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Readers share how they've passed the time during the Lakers' offseason

September 7, 2010 |  1:00 pm


Before I headed out on vacation, I asked readers of the L.A. Times Lakers blog how they've spent their offseason. Below are their responses.

"I watch the last few seconds of Game 7 once every week and a half or so...just to keep my smile muscles working." -- utzworld - the BANNER HOLDER

"I'm going crazy. I've seen Games 6 & 7 (both in full on my TiVo) so many times I could call them in my sleep. I've watched every Laker playoff game (on NBATV so just the shortened versions) every time they replay. I've scoured the blog for all the links, stories & Laker tidbits I can find. I've read every single comment on every single thread. I've dreamed of the parade, Game 7 and regular season highlights. I've had nighmares involving earthquakes and either cancelled games or injuries to players. I've almost worn out my "lucky" game day Laker T-shirt and my cat still doesn't want to sit with me when I've got the couch pillows in the "game day configuration". I've downed so many vodka percoset martinis that someone over at Grey Goose really needs to cut me into the profits, plus the pharmacist knows me by name. I've seen all the Team USA practices, games and interviews they've done. Lately I've been reduced to watching WNBA games (the horror) to get a basketball fix! Seriously - is it freaking October yet???" -- justanothermambafan

"1. Moved into the transition of living back in Los Angeles. 2. Hiked in the Santa Monica Mountains, visited the Kern River, and frolicked in the waters of Malibu. 3. Posted frantically here about players with last names of Lin, Ebanks and Caracter. 4. Watched the calendar like a sad puppy looking out the window waiting for its owner to come home. 5. Created fake news stories for the blog to help sedate my Lakeraholicism. 6. Seethed in rage awaiting the opportunity to crush the Miami Meat." -- Jon K

"Reconnected with other parts of my life. Household fix-it projects, movies on Netflix, exercise. But I'm a fair-weather fan. Like the Lakers, I won't really pay much attention until most the season is done and it gets closer to the playoffs. Never thought I'd care so much about the off-season, but the free agency was a better soap opera entertainment than most of the games!" -- jef

"What do I do to keep busy? Oh, you know, job, family, travel, controlled substances. The usual. You guys want to hear something truly terrible? I don't have tivo or NbaTV. I haven't watched Game Seven since, well, Game Seven. No, don't feel too bad for me, I find it sharpens my attention and heightens my senses when I am watching live games. Besides, when I watch replays, I keep thinking blasphemous thoughts like 'man, Luke Walton made a great pass there. And Kobe really shouldn't have tried to shoot that.' and "Wow, Lamar really plays hard.' Seriously. So it's just as well, I would spend all my time tilting at the windmills of Blog Mob Mentality and lose my sense of humor." -- phred

" I have watched: The the 2009 DVD about 200 times...The 2010 DVD about 100 times... 4th Quarter game 7 about 150 times...Complete game 7 about 50 times...Exit interviews about 100 times...Lakers on Kimmel show about 50 times...Laker player exit interviews about 50 times...Artest tweets I've check million times...Laker Blog profile I rewrote about 5 times..." -- LEWSTRS

"lately I have been spending time in the future watching and re-watching the Lakers win the 2011 Finals. I won't spoil it for the rest of you by giving too many details, but a few things I will share. During the last game of the regular season Shaq falls in the locker room showers and bruises his butt. While he could still play, he sits out the playoffs and says since he got hurt on company time, he will heal on company time. An already fragile team chemistry totally disintegrates and the Celtics are bounced out in the second round after getting swept by the Bulls. Wanna know about about 2012?" -- Art - FL Laker Fan

"I spent this summer like I spent last summer, and plan to spend next summer. Buying my championship gear, and re-watching the playoff wins all over again. And it must say, it is not getting old. The anticipation of the next season always gets old." -- Jodel

"I've spent the Lakers' offseason accumulating hate for the Heat and Celtics. Eddie House's addition to the Heat and Shaq's addition to the Celtics only made this process easier." -- NM

"I rewatch Game 7 of the Finals all the time. Specifically, when the Lake Show starts making a comeback in the 3rd quarter. When I'm not at home, I'm on all of the blog sites. So when does the season start???" -- PeteOC

"Thanks God, for NBA-TV. They have been a lifesaver showcasing all of the Laker playoff games in 1 hour formats. Running an all day marathon of "everything Kobe" on his birthday. I don't think I would've made it this far without NBA-TV. If you don't have it and you're a Laker fan - get now!!!" -- Luvdagame

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Luvy Guzman, 19, gets Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in her viewfinder during the team's NBA Finals victory parade in June. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times