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Sasha Vujacic works out with Lakers starters

When the doors opened for the end of Lakers practice Monday, there was Sasha Vujacic running with the first-team unit.

With guard Kobe Bryant and center Andrew Bynum both sitting out recovering from knee surgery, Vujacic was in the backcourt with Derek Fisher, joining starters Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Ron Artest.

It was no surprise to see Odom starting at power forward because he's been a starter in the past.

What's interesting about Vujacic running with the first unit is that he could be the fifth guard this season, behind Bryant, Fisher, Steve Blake and Shannon Brown.

 -- Broderick Turner

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King Lebron James confident and resonates assurance:

His thinking hasn't changed on that front since July. Asked if the Heat are facing a "championship or bust" season, James coolly responded: "Not bust. But it is championship."

My team takin it all da way dis year. LAKERS baby!

"What's interesting about Vujacic running with the first unit is that he could be the fifth guard this season, behind Bryant, Fisher, Steve Blake and Shannon Brown."

They figured out they don't want Sasha to injure any starters :-)

"When the doors opened for the end of Lakers practice Monday, there was Sasha Vujacic running with the first-team unit."
Jaw drops.
Look of stunned silence.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

This is Philip's way of showing his appreciation to Sasha for the 2 big free throws Sasha made moments before the confetti filled Staples Center in June. He gets to practice with the starters one time. Now they're even.

They figured out they don't want Sasha to injure any starters :-)

Posted by: apop | September 27, 2010 at 03:20 PM
That's the real reason.

You know, I bet I can think of a way that the NBA could stop players from over reacting to calls without Ting players who overreact. They could make calls based on what happens on the court. Like when Lebron picks the ball up at halfcourt and runs through three guys to get to the hoop, they could call a travel or a charge.

I mean, Lebron would probably complain more if a call ever went against him.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t have NBA TV, or I wouldn’t get anything done.

Nah, that’s sour grapes. I really want to watch that.

RE my last comment. There should be a 'never mind.' Between the second and third paragraphs. Actually, there should probably be a 'never mind' after most of my paragraphs, now that I think about it.

Sasha played with starters....well sort of...

If he was on the floor with Kobe, Pau, Artest, and AB...

Then yes he played with the starters...

But AB and Kobe is out...

So playing with Ron, Fish, Pau, Ratcliff...doesn't count...LMAO

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

yeah, the Machine has returned! just in time for a contract year! we all know that the Machine becomes awesome in a contract year.

if he plays well this season, perhaps Mitch might want to keep signing the Machine to 1 year contracts...

Can you profile the camp additions and if they are projected to be signed by Defenders?

Former Michigan State basketball player Drew Naymick has returned to the U.S. after two years in Europe, agreeing to a contract to join the Los Angeles Lakers for their training camp.

Naymick and former Saginaw guard Anthony Roberson were among four players who signed with the Lakers on the eve of training camp, which began Saturday.
Naymick, a 6-foot-10, 235-pound center who played for MSU from 2003-08, , has spent the last two years playing in Poland and Spain. In Naymick's first season with Polish team Kotwica, he was named the center of the year in his league and his team won the Polish Cup. He spent last season with Spanish team Caceres.
Naymick has spent some offseason time with NBA squads in the past. He worked out for the Indiana Pacers in 2009 and almost made their summer-league squad. This past summer, he appeared on the Lakers' summer-league roster.
In Los Angeles, Naymick will join former Spartans teammate Shannon Brown, a backup guard for the two-time NBA champions.
Naymick finished his MSU career as the program's all-time leader in blocked shots with 134.

I'll take Sasha over Brown anyday!

"if he plays well this season, perhaps Mitch might want to keep signing the Machine to 1 year contracts..."
Brilliant idea!
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

I'm running out of children to eat! I need more than old Slam Dunk Contests on NBAtv to satisfy my primal hunger for Lakers basketball. I have needs, man! RAWR! I do have to admit the 2000 contest was ever so entertaining, though. Vinsanity's coming out party... a whole lot better than watching Jerome Kersey do the same old tired, small hand dunks every year.


Kobe to Sasha at practice:

"Welcome to ThunderDome!"


Do not underestimate Sasha. He is tall, handles the ball well, a sold defender, and may be shooting better. Good luck Sasha!
Tony Sassi

for those who think that this technical foul rule is some new power:
Posted by: mud | September 27, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Mud - how bout this Joey Crawford classic!


joey's such a wonderful guy....

and a partial repost because i can't seem to manage to post in the current thread and i'm feeling obnoxious-

so what is actually changing? this is so typical of the stupidity of the public today, the love of new, powerful laws when there are already old laws that do the job...public relations, the work of an evil genius who wanted to destroy the public's ability to think for themselves so that their "betters" could more efficiently run the lessers' lives, Edward Louis Bernays...

That Phil is a card! I'm ROTFLMAO! According to Phil Kobe told Lebron what? Go find your city and win your MVP's but I'm taking the championship again!

Well guys, I'm going to have to take a mulligan regarding my defense of Andrew Bynum. I just read Brian Kamenetzky's post here ( assessing many things about Andrew Bynum's situation and he told him during media day that knowing what he knows now, he still would've gone to the World Cup. I'm sorry. I feel disappointed that I went to great length in defending Bynum, but that answer is unacceptable for obvious reasons. With the money he's making and the commitment that's needed for the team, that's way too selfish and short-sighted of an answer. I give him credit for being honest, but that's definitely the wrong mindset to have MM

JLF - didn't know if that was you or someone else asking for the profile on Anthony Roberson & Drew Naymick, but I'll give my quick scouting report since both are from Michigan and Naymick balled at MSU....

Roberson - primarily a three point shooter but small. A poor man's Eddie House. Good scorer with deep range. Played a couple seasons in the league...was Pau teammate in Memphis. Didn't play up to his capabilities in previous NBA stints. No chance of making the squad.

Naymick - Strictly a defensive player in college. Long arms, excellent timing on shot blocking. Very, very, very limited offensively. Had a decent 10ft shot, but no confidence. No back to basket game. (That was 2yrs ago...maybe he's developed some overseas since then.)

FCM- I'm not sure how that hurts your point. If we were saying it was an acceptable decision at the time, why is he wrong for saying the same thing?

The problem with Drew and his answers and attitudes are we've been spoiled. Spoiled by Jerry West who would rather die than lose. Spoiled by Magic who, smiles and all, would rather die than lose. Spoiled by Kobe who would rather die, or kill, or end the world, rather than lose.

Throw in Bill Russell and Bird (who we always had to face), and we Lakers fans are used to a genetic predisposition to do ANYTHING to win.

It's why we are in a quandary about Lamar sometimes. It's why, great as he was for us, we'll always feel a little bit cheated by Shaq's lack of drive for more rings.

And Andrew has always been a guy who works but does not WORK at his game. He's a "smiley" kinda guy. He came to basketball late blessed with real gifts. He worked on those gifts and was helped by one of the All-Time Greats. And I think he's got some real feelings of "this is all pretty easy" because he has been very fortunate and "gifted" of talents and situations. Not entitlement issues like Lebron, but seriously: the kid probably has everything he could ever want right now. He's NEVER been a cold blooded killer and I don't see that he sees he needs to be. Why? He's got his millions, his rings and he's the starting center (for good cause) for the Lakers. That's plenty great.

People are always saying you "can't teach height." Well, you can't teach "kill them all and let God sort them out" ruthless desire either. The Logo had that. Magic had that. Kobe has that.

I don't have any problems with Drew (though I wish he'd be healthy because I like everyone to be healthy; it sucks not being healthy). I don't need him to be overpowering. He does just fine with what he puts up, especially on this team. I don't mind his attitude... he is what he is, and at least he's up-front about it.

But he's NOT that other thing that we Lakers fans have been spoiled with. Can he get better? Sure. Will he get better. Most likely. Is he a valuable part of the Lakers. Absolutely. But he'll never have a 1000 yard stare, and he'll never understand the need for one. That's not who he is.

Hey guys we got another post up


phred - My point was he acted based on the information he had. My main premise in argument was that many players went on vacation, including a few to the World Cup. It's not irresponsible for him to wait to have surgery if he's told what the timetable would entail. But to say that if he knew it would cause him to miss the first month of the season and he'd still go to the World Cup? That's too much


Mark, do you have teens? Can you ask them to skip the homecoming game or the prom night because they are sick? No way. Being absent to the big event will aggravate their medical condition.

I'm not a Bynum basher per se, I criticize Drew for his own good.

This guy is spoiled, he knows it and takes advantage of it. How many Laker Centers have had a special tutor? You could say Shaq for his free throws. Who is that tutor? Who paid for that tutor? Is he Kareem Abdul Jabbar? How many times have you heard Drew being thankful to the Lakers for that kind of support or being grateful to highest pointer of NBA in transferring to him his know-how? When the Cap announced that he was sick, did we hear any kind of consolation from his pupil? We should help Drew by giving him some reality check on responsibilities. Sometimes that is what College could have taught him on how to be responsible for his actions.

it's sasha's contract season... lets keep him fresh and if he performs well, that'll be even better because he will be traded before the deadline... expiring contracts are "gold" in the league and if the guy can play, well, that's just more gravy on the train! l.o. better play well because if he isn't careful, he'll be packaged with sasha...


"but that answer is unacceptable for obvious reasons. With the money he's making and the commitment that's needed for the team, that's way too selfish and short-sighted of an answer. I give him credit for being honest, but that's definitely the wrong mindset to have MM..."

Posted by: Mark Medina | September 27, 2010 at 04:54 PM


Those are my sentiments exactly...

sasha is one of my favorite players like artest he adds character to the Lakers and keeps them from being boring. i can still see him in my mind straightening his eyebrows before shooting the free throws in the championship game. that was priceless.

Big fan of Sasha as well. Those two clutch free throws in Game 7 were MONEY -- the two most important free throws in Lakers history! How many active Lakers could have drained those two crucial free throws in such a critical part of the game (final 2 minutes of 4th quarter) when the freaking Celtics were draining 3's from all over the place, even Rondo! If Sasha misses one or both free throws, Celts probably win that game!

For sealing the victory over the hated Celtics IN THE FREAKING NBA FINALS, Sasha will forever be a memorable Laker!

Go Sasha!!!

Bynum just doesn't get it.
He goofs off and goes on vacation, leaving surgery for later.
Gasol and Odom will be forced to pick up the slack.
Say Gasol gets hurt putting in too many minutes?
W/o Gasol, the season is over.
Bynum needs to watch out for his teammates, not just himself.

Yawn~~ ..Nothing new ... Sasha always does extremely well in practice, but when it comes to real games ..he'll always be a no show.... STEP YOUR GAME UP SASHA!!! STEP YOUR GAME UP!!

Let's put it this way, if he's not up to the task, Phil can test him early on and dump him in a trade should he be useless.

You never know, with injuries we may need at some point in the season a spare G or C that can be a bit more consistent than 'the Machine' or what free agency/the D-league will offer.



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