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What are your top off-season Ron Artest moments?

September 28, 2010 | 12:45 pm

The post-championship partying became so intense for Ron Artest that he didn't even bother taking off his uniform.

"It was like 2 1/2 days after or two days after," Artest said. "It was a bad situation."

Laker fans surely understand Artest's post-championship elation. It made for such a memorable off-season that it actually became challenging for Artest to rank his top off-season moments because, frankly, because there were so many. Artest immediately noted his efforts to raising awareness about mental-health issues and his many nightclub appearances where he performed "Champion." But the rest of his doings felt like a huge jumble.

Said Artest: "I did so much this summer that I can't remember everything."

Laker fans probably remember every single detail, including his dodgeball exploits and being pulled over in a racecar. So what is your Artest moment? And the contest doesn't end with this. I asked Artest, who encouraged fans by Twitter to describe Matt Barnes' toughness, which tweets he remembered the most. He suggested I take a look, which I actually did a few days after the contest. So, figuring you guys probably have some good descriptions, share them, and I'll try to show some of them to Artest and Barnes for their reaction.

-- Mark Medina

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