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Kobe Bryant not expected to play Thursday; Coach Phil Jackson too sick to make trip

Besides guard Kobe Bryant not playing Thursday night against the Golden State Warriors, Coach Phil Jackson didn't make the trip to San Diego because of flu-like symptons.

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw will be in charge of the team because Golden State is one of the teams that he scouts during the season.

The Lakers aren't sure whether Jackson will join the team for Friday night's exhibition game against the Warriors again in Ontario at Citizens Business Bank Arena.

If Jackson doesn't make it, Shaw will be the head man again.

Bryant, still recovering from right knee surgery, is expected to play Friday night.

It will be the Lakers' last exhibition game before they start the regular season Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from San Diego


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O the humanity!

Brian Shaw will coach.

That means Brown will get the start. Didn't Shaw and Sasha exchange words last season?

The only rotation player who left the team is Farmar. And while some fans like LAKER TRUTH say "good riddance," Farmar contributed as a player in Phil Jackson's rotation.
Posted by: KobeMVP888

indeed, except jacking up 3's and being blocked on penetration he ALSO made some passes.

he could never make an entry pass. or he did not want to do it.
he liked to make passes on the perimeter so he can get the ball back.

but he is famous for his SLOPPY passes.

one will be in everyone memory because it BROKE Kobe's finger.

that is Farmar's legacy in the NBA regardless what he will (not)/accomplish for the rest of his career. (or should i say playing)

"good riddance" is the kindest way of putting it.


Farmar injuring Kobes finger was a accident, you cant hold that against Farmar.

The same can be said about Kobe taking out Drews knee.


chicn- no, no, if a player I don't like does something bad, it is damning evidence of a character flaw. if a player I like does something bad, it is a simple mistake that haters will never let him forget.

It is becomming so true now that if you wanna get a hot lady, be a Laker..Top (Jerry Buss and PJ) to bottom (Sasha)..Is Buss giving the advices to the players??? Well, I am not sure if he gave PJ the advices.

"good riddance" is the kindest way of putting it.

Posted by: the Activator | October 21, 2010 at 05:35 PM

Whatever, poser. Game 3 in Houston in 2009 was enough for me. Farmar obviously wasn't a perfect fit, but we won with him backing up Fish nonetheless and he made some positive contributions as a rotation player along the way. I agree that Steve Blake will be a more consistent, more reliable upgrade. It seemed to be an amicable parting of the ways between player and management, but over the course of time it became clear to everyone that Farmar thought a lot more of his game than he should have.

ALRIGHT SHAW... show us what you do.

ChicNstu |

i agree that was an accident. but

80% of Farmar's passes were bad, sloppy. not only that, but were so predictable that the defense had time to react. so it's not really an accident.

he did not like to pass. and when it was needed or he had no choice, he was hesitant. because of the hesitation the rest was happening. like the reaction of the defender, the players waiting/receiving the pas having to make extra moves.

none of those things will happen IF ear-farm has passing skills, willingness to pass. good clean passes result in assists, baskets and good flow of the offense. none of that was there when Farmy was on the court. he was playing in a league of his own. why do u think the FO put him on the trading block in the past 2 years, and even with an aging Fish, never considered re-signing him.

It looks like two-time champion Adam Morrison's NBA career may well be over. He was released by the Wizzards today (I predicted MJ would eventually sign him when MJ had signed Kwame.) I hope he would play somewhere in Europe. He could be a good fit for European league. Anyway he may come to the Staples Center on ring night. Just be aware of Jimmy Kimmel....

And I just wanted to pick your brain because we (at least as I could remember) never finished our chat about financial stuff. Maybe when I'm back in Cali I can kill two birds with one stone by getting you and Justa to come meet me for a vodka cocktail. Feel free which two birds are being killed with which stone; there are a number of combinations.

Posted by: Caliphilosopher


Me, hobbit, cali, vodka and bird killing.....

What could possibly go wrong?

Count me in! LOL!!

80% of Farmar's passes were bad, sloppy. not only that, but were so predictable that the defense had time to react. so it's not really an accident.

Posted by: the Activator | October 21, 2010 at 06:26 PM


As long as you have nothing but exaggerated, negative, self-humoring things to say about any Laker player not named Kobe Bryant, why didn't you just say 99% of his passes were bad and sloppy? If you are going to humor us, why hold back? Seriously, that was terribly weak compared to your much more comedic effort on Luke Walton. I can't wait to read your analyses of Bynum, LO and Sasha!

ChicNstu |

u brought in the Bynum/Kobe accident.

now if u would mention LO, who STEPPED on Bynum foot, exactly how he stepped on Kobe's ankle (remember why Kobe was out?) i will agree.

but with the KObe/Bynum one i do not. WHY?

Andrew Bynum is a klutz. he has no sense of space. (and u can see that on offense)

a. if we talk about Magic Johnson having 3-4 eyes (1-2) on the back of his head, i will exaggerate and say that Bynum has one, he is a cyclop.
Bynum has no PERIPHERAL VISION. or maybe is not trained.

any normal person, all of us, when see a freight train coming toward u, one will react.
was Bynum following Kobe's penetration? yes
was he able to see AT THE SAME TIME the ball and Kobe coming/FALLING toward him? NO
Bynum followed just the ball.

b. his foot work. when he does his little moves is better. but as we can see from his defense, he is NOT MOVING HIS FEET. he is reaching. bacuse he thinks that height will solve the problem. why does he has so many silly fouls? why we could not use him? because of his foul troubles.

when u see something heavy or as a matter of fact even light hitting u or falling toward your feet, do U or any other blogger or person react? i will say YES

what is your first reaction. raise, move your feet or all your body

Bynum did not do that. he was following the ball, without seeing Kobe BLASTING toward him. he did not have ANY reaction.

c. Bynum's knees

do we all know that he has congenital knee problems? yes
and how i understood, it is not only his knees, but the legs, and all the connections. obviously the knees r the middle connections, the ARTICULATION of the leg

why do i mention that?

if there is a different player in his place, even if the player does not move away, will the same accident RESULT as grave as in Bynum's case?

maybe yes, maybe not. maybe it will result in some kind of injury. 1 week out, 2 weeks out, maybe a month. but in Bynum case became an eternity.

and NO, i do not bash Bynum for his physical constitution. not for his vision. or neither for his reactions, reflexes. it is what it is. a little klutzy.

same thing with Oden. go figure. just "nature".

Sacha is getting married?

Smart boy

Yep... 70 million smart reasons. Talk about a back-up plan.


a few days ago u mentioned Luke and 4 good games. now u mention one Farmar good game.

by the way, when u have so little to show GOOD out of 480 games for Luke and like 320 for Farmar, it really sucks. actually u r pointing out the BAD. the REST.

these players r PAYED and contract negotiations made for them to perform well. not bad, not mediocre. but most of the players in the league underperform. and as soon as they have a good performance (what is required) or a better performance, we talk about them like all-star.

don't you think that most of us kinda lower the bar for their performances??????

and as soon as some blogger points out the mediocrity most of the bloggers feel disrespected. this is a FORUM. people have RIGHT to express any opinion they have, want.

and that does not make the POSERS.

but i will give u an example who is a REAL POSER. someone who is losing an argument or feel to important and comes up with a one liner. Horse's a$$.

how is that working for U. now go ask daddy KB Blitz for help. i'm sure he is sorry for you or i will say your $$$. i'm doubting.

so u can go back to the corner, as Mike T said some time ago and wait for LakerTom to ask for your support. he has his scrubs too.

MM - are you having a chat for the game...

Shasha engaged to Maria, it's on the wire..................


That was much better, poser.

Stu Lantz: "That's what Phil Jackson and his staff really like about Luke Walton with the second unit ........ He's a really valuable type of plyer to have on the team."

I'll defer to the Activator. [rolling eyes]



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