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Ron Artest pokes fun at Sasha Vujacic and his jeans

Only Ron Artest could deviate a question involving what he sees Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes and himself bringing this season to suddenly poking fun at Sasha Vujacic's fashion choices.

But it happened.

Artest ticked off nearly every player in the Lakers lineup and argued all of them could hit a clutch shot. One of those included was Vujacic, whom Artest imitated fixing up his hair before knocking down two free throws to clinch Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.

"He needs a commercial," Artest said. "I can't believe he doesn't have a commercial, like for hair product."

Since we were on the subject, I thought I'd bring up how Vujacic appeared Saturday at Nordstrom at Santa Monica Place to promote with the Rock & Republic the SV18 jean. It was inspired by Vujacic and is designed for tall people with a 38-inch seam.

Artest didn't know about the new venture, but don't count him as a fan.

"They're probably really tight," he said. "I'm sure they're tight, European style." So what will Artest do if Vujacic offers him free gear? Said Artest: "I don't wear tight jeans."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic appeared Saturday at Nordstrom at Santa Monica Place to promote with the Rock & Republic the SV18 jean, which was inspired by Vujacic. Credit: Adam Bice / Rock & Republic.

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And the hits just keep on comin'.

I love Ron quotes.

OK, no wait, I think THIS is my newest and favorite off-season Ron Artest moment!

Ron's gift to Lamar was Khloe. She is the gift that keeps on giving and taking..and giving and taking....

More people should take Ron-Ron's advice about skinny jeans.

That's hilarious!

Hair product commercial for Sasha?

Bryllcream. "A little dab will do ya", stuff. That would be a good one.

Except Sasha would do the commercial like this.

Camera close up of Sasha's head and face. With a collage of Sasha's Championship free throws in the background, him combing his hair at the line. All is quiet except for the swish of the free throw then the crowd screaming.

And now with a serious face he says:

"Sasha, use Bryllcream. Only little is all you need." (sub-titled "A little dab will do ya")

Next Maria is seen running her fingers through Sasha's hair while he leans back in ectasy smiling.

Maria then says in a deep, sexy, voice: "This is how I like all my men. Natural...non-oily, with flowing hair"

Sasha now looks startled: "What you mean, I thought Sasha only guy?!"

Maria smiles and replies. "Sasha darling, you're the ONLY man in my life"

Both now smile and start laughing. (cue sexy music, with tube of Bryllcream on screen and text mentioning Bryllcream is now legal in most states)

This is Sasha's year. The Finals (actually the final Final moment) will be a major boost for his confidence. And besides, it's a contract year.based on past experience, he will do quite well.

My only concern is that as good as he plays, that may only serve to smooth his exit out. In today's NBA, alas, it is all about those precious expiring Ks.

I would only be happy to see Sasha go if it means something of extreme value--like a #1 unprotected pick with a team like Minny or else the rights to a future PG star like Rubio. Otherwise, I am in favor of keeping Sasha all the way through the threepeat. He brings energy, attitude, and can stretch the court.

Just to clarify: although this team is positioned to challenge for the next 4-5 years, it is not too early to start planning for the transition to the Bynum/Blake/Caracter/Ebanks years (with Pau and Kobe and Lamar as the elder statesmen). Adding a lottery pick is the easiest way to smooth that transition.

That was the most predictable thing on NBA: Sacha will rock this season.
Last year contract...Besides, the guy have potential: Good D and good 3-pointer.
Let's just 3-peat and get back to business..

Whoo hoo!

One more season and Sasha will be gone!!!

Can't wait can't wait!

I don't care if he plays out of his mind Mitch better not fall for it. Let him become a UFA and be on his way. Here's to hoping Walton is healthy and plays well this year too so he can be used as trade bait. Time to get rid of the dead weight by next summer! Kobe only has 2-3 really great seasons left and he needs ballers not hanger-ons.

Hey Magic Phil, I agree that Melo is best served by staying with the Nuggets and headlining the free-agent market next summer with Chris Paul. My guess is that Denver, despite the company line of saying they want him there, was willing to move him if they could get some pieces of value to rebuild around. Since Carmelo didn't agree to their extension offer, I'm pretty sure he's out of there after this year, and if the Nuggets tank he could be part of a fire sale as well this winter, again so they can try to get some players to build upon in the near future.

As for Sasha Vujacic, I'm going to put the over/under on his minutes per game at 9 right now (yes, I won't even go double digits at the moment). Although Steve Blake is a defensive liability (honest, a majority of reserve point guards in the league will go right around him at will), he's a perfect fit for the triangle offense and a second unit that needs a cool, collected leader. And if Shannon Brown continues to improve there just won't be a lot of minutes for Vujacic.

OK, time to get ready for the deadline rush.

@Fatty - A little dab a do talking about back in the day! Oh well I thought I'd contribute to your ad campaign.

Ron Artest is the gift that keeps on giving. I'm curious to know what Sasha's reaction to this. It seems like the team universally teases him partly because he gets so upset about it. I wonder if this is one of those cases


Things that are yet unanswered (part 2):

1. Who would win a foul line shooting contest: Shaq vs Kobe shooting left handed?
2. Why are Lakers upset about Sasha and Luke? They're the 3rd string right now.
3. Who is more lovable than RonRon in the NBA right now?
4. Where is Chris Mihm?
5. Would you swap KB, AB and Pau for Wade, LBJ and CBosh?

After that word from our sponsors...Now back to our regularly scheduled programing...Night of the Injured Bynum.
----------------------'s the timeline on Duncan that I discussed. Tim probably could've played but decided against it so he wouldn't risk further injury

April 14, 2000
Duncan sidelined with cartilage tear in left knee
A slight cartilage tear was diagnosed in the left knee of San
Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan, and he was sidelined for
Thursday night's game against Portland.

A magnetic resonance imaging test on Thursday revealed the
extent of an injury Duncan suffered on Tuesday. The all-star
forward is listed as doubtful for Saturday's game with Utah.

April 28, 2000
The Associated Press
PHOENIX - The San Antonio Spurs headed for Phoenix on Thursday
still expressing uncertainty about how soon Tim Duncan will be back in
the lineup. "Today, Tim is not ready to go on the floor," Spurs coach
Gregg Popovich said after his team worked out before flying to Arizona.
"Saturday is a different deal. Tuesday Is a different deal."

With t h e best-of-five series tied 1-1, the Spurs will have to win at least
once at America West Arena to avoid elimination. Game 3 is Saturday and
Game 4 is Tuesday. Duncan shot baskets, did aerobic work up and down
the court, participated in warmup drills and "played a little bit of token
defense,"Popovich said. He said Duncan's participation Saturday will be
a game-time decision.

Popovich said there was no swelling in the knee from the work Duncan
did on Wednesday and expressed optimism that the big forward would
play at some point during the playoffs.

April 29, 2000
Duncan may come off bench

PHOENIX — Tim Duncan as San Antonio's sixth man? As Duncan inches
closer to returning to the court, that's one possibility Spurs coach Gregg
Popovich is considering. "I can see us bringing him back in a substitute role
and giving him limited minutes," Popovich said before his team went through
a light workout Friday, "because we've playing a certain way now for a while.

"Maybe it would be wiser to bring him into that flow rather than just start him
out in it and he's not really comfortable with what we're doing yet.... That's a
heck of a sixth man, that's for sure."

May 2, 2000
Duncan cleared to workout with Spurs

PHOENIX (AP) — Tim Duncan and Jason Kidd, the missing superstars
in the San Antonio-Phoenix first-round series, are back practicing with
their teams. The chance that either would play Tuesday night in Game
4, however, was somewhere between uncertain and unlikely.

Trailing 2-1 in the best-of-five series, the defending NBA champion Spurs
must win on the Suns' homecourt or they're out of the playoffs. Duncan,
due to become one of the most coveted free agents when the season ends,
was cleared for a full contact workout with the Spurs on Monday. "I'm
excited to be out there," Duncan said before practice. "I haven't been out
on the floor for three weeks. That's, the longest I've been out forever. He
said he will wait to see how his knee reacts to Monday's workout before a
decision is made about Tuesday.

Duncan said he's trying not to allow the importance of the,"game to affect
that decision. "I do want to be out there, but I don't want to be out there I
when I'm not close to 100 percent, where I'm not playing well and not doing
good for the team," Duncan said. "I'm not going to go out there and hurt us
just because we're on the verge of elimination."

May 3, 2000
The defending NBA champs are eliminated after 89-78
loss to Phoenix in Game 4.

The Associated Press
Phoenix — Jason Kidd came back, Tim Duncan didn't and the Phoenix
Suns knocked the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs out of
the NBA playoffs.

Kidd, out since March 22 with a broken left ankle looked different with his
newly blond curly hair, but he played as well as ever. He started and made
his made his first three shots, the last one a 3-pointer, and finished with nine
points and 10 assists in 31 minutes.

Duncan, a free agent at the end of the season, might have played his last
game for San Antonio. He didn't play at all in the series because of a slight
ligament tear in his left knee. Duncan practiced Monday, but decided
Tuesday the leg was too sore.

And here's Grant Hill timeline....but first a little back story. Being in Detroit I was very close to this. A lot of Piston fans felt Grant was "soft"....hmmm sounds familiar? He was drafted a few years after the Bad Boys era so Grant didn't really fit that profile. So Grant plays on a bum ankle partially because he's a competitor and partially (IMHO) to prove he's tough.
April 20, 2000

The Pistons played without Grant Hill for the third straight game. Hill
was placed on the injured list before the game with a bone bruise in his
left ankle. However, he will be eligible to play in the post-season.

April 23, 2000

The Pistons had said they wanted to start the postseason in Miami, but
they hardly looked at home against the Heat. Grant Hill, slowed by a
bone bruise in his left foot, scored only 13 points and had six turnovers.

April 27, 2000
Star Is a Spectator
Injured Grant Hill of Pistons to miss rest of playoffs
The Associated Press
Auburn Hills, Mich. — The season is over for Grant Hill. The rest of the
Detroit Pistons might not be far behind. Doctors said Wednesday that Hill
has a fractured left ankle that will need eight weeks to heal. That means the
Pistons" leading scorer will have to sit out the rest of the NBA playoffs.

The announcement came less than a day after the Pistons lost 84-82 to
Miami to fall behind 0-2 in the best-of-five first-round series.

"I felt it at some point in the first half," Hill said. "I tried to go back out,
but it hurt. All I can do now is try to get healthy and see what happens."
Hill, wearing blue sweat pants and a gray pullover shirt, had his head
bowed as he hobbled into the news conference on a pair of aluminum
crutches. Team physician Ben Paolucci said Hill won't need to wear a
cast while the break heals.

Dr. Robert Teitge, the team's orthopedic specialist, said playing on the
already sore foot probably didn't cause this injury. "You can speculate,
but probably not," Teitge said.

Hill picked up the bone bruise late in the regular season, missing the
team's final three games. He played Saturday in the first playoff game
at Miami, scoring 13 points, but was clearly in pain.

"It was my decision to play," Hill said. "Monday I felt really good," he said.
"It was probably one of the best practices I've had in months. I was running
around, running through screens. I had high energy." And the second game
started reasonably well. Hill sank his first three shots in the opening five
minutes. Sometime after that, however. Hill said he felt something go pop.

"I have no idea when I heard the pop," Hill said. "If I watch the tape and
watch myself. I probably could figure out when it happened. "You know,
the adrenaline was flowing. I was pumped up pretty good." The All-Star
forward was hurting so badly in the second half that he could no longer play.
Still, he tried. "Even at the beginning of the third quarter, I said. 'Let me give
it one more try,' " Hill said. He hopped to the bench 3 minutes, 30 seconds
into the third quarter and kicked the back of a chair in frustration. "It was
painful to watch him," interim coach George Irvine said. Hill scored nine
points in 21 minutes.

"Nobody should ever question this man's courage," Irvine said. "We knew
we were taking a chance. But he wanted to be out there."

LRob -

I may be late to this discussion, but to me, Grant Hill's ankle injury is one of the most disappointing and unfortunate to ever happen to an NBA player. We're barely 10 years removed from when he was a dominant force, and yet everyone forgets how freaking good this guy was. Here are his averages for his first 5 years, the years before the injury...

21.6 PPG 7.77 RPG 6.20 APG 1.61 SPG 0.65 BPG 47.6% FG 74.7% FT

Those are amazing numbers. Dude was a serious talent, and is seriously under-appreciated. He worked hard and persevered, so I'm glad he was able to resurrect his career with Phoenix.

puddle - and let us not forget Grant has a great attitude. I too was glad his career took an upturn at Phoenix.

You always need a Sasha in your team, when things are not going right, an opposing player is dominating the game, here comes Sasha. He will change the dynamics of the evening with his irritating body contact on your face, it's sort of annoyance and when he is called foul, he will give an innocent face: "what me?". Melo says , yes you with an elbow on Sasha's chin, Melo got technical 2 out of the ball game, it was all coming from Sasha's antics.

Wonder why he said that they should wear his (tight) jeans while playing basketball? That's possible in Europe because there being thin is fashionable while here in USA we love our burgers, therefore you have to give room for the cellulite on the thighs i.e. if you're promoting jeans. Europeans have fascination on our weight that if they see a fatso walking down at the airport, they immediately refer to him an American. I got back at them, when I see a lady that looks anorexic, that a Euro size that could fit on Smart cars.

don't get me wrong, i believe every person is entitled to a vacation, but AB would still be on vacation if he opted for earlier surgery, only he'd spend more of that time rehabbing and would (presumabley) miss the World Cup.

Posted by: leonardbast78 | September 28, 2010 at 04:55 PM

Ok, so I admit my analog was a bad one. It was rushed and not very well thought out. I would like to counter this statement though with a question. How much of a vacation would it be if he was rehabbing from surgery? Ok, so he wouldn't be able to do much, he would probably be sitting on his butt. However, he would still be rehabbing from knee surgery. I'm sure that takes a physical and mental toll out of a person. MY point was that he needed a vacation not only from bball, but also from surgery rehab/pain.

Here is my main argument. Your side is that it would be better to go right into surgery/rehab and be ready to go at the start of the season. Just so you know he still would have missed training camp and at least some of the preseason. My side is that taking some time off will provide the Lakers with more benefit this season than coming back a little earlier would have.

Let's say that it's June 25th, one week after the Lakers won the title. Bynum is sitting with PJ, Mitch, and his doctor. The doctor tells them exactly what will happen, how long the rehab will take, etc. Now, knowing this, would PJ and Mitch opt for allowing the vacation knowing it will eat into the regular season, or opt for early surgery and risk "burnout". The risk of burnout would be much greater than the risk of what missing a few early season games would mean.

Just so we're clear here, when I say "burnout" above I am referring to the condition often affecting players who go deep into the playoffs multiple years in a row and don't take an offseason vacation. There is a lot of history to support my theory that players need BOTH a physical AND MENTAL break.

Fatty, I thought you already declared a Martial Law on Bynum posts, let's just conjugate it: from draw, drew and now drawn. There it's over. Anytime we think of Bynum's knee, drink Rick's Vodka & Justa's percocet.

@Puddle - I agree about Grant's greatness. I enjoyed watching him play and like you was saddened by his injuries. But like 63 Footer said he has a great attitude. His determination to make it back after all of the surgeries was remarkable. I was happy for him and Nash to make so far last year when no one expected it.

LRob and puddle, most excellent that you're talking about the greatness of a non-Laker.

I, too, am a huge Grant Hill fan. Not just because he could slash his way past the best defenders in the league and put down a dunk, or post up smaller guys and bank in shot after shot. Or that he's possibly the most humble superstar (yes, at one time he was a superstar before all the injuries) we've seen grace an NBA court.

Grant Hill, with his all-around court savvy and play, made his teammates better. He made the game easier for them to play. He was the total package: a superstar AND team player.

2. . . Laker fans . .

I still wish Grant Hill considered coming to L.A. when he was done with his contract in Orlando. If we had Grant + everyone on this team right now, I'd say we'd be able to challenge the Bulls regular season win record (not that the record means much for the post season).

Things that are yet unanswered (part 2):

1. Who would win a foul line shooting contest: Shaq vs Kobe shooting left handed?
2. Why are Lakers upset about Sasha and Luke? They're the 3rd string right now.
3. Who is more lovable than RonRon in the NBA right now?
4. Where is Chris Mihm?
5. Would you swap KB, AB and Pau for Wade, LBJ and CBosh?

Posted by: p ang | September 28, 2010 at 10:00 PM

1) Kobe, easily
2) Do you mean Lakers or Laker Fans? Seriously, Laker Fans get upset at just about everything. Sometimes it seems they want the third stringers to be better than most teams starters.
3) Nobody!!!
4) Chris Mihm is currently a free agent. His last stop was in Memphis, Feb. 2009. Believe it or not, he was traded to Memphis from the Lakers. Yes, he was a laker until Feb. 2009
5) HELL NO!!!

@p ang-
well, I didn't notice you had corrected number 2 already to laker fans, I was a little behind tonight:).

@blog fam-
sorry guys, when I posted that I hadn't seen yet the request to stop all Bynum posts. I promise it won't happen again.

As a side note I just got caught up on the comments (was at a birthday party tonight). I absolutely agree about Grant Hill. He was my favorite non-Laker during the post-MJ years. I really thought he would challenge Kobe for the next great player. I was really disappointed when he got injured. Before the injury, guy could do just about everything. Ballhandling? check, Drive and finish? check, drive and dish? check, create a shot for himself? check, create a shot for his teammates? check, shoot the three? check, Mid range game? check, post up? check. Really, I can't think of a single thing he couldn't do well.

Grant Hill???????

Why don't we just get Methuselah



"April 14, 2000
Duncan sidelined with cartilage tear in left knee
A slight cartilage tear was diagnosed in the left knee of San
Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan, and he was sidelined for
Thursday night's game against Portland." ETC!

Loved it!

Your brilliant research describing an injury to Duncan's left knee in 2000 which sidelined him for the remainder of the playoffs should hopefully shed some light on Andrew Bynum's commitment to winning to some of our naysayers. You saw what happened to the Spurs without him. Now I'm not saying that Bynum is nearly as important to the Lakers as Duncan is/was to the Spurs, but he's a critical player in our 4-5 rotation and we saw how the Lakers got pushed around in the 2008 NBA Finals without him. Anyway, why the skeptics can't clear their slate for Andrew is mind boggling. He knows the Lakers need him to win championships and he proved TWICE that he is willing to do whatever it takes to stay on the floor. He came back too early in '09 and refused to be sidelined in '10 despite torn cartilage in his right knee that was more extensive than anticipated. Like Troy B, I'm also in the minority of folks who feel he deserved his vacation. Too bad it's a minority.

What is wrong with Ron?
He needs to get himself under control.
First there was that crazy stunt of driving a race car on city streets.

Now, he can't afford an anniversary gift for his long time pal Lamar.
The guy is a millionaire and he can't splurge for a gift.
What a cheapskate.

And what's up with him making fun of Sasha and his hair?
And his jeans!
Someone remind Ron it was Sasha and his free throws that clinched his ring achievement.

Oh yeah, and he wants to give his Ring away for some charity.
Doesn't he realize how much he should cherish that Ring.
Doesn't he know Jon K?
Doesn't he know, on the Lakers, that's what we play for?

I predict soon there will be a Ron-gate and it will blow away the Bynum-gate and Barnes-gate (for his roughing the passer arrest) incidents.

Ron needs to get his head together and grow up. He should be putting the team first and not risking alienating his teammates with his immature behavior.
Where are Rons PR people, his handlers?

Someone should ask Ron, if he could go back and do it again, would he still have done those things?
If he says yes that will tell us everything we need to know about him.
Why is he getting a free pass on his conduct and poor Drew gets blasted repeatedly?

I think you're taking things way to seriously Art.

I haven't seen Ron do one dangerous stunt to team harmony yet. I'd tease Sasha too if he tried to fit me with a pair of tight Euroslacks.

No, Ron is the ambient noise that helps the Lakers focus, like studying in the buzz of a coffee shop.

And I'm happy for Sasha. Sasha's making his shots with the first team and even if an increased and more reliable presence is linked to his contract year, i'll take it.

And I'm feeling as good about these two second rounders as I did when we had the Van Exel-Cambpell-Peeler run, whatever order they were in. I just feel like we got high value from these 2nd round picks and I'll bet good money that both of those guys will be chosen as should-have-been first rounders when someone does the 2010 draft redux.

And the Bynum injury really gives Caracter a chance to play. Lets see what he does with it. I think that Phil needs to play him in the regular season even if he seems a bit overwhemed right now. He's not going to see guys at the PF position like Odom and Gasol from most teams in the NBA.

Can't wait to see it all.


Sorry Wes,

I suppose I should have mentioned I was totally just messing around and didn't mean a word of that. Just trying to have a little fun.

No reason for a sorry there. I guess I should have known it was said with irony. It's going to be a great year Art. I can't wait.

Here's a nice morning song. I love this performance:


@Art - funny stuff

@Wes - turn on that humor meter this morning.

@Troy - agree with everything on G. Hill except he the 3pt shooting. Never did develop that typed of range.

@MVP - Thanks. I understand why Duncan didn't play and risk further injury. He was only 24 at the time. I would've understood if Drew decided not to play (how many here would've bashed him?). But like you Troy B, LakerTom and a few others...I believe the vacation was well deserved even if it meant missing the beginning of the season.

I have a question for my fellow bloggers. Can anyone come up with an example where the cover is better than the original song?

I've been a big Dylan fan since at least '85 when I saw Bob and Tom Petty on that odd tour they did together, and as crazy as Dylan's voice has been over the years I can't think of more than three--probably only one--example where someone else did a better version of a bob song than Dylan himself. And I think only Hendrix's cover of "all Along the Watchtower" is it.

So, I thnk this Anggun version of "Life on Mars" (that I keep posting, i know) is actually better than the Bowie original. Hod those stones, pease...

Any other examples of this phenomena out there? love...


Wes, a great year indeed.
That's quite a song choice, LOL, how do you find such stuff.

Speaking of funny....

Most of my funny clips have vanished form my youtube account.


But there's this:


Because Wes is stalking Anggun!

Gooooood Morning people!
Mr Wes, that Lizard was HILARIOUS! I Laughed so hard! Thanks for a great start to the day. The song you sent out "You're gonna Miss me when I'm Gone".... nice. I was smiling with joy throughout the song.

You're such an interesting guy!


How bout Twist & Shout. Done originally by the Top Notes...but it wasn't a hit...

The Isley Brothers did a great job and had a hit in -1962...

But the Beattles version blew everyone elses away. Man I loved Lennon's voice on that one...legend has it that he was suffering from a cold and it gave his voice that extra raspy edge....

I have a question for my fellow bloggers. Can anyone come up with an example where the cover is better than the original song?

Posted by: wes | September 29, 2010 at 06:58 AM

I think there are many examples. The first one that comes to my mind is Little Feat's version of "The Weight." The Band and the Feat have similar styles, but when you throw in Fred Tackett's mandolin and Shaun Murphy's back up voice in the song, it's a thing of beauty. Oh, and Eric Clapton's version of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" ain't too bad either, but I wouldn't exactly call that a cover! Unfortunately, the Cowboy Junkies fall short with their version of The Velvet Underground's (Lou Reed) "Sweet Jane," but I dare anyone to try to better that tune.

Sirius/XM has a "cover" hour called "Undercovers" on its Deep Track station (XM is channel 40; Sirius is channel 16). It's on Tuesdays at 5 pm PDT and Fridays at 9:00 m PDT. Great, great stuff!!!

Ike and Tina Turner, "Proud Mary". Original by CCR


I agree that's its usually hard to top the original recording, especially if it was a hit because that version is stuck in your mind. But there are several good examples. Here's another...RESPECT is Otis Redding's song...

But Aretha OWNED it....shout out to

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Much love to all my fellow Lakerholics! The season is upon us and I can't wait!

Edwin, Thanks for the welcome back. I'm really excited about our two draft picks(both first rounders in my eyes). Caracter and Ebanks will make many GMs and teams pay for passing on them.

Wes, I see Caracter getting some real good minutes and making the most of it. He's the type of player I've been pining for the Lakers to get because he's a banger with some serious offensive game. PJ and LO have already commented on how much of an inside force DC is and that he goes after boards! Keep in mind, that although he's a rookie, Caracter is 22 years old with a stout body and game to match. We lost out on DeJuan Blair last year, but Caracter may possibly be better. Ebanks is no slouch either and his coaches and mates have said that he's all over the place on both ends of the court. It's not farfetched to think that he can't overtake Barnes at some point in the season(although experience is clearly on the side of Barnes), because he's longer and very athletic out there on the wing. I'm sure Kobe will teach him the tricks of the trade. Suffice to say, both guys have been very impressive in the early going, but there's a long ways to go.

All I'm waiting for now is Mike Teniente to show up and drool over Caracter's calves(while he's clearly not the defender, at least not yet, that Kwame was or is, Caracter may turn out to be everything everyone thought Kwame would be coming out). Were it not for the great Pau Gasol and versatile LO, Caracter would probably be the starting PF on our team. I'm pretty sure DC could start for several teams in the league right now. Imagine if Orlando had picked him? That would be scary to put him alongside Dwight Howard. Anyways, I don't want to put the cart before the horse, because we'll see how he does in the real games.

Everyone have a great day! Much love to you "Pot", wherever you are, LOL!

I have a question for my fellow bloggers. Can anyone come up with an example where the cover is better than the original song?

Posted by: wes | September 29, 2010 at 06:58 AM

Hows about this one by CCR?
I think better than the original or better than anyone else who did it.

Hmm - Pretenders version of "Stop Your Sobbing."
Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac's version (live, not studio) of "Need Your Love So Bad."
This Mortal Coil's version of "You And Your Sister."
Any Hendrix version of a Dylan song (after Watchtower I particularly like "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window) - though Johnny Winter does some great Dylan covers.
I personally prefer the Allman Brothers version of "Hoochie Coochie Man," but that may just be me as the original rocked as well.
Blind Faith's version of "Well All Right."
Cream's version of "Crossroads." (Though Elmore does it pretty great.)

The list goes on.

Oops, KobeMVP888 already mentioned Crossroads, so I'll have to go with Cream's "Born Under A Bad Sign."

Oh, and Joe Cocker's version of "A Little Help From My Friends" (no one can cover a Beatles song normally - thanks to Leon Russell - no relation to Bill - for his arrangement).

RE: Grant Hill

I think a lot of people forget that Grant's ankle injury was only half of the problem. He also fell victim to a serious staph infection after one of his numerous surgeries.

If only he wasn't a Dookie.

DBDH! (Go' Heels!)

Hey hope everyone is doing well. We should have a post up around 9 or so. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up

Yes Nemaia, Caracter is the Lakers b'dozer, Artest is our forklift and Ratliff will the old lawnmower. Where is Bynum here? A costly pruner not to be exposed in sun or rain because it's a specialized tool that sometimes could work wonders

Hey, ArtFl since you are here, I was deliberating what you said about the membership/raffle that would include Florida games, then Lewstrs & Fatty will ask for AZ lower box tickets, LRob wants to attend Detroit games, LT will demand for Oakland games and so forth....the season ticket for 41 home games have expanded to 82 games. My, my, my, your costing on benefits have expanded while raffle participants are semi-variable, what happens if membership fee idea resulted a loss? It's possible that they would terminate our moderator for conducting a revenue campaign that failed its expectation. It should work this way, there is membership fee, there is raffle but designed in such a way there will be no claimants nor winners like the Reader's Digest Sweepstakes. That's capitalism at its best. LMAO!

Wow, it's a weird spam morning: aside from the emails for penile enlargement pills, the winning of millions from somewhere in London, and free credit cards, I'm getting spammed for... wait for it: Clippers tickets!

What did I do to wrong? I feel so inadequate.

And did anyone mention Sid Vicious' version of "My Way?"


Lol, you are really on a roll lately.

Ok, so do the membership thing first for a while to see how the revenues flow.
If it works, then offer the ticket raffle.
How about expand it so that anyone who buys any Laker related stuff from an approved web site gets a raffle ticket thrown in also.
Also, how about just sell the raffle tickets outright.

Not sure I like that Readers Digest version, but it would sure help with the expense of the program.

@ wes,

"I have a question for my fellow bloggers. Can anyone come up with an example where the cover is better than the original song?"

Posted by: wes | September 29, 2010 at 06:58 AM


Hazy Shade of Winter (cover) by The Bangles ("Less Than Zero" soundtrack).

Jamie Gertz! Woot, woot!


63 Footer,

You really know your music, that's some good stuff you put up.

Hows about this one by CCR?
I think better than the original or better than anyone else who did it.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | September 29, 2010 at 07:56 AM
Art - say it ain't so. Better than Marvin? Wow! I like CCR but I'm just saying. You trying to start a debate bigger than the Bynum

Gladys and Marvin both recorded it at the same time. Berry Gordy released Gladys version first and then Marvin's about shortly thereafter. Gladys was not a happy camper because Marvin's version upstaged her.

ArtFl, you started it so I'm just following your lead.

You have thrown there lots of good ideas, why not expand the raffle to bigger stakes like Lakers Blog weekend bingo to tailgaters at football games, LB lakerholic Casino we are now on expansion mode for additional profitable venture. If they're successful sell it to Mark Cuban. LAT becomes an independent enterprise by paying off Tribune. The question is, will MM remember us when he becomes a CEO? lol!

Ah yes,
I was at Paramount Jr. High School,
in the throes of testosterone poisoning,
but hotter than a Topanga Tamale when the Fab Four hit the Southland.
Actually, nothing has changed much, and
I still Wanna Hold Your Hand...

Beatles music will be heard in elevators on Mars 150 years from now.
There will never be another...end of story.


To the man, all of our guys followed off-season conditioning instructions and reported fit, and ready to go. Sorry Spence, but you had to go.

We now have 6 players who are 6'11 or taller, and weigh 250 pounds or more.
We're talking some serious athleticism and skill as well.

I give the Lakers credit. You have set the bar very high, but it will be your demise, starting in about a month.

When Andrew can no longer carry it, Luke will bring it!

Go Kings!
Go Giants! (almost there)
Go Niners! (if the Giants make the playoffs, so will the Niners)
Go Manny, go!


Here's another, this girl was pretty good, one of my old favorite artists.

Art - it's a defense for not being able to play it well.

Oh, forgot Jeff Beck's version of "Goodbye Porkpie Hat," too.
And Blondie's version of "Denis."
And as cliche as it is, Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt."

@ wes,

Dylan covers:

Rage Against the Machine - "Maggie's Farm"

Mike Ness (of Social Distortion)- “Don't Think Twice, It's Alright”

Pearl Jam - "Masters of War"

Johnny and June Carter Cash - "It Ain't Me, Babe"

Jimi Hendrix - "All Along the Watchtower"

Happy Hump Day, y'all!



Love your enthusiasm for the rooks, but let's not put to much pressure on them too soon. Caracter has potential but I can't see him starting for many teams right now. I wouldn't start him over Bass in Orlando. At least not right now. And before Ebanks can think about replacing Barnes he's got to prove he can make an outside shot.

@ Edwin - will Limo transportation come with my game tickets?

Art - FL Lakers Fan - What are you smoking this morning? better than Marvin and Glady's no way, I've just been a producer for the last 42 years.

The Lakers are 2 times defending champs, why are some of you still chasing the Bulls 72 win record? What a waste, a three peat is at your finger tips.

I expect the Heat to have the best record and play the Lake show in the Finals, no doubt.

Go Heat and Go Lakers


Yep, I gotta take the CCR version over the others.
Especially the long version they did, the instrumentals were just, well, they hit me just right. Also, I'm just a CCR fan more than those other choices.

The Clash cover of I Fought The Law. The Bobby Fuller original is good, but the Clash kick out the jams.


A contest where no one wins and the operators make all the money?

I'm listening........

Art - I did like Linda Ronstadt cover of Smokey's "Ooh Baby Baby. Not better than the original, but still very well done.


Wow, you are really into this. You have some good ideas.
Maybe the Laker Girls can get involved here too, let them do a live blog chat, for a fee of course, and invite special guests like Magic, Jerry, Buss Sr and Jr, the Laker players. Nothing for free anymore.

The blog entries could be put together and marketed as a magazine or book.

And when MM the CEO takes over he will thank us little people for pushing him to the top.

DBDH - gotta add Johnny Winter's version or Hightway 61 Revisited (pick any live version).

Paul - I almost put the Clash on that one. I'll go with their version of "Police & Thieves."

And I feel our rooks and newbies are making this one of the more exciting preseasons to com.

DBDH - The Clash have a great record with covers. Police & Thieves is amazing, though I like the falsetto reggae original too. And Brand New Cadillac is a cover apparently, though I've never heard the original.

I agree re. preseason, have big hopes for Blake. And for Sasha coming back strong. I think that ankle was a problem all season.


I don't like collard greens, some people love them, doesn't matter if you've been a chef for 40 yrs either, we like what we like, don't like what we don't like.

A contest where no one wins and the operators make all the money?

I'm listening........
Posted by: Fatty | September 29, 2010 at 08:45 AM


Lol, have you considered joining a carnival and running the games there?

UB40's version or "Red, Red Wine"

And where would we be without Naked Eyes' version of that great Burt Bacharach song "Always Something There To Remind Me?" Probably tlaking about the Lakers like we should be.

Need more Ron quotes!

63 Footer - don't stop're on a roll.

Art - does that mean you're not a fan of Marvin or you just a bigger fan of the rock genre?

@ART… Linda used to be one of my favorites growing up, too. My barber used to cut George Lucas’ hair and Linda used to come into the shop and wait while he was getting a haircut. Both she and George were always very friendly and cool. I even shared a joint with them and Thorneycroft, my English bass playing barber. Linda’s best covers in my mind was Smokey Robinson’s Tracks of My Tears and the Eagles Desperado.
@NEMAIA… Great to have you back with us. I have the same high hopes for Caracter as you do. While I have only seen him play in summer league, I am high hoping that he will become Pau’s successor down the road at power forward. He has all the tools to be a Karl Malone type force in the paint. Not worried at all about his height because Derrick knows how to throw his body around to make up for that. I think he will become a more polished and smoother and cooler version of Big Baby. Great moves by Mitch to get him and Ebanks.

I actually prefer Velvet Revolver's "Money" over Pink Floyd's... but, my preference is so marginal that I wouldn't mind arguing the other way.

I think I'm with a big chunk of the blog when I say I'm most looking forward to CARACTER (aside for the big stuff of course)

Unleash the Kraken!

David Bromberg's version of Jerry Jeff Walker's "Mr. Bojangles."

On the way into work this morning, I was listening to Bob Dylan's bizarre Theme Time Radio Hour and he played Lou Reeds version of "September Song," an American pop standard composed by Kurt Weill, with lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, introduced by Walter Huston in the 1938 Broadway musical Knickerbocker Holiday. I will go out on a limb here and guess that Lou Reed's version is far superior. lol!

Good Morning Everyone!

After a nice night's sleep, I come back to read about an extremely interesting musical topic that is well informed and sprinkled with comedy (thanks Wes).

This blog is really one of the bright spots of my internet time. Just wanted to give some love to everyone.


Love "September Song". Django did it too. This one's my favorite:

Noah - ahhhh, Richard Thompson; he's so unique. And him and Linda, superb. Great Bela cut! Now you're pushin' me.

Hmm, Becks' version of "Ain't Superstitious."
Rory Gallagher's version of "I Take What I Want."
Sam Phillips' "Gimme Some Truth" (maybe not better than Lennon's but pretty darn good).

And I still like Chicken Shack's version of "I'd Rather Go Blind" - so sue me.

Okay, and for the real oddity, Zeppelin's version of "Dazed and Confused" - since Jake Holmes never gets any credit and everyone usually thinks Jimmy Page wrote it.

Great album covers with the music inside doesn't match?

Tiajuana Brass WHip Cream

Very racy for it's day, a gorgeous lady dressed in whip cream?

Speaking of great Linda Ronstadt covers, I think my absolute favorite has to be "Tumbling Dice", especially live...
I also think Roxy Music's cover of Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" is right up there.
Good Morning crew!

KobeMVP888 - Uncle Bobsy's radio show is great. I could listen to him forever. I always feel like he's being nice by occasionally throwing in a song I actually have heard of. He's encyclopedic.

LakerTom - comes in with the heavy guns: the Lucas Connection! Great story. I have a number of friends that used to work at ILM - sounds like you caught George on a good day.

KobeMVP888/Noah - another great call on September Song!

Now my problem's going to be what to listen to today.

Oh, and Wilco does a great cover of "Thirteen" (as the Bangles did a great cover of September Gurls."

Hey guys we got a new post up


@Wes - Imho Dion's cover of Springstein's "If I Should Fall Behind" is far better than the original, but then I do like acapella harmony better than Bruce's nasal tones anytime.


63 Footer

Didn't know "Dazed and Confused" was a cover. Must've listened to it a million times. Thanks a LOT --it's stuck in my head for the day now..

Art - FL Lakers Fan - What no collard greens, black eyed peas, yams and corn bread. Man what is wrong with you, man can't live by just meat and potatoes. We do have something in common, The Lake Show.

GO Heat/Go Lakers

63 footer can nail big shots.

Speaking of "With a little Help from my Friends," here's a cheesy but interesting American Idol-stye version of that song. I think it's from a show in England. I like Cocker's version more, but lets see what the kids today are doing:


We all missed this one, a masterpiece that definately surpasses the original:


Noah - check out "The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes" - he was a darn fine guitarist, too.

The Yardbirds did the first cover of it and called it "I'm So Confused" (check out Live Yardbirds! or Cumular Limit), which was more directly the Holmes version in lyrics (but with the greater bass line and wah that you hear later); then Page rewrote the lyrics for the Zep version. I like the Zep version best, but it was kinda slimy of Pagey to not give credit (though Jimmy used to do that a lot).

wes - cool video, but still the Leon Russell arrangement, essentially. That whole live Cocker album was great.

63 Footer
Thanks, I'll check out Jake Holmes

Wes.. I'm still having nightmares from the last time you made us look at the Bonnie Tyler video.. have mercy


This probably haaasn't been covered much, but this is the master hiomself, Bill Stains, unknown folk icon, making youtube videos for his fans. Great...


Here's one I've loved for a long time. It's the "Black Irish Band" doing the traditional meditation of mortality and love "Carrikfergus."

I don't know about the video however.


wes- I can't believe I've seen this one, and it's only my favorite freaking music video of all time!.

Great conversation today. Great song recomendations.


That Total Eclipse vid was just excellent, what a riot!



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