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Ron Artest says he's can't afford a gift for Lamar Odom's one-year anniversary with Khloe Kardashian

Lakers forward Ron Artest offered a sincere apology he didn't give a gift to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian for their one-year anniversary. But the reason didn't seem rooted in forgetfulness. Let's just say Artest is trying to manage his finances in a rough economy.

"Their gifts are expensive," Artest said after Tuesday's practice. "Every time I turn around, they got cars and diamonds. I just can't compete."

Apparently. Odom threw a surprise party to commemorate all the memories over the couple's one-year anniversary Monday. It was a year that featured plenty of reality TV, Odom's role in winning an NBA title and a FIBA world championship and plans to launch a unisex perfume.

It was cool," Odom said of the party. "My wife threw me one for my birthday, so I returned the favor on our anniversary.

I remarked to Artest that he could have looked for discounted items, considering so many businesses are struggling. But Artest surely knows Odom's wife too well.

"No sales," Artest said. "Khloe's not taking any sales."

-- Mark Medina

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Hmmm, THIS may be my top off-season Ron Artest moment!


"I don't care how the Lakers' brass distributed that money. You make it seem like they're wasting your tax dollars."

---- That's silly. If you don't care about how the front office spends their money, than why did you state earlier that you were against the Lakers re-signing Sasha a few years ago??? You obviously do care, and so do most die-hard fans. Whether you accept it or not, fans expect more from their high contract players. It's not my money, but it's MY TEAM. As an extreme example, if Sasha were making $30 million a year, I would be complaining, and I think you would be too....or maybe you would just attempt to shoot down the fans who were complaining, by basically suggesting that it's none of their business how the Lakers spend their money? As fans, it IS OUR business.

"you and everyone else outside the Lakers organization and his personal trainer are clueless as to how dedicated he actually is."

- Well, if that were true, than YOU also are clueless about how dedicated he is, but that's not stopping you from having an opinion about his dedication level, now is it? Drew, an NBA athlete, could not break 9 minutes in the mile in his second year. My little female cousin who's in 7th grade, and is not even an athlete, can break 9 minutes. Tex Winters openly questioned his dedication. And now, he openly states that he would not have had the surgery earlier even if he knew he would be missing part of the season. Really? Contrary to your beliefs, there are actually valid reasons why fans question his commitment.

"how do you feel right now about Pau Gasol missing the first 11 games last season? Did it bother you then? Does it bother you now?"

I was concerned about Pau's injury, and I wanted him back ASAP to develop some chemistry with Bynum, but Pau, or any other starter on this team, would NEVER delay surgery if it meant missing part of the season. There's only one Laker in history that would have the nerve to delay his surgery if it meant missing part of the season. His name is Shaq, and Shaq was MUCH more deserving of a vacation than Bynum ever was. I understand that Bynum and the team thought he would be ready for the season, but his comment that he would NOT have had his surgery sooner in hindsight speaks volumes about his commitment level for me. Again, this is MY opinion, and I am just as clueless as you are, and although Drew has made strides in his commitment level, he is still nowhere close to the commitment level I want to see from a potential future franchise player. Could he get there? ABSOLULTELY? Is he there yet? Not by a long shot.

- You're always huffin' and puffin' anytime I say anything negative about Bynum. Take a deep breath and relax my man. You have to understand that Bynum's injury history and questions about his commitment have tested the patience of Laker fans for years, and his recent comment about delaying his surgery, only adds fuel to the fire.

LOL...It's on this post too...

Now this is like a horror movie...The boogey man is following me from post to post...

I need some holy water, a crucifix and a wooden

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

My top moment for Mr. Artest...

His idea of auctioning his Championship Ring for charity, to help our youth cope with mental and psychological issues...

I can only imagine how important this ring is to Ron Ron...he played over 10 years in the pursuit of it...Now if it was me...the ring I so arduously tried to acquire, would be the last option for raising money...

But it gives us a glimse of this eccentric with a golden heart...This is completely opposite of what many of us thought he was...thanks to the media and Ron himself, for the 'brawl' and other crazy antics...

Now, not only is he one of my favorite players, but I hope the rest of the public will forget the old Artest, and embrace the new one...Laker fan or not...he deserves it...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

No more Drew! No more Drew! No more Drew!

That's knee surgery stories if you didn't get it....


I have no idea why the Heat stopped pursuing Erica. They were interested in him at one point. Aside from the possible reasons that KBlitz mentioned, it's also possible that Dampier was simply using Miami as leverage to get a bigger contract from Houston or some other team, or perhaps Joel Anthony is better than we think.


LOL. OK, I promise, no more talk of Drew from me, at least until the season starts.

In honor of Fatty, I will not mention for even one second those Knees That Will Not Be Mentioned. Instead, I will only talk about non-controversial things like who's better Kobe or MJ; Luke's contract; why we should be totally afraid of the (choose one) Heat/Celtics/Kings/small dogs named Naugahyde.

I feel much better.

@TERRY… “This year's NBA theme is; The Rise of the Machine.”
You just might be right, Terry. I’ve had a feeling since he hit those two free throws that Sasha just might surprise everybody and gift us with one of those classic contract year performance, nailing 3’s at a 45% clip and earning valuable minutes as Kobe’s primary back-up at shooting guard. I think the chances of Sasha catching fire are much better than Shannon proving he can make better decisions.
What’s also exciting about this year’s team is that the bench is now filled with wild cards that are capable of giving the Lakers an unexpected boost. That’s what we were missing last year. With Blake, Barnes, Ratliff, Ebanks, and Caracter, suddenly the Lakers bench looks like it could be a big factor. Can’t wait for the preseason games to begin although it’s a shame only one is scheduled to be shown. I’ll have to check my League Pass schedule and see what they have to offer. Unleash the Beast!

63 footer, if Kobe gets another ring and ties with MJ, I'd say Kobe is better. His path was WAY harder than MJ.

(just changing the subject)

67 footer

The battle between the Bynum Boosters and Bashers over the hearts of the Bynum Backers perfectly mimics the political battle going on between the Democrats and the Republicans over Independents. Both battles involve a young star who is either a messiah or pariah depending on your point of view.
Thankfully, Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak will have the final say over Drew’s future with the Lakers. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about a political environment where 19% of Americans actually believe their president is a Muslim and half the country has forgotten who it was got us in this mess.

Fatty- nope, I didn't get it.

Magic Phil - "63 footer, if Kobe gets another ring and ties with MJ, I'd say Kobe is better. His path was WAY harder than MJ."

Yeah, but you gotta admit that MJ had the better hair.

If they can find a way to step up and re sign LaRon Profit, this team may be able to compete for a championship one day!

Yeah, but you gotta admit that MJ had the better hair.

Posted by: 63 Footer
Nope, I loved the early afro...

Mine too!

Ron-Ron is priceless.

Three-peat, here we come! Go Lakers!

@ART… “Nice work, Gunga Din.”
LOL. Coming from you, Art, is should read “Nice work, grasshopper.” I have been making an effort to keep my posts reasonable but sometimes it’s like driving a Ferrari in the slow lane if you know what I mean. Every so often, you just need to hit someone. Or go for a grey goose & Percocet toke.
Anyway, while I was on vacation, I still read the blog every day. Very frustrating not being able to respond. Like being tied up and gagged. But, I remembered well how eloquently and courteously you were with other confrontational bloggers, easily dodging the dangerous jabs and cleverly rolling with the punches without getting hit but still leaving them thinking that somehow they just lost.
Let’s see how the old dog does when the games at least start to count for home court advantage.
As for the playoffs, I don’t know if I’m ready to take the gloves off for that just yet. LOL!

Magic Phil - "You missed the funny part, Leo."

Ben Wallace had the best hair on the Bulls...

Ben Roethlisberger got in his present trouble trying to feel some hair...

Ben Gordon is from London, so when he wants hair, he calls it 'shag'...

Ben Sheets, a SP for the A's, his new team, is now in the Bay Area...where they don't know what kind of hair they want...feminine or masculine...

Ben Stiller, Ben Affleck and Ben Vereen, are all actors...they have no problem getting hair...except for Ben Kingley...who had no hair playing Ghandi...

As for me...Ive 'ben' over my head since I started this post...

phred...quick...throw me a lifesaver...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#16 Coming Up...

Things unanswered to this day:

1. What did DFish really think when Pierce said the series was coming back?
2. Was Jerry West there at Staples the entire 7th game?
3. Is SBrown worth more (salary) than MBarnes?
4. What really got Mbenga ousted from the team?
5. Which retired Laker would you give a sip on the fountain of youth to play with the team now?

LAKER TRUTH, LAKERTOM - Nah, not really following you with either of those. For one thing, politics matters.

LEW- I don't think you have any hope. Just ben'd over an think of the the Lakers.

LOL phred. I knew you would toe my lead.

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up...

(so much harder to do on the iPhone than the laptop)

Typo - take not

Melo back to Nuggets which is a good move for him to test the free agent market in 2011, he'll be the head of that class chased by middle roaders. The cost cutting is not over in Denver, they're offering fire sale for Kmart and Smith. Since the deal fell apart, Jordie is back to back-up PG with the Nets. He used to listen to a coach w/ few words in PJ, now he will be tiring himself listening to qwack-qwack Avery Johnson.

Erick Dampier was not signed by Miami because he wants to retain a big chunk of what he was getting from the Mav's which was 10M. That will put the Heat in luxury threshold. Right now, they have 4 centers, 3 pgs and 3 superstars. Let's watch how Pat Riley will insert himself in the limelight.

Remember the Lakers executioner, Tim Thomas, well he was waived today by Mav's at his own request. It's his desire to join his family. Why is it when people wanted to retire, they keep on mentioning going back to their family? Don't they enjoy their family while working?

1. What did DFish really think when Pierce said the series was coming back?
-He didn't think...
2. Was Jerry West there at Staples the entire 7th game?
-Good question
3. Is SBrown worth more (salary) than MBarnes?
-Dude, EVERYBODY loves Shannon, not sure, yes...
4. What really got Mbenga ousted from the team?
-PJ would never play him.
5. Which retired Laker would you give a sip on the fountain of youth to play with the team now?
-Magic Johnson.

1. Fish smiled... then he smiled again... then... he won another ring.
2. West had to have left. Had to have... if not earlier. If he was ever really there.
3. Won't know till the season's over.
4. Mbenga left because Sasha started calling himself Msasha the Machine.
5. Hmm, this is tough. If it's with our present team then either Jerry West at point guard (imagine him out at the three point line, his defense, his passing, his basketball IQ - he's the perfect fit for the triangle), or Kareem at center (since Wilt is dead and no amount of sipping's gonna bring him back) since he'd be fine in the triangle. I'm not sure where I would put Magic on this team running the triangle, as Jerry's 3 pt shooting would be vastly superior. But if it were any other version, Magic, of course, would be my first choice.

Edwin - "Why is it when people wanted to retire, they keep on mentioning going back to their family? Don't they enjoy their family while working?"

That made me laugh... and then think... then laugh again.

You're always huffin' and puffin' anytime I say anything negative about Bynum. Take a deep breath and relax my man. You have to understand that Bynum's injury history and questions about his commitment have tested the patience of Laker fans for years, and his recent comment about delaying his surgery, only adds fuel to the fire.

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | September 28, 2010 at 05:21 PM

First of all, excellent comebacks. I'm not huffing and puffing. The "bashers" are huffing and puffing. I am calmly siding with Phil Jackson and the Lakers organization, while the bashers are never satisfied and have a completely different view about what is important and what isn't important. Now please allow me to address your rationale retorts:

1) As for the salary issue, with Sasha it was the idea of re-signing him AT ALL after his agent bullied the Lakers with fake Euro offers, not so much the amount he was paid. After he was re-signed, I deferred and I never held his salary over his head like most fans like to do. Yeah, I thought it was a little much, but I never weave salaries into my discussions of how players are performing.

2) You are right. I AM clueless as to Bynum's dedication and commitment. However, I was merely citing evidence to counter your assertion that he's lazy. You cite his slow mile; I cite the warrior we saw in the playoffs this year. Tex Winters criticizes everyone. That's his way of motivating players; Cap has praise for Bynum's work ethic. So there you go. Oh, I doubt Kareem ran a very fast mile either. Bynum has plenty of time to emerge as our franchise player and he is coming along just fine, thank you. He's under contract for 2 more seasons and then the Lakers have a team option. We'll find out whether he's franchise player worthy in due time.

3) As for whether he would have delayed his surgery if he knew then what he knows now, eh. Big deal. He knows his body and his mind a lot better than any fan. You do understand that he has been through two grueling summers of rehab already and might have needed a mental and physical break from everything? He was being honest and I wholeheartedly agree with him. He cares about the same thing that you do: CHAMPIONSHIPS. Bynum comes across carefree and lackadaisical, but I don't buy that exterior at all. Many fans do. As for Pau missing 11 games last season with a bit of an injury history himself, I'm surprised you're not as outraged by his decision to play for Spain in 2009 which resulted in his weak hamstrings (after two long championship runs and the 2008 Olympics), as you are with Bynum's meaningless after-the-fact comment.

Finally, Bynum's injury history is far from uncommon for a big man and rather than getting all impatient with this young, developing player and having all these doubts about his future, why not breathe a sigh of relief that we won two (2) championships with him playing at 50-70% and look forward to a bright future with him. If he continues to break down, guess what? We have already won two (2) championships with him and the Lakers can rebuild without him after the 2011-12 season should they so choose. I can live with that.


Thanks for getting back to me. I agree with you guys. Four centers is enough. Why create chemistry problems. Dampier is better than two of them, (Magloire/Pittman) but I guess they didn't feel he was substantially better.

Thank Goodness it's that time of year again. Can't wait for season to get under way.

Fatty/63 Footer - sorry but one last post on Drew.
Lew - yes, the horror movie continues. It's a double feature.
I know I'm in the minority on saying Drew deserved the vacation even if it meant missing the beginning of the regular season. I gained a lot more respect for him for helping the Lakers win another ship despite being severely hobbled. During our discussions I thought about Grant Hill.

For our younger members on the board and for those who may have forgot. Grant Hill played on a bad ankle in 2000 to try to help the Pistons win a playoff series. The doctors told him there was no risk of further damage. He played on it...and nearly ended his career. (At the time Grant Hill was a top 10 player in the league. 5 time all-NBA 1st or 2nd team and a sure fire HOFamer.)

That same year Tim Duncan hurt his knee prior to the playoffs. They thought he'd come back in time for the playoffs. SA was down 2-1 in the first round, and Duncan said he was less than 100% and didn't play. They lost that game to Phoenix and were bounced out of the playoffs as defending champs.

Hill tried to play and almost lost his career. Duncan played it safe (and smart I might add) and has had a great career. Maybe none of this applies to AB situation...maybe it does. But again he made a huge sacrifice, thus if I was the owner I would have signed off on things as they are.

Oh yeah...I still am not convinced Drew has the drive or desire necessary to be great, but that was a much needed step in the right direction.

Attention LA Times Commenters!

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound too pushy on the Drew talk. It was just my Scotch talking.

Carry on.....

Caracter and Ebanks are getting rave reviews so far from coaches and teammates! That's good news!

Nemaia, you're back too....

Yes, these two rookies are getting popular with the Laker fans and NBA coaches for the amount of $473,604 per year. That's a jackpot to acquire a raging bull like Caracter for that amount compared in acquiring a donkey for $6M and you can't depend on his back, he'd yell ouchhhh! (That's a segway for ouchhhh to report to the blog as well as yelloriver)

63 footer,

Glad I made you laugh about that retirement. They just don't know when you retire, you become a bum seeping coffee at McDonald. No business, no money, too healthy to beg and too lazy to work and if you're old enough, too old to steal as well. To compound the problem, your new coach, GM, referee is Mrs. Thomas, she puts up to do list: mow the lawn, do the laundry, cook lunch, go to Supermarket, car problems, pay bills and redo the kitchen......I think Tim Thomas will be better off in going back to preseason mode. lol!

About, is Shannon worth more than was timing, they were on the verge of losing him, I think, Barnes ended up taking about the rest of the available money. They both took less than they could have gotten elsewhere (I believe)....comes down to the timing....Another thing to remember, don't blame the last guys that sign for the team being over the salary cap....every player on the contract contributes to the total going over. It's the ownerships choice to go over. If you want to win and make money, you usually have to spend money. One exception was a few years ago, when San Antonio won it, and they were around $47 million, and were under the cap, whatever it was then......

Could MJ speak Italian? Enough said.

I agree, they generally like swelling to go down before surgery, from the sound of it, Kup and PJ were ok on exit meetings about the wait, and the physician was booked, which added a delay. Then finding more once into the procedure. I don't blame Drew. If people wanted him to sit and do nothing after the Boston series, then do the surgery asap with maybe a different doctor, that's they're view. He's still only 23. That is what I recall happened. It's over....he'll be back, on to the third.


Some would say that Duncan appears "carefree and lackadaisical"; Kareem, who mentored Drew for a few years was very steady emotionally (not the KG...."I want to tear your head off" type of guy".

Continuing on from whoever you were arguing with Truth... whoever it is you're going back and forth with also needs to realize that Shaq surgery also meant season surgery. At least Bynum had it in the offseason. Hell, Bynum has managed to usually keep his weight down, stay in shape during the offseason and can make free throws!! Shaq also came over in his prime. Shaq also never suffered an injury the magnitude that Bynum has, in fact 3 of his injuries were the result of his own teammates! 1 of which he could have come back from sooner had his doctors scoped his knee (the Odom one) and the last one was preventable had they done surgery on his knee (the meniscus tear... a result from Kobe having crashed into his knee and putting a tiny tear there that was made worse and painful when he landed awkwardly against OKC). So plenty can be said about it, but all in all you don't just step into surgery the day after a long season. Your body and mind have to be prepared to handle that. Rehab is grueling. Hell, I've been dealing with a knee injury for 7 months now and all I have is physical therapy. That in and of itself is not easy. It's funny how fast people forget about what Bynum did in the playoffs. Even one of my bosses was saying "Yeah, he did what he did in the playoffs, but he only contributed X amount of minutes and did X much. F*** Bynum". To which I sent him MM's article from 2 mornings ago. The criticism the kid is getting is unfair. His knee injuries are just as much fault of Odom and Kobe and the handling and care of it all fall just as much on his doctors for botching not once, not twice, but 3 times already.

Going back to Shaq though, his main issue was an arthritic claw toe. Something he could have very well had taken care of during the offseason to alleviate and on top of that, he never came to camp in shape. He always "played his way into game shape". It's why Kobe never respected him. It's why Bynum is still a Laker.

Remember what Mike said, Kobe had knee surgery after the World Cup as well. If Kobe had to sit out longer, no one would care. Bynum deserved his break.

It takes big men a long time to do ANYTHING: sit down, stand up, shop for clothes, take a shower, eat a meal, heal from surgery. There's just so much more of them that has to be taken into account. It cracks me up when critics of Bynum cite Kareem as an example of someone who was dedicated. Yes, he was -- after a fashion. If you were going to Laker games before Magic Johnson arrived, you are well aware of how Kareem used to loaf up and down the court and routinely get out-muscled and out-rebounded by, for example, Moses Malone. I was at the game when Kermit Washington punched Rudy Tomjanovich in the face. The most notable feature of that game before that point to me was how thoroughly Malone had been outplaying Kareem. Incidentally Kareem in his autobiography mistakenly put that incident down as having occurred in Houston. Sorry, it was at the Forum. But Kareem knew how to manage his big body so as to have a long career and I'm sure he's given some prudent counsel to Bynum in this regard. And whatever we may think of Shaq, he's still playing and making a lot of money at an advanced age. So he must have done something right!



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