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Ways for Derrick Caracter to lose weight

September 8, 2010 |  2:23 pm


When Lakers forward Derrick Caracter tips the scale on Friday, he won't be just measuring his weight. He'll be determining his paycheck.

The Lakers and Caracter reached an agreement in his contract, as reported by, that the first year of his $473,000 contract will become fully guaranteed if he weighs 275 pounds or less.

With Caracter already guaranteed $250,000, Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin points out that Caracter will earn an additional $273,000 as long as he tips the scales the correct way. This revelation also made Sports Law Blog's Michael McCann wonder whether the Lakers have set a good precedent for how our country could tackle its obesity problem: "Think about your income and the opportunity to nearly double it if you merely stay in shape. I doubt our country would have the obesity epidemic it currently suffers from if weight had such a direct impact on our earnings."

And to make sure Caracter gets his money, below are a few tips. (Disclaimer: My credibility as a nutritionist and health expert is beyond questionable).

Fast -- A close friend of mine wrestled in high school, and the steps he and other wrestlers took to stay in their weight class remain fresh in my mind. They abstained from eating for days. They wore layers and layers of sweatshirts and sweatpants in a sauna in hopes that excess sweat could help them shed a few pounds. Don't worry about staying hungry or feeling weak. You just need to make the weight. As soon as that happens, you can go back to your eating habits.

Join a gym -- I'm sure Caracter has worked valiantly with the Lakers training staff this offseason. But for the pure selfish reason that I could get reward points, it'd be great if he could join the gym I attend. If you want more details, Derrick, feel free to get in touch and we'll take it from there.

Go on a liquid diet -- How does rapper 50 Cent go from this to this? Easy. Eat no solid foods and drink only liquid. How on Earth is that possible, you say? Well, you can either strictly stick to diet shakes, follow Beyonce Knowles' lead and drink maple syrup, or simply fire up your blender and make some smoothies.

Stick to your routine -- Who am I to say what Caracter should do? I'm sure Lakers trainer Gary Vitti has given him sound advice on what to do. Caracter also told reporters shortly after the Lakers drafted him that he dropped from 305 pounds to 277 after his time with Texas-El Paso because of more sleep and selective eating habits. The pictures of his frame during Summer League look promising, so it looks like Caracter should be able to make weight -- and get paid.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Derrick Caracter. Credit: Chuck Burton / Associated Press