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Ways for Derrick Caracter to lose weight


When Lakers forward Derrick Caracter tips the scale on Friday, he won't be just measuring his weight. He'll be determining his paycheck.

The Lakers and Caracter reached an agreement in his contract, as reported by, that the first year of his $473,000 contract will become fully guaranteed if he weighs 275 pounds or less.

With Caracter already guaranteed $250,000, Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin points out that Caracter will earn an additional $273,000 as long as he tips the scales the correct way. This revelation also made Sports Law Blog's Michael McCann wonder whether the Lakers have set a good precedent for how our country could tackle its obesity problem: "Think about your income and the opportunity to nearly double it if you merely stay in shape. I doubt our country would have the obesity epidemic it currently suffers from if weight had such a direct impact on our earnings."

And to make sure Caracter gets his money, below are a few tips. (Disclaimer: My credibility as a nutritionist and health expert is beyond questionable).

Fast -- A close friend of mine wrestled in high school, and the steps he and other wrestlers took to stay in their weight class remain fresh in my mind. They abstained from eating for days. They wore layers and layers of sweatshirts and sweatpants in a sauna in hopes that excess sweat could help them shed a few pounds. Don't worry about staying hungry or feeling weak. You just need to make the weight. As soon as that happens, you can go back to your eating habits.

Join a gym -- I'm sure Caracter has worked valiantly with the Lakers training staff this offseason. But for the pure selfish reason that I could get reward points, it'd be great if he could join the gym I attend. If you want more details, Derrick, feel free to get in touch and we'll take it from there.

Go on a liquid diet -- How does rapper 50 Cent go from this to this? Easy. Eat no solid foods and drink only liquid. How on Earth is that possible, you say? Well, you can either strictly stick to diet shakes, follow Beyonce Knowles' lead and drink maple syrup, or simply fire up your blender and make some smoothies.

Stick to your routine -- Who am I to say what Caracter should do? I'm sure Lakers trainer Gary Vitti has given him sound advice on what to do. Caracter also told reporters shortly after the Lakers drafted him that he dropped from 305 pounds to 277 after his time with Texas-El Paso because of more sleep and selective eating habits. The pictures of his frame during Summer League look promising, so it looks like Caracter should be able to make weight -- and get paid.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Derrick Caracter. Credit: Chuck Burton / Associated Press

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While a healthy Yao Ming will likely win the starting Western Conference center spot due Chinese fan voting, there are still solid reasons why a healthy Andrew Bynum should be a lock for this year’s NBA All-Star Game:
1. The 2011 NBA All-Star Game will be held at Staples Center.
2. Amare Stoudemire has moved to the Eastern Conference.
3. Drew’s performance in the playoffs last year will be rewarded.
Of course, this is all dependent on Drew staying healthy and posting solid numbers as the Lakers #3 option on offense and playing with the heart and intelligence he showed on defense in last year’s playoffs. But with a strong performance, there is no way Drew will not get a chance to play his first ASG in front of Lakers fans. And depending on how healthy Yao is, Drew could actually end up getting the chance to be the starter.

DC should hook up with Drew and hang out at the Playboy mansion. Hoisting a few of those tenderonies over his head should keep the man in fighting trim!

Just a peek into haunted green spaces. This was already posted by MM, but what's haunting the big green this offseason?

"1. Revenge- To lose any championship-game is heartbreaking. To lose a Game 7, to the Los Angeles Lakers, in LA, after leading by 13 midway through the third quarter is as devastating as it gets. The only redemptive factor is that pain of that magnitude can be converted into motivation. More than anything, the 2011 Boston Celtics are motivated by revenge. The memory of the Lakers celebrating last year’s NBA championship has haunted the team for months, and is an image that will not be forgotten on their championship quest. The Celtics will not let the pain go until it has delivered them a joy of equal or greater value. That pain, that memory can only be cleansed by raising banner 18."

Poor, poor greenies. That must have been painful for you guys. Look at how this blogger writes that the Celts will win the next 2 titles and even puts his sentences in past tense, as if it already happened. Only in dreamland....:

"They will not only use this anger and rage to hoist banner 18 but bank on 19 if there’s no lockout.

The Celtic’s will be primed to make their own bid for the best team and make sure LA remembers that in the matchup of titles for each team recently, they have 3 LA has 2! And if it came against LA…even better! Head to head it it's 3-1… That’s a legacy the big three can retire to. Along with Shaq having 6 rings to Kobe’s 5 and JO adding 2 to his case at home. As for Rondo…3 by 26 years old puts him ahead of CP3 and DWill no problem. Plus he’ll win more before he’s done. When his career’s over…he’ll be looking down at Kobe in the Ring category!"

Hmmm. That's wishful thinking there.


All Derrick needs to do is get in the back seat of Ron Ron's race car. You'll see him sweat those pounds right off!

LRob, regarding your comment on the Spurs tanking to get Duncan. I've been saying that for years and no one else seems to remember! They were a 60+ win team for years before they got Duncan, then the year before I think they only won around 20 because it seemed like at one point 7 of their players were out with "injuries". Then they got Duncan. I hate the spurs and when pop was making those comments about the Gasol trade, the fact that they tanked to get Duncan was the first thing that came to my mind.

What about a rule where your lottery spot is based on your combined win totals for the previous 2-3 years? That way, if a team really wants to get a good lottery position by tanking, they have to have pretty bad records 2-3 years in a row (which would make it hard to keep selling tickets and making money). Do you think that might put a damper on teams trying to tank to get a better lottery position?

My understanding is that his contract will be fully guaranteed if he's at 275 by September 10th (2 days from now). If he was at 277 during the Summer League, shouldn't one workout, a few water pills and a good night sleep do the trick?

LT (and MM)

Speaking of young Andrew, wasn't his knee surgery on July 28th which was exactly 6 weeks ago? Shouldn't we be getting some news on his progress?

KobeMVP888 - You're correct. Within days of Andrew's surgery, the team reported that the surgery went well. The Lakers also expect Andrew to be limited during training camp but 100% once the season starts. You take it for what it's worth -- very little. We'll have more definitive answers once training camp begins Sept. 25


Speaking of Derek Fisher (haha, we weren't), here are my 3 favorite D-Fish moments:

LakerFanInCowTown -

Your idea about draft position being based on the average of your previous 3 years isn't a bad one, although I would have it so that the more recent the year, the more weight it carries in deciding your draft position, otherwise, teams on the up and up already, like the Thunder, would get a higher draft pick than teams in decline, like the Hornets or Pistons.

KobeMVP888 - You're correct. Within days of Andrew's surgery, the team reported that the surgery went well. The Lakers also expect Andrew to be limited during training camp but 100% once the season starts. You take it for what it's worth -- very little. We'll have more definitive answers once training camp begins Sept. 25


Posted by: Mark Medina | September 08, 2010 at 03:15 PM


Thanks MM. I guess we're all going just have to try to exercise some patience. grrrrr :)

Go on a fast? Liquid diet? Both are horrendous for one's health. No one should ever partake in these idiotic fixes or suggest them - for any reason. For any reason.

If Caracter can't make the weight naturally, he is naturally larger than 275. If, at 8 foot 9 he is larger than 275, he shouldn't be playing basketball, especially on the Lakers. If that's the case, fad weight loss gimmicks are not what he needs - he needs to go somewhere that does not serve fast foot - maybe where food is hard to find. What was Shaq when he hit the association?

MM, interesting comment about a solution to obesity that some would find unfair, but has been actually discussed at my work. There are a lot of big companies who are switching from a model of paying for their employees health insurance to just paying for their employees health costs as they accrue (it's called self-funded - the company bets that they will save more money than pre-paying for insurance). In order for that to work for the employer, the employees have to stay healthy and not utilize health services as much. One way to do that is to promote workplace safety and have programs to encourage employees to stay healthier. Quit smoking campaigns are common, but I can see weight loss programs happening as well. We were talking about an old military strategy where they would get 3 extra days off a year if they could pass a semi-strenous physical (certain amount of pushups, pullups, situps, run a certain distance in a certain amount of time, etc.). Getting extra days off or getting paid extra would be kind of similar ideas.

One way for DC NOT to lose weight? Adopt LO's candy diet!

Well, I meant 6 foot 9 - that's kinda funny.

@ LAKERTOM . . .

You write, "there are still solid reasons why a healthy Andrew Bynum should be a lock for this year’s NBA All-Star Game."

I agree with your reasons stated. And, like you, I love to see as many Lakers in the All-Star game as possible.

But, I do think there is formidiable competition at the center position in the Western Conference. The following centers have a combination of stats, repuation, and name recognition to possibly supplant Andrew . Especially if the coaches choose to only carry two true centers, which has often been the case for All-Star rosters.

Chris Kaman (Clippers) ~ His numbers have always been better than Drew, and he seems to outplay Drew head to head.

Nene (Nuggets) ~ Popular choice due to international identity, and he can post numbers that compete with Drew.

Robin Lopez (Suns) ~ With Alvin Gentry and Steve Nash in sync and pushing the ball, high scoring with inflated stats make him look better on paper than he really is. But, you only have to point to those TWO MVP trophies of Steve Nash to see how those numbers can add up when votes are tallied.

Greg Oden (Trailblazers) ~ IF he is healthy, there will be some serious attention and hype given to him.

The added fact that both Kobe and Pau are virtual locks for the All-Star team, there will be an "anti-Laker" sentiment brewing that will also work against Drew.


puddle, I think you're right. Last 3 years - maybe 40% weighted more recent, then 30% and 20% the previous 2 years.

If Caracter wants to lose weight (or keep it off) all he needs to do is shadow Kobe and Fish as they do their workouts and meals. That's it. First follow Kobe in the morning, then grab lunch, then follow Fish in the afternoon. If he can do that, he'll be in GREAT shape.

As much as I appreciate Andrew, I still think being an All-Star should not be a goal but simply a circumstance of playing well. If he's healthy all year and through the playoffs, that's great, but like Lebron's MVP's... an All-Star game doth not a cookie make.

Because there are so few actual centers in the league (especially here in the West), it's not that big of a thang, and really should come from playing up to his potential - Drew's eye should be on the prize, and not on personal glory (as our eyes as fans should be). Really, being the MVP of the Finals is a better goal for Drew in my book (just ask Kobe).

And this is no knock on Drew at all, but with his "coming late to the game" lack of instincts, the nitty and the gritty are more important for him to learn. He doesn't need glitzy accolades, he needs down-in-trenches self-confidence. Seriously, less Yao and more Nate Thurmond. (And, then he can open a good restaurant after he retires.)

Just my 2 1/2 cents.

Thank you Swish! Now on to my favorite topic, Lakers! A healthy Andrew will help the Lakers in all sorts of ways. He will help with the scoring load and take some pressure off KB, allowing him to pace a bit over the season. His defensive presence will be huge, pardon that pun! If he's healthy all season, the Lakers should cruise and really whop in the Playoffs! Can't hardly wait for the season to start!


Yeah, I'd agree that those numbers sound pretty good.


Your idea is a really, REALLY good one in my opinion. All sorts of sound reasoning behind it. Good thinking!



What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Andrew Bynum at C 285 lbs, Derrick Caracter at PF 275 lbs, Ron Artest SF 260 lbs, what a heavyweight frontline for the Lakers. What soft? Softie label is thing of the past.

Lakers are strong. Ready to rumble against Oneal, Perkins, Oneal, KG, Big Baby!

Last comment about weight loss - really tough to do due to psychological factors, but I think a pretty simple concept.

((Calories in) - (Calories burned)) x weight factor (combo of genetic factors and metabolism) = how much weight gained/lost in a day. For caracter to lose weight he's gotta burn more calories than he takes in until he reaches a steady state for that combination of calories consumed and activity. Furthermore, once he reaches the steady state, he's gotta keep that going because if he starts eating more or exerting himself less, he will gain weight again. This is why fad diets don't work, because you actually have to have a SUSTAINED lifestyle change not something you do temporarily before you return to old habits.

Anyways, I hope DC makes the weight and I really hope he gets meaningful playing time. If he does, it means that either we're having a lot of garbage time or he's really good. Either of which would bode well for our 3-peat chances!

Go Lakers!

@LAKERMIKE… Thanks for your response. You made some excellent points but the fact that the Lakers are champs and the game is at Staples should give Drew the edge over the other competitors, whom I think are all good but not great centers. There is no question that center is the weakest position in today’s NBA.
Last year was a travesty with Amare, who is really a power forward, winning the vote over Drew. Because the game was played in Phoenix, Shaq was the only true center on the team with Yao being injured. This year with the game in Los Angeles, Drew should get the votes of a lot of the Western coaches.
I have to disagree with your comments about other Western Conference centers having better numbers than Drew as a reason they might be selected ahead of him. I think the coaches are smart enough and remember how valuable Drew was to the Lakers during the playoffs. Stats depend on the player’s role on his team and I think after Drew’s performance injured in last year’s playoffs, the coaches will take that into consideration.
I also disagree about Kaman outplaying Drew. When healthy, he has generally outplayed and often dominated all of the guys on your list. Like I said, today’s center pool is woefully weak because very few observers would ever classify guys like Nene, Kaman, Lopez, or Oden as even All-Star candidates in my opinion.
Bottom line, Drew will have to stay healthy and play well. If he does, he will be on the team guaranteed.

It will be nice to see Caracter and Odom in practice guarding each other. Can Odom stop Caracter inside?

Hello L.A. Lakers Fan:

Michael Jordan Restates Lebron vs. Kobe 2010

Another video clip At the Michael Jordan Flight school Camp 2010, a kid asks Michael who is better: kobe or lebron. Michael Jordan answers and repeats that Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron James.

Go Kobe!!!

LT (and MM)

Speaking of young Andrew, wasn't his knee surgery on July 28th which was exactly 6 weeks ago? Shouldn't we be getting some news on his progress?

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | September 08, 2010 at 03:11 PM

I will chime in but if memory serves me right Drew started core excercises in Canada and then came back to LA to continue developing core muscles. Don't know of progress though.

I think a healthy Drew has very good shot at starting center ASG. Yao has not been a pilar of health and just because he is back playing is guarantee he is completely healthy. So let the season play out and see who plays at All Star level and wins the starter spot.
I respectfully disagree as I have never seen Kaman better Drew head to head and neither any of the other centers you listed.


Andrew Bynum at C 285 lbs, Derrick Caracter at PF 275 lbs, Ron Artest SF 260 lbs, what a heavyweight frontline for the Lakers. What soft? Softie label is thing of the past.

Lakers are strong. Ready to rumble against Oneal, Perkins, Oneal, KG, Big Baby!

Posted by: Staples 24 | September 08, 2010 at 03:43 PM

Don't you mean: Trade Kobe and Lamar boy?

Staples24 - would like to see LO work on being able to guard someone with DC's style of play. Then he wouldn't seem so lost like he sometimes did vs. Glen Davis...ugh!

I'm really excited about this year! What's the countdown to training camp?

MM are you going to be at the practices?

LakersFaninCowTown - Training camp starts Sept. 25 and I will be at every practice. You have to keep in mind though that most of the practices are closed and media isn't allowed until usually until the very end. So whenever we do see things, the practices are fairly short.

Otis - I was joking about my proposals. These were written very tongue in cheek, which is why the last proposal entails not following my advice whatsoever.


I do think the Laker bias also will work against Drew.

Did Blitz just get handle-jacked?

September 25 Laker camp opens...counting down.

I like LakerTom's line of thinking. It's possible for Drew to make the team and could even be a starter depending mainly on Yao's health.

Kaman? C'mon! Quest For Fire puts up bloated numbers early in the year, fades after the All Star break and has trouble maintaining focus due to his ADD.

Nene? C'mon! Perennially hurt rather than perrenially an All Star and will have to re-deiscover his touch around the basket.

Lopez? C'mon! Without Amare drawing his man away from him he'll have to shoulder the burden. I expect you'll see as much of him at the All Star game as you will this Lopez:

Welcome back, MM, maybe civility will return to the Blog now...we'll see!

Did Blitz just get handle-jacked?

Posted by: utzworld - the BANNER HOLDER | September 08, 2010 at 04:24 PM
No just doing the blog a favor and showing Staples's real colors.

Mark Medina,

"Training camp starts Sept. 25 and I will be at every practice."


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Sorry MM - the horse I rode in on sits way too high.

I suppose I should get off now.

From Bleacher Report

Defense was the theme of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, and for those teams wishing to contend for 2011's championship, it would be in their best interests to recognize the value in that logic.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and the Boston Celtics were the NBA's top teams for much of the 2009-10 regular season, and it should come as no surprise that all four were among the league's best defensive teams.

Teams that have strong defensive roots usually thrive in the postseason because the slower pace generally favors whichever team is more disciplined in a half-court set.

Man-to-man defense and strong rebounding are critical because transition opportunities are limited in the NBA postseason, and offenses tend to run at a more deliberate pace.

The Phoenix Suns were the only offensively-minded team able to reach the conference finals last season, and next season may see the league's best teams shift even further to the defensive end.

To be fair, teams like the Lakers, Miami Heat, and the Magic will still be able to dazzle you on the offensive end, but each team's title hopes rest on the ability of their defensive units to get stops.

The defending champion Lakers were arguably the postseason's top defensive team, as they held opponents below 37 percent shooting from the field and led all playoff teams in rebounding.

The Lakers' defense was consistently good all regular season, but in the postseason their energy level was elevated, and their focus and attention was heightened.

Ron Artest met the expectations of Lakers' fans as he proved to be a physical nightmare to the opposition, and the combination of Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum were dominant on the boards.

Kobe Bryant and Bynum were forced to play through injuries from the opening round against Oklahoma City, but the Lakers were able to persevere because their defense was usually good, even when their shots were not falling.

The Finals series between the Lakers was a perfect illustration of playoff basketball because the defense was physical and fierce throughout, and a high premium was placed on scoring.

The Lakers' Game 7 victory was something only Lakers' fans and true basketball purists can really appreciate, but it served as an example of what it may take to win a championship next season.

Los Angeles will be seeking their third consecutive NBA title, and the fourth three-peat of coach Phil Jackson's career. In terms of defense, the Lakers could be much better than they were last season.

The Lakers added Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, and Theo Ratliff during the NBA's free agency period, and each player represents an upgrade to the team's defense.

At 6'3", Blake becomes the Lakers' biggest option at the point guard position, and he brings a reputation as a steady defensive player who is more disciplined than the departed Jordan Farmar.

Barnes gives the Lakers another long, rangy player in the mold of Artest, who is versatile enough to guard opponents on the perimeter or in the paint.

Ratliff has seen his skills diminish due to age, but he still carries a career average of two blocks per game, and he should be able to provide brief periods of relief for Bynum and Gasol.

This may be one of the deepest teams of the Jackson era, and it has the potential to be one of the best defensive teams he has ever coached.

But how do the Lakers compare to the NBA's other superior defensive teams?

Miami, Boston, and Orlando are probably the Lakers' biggest obstacles on the road to a three-peat, and all three teams should once again rank among the NBA's top defensive teams.

Miami has the luxury of two of the better help defenders in the game in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and each player's individual defense should benefit from their pairing.

The Heat has the potential to dominate the perimeter defensively, but even though Miami has depth in the paint there are still questions concerning their ability to defend the post.

Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem are Miami's best defensive post options outside of Chris Bosh, and at 6'9" and 6'8" respectively, both players are a little undersized compared to potential opponents.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has good size, but his limited range of motion makes him susceptible to penetration on the perimeter, and he doesn't have the physical strength to contend in the paint.

The advantage Miami has on the perimeter could outweigh their issues in the post, but only if someone else is able to step up and help Bosh control rebounding in the paint.

Eastern Conference runner-up Orlando has a defense which is built around the athleticism and sheer strength of center Dwight Howard in the paint.

Howard controls the defensive tempo for Orlando by dominating on the boards and serving as a deterrent to opponents who choose to attack the rim.

One of Howard's calling cards is his ferocious dunks, but there are really no superior individual defenders on Orlando's roster outside of Howard.

Vince Carter, Mikel Pietrus, and Jameer Nelson are all competent if not spectacular defenders, but the Magic flourish on the defensive end due to their ability to perform as a cohesive unit.

The players seem to buy into coach Stan van Gundy's help philosophy, and it doesn't hurt to have a player like Howard as insurance in case someone does happen to get beat off the dribble.

Boston was the Finals' runner-up to the Lakers in 2010, and their team during the Doc Rivers era has been defined by defense.

Kevin Garnett has played the part of emotional catalyst for Boston, but the Celtics' defense is led by point guard Rajon Rondo, who is arguably the NBA's top defensive lead guard.

Rondo thrives in defensive transition or in a half-court set, and he has excellent strength, quickness, and is an above-average rebounder to boot.

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have slowed down but both are still capable of playing tough defense in stretches, and the reserve unit was bolstered with the arrival of Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, and Delonte West.

Boston's main concern will be defensive rebounding, which is ironic since most good defensive teams are also superior rebounding teams.

The Celtics will likely have to average more than the sub-40 rebounds they did last postseason to have another shot at reaching the Finals next year.

The addition of the O'Neals should help, but then again, there is no guarantee that Kendrick Perkins will be healthy next season, and his presence in the paint could be crucial.

The Lakers are not without defensive flaws—the ability to defend quicker point guards remains a concern, and I'm not sure if they will ever completely figure out the pick-and-roll.

But, Los Angeles has found a way to overcome those flaws the past two seasons, and there is a good chance there defense will be even harder to penetrate in 2010-11.

Defense should once again be the primary component of next season's NBA champion, and the Lakers may not have the NBA's best defensive unit, but recent playoff history has shown they belong in the conversation.
Depending on DC development he could factor in on helping defense.

Here are my top 20 threats to Bynum's all-star candidacy:

The absolute threats
1) Yao Ming (duh)
2) Greg Oden - Like Bynum, dude has put up beastly per minute numbers. If he can stay on the court, he'll get the recognition he deserves.

The very possible threats
3) Tim Duncan - Who knows? Maybe they'll finally list him at C?
4) David Lee - Might play quite a bit of C in Nellie ball and put up ridiculous numbers.
5) Nene

The possible but less likely threats
6) Chris Kaman
7) Al Jefferson - Maybe the Jazz play him at C enough to give him eligibility?
8) Marcus Camby
9) Demarcus Cousins

Only threats if they have enormous, unexpected career years
10) Emeka Okafor
11) Mehmet Okur
12) Brendan Haywood
13) Robin Lopez
14) Serge Ibaka
15) Andris Biedrins (for some reason, Nellie hates this guy)
16) Samuel Dalembert

The "don't make me laugh, there's no chance in hell are they ever a threat" guys
17) Tyson Chandler - (why the hell is he on the USA team again??)
18) Nenad Krstic - (good FIBA player, below average NBA center)
19) Kyrylo Fesenko
20) Darko Milicic - Hahahahahhaahahaha. Oh man. Hahahahahahaha. He's a starting NBA center! HAhahahahahahaha!

" It's possible for Drew to make the team and could even be a starter depending mainly on Yao's health."

Very possible but again still difficult. Yao will be voted on the team and not just because of his fans in China. Not every fan outside of the Lakers fanbase thinks very highly of Bynum as the best center in the West...yet. Yao is going to be the starter even if the coaches voted both on starters and reserves.

re: Kaman averaged 20 and 8 before the All-Star Break and 16 and 9 afterwards. Not a very big drop off.

re: Nene averaged 14ppg and 7.7rpg last season. Very close to Bynum's 15 and 8 that was before the All-Star Break. Nene also started 82 games last year. Nene having cancer isn't "injury prone" He is less even less perenially hurt than Bynum is and cancer is far more serious than Bynum's injuries.

re: Lopez agreed except he has a very good passer with him: Steve Nash. Nash may be old but with his passing abilities don't take anything out. Plus the Suns have Hedo for passing so it might make Lopez more overrated enough to have a chance.

That being said here's who got All-Star votes as reserves last year:

Deron Williams-G
Chris Paul-G
Jason Kidd*
Chauncey Billups*

*Denotes entrance into the All-Star Game via injury. Kaman replaced Roy. Kidd replaced Bryant. Billups replaced Paul

The coaches voted Gasol as the back up center for 2010 NBA All-Star team and unless Yao or Gasol gets injured Gasol is the favorite to be the back up center in 2011 All-Star Team.

(Don't take it on me....Blame the coaches on this method!)

Out of the total reserves of last year Randolph is the most likely to be replaced. That being said do not count Bynum automatically since it means ANOTHER player regardless of position gets in and possible All-Stars of the West next year:

Russell Westbrook
Tyreke Evans
Eric Gordon
Monta Ellis
Blake Griffin (very possible if he regains the hops he had in the pre-season)
Kaman (if he maintains his form and can get along with Griffin)
Stephen Curry
David West
Tony Parker

For those who didn't read: The coaches select who will be the All-Star reserves and unless Gasol lays and egg/injured then he will get the Back up Center spot as he did last year.

Bynum's best bet besides having a good year: Injuries I mean ALOT of them.

Jeez, if Caracter is just a biscuit over 275 come Sept. 10, he ought to give himself an enema a few minutes before climbing on the scale. It’s certainly no fun getting the BIG D (and I don’t mean “defense” here), but for a guaranteed extra $273K I’d guess it’s well worth it.

Hey puddle,

Very thoughtful list, nice handicapping. I'd make a couple of adjustments. First, all those power forwards (Duncan, Lee and Jefferson) will be listed as such on the ballot, that's kind of predetermined.

I'd put Chris Kaman (an All-Star last year as a replacement and deserving in the past), Mehmet Okur (he's underrated and is a huge factor as to why the Jazz are successful) and Robin Lopez (finest young big man in the game) in the top tier and move Greg Oden into the middle. With Marcus Camby and Joel Pryzbilla rotating with him at center in Portland, I doubt he'll have the numbers. And will probably be injured by then, anyway.

Hey JustaLakerFan,

Bleacher Report is so right. In any major sport, usually six of the final eight teams in the playoffs are in the top 10 in team defense. The ones who aren't are usually top-end offensive squads. And in basketball, a big majority of the conference semifinals are in the top 10 in rebounding too(though not as consistently as defense). So if Phil Jackson is going to put Derrick Caracter on the court, he better make sure to do three things: defend, rebound and don't turn the ball over.

And Staples24,

Speaking of the Lakers' size up front (Lamar Odom is no lightweight himself and Pau Gasol's length and athleticism doesn't hurt down low), I always remind people that Artest at 6-7 and 260 could play as an NFL defensive end with his strength and reactions. He'd thump those 300-pound offensive tackles about the shoulders and chest and either bull-rush his way to the QB, spin quickly inside after initial contact to get there or just speed-rush his way around the outside. Not quite sure he could play linebacker (those guys nowadays have 4.4/4.5/4.6 speed in the 40 and I'd doubt Ron Ron is that quick.

I see MM has been keeping the Lakers masses fed with items. Happy reading and digesting.

Dan - I can imagine Ron Ron playing in the NFL...maybe planting Terrell Owens in the astro turf...lmao

If it all falls into place this year for young Bynumite...The All Star Game would be the first one crossed off on the 'AB's List of Accomplishments for 2011'...

JLF - my problem with that Bleacher Report article...I think the Lakers ARE ALREADY the best defensive team...

Dan: haha, I could SO see Ron Ron playing in the NFL! Fisher too and Kobe would make a heck of a cornerback at 6'5''.

Princess Jimmy has the athletic ability to have succeeded in any sport he would try. Heck, just look at how he's done in basketball only having a tiny fraction of the skill Kobe has! (couldn't resist...... :)

Glad to see you still involved on the blog Dan, hope you stay around!

Gotta love Coach K's response to the Russian coach's comments regarding '72 Olympics fiasco.
And then he turns it and says by their names who the American team is concerned with.
I have a feeling US vs Russia is gonna be intense and worth watching.
I'm still hot about what happened in Munich.

How to lose weight?

1) RUN up and down a basketball court.
2) Don't hang out with Shaq or Barkley.
3) Don't eat so damn much.

See? It's easy.

I wonder if they have a similar arrangement with Sasha and Steve Blake getting bonus spiff money if the come to camp with the pounds Character lost ???

This just in:............... Character said he plans to shed the unwanted pounds, by running behind a red sports car that Ron Artest was supposed to bring by the practice facility. For some reason, Ron never showed up. Derrick suggested that they tape a double cheeseburger to the back of the car for motivation.

You think it will help Derrick Caracter to loose weight. I think he should eat weight loss diet and do more workout and practice.



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