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Devin Ebanks provides early glimpse into Lakers workouts via Twitter

Devin Ebanks

Within two days' worth of workouts, Lakers forward Devin Ebanks has shared laughs with Kobe Bryant, worked on the triangle offense with Theo Ratliff, Shannon Brown, Steve Blake and Derrick Caracter and felt excited enough to share his experience through Twitter.

You could say it appears Ebanks feels like he's fitting in nicely with the defending champions. Surely, Ebanks tweets should at least give a little fix to Lakers fans looking for the slightest morsel on how the early preparations for the 2010-2011 season have unfolded. It's a welcome development considering Bryant doesn't have an account, Ron Artest tweets random jokes, Lamar Odom has just returned from the FIBA World Championships, Derek Fisher has stayed involved with different community efforts and Blake doesn't really keep his Twitter account active.

Brown also shared with his followers how the workouts have gone: "I did have a good workout this morning tho. I hit the weights, ran thru some offense with Theo Ratliff @DevinEbanks3 and DC [Derrick Caracter] and they picking it up pretty good so far. Then got up some shot with @DevinEbanks3 too. Everybody seems focused and ready to go for this third one in a row!!! A lot of hard work ahead of us!!!

Brown couldn't be any more correct. As Ebanks reveals in the following tweets, the workouts are tough, but it seems to be he's having a good time learning.

Ebanks: "Early morning Wrkout Kobe might be in here wrking can't wait to meet him"

Ebanks: "Jus met Kobe @shannonbrown and steveblake. Shannon is mad funny behind the scenes lol Blake was laid back cool dude. And Kobe was Kobe! Lol"

Ebanks: "Already got two workouts done. Got some shots up wit Theo Ratliff and @shannonbrown


Ebanks: "Great wrkout today 4hours long tho, but its well worth it for my 1st championship. Shower then goin house searching!


Ebanks: "@ShannonBrown man im jus waking up, that wrkout had me tired lol slept like a baby


Ebanks: "This dude DC acts so much older than his age. He is only 22 and acts like he is 43 wit two kids, a wife , and a bad back lol


Ebanks: "Mad tired had a long day time to get sum rest get @ me 2morrow tweeps" --

Ebanks: "Man I hate wakin up early but gotta I gotta do what I gotta do. Jus finished gettin shops now weight room wit derrickcaracter."

Ebanks: "Had a great wrkout [Tuesday], and I actually got 2 talk to Kobe 2day. He is a cool guy nd he is funny. He got sum jokes, ANYWAY CHILL TIME 4 ME! -- today

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Devin Ebanks goes to the basket against Patrick Ewing Jr. (6) of the New York Knicks during the NBA summer league on July 12. Credit: Garrett W. Ellwood / NBAE via Getty Images

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Wow. I loved the insights to what goes on around Lakerville when the cameras aren't there. And Ebanks is going house shopping after practice? What a blessed life. Playing with the Lakers, getting his new house and going for the a ring in his first season. I also liked Ebanks' descriptions of Derrik Caracter's maturity.

Can't wait for the season to start.


Good to see Ebanks is eager to learn and that Shannon is helping the guys out!

I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on Kobe about 2012 for various reasons. One, Kobe cares about his NBA legacy but he also cares about his basketball legacy period and he loves to compete. Having a chance to get two Olympic gold medals isn't something you just pass up. The fact that Coach K is there too helps because he loves playing for him. It appears that USA Basketball laid out a plan to ensure continuity and 2012 will serve as the last stand before handing off the torch.

Posted by: Mark Medina | September 14, 2010 at 03:41 PM
You're probably right because Kobe is soooo competitive. All that Coach K has to tell him is none of the other legends (MJ, Magic, Bird, Oscar, Jerry) have two gold medals....and Kobe's probably in.

Cool stuff. Thanks for passing it along, Median. I gotta start following Ebanks.

I wonder why DC acts old. Maybe it's all the stuff he's been through.

MM: Love the collected tweets! I don't have time to look at twitter much at all, pretty much abandoned my account since it is info overload at times lol, and having to filter through a lot of stuff to find the relevant posts is time consuming. I think it's great info, although the tweets are brief, it's probably the most Laker-relevant stuff that is happening at the moment.

- - -

Still on cloud-9 for Team USA's performance, especially happy for L.O.

Gotta say it again:



Great stuff are in a good groove bruh....

E -

Caracter is from NY, from Queesbridge, like Ron Ron and Artest...

I guess you grow up faster in the hood...

If DC doesn't twitter, we'll know he is old.

I love our comraderie....

At the end of the workout, Devin Ebanks went out for house searching. It's a house not an apt. Many families in LA are not searching for house but foreclosing their overpriced house. The sad thing, Ebanks is an "if" player who is dependent on what Luke Walton would intend to do. If Walton declares, I will play on the bench then Ebanks would be in street clothes all year throughout. We have seen the best of Walton since 2004, why don't the Lakers just buy him out and moved forward. A bad contract w/ three years more to go created a logjam in the small forward position from Artest, Barnes, Walton and Ebanks.

I like the spirit of Theo Rattliff. He is veteran out of those players mentioned and there are still two weeks to go for the preseason, he is already honing skills with the youth and enthusiastic to learn the triangle. You can't ask more than that from a veteran. I'm sure Shaq is still having a good time in Boston area assessing his future career as Sheriff of Marta's Vineyard, he won't hold the ball unless it's company time. lol!


You guys were talking about the PBA and the love of basketball in the Philippines last week. Then today my brother asked me if I had read this article on Billy Ray Bates. Well this article certainly further proves what you were saying.

I remember Billy Ray Bates vividly from his days in the NBA (early 80's). Well it turns out after he left the NBA he was quite a folk hero in the Philippines. Interesting article...

KobeMVP888....being a fan of "the Breaks of the Game" I know you'll find this somewhat fascinating. I had no idea what happened to Billy Ray.

The fact that Kobe doesn't have a twitter account speaks volumes on behalf of Kobe.

LEWSTRS - gotcha. It should be interesting to see him interact with the press.

I changed my mind about following Ebanks - he tweets way too much for my taste, hah.

Thanks LRob for sharing the sad story of Billy Ray Bates. I was already here in US when he played with Crispa and under Tommy Manotoc. I knew Tommy because we came from the same school, I was ahead of him by two years. He is married to one of the daughters of Marcos, Imee. Atoy Co, Phillip Ceazar, Guidaben those bring back memories of the PBA. Before Bates arrived, there were other imports who came to play in the Philippines. Most of them were standouts in NCAA and rejects in NBA or shall we say our version today of D'Leagues. They were popular to basketball craze Filipino fans because of the flashy games displayed in dunking balls. The tallest Filipino hoopster I have known was Guidaben and he's only 6'5", the explains why the American imports became outright heroes and super athletes.

At the first part of the article, it said of the fascination of Filipino poor of basketball, although we belonged to middle class family I grew up with poor playmates where we play basketball on streets, or on dusty plain ground. As long as we see a backboard and a ring, we have a game. Politicians donate basketball nets, balls, scoreboard and lighted courts. It is just so miserable to remember. On the other hand, the privileged play in a gym, which is diametrically and extremely opposite to the street players.

Billy Ray enjoyed life in the Philippines who adored him because of his talents and his money. As they say money talks and BS walks in night clubs, his security and also his team. See how Tommy just laughs off at the craziness of Billy Ray, as long as he gets the objective of winning they don't care about his drinking and night life. They all know that someday he would fall into a trap of his own doing. He makes good money while Crispa was giving a long leash ignoring his faulty habits because he is serviceable to the team.

ome recent "best of" lists have been putting Terrell Owens in the same sentence as Jerry Rice. What are these people thinking?

Rice, a member of the NFL 75th Anniversary Team, has won three Super Bowl titles and been named a Super Bowl MVP.

The one time in Owens' 12-year career his team reached a Super Bowl, it got there without him. That tells you everything you need to know about T.O.

Since entering the NFL in 1996 with San Francisco, Owens has piled up some remarkable numbers. His 129 career receiving touchdowns trail only Rice and Cris Carter. He's ninth all time in catches (882) and 10th in yards (13,070).

And, along the way, he has destroyed two football teams.

By 2003, the 49ers had enough of his act. After joining the Eagles in 2004, it took him only a year and a half to estrange himself from the team.

Owens began criticizing his coaches, ripping his teammates and shredding team chemistry, which effectively neutralized his on-field pyrotechnics.

That's why Owens is one of the most overrated wide receivers in NFL history.

No matter how many passes he catches, no matter how many touchdowns he scores, no matter how many Pro Bowls he's selected to, he always ends up hurting his team more than he helps it.

And by the way, during his two years in Dallas, he has dropped 27 passes, according to Stats, LLC. That's more than anybody else in the league (Cleveland's Braylon Edwards is second with 20). And, sometimes, all you have to do is cover Owens to render him ineffective. Take Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard. When the Cowboys played the Eagles last season without Sheppard on Nov. 4 in Philly, Owens caught 10 balls for 174 yards with one touchdown. On Dec. 16 in Dallas, Sheppard shut down Owens, who caught only two passes for 37 yards.

But without Rice, Owens has hardly won a thing. During the past seven seasons, Owens has been in uniform for just one postseason victory. His lifetime playoff record is 4-7 -- and of those four wins, three came in the wild-card round. And in four of his past six postseason games -- the biggest games of his career -- this alleged superstar had 49 or fewer receiving yards.

His total postseason record without Rice is 1-5. Since leaving San Francisco, Owens has not won a playoff game.

The 2004 Eagles were forced to play their first two postseason games without an injured Owens and won both easily. With Owens back, they lost 24-21 to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. Owens had a big game (9 catches for 122 yards), but instead of showing disappointment about the loss, he celebrated his performance in his postgame news conference.

Maybe that's why during the past nine years, Owens' teams have won more postseason games without him than with him.

Since joining the Cowboys, Owens is 0-2 in the postseason, with just six catches for 75 yards in two playoff games. In his past four playoff games, he has only one touchdown catch, which came last season in a loss at home to the Giants. Owens, who will be 35 in December and is going into the last year of his contract with the Cowboys, makes for a big show in Big D -- until the big games come around.

"When it comes to this game, I'm the best in the field," Owens sang in a 2006 rap single.

If being the best means ignoring your coaches, insulting your teammates, failing to produce in the playoffs and dropping more passes than anybody else in the league, he's absolutely right.


I read all about the "Black Superman" after "The Breaks of the Game" refreshed my memory about him. I'm in the middle of Lazenby's Jerry West book right now, taking me even further back in time and NBA/Lakers lore.


Great stuff!

Hey Manong Edwin or Lewsters, have you heard of that book 'Pacific Rims' by Rafe Bartholomew? Its an interesting book on how basketball in the Philippines is intertwined with life, politics, economics, social status, etc.

You guys might like it.


I actually met a guy once who played for the pba. His name was don ampalayo - super nice guy. Just looked him up and apparently he was the rookie of the year in 86. Don't know if either of u guys know him.

Edwin - thanks for the history lesson. Amazing that you actually know the coach that Billy Ray Bates played for.

KobeMVP888 - I'm definitely going to pick up that Jerry West book. I have a few others by Lazenby already.

Hobbit - I take it you're not a fan of TO. Did those folks that do the QScores talk to

LRob -

Great, fantastic read...Thanks...your incredible finding stuff like that...please give the research dept. some praise and a raise...

Edwin -

Did you witness any of that crazy rivalry Crispa vs Toyota...

As far as Manila, and the Phil Islands...bad place to be with no self control...Ten times worst then Vegas...'They say what happens in Vegas. stays in Vegas...'

Well...'What happens in Manila...Never happened!"...and I've witnessed it twice...Nothing better than spending dollars in the PI...

The first time I went back after leaving in 65, was 84...almost 20 years after I left...I felt like a foreigner in my own country...But I had a back into my nationality...and I couldn't wait to come back...

I made it back in 04, for a two week golf tourney...This trip was even better...They called me American

If anyone ever had a chance to visit the PI, you will have the best time of your life...but like the saying goes...this includes the Ladies does $2 manicures sound...My exwife had one every other day...

Remember...'What happens in Manila...Never happened!'...(deny till you die)...LMAO

Twitter is the Devil.

Am I the only person in the room who has read George Orwell's chillingingly accurate "1984"?

Think people! Think!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By the way, I'm confident about Ebanks and Caracter. We couldn't do better in the draft.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Not sure if this was posted in previous threads (sorry, too lazy to retrace my jagged steps), but . . . reports have Sun Yue possibly playing for Yao's team in the CBA (um, Chinese BB Association). Maybe no one much cares, but I have a soft spot for former Lakers.

In fact, I often wonder what happened to the old crew. Like Mike Pemberthy, for instance. Or Mark Madsen. Or Cedric Ceballos. Or even Smush. Ah, . . . those were the days.

Jon K,

Orwell's "1984" is the focus of something I am working on...I believe that the last few generations had it mentioned to them, as they probably just mention in passing by it, at best it's mentioned and the glossed over. For people such as myself, born in the late 50's to the early 70', I think the book was more adsorbed, as it was read with "anticipation".


hmm, Mr. K, Humanomaly...
evidently you don't know who these Orwells and Huxleys were, who they were related to, and what they did for a living. the actual academic term is "predictive programming", but that's another story.

i don't really know what to make of these rooks. like always i have high hopes, but little expectation. i suspect that the nature of media today is to make almost anything look like something to see, just from the extra attention, but there does seem to be a shine about Ebanks and Caracter. it sure would be great if they WERE really great NBA players and the Lakers could just keep rolling...

Jon K, Orwell's "1984" is the focus of something I am working on...I believe that the last few generations had it mentioned to them, as they probably just mention in passing by it, at best it's mentioned and the glossed over. For people such as myself, born in the late 50's to the early 70', I think the book was more adsorbed, as it was read with "anticipation".Posted by: Humanomaly | September 15, 2010 at 03:06 AM

hmm, Mr. K, Humanomaly...evidently you don't know who these Orwells and Huxleys were, who they were related to, and what they did for a living. the actual academic term is "predictive programming", but that's another story.
Posted by: mud | September 15, 2010 at 03:26 AM

Tread carefully, we are light years hence.

Here's what Pau said about the 2011 Euro Championship...The link below is in maybe someone can translate & summarize.
Will we see you playing with Spain at the next European Championship in Lithuania?

Pau Gasol: I'll be there one way or another because I like being close to the team even when I'm not playing with them and suffer because of it. Actually I would like to be in the team, but now it's too soon.

Twitter is the Devil.

Am I the only person in the room who has read George Orwell's chillingingly accurate "1984"?
Think people! Think!
Posted by: Jon K. | September 15, 2010 at 12:42 AM
Univ. of Miami football team just banned players from using Twitter.

For those who have a little imagination and can extrapolate:


y0u can give TO a negative infinity in my book. Straight bush league loser.

The pom pom routine and carrying a felt tip marker, while playing in a
professional game point to an ego larger than Jupiter.

it is one thing to be supremely confident about your abilities as a player.
It is a different thing to lead cheers for yourself during a game.

TO is just a sad excuse for a human being.

After I've had my morning coffee, I'll stop mincing my words and tell you
what I really think. lol

No knock on Ebanks (but he's simply an example), but it always makes me smile when professional athletes "complain" about rigorous workouts. Or when they won't do them (Shaq). I mean, this is their frickin' career.

I've gotten to the top of my profession (and still trying to go higher) through fortunate gifts and lots of luck, but I absolutely have and always will work harder than the next guy. He works five days a week, I work seven. He works seven, I work eight. It's the only way year in and year out I can stay on top.

That's why Kobe, Fish, guys like Jerry Rice are both impressive and mundane to me. Why WOULDN'T you work that hard? It's the one thing you have control over. Injuries. Nope? Can't control those. Natural gifts? Nope, you're born with them. Work ethic? That you can do something about.

So, good for Theo, and I hope all the other guys understand: work, work, work.

MM - Someone spoofed LRob's handle, and posted something inappropriate. See the entry at 6:31 AM.

Just wanted to give you a head's up. Hope you're having a good day!

Twitter is the Devil.

Am I the only person in the room who has read George Orwell's chillingingly accurate "1984"?

Think people! Think!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | September 15, 2010 at 12:42 AM
I did!!! And I agree, chillingingly accurate...
Also the movie was pretty close to the book, as far as our morality permitted, at the time.

Jon K. -

I've read 1984 as well. It bothers me to this day, to be perfectly honest. I only set up my account so that I could do the live chat thing, but if we don't have to do that anymore, I would happily disband it.

#4, Pacific Rim - I will try to find that book surely that will be an interesting read since I lived there in those years. Before Martial Law, Philippines was the best basketball team in Asia. From the seventies to this day, their prominence has been overtaken by more developed nations. IMO Pacquiao saved the Philippine sports.

Lewstrs - Yes I enjoyed the glory days of PBA & MICAA between Crispa vs. Toyota and prior to that Yco vs. Ysmael Steel. I grew up during the heated rivalries of NCAA schools, those were really fun years. I don't know if you heard Caloy Loyzaaga, Lauro Mumar, Carlos Badion, Mike Taquintic, Carbonel. Loyzaga and Mumar were in Melbourne Fiba World and place 3rd. Badion was accused by Taiwan China team as the dirtiest player ever played basketball after laming a Chinese cager by being kneed on the crotch. They called Carbonnel as the flying carpet who lays up like Clyde Dresler.

LFiSacto - I did not hear Don Ampalayo. Many PBA player migrated to US, some of them are here in SoCal and every now then they play exhibition games but it is a boring to watch because these players are mostly in their late fifties and sixties.

Jon K, Humanomaly - 1984 has passed by and we're still here, Y2K zipped so fast without any incident, the current challenge are the prophesies of 2012 from the Mayas, Nostradamus, solar maximum etc. Most important let's try to enjoy blogging to one another now and aim for the immediate threat i.e. 3-peat.

MM, I did not post the 8:52AM posts. What can LAT do with anti LAT blog jacker?

MM - I didn't post the entries at 9:02 nor at 9:04

Is there anything that you can do about this?

uh oh.. something revealing...

"derrick caracter with a bad back"

i hope this was just a joke. i hope it is not true.

also, ebanks writes more grammatically correct on twitter than anyone else i know!

If D Caracter would lose some weight, I bet his back pain would go away.

Seems like a nice kid who is willing to work. All I can ever ask from my sports teams is that they work hard and are hopefully nice guys. Nice guys is actually important or at least good guys. Better for team chemistry and I do not care what anyone says team chemistry is important. It might not trump talent but it is very important.

These guys spend more time around each other than their families during season (and probably pre-season). You can win with out liking each other but it makes it harder. Plus easier to root for 'nice guys'.

Some people might say Kobe isn't a 'nice guy'. And perhaps not in the sense we would normally use it. But he seems to have grown into a decent adult who has learned to temper his competiveness with support for his teammates. So a good guy if not necessarily a nice guy and I am ok with that.

Twitter is the Devil.

Am I the only person in the room who has read George Orwell's chillingingly accurate "1984"?

Think people! Think!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | September 15, 2010 at 12:42 AM

Dating myself but yes read the book. I agree but the new Devil is NWO brought to you by Illuminati.

Glad to see Ebanks getting some ink. Most all the stories were about DC and his chance at getting minutes. Nice to hear about DE.



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