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Bryant 'better than he's looked so far,' Jackson says

Kobe Bryant's right knee is improving incrementally, and Tuesday was his best day so far this season, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

Bryant joined the Lakers in the middle of their practice after undergoing his own off-court training Tuesday.

"I think he looked OK, actually," Jackson said. "He had a full workout, a shooting workout and a weight workout this morning before he stepped out in practice. I thought he looked better than he's looked so far."

Bryant will play two eight-minute segments in the Lakers' exhibition game Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings, Jackson said.

In two exhibition games, Bryant has made only two of 19 shots. He had knee surgery in July.

-- Mike Bresnahan

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Phred get back here on the double Lakers Needs you! I hope everything is allright my brother!


@LakerTom - I dunno, Big Ben was only suspended 6 games (reduced to later to 4 for "Good behaior") and this person, coming out 2 years later, with no legal entities involved...yet, isn't accusing him of any actual contact (Big Ben was accused of a lot more), just harrassment. I say maybe a one game penalty unceremoniously ending his consecutive start streak, but allowing him to play the majority of the season. It wouldn't be playing favorites, but ti would send a disciplinary message. And if you think the NFL don't play favorites, imagine if, say, the Bengals had been caught cheating in the same way the Patriots were.

That clip of LO busting a fellah through the legs and then off the glass for the score...awesome!

Am I the only one who has no fear whatsoever that KB is going to be his usual dominant self by the time the season starts?

He'll certainly be running shop by the playoffs.

htj -

I'm feeling you on the Black Mamba...He will be his snarlin, scowlin, and venom spitting self by the time the season starts...

No worries here mate...

B - Beware!
L - Looking to strike...
A - A Serpent...
C - Comes named...
K - Kobe

M - Making
A - Awesome
M - Miraculous
B - Basketball
A - Action

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!

@htj- you are not alone. Kobe not only will dominate again this season, he will be in full playing shape by mid November and will increase his shooting percentages from last season.

@CCX… “Favre was really plucking the media like a string guitar. So long, good riddance, maybe this will FINALLY put an end to the zombie known as Brett Favre...” Apparently, that was not all he was plucking according to the photos on LOL. Welcome to the new world of cell phone camera media.

CoSign HTJ
Making Awesome Miraculous Basketball Action! Nice one Lew-Love it!
Two weeks ya'll!


Say what you will about Favre and his will he/won't he nonsense every summer, when the old guy heaves it up there, everyone takes notice. If he and Moss get clicking and Sidney Rice comes back and can contribute, watch out for the Vikes come playoff time. I'm starting to think it was more Sidney Rice than Jamarcus Russel that made that LSU team as good as it was.

As for Jenn Sterger - as a man, I can understand. As a husband, he should've known better.

As a woman - I don't understand.
As a wife - I'd kill.

Kobe's shapin' up real nice... as we knew he would. Fingers crossed as always (as per hoping there are NEVER any injuries).

As for Favre, his elbow, despite what they're saying, seems to not be 100%, and that seems the most worrisome. The rest, to bring it back to Lakers basketball and Wilt: "If you're going to sleep with a lot of women, don't get married kid. It's not fair to you or your wife."

Chicks do crazy things too.
Out whole society has gotten weird.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

kobe had a full workout, a shooting work out , and a weight work out BEFORE HE WENT TO WORK OUT WITH HIS TEAMMATES!!. what dedication!!!

Does the new 2K Kobe commercial bother anyone else? I am surprised that Kobe agreed to promote a digital return of Jordan to the NBA. I can understand that Kobe respects what Jordan did for the game, but I thought that Kobe is trying to separate himself from Michael's legacy?

I know it's fake, but Kobe drafting Jordan to the Lakers? I hated Jordan whenever he stepped on the court against my beloved team. I especially hated him after he dominated us in the Finals circa 1991.

This commercial just doesn't sit right with me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Kobe will be great this year specially on December 25

The Mamba is coiling and preparing to strike. I like Phil's plan to bring him back slowly.

I feel left out. I never got a photo of Favre's junk on my phone.



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