing to up my game/life. (Which is a good thing.) So accomplished, so young.

I never hung with Tom, but I hung with Rickie Lee Jones a bunch for awhile (which is almost the same thing in some ways). Flying Cowboys is still one of my favs.

Hoosiers! Yeah!

I will not discuss DWade's "ball-less-ness" with you any more! Give the man his privacy.

Just replace "the rest of the league" for Wendy and you've got it:

Justa - congrats on your RCOTD. I'm buckled up and ready for the ride.

Looking forward to the season commencing with two of the great ambassadors of the game – Gasol and Yao – facing off at center.

Justa -

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday, and congrats on the RCOTD! :-)

@Justa - Your pick of the day was very good...but I was expecting "spectacular" since you pumped me up. You get a B+. It did surprise me because I definitely wasn't expecting Joe. It did get me to listening to Elvis earlier in the day :-)

LRob - it WAS spectacular! What are you talkin? :)

hey bossmansir . didnt do too good yesterday. u gotta check this thing out. everythings in one spot. ull c. my sports manag prof told me about it. alright.

oops here it is. .


I don't wish to have a long standing debate with you on what I posted. Therefore, there is no need of translation of prove it statement. However, for your benefit, I will try to explain my post. I also like Bynum but my heart as a laker fan is down when I see him down. It creates doubt at the beginning of the season. As u said, let's give the injured players the benefit of the doubt, what else can we do except that posture? With regards to players salaries, I have a pragmatic stand. We pay them for their performance not just fill up the roster spot. How many years have we paying Luke Walton? Since 2004 to 2007. In 2007 even when he did not help Kobe during the Smush-Kwame years (made 2 pts. on his last game with Suns playoffs), Lakers have to give him 30M for 6 years the next year. that's 60M when translated in luxury taxes. How many $ 10M player could have helped us in having a tight grip of that O'Brien trophy? That kind of money could buy a quality superstars like Melo or Cp3 and they will take that money if they are identified with the Lakers. Again KobeMVP888, we are just dreaming and fantasizing with speculations of having the best players for the amount of money. I'm not giving allowance for mistakes in choosing a player. That's business of basketball, products in business are money as well as players in NBA. Therefore, to balance regret and repentance, I wish Luke, Sasha and Bynum will help the Lakers this year. It is not a type of help of making two free throws or cameo appearance to stop KG or PP but big help to be counted upon at the roster throughout the year. Example here is Artest. When he joined the Lakers, he was perceived as a nut. during the course of the season, he proved his worth and for every dollar spent, for every minute spent as a Laker in lieu of Ariza and also for every stingy defense he exhibited in the playoffs. At the end of Championship game, he is a worthy nut and a worthy player to be identified with the Lakers. Supposing he turns out to be a spoiled nut again this year with similar performance of Luke and/or Sasha, do u think fans will continue admiring him? Therefore, my contention ifyou want to be a Laker and be loved by all, including non-lakerholics, you got to prove that you belonged.

It kind of passed without comment here, but Phil says that Drew wants to push his rehab faster than the team feels is right. Kind of flies in the face of all the chatter about Drew's work ethic. Drew is ahead of schedule and pushing himself.

LRob - you're givin' Joe a B+?! Man, you're harshin' my mellow.

Tom Daniels - EXCELLENT point. I too believe this kid has a lot of heart and determination. Fire even. I just hope he doesn't push himself too hard and end up with a set back.

Opening Night is tomorrow!


My name is Don't Blame Del Harris, and I am a Laker Zombie!


Outstanding job on RCOTD. I knew you had it in you. Way to go.

I haven't heard anything specifically about a relationship between magnesium and migraines, but I will speculate.
I've read that migraines are related to the constriction of blood vessles entering the brain around the back of the head and neck. Magnesium plays a role in the constriction of muscles and blood vessels. So... it seems logically that there could be a relationship between unbalanced magnesium levels and the over-constriction of blood vessels in the back of the neck thus leading to migraines.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Edwin - Your assessment is definitely spot on. THe RCOTD is meant to show just a glimpse of the terrific insights and analysis you guys offer on a daily basis, and hopefully provides an incentive for the comments forum to be a forum to intelligently talk about the Lakers. Sure you guys love trash talking, etc, the like, but when it comes down to it, you want a honest debate where you can agree to disagree without things going crazy. At least that's my take...could be getting the wrong read on you guys.

Anyway, for regular readers by all means feel free to comment. Just have to be much, but you're welcome to do it a lot. When I go through these, I look for the comments themselves, not the username (contrary to popular belief). So any good insight or funny punch line will never be fallen on deaf ears

Kobe is the 2nd greatest player of all time to Micheal Jordan of course.

Just what is in Kobe's Jersey just there? It looks like he's hiding a few basketballs.



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