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Poll: What is the most divisive Lakers topic?

September 16, 2010 | 11:16 am


One of the great things about the L.A. Times Lakers blog involves the comment threads and how they serve as a never-ending tool for debate. For some Lakers fans, they can also be frustrating because there are just some topics that seemingly never get resolved.

It seems like the discussion revolving around Andrew Bynum is one of those. I haven't been able to break it down percentage-wise, but there is a definite split among fans who doubt he'll ever stay injury-free, those who point out that his injuries were all just coincidental, and those who say his effort in the postseason shows he'll be effective regardless of his health. Many of these fans make great points, but there seems to be some frustration that there isn't a resolution; each fan holds to his or her viewpoint no matter how well someone else presents an opposing argument.

Taking off from that conversation, I was wondering what other "Lakers topics" seem to be the most divisive. I'm not talking about things you'd argue over with a Celtics or a Heat fan; what do you think are some of the topics that most split Lakers fans?

Even though I think the split over the issue isn't as strong as in years past, it seems that the debate over Kobe Bryant and his scoring mentality still seems to be the strongest.

Some argue that he's always justified in taking over a game because of his skill set and that the other Lakers just need to adapt. There are some who believe that Bryant's scoring mentality alters team chemistry and alienates some of his teammates. And then there's a viewpoint, which I hold, that acknowledges the truth on both sides of the coin. I believe the situation has improved over the years, but it remains an issue every now and then. The reasons for that seem to ping-pong back and forth between Bryant and his teammates, creating the never-resolved chicken-and-egg debate.

Other topics that come to mind: Who is the Lakers' all-time greatest player, the Lakers' all-time greatest team, Lamar Odom's potential/inconsistency, Derek Fisher's leadership/inconsistent regular-season performance/playoff clutchness, whether the Lakers need to play with more urgency/need to pace themselves for the playoffs, and the bench's inconsistency/lack of opportunities.

I'm interested to know your take on what's the most divisive topic, so feel free to vote in the poll below. If you vote on "other," please explain in the comments section below. This should get the conversation going.

-- Mark Medina

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