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Steve Blake returns to practice, Kobe Bryant sits out

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant sat out of his third consecutive practice as part of the rehabilitation following the off-season surgery on his right knee, while Steve Blake returned to the court after mildly spraining his left ankle Sunday because of a collision involving Sasha Vujacic.

"I'm not talking about my knee anymore," Bryant said.

Meanwhile, Blake didn't confirm Phil Jackson's account on Sunday that Vujacic gave Blake a "little extra push" in a "highly competitive drill."

Jackson expects Bryant to appear in Monday night's practice, which marks the team's only two-a-day sessions during training camp. There are a few reasons why Jackson doesn't want such long practices. The team travels Thursday to Europe for pair of exhibition games Oct. 4 against Minnesota in London and Oct. 7 against FC Barcelona in Spain. Jackson also said "we found with veteran players, it's a negative return."

But Monday night's practice perhaps proves more valuable for Bryant and Blake. Jackson said Bryant wants to play, and he plans to give him minutes during the European exhibition games. As for Blake, the practice will give him a chance to see how his ankle fares in contact drills, considering the Lakers' morning session entailed what Jackson called a "non-contact practice." The team hasn't considered Blake's injury to be serious, and he said the morning session confirmed that thinking.

"I tried to see how it felt and make cuts and everything," Blake said. "It felt fine. I'm ready to go. It feels good. I have to continue icing it to make it 100%. But for the most part, I'm OK to play."

-- Mark Medina

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Is Bynum going with the team bound for Europe?

Watching Lakers practice on NBA TV. About time I I see something Lakers even if it just practice.

Watching Lakers practice live is da bomb! Great to see Norm Nixon too. Big up to NBA TV from fans here in Belize, Central America!

for those who think that this technical foul rule is some new power:

Edwin - We'll get an answer to that question as soon as we know about Bynum.

Appreciate the love about going to Europe. But I don't want to take away from anything Bresnahan does. Aside from being a great friend and mentor, Brez does a great job on the Lakers beat with reporting, writing and dealing with people. He provides a great service for the Lakers coverage.

The unfortunate reality is this: You do point out that in the current journalism age we're in is that Internet is on the rise while newspaper circulation is falling off. But right now, newspapers still make more revenue than anything on the web. That's one of the great challenges and frustrations regarding this industry. There is an appetite for news and the Internet provides an insatiable outlet for that. But no one has found the correct business model to make the needed revenue off the web to offset the losses from newspaper circulation.



Well, here's a new revenue stream for the Times.
Just start charging a membership fee to all the Blog people here.
That will also likely get rid of all the trolls or whatever they are.

Art FL Laker Fan - Great idea! I'll forward it to management



Well, here's a new revenue stream for the Times.
Just start charging a membership fee to all the Blog people here.
That will also likely get rid of all the trolls or whatever they are.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | September 27, 2010 at 02:46 PM
It's the end of an era...

Magic Phil,

Gotta keep up with the Times (oops punny).

Or they just keep a CC in file for everyone and charge $1 per post, that would add up.

Lebron confident and gives assurance:

His thinking hasn't changed on that front since July. Asked if the Heat are facing a "championship or bust" season, James coolly responded: "Not bust. But it is championship."

MM, I just kidding on Brez, he is a good reporter as well as Brod Turner. Mr. Turner has been involved with the Lakers as long as Jim Hill has been a sportscaster. We are just disappointed that he is bashful or just too knowledgeable to mix with Laker fans discussion. If Brod gives his input, he'll give LRob a headache on archives recollections. It is like listening to Chick talking about the Lakers. I wish Brez and Brod will conduct an open forum or a chat with bloggers especially at the middle of the season when we're evaluation where the team stands. Mark Heisler is also OK but they're the senior staff who are columnist at their own right. Gradually, they're being phased out by interactive media and if they don't join and mix with the young fans, they will gradually dissipate their followings too on his Sunday Times column. With that kind journalistic experience, LAT exposure with the Lakers, these are you edge against competitors in the business. Conduct a survey among Lakers fans, who do you wish to listen Turner/Bresnahan or Mychal/Siciliano? Mark Heisler vs. John Ireland? That will be close. Mark Medina vs. Kamenetsky podcast, this one will be close too. That's something LAT should brainstorm to utilize your journalistic talents.

Art FL, what? Membership fee....we should be the one paid for putting up opinions. Nobody will admit it but I will tell you a little secret, all coaches, sports columnists read what we say here. They get ideas from all these wild talks because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

I think the idea pushed on by Lewstrs in describing how BSPN filter their bloggers should be considered by LAT. It is like logging to our bank accounts, investment websites, we produce a username, a password and two security questions while we provide the answers.

Like me for example I'm not using my real name on my handle, yet when I googled I created a new personality and found out that there is a real person with that name too. Apparently, somebody is recording and compiling all the posts we logged in here, that's why I try to caution others to be careful on their postings it might create a legal problem.

Membership fees will drive away all the cheapos. lol

$1 a post? membership fee? whaaat?

more like $0.01 a post.

leonardbast78 & Art Fl

As I went for an errand, I was thinking of that membership idea suggested. Here in LA there are radio stations that give away prizes to visit the city of your choice anywhere in the world, you just listened to their station. They will call your name if you won but won't give the exact time when they announce the winners. Therefore, you should keep in tune always to hear your name.

How about this with LAT, since they're a bankrupt institution, so poor that they need aid from their bloggers to keep them afloat, how about going for a raffle of Lakers seat in the lower box, those that cost a $1,000 per game. I am willing to pay $ 20 as a yearly membership provided my name will be included in the raffle throughout the seasons and playoffs. Therefore, there will 50 chances (41 home games + 9 home playoffs) to win that seat. LAT will buy that seat on a season pass perhaps at a discounted price through exchange deals from their ads and props as the "rah-rah" newspaper of the Lakers.

This is like the raffle being conducted in our Parish Church, once you win the Benz or money, the pastor will also ask for donation of your winnings. My father used to say the word of God is their capital.

Ask the K Brothers about signup fees. I still read there blog but I won't post because you have to join ESPN.

RSP, why don't we ask some bloggers here who are logging on BSPN like Dave M and Jamie Sweet if there are sign up fees? I think only the Insider subscription have fees to read the opinion of the self acclaimed sports wizard who imitate Nostradamus in predicting the results of the game based on their educated wild guess.

We are the real Laker fans here that grew out from the Chick era and spoiled by the legend I believe in free press not "pay press" on the internet. However, there are su*kers in us, included on those who were born every 2 seconds they buy the info in order to be on the know. With the recessionary times when most households have at least unemployed member. you must make some choices in life either to be a screw'er or the screw'ee in lamenting your past time passion.


The Slovenian Assassin is trying to take out Blake to boost his minutes?



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