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Phil Jackson: 'It's not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it's teamwork that does it.'


For anyone worried that the Miami Heat's new triumvirate, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, puts the Heat in the driver's seat for the title this season, worry no more. Heed the words of Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on radio station ESPN 1000 in Chicago: "They've got great talent. There's no question about their talent they have. But, talent doesn't always win," Jackson said. "The team that shows the best teamwork will win it. We think that we have established something. But, if Miami can unite, and build quickly, they might be able to do it."

Jackson went on to mention a great Lakers triumvirate of the past.

"I always refer to when Wilt Chamberlain was traded from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and that put BaylorWest and Chamberlain together and they never won a championship together the four years they were together," Jackson said. "It's not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it's teamwork that does it."

Your thoughts?

-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Phil Jackson celebrates winning the 2009-10 NBA title. Credit: Wally Skalij, Los Angeles Times.
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REPOST....also thanks MM for getting this article up!
@LakerPeace - thanks for posting the PJ article. I agree with you, LakerTom and Tim-4-Show that Phil did an excellent job of summing up the Heat's situation with brevity.

I understand the comparison between the Heat and the Lakers with Wilt, West and Baylor, but let's remember that Elgin was 34 when Wilt joined the Lakers. Miami's "big 3" are all in their prime.

Also, Elgin, Jerry and Wilt only really played together two years not 4 like PJ said. Baylor only played 2 games in the 71 season and retired 9 games into the 72 season.

Nevertheless, I agree that it takes not only great talent, but also great teamwork to win. Only time will tell whether Miami can gel with said team work in such a short period of time.

I do agree with Tim-4-Show that many of us here are selling the Heat short overall.

Posted by: LRob | September 21, 2010 at 06:51 PM

Oops thanks Houston to getting this article up!

Does anyone know where to find the complete 4th quarter of game 7 online? I've found over 10 complete 4th quarter uploads on youtube--all of which are missing the actual comeback. Why this is happening to me I don't know, though I'm sure it has something to do with the dimes i stole form the water jug back in 3rd grade.

Anyone can help?


Been gone all day, catching up.

re-possible 'Melo deal, I would assume that the "rumors" of the Lakers being a possible trade partner might be coming from either the Nuggets or Melo's side. I don't think the Lakers would entertain a big trade like that when they just won the title and will likely win this year with the roster they have. Another big reservation the Lakers would have is wether or not they think Melo would sign an extension beyond next year, otherwise it would be only a one year rental.


Lets analyze the Heat roster

1 Chalmers/House/Arroyo
2 Wade/Miller
3 James/Jones
4 Bosh/ Haslem/Howard/Randolf
5 Ilgaukas/Magloire/Anthony/Pittman

Now compare it to the defending Champs

1 Fisher/Blake
2. Kobe/Brown/Vujacic
3 Artest/Barnes/ Walton/Ebanks
4 Gasol/Odom/Caracter
5 Bynum/Ratliff

Our distinct advantage is in the Center position, they have higher ppg than the Heat. Lakers 2nd unit has also the edge altho' if Heat big 3 are clicking at high tempo, Heat will have the advantage. What do you think?

"After all LO has accomplished in the last couple of years - not only for the Lakers but also now for Team USA - I'm stunned that people still undervalue him and want to trade him. Unbelievable."

I totally agree, without LO no title in 09 or 10. There are VERY few players in the league I would trade Drew or LO for. Durant is the only one that comes to mind.

"Who here thinks there's no way Melo could subjugate his ego for an entire year, lead the team (or at least the bench), not cause any problems in the locker room and be totally happy in his reduced role? Hands in the air - anyone? "

Exactly! I have the same reservations about Kobe and Melo working as I do about DWade and Lequeen.

LRob & LT

Here is the foggy news like the marine layer lurking along the beaches in SoCal:

"Bynum Out For Preseason: According to analyst David Aldridge, Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum is not fully recovered from a partially-torn meniscus in his right knee and will miss the entire preseason as a result. Bynum underwent successful surgery to repair the tear on July 28th, but has yet to receive clearance to participate in basketball activities. "

Continue reading.......

Read more NBA news and insight:

~~As you well know a player who has no preseason warm ups and team games will take some more time to catch up with the team in November and December.

Not one of our better days on the blog.

People are acting like trolls are doing us a favor by posting crap.

Larry, you are a blogger and I love you, but never take sides against the Blog family.

Also, I think that every time a players agent is trying to increase the players value they always jabber something about how 'LA Teams' are interested in their player. I'm disappointed in some of you for biting at this every time.

We are the two time defending champions. We have the best player, the best coach, the best big men, the best defender, the best leader and the best sixth man in the NBA. We don't need a guy who isn't even the leader of the team he is currently talking about abandoning, before the season has even starting, when he has a year left on his contract. A guy who has never won anything at this level. A guy who was shut down in the playoffs two years ago by Luke Walton.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed in many of you. WE ARE THE LAKERS (FANS!) Players beg to come here, we don't need them to do us any favors.






Championship teamwork is not something that happens overnight or that can be easily achieved by playing in all-star tournament such as the Olympics. It’s a synchronized mindset and coordinated synergy that usually takes years and 100’s of games and practices working together to develop. That’s why I think it is going to be hard for the Miami Heat to really get it together their first year.
Teamwork is the sum of two words: team and work. It comes from a roster built for compatibility, versatility, and functionality rather than talent, availability, and hype. It comes from months and seasons spent working together to hone instincts, sync rotations, and sharpen execution. Besides having two superstars who may struggle to share the ball, the Heat roster is weak in the front court. Riley may be able to remedy that in a couple of years but for now, the Lakers bigs will dominate.
The proclamations and prognostications of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh show just how young and naïve these three talented player are. They clearly do not understand what it takes to win a championship. That’s not surprising since none of them have won a real championship. LeBron choked when he had his chance. Wade only won his because of the refs. And Bosh could never even win a playoff game much less a series. The Heat are in for a rude awakening.
The Heat is a team that is going to have to learn to play together. They’re so talented that they’re going to win a lot of regular season games, even with the big target they’ve painted on their backs, with every team in the league focusing on beating the Heat like they are on beating the Lakers. When it comes to the playoffs, however, when the pace slows and the pressure mounts, the Heat are going to find teamwork to be much more difficult facing an experienced Lakers team that has been together through back-to-back championship campaigns and knows what it takes to win.

And Edwin, it isn't news that Bynum isn't playing in the preseason. Bynum was never going to be playing in the preseason. We knew this before his surgery was even scheduled.

He is going to take his time getting ready and in condition, and good for him.

(RE: the Miami Cheat)

They are, without question, THE team to beat this year (and next, and next, and next after that)

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | September 21, 2010 at 06:23 PM


Sorry Tim-4-Show - gotta disagree with you here. Until someone takes our crown, the LAKERS are the team to beat. Kobe - when interviewed by Fish on Rome - said the same thing. So I'm going to hang with the Black Mamba on this one. The Meat may be a challenger - even a contender - but the reigning champs are always the team to beat when the Finals roll around.

I do! Why? Because Kobe is his idol and counseled melo when he was going thru some problems. He looks up to Kobe like a big brother. It's much like how Ron Ron idolizes Kobe. Plus he know's he would just about be 100% sure of getting a Ring if he came here. Hell he played with AI for 2 years, at least Kobe will pass the ball. I don't think he would be a problem at all.
Posted by: Mamba24 | September 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Mamba2 -
When Melo played with AI he was still number 1 on the team, AI was number 2. Here he might even be relegated to a bench role with Artest's defense getting the start. completely different than playing with AI. Yes, he respects Kobe, but how much? Yes, he would subjugate his ego, again how much? The really big question though is would he be happy enough in his role to extend beyond this year, because if not I would never make that trade. One year rentals only make sense for teams that are not in serious contention for a title that year.

@Wes -- definitely the dimes, so give em back. Hahaha just kidding, bro!

On to the main topic:

I don't believe for one minute that anybody Lakerholic will underestimate the Heat. Some are even level-headed enough to opine that the three-headed monster (Lebron/Wade/Bosh) is capable of winning 2-3 NBA championships within the next 6 years. BUT this is under the premise that they would jell with their teammates (and vice-versa), they can avoid injuries and would have the right complementary players during the same time frame.

When people talk scared about the trio, one memory gives me perspective -- the Spanish national team played tough against the US for more than 35minutes in the 2008 Olympics -- that is, until this Bryant guy came up with that dagger 4-point play.

Oh, two more points to ponder: 1) Dwight Howard, Team USA's center, does not play for the Heat; and 2) Spain's center in the 2008 Olympics plays for the Lakers.

I fully agree with Phil, and I think Phil was just being modest. The team he will lead to a three-peat has scoring, talent and teamwork.

Couldn't agree more with PJ...ultimately, it's still a team game.


Sorry to take so long to get back atcha...wasn't able to get back online 'til today. Yes, I do remember 'Special Delivery' and their 1 big hit 'I destroyed your love'. That's a 'quiet storm' classic.(LOL)

...and yes Chuck Brown is indeed the 'Father of Go-Go music', which is, of course, DC's claim to originating a musical genre, though it never really caught on big nationally with the exception of EU's(Experience Unlimited) classic 'Doin' da Butt' made famous in Spike Lee's film 'School Daze'.

BTW, not sure if it was you but, someone had mentioned GFR(Grand Funk Railroad) who(outside of Led Zeppelin) were my all-time favorite classic rock band, back in da day. :-) Here's a couple of my fav's by them.



Just watched 'Hero' this past weekend and I have to say, it's a masterpiece! One of the most aesthetically pleasing films I've watched in a while. Great plot with several twists and very good performances, even though I'm not a Jet Li fan.

I also watched 'The Invincible Armour' which was at times comical to me and the fight scenes were well-choreographed as well. Because of you, I'm slowly becoming a fan of the Kung Fu genre...thanks again for the recommendations. I'll get back to ya lata on your other recommendations.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

JAMF… What is a contender that never wins? A pretender. That’s LeBron and Miami, Justa.

LOL LakerTom - yup - right now they are nothing but pretenders to OUR throne. I should have more correctly stated that they MIGHT become contenders, but you gotta play the games right? LOL! I hope they never even SNIFF the Finals. THAT would be sweet. I guess we'll be around to find out - right here on the Lakers Blog - while we cheer the Lakers on to # 17... and #18... and # 19....

I'm just now checking in on the threads so I'll be scrolling for a while to catch up. I take it there's been some differences of opinion on the Broussard tweet and Melo possibilities. Personally, I doubt there's anything seriously going on and regardless, wouldn't see the wisdom of parting with any major pieces. Melo's an awesome player but we're configured for another championship run already. How much better than best do you think we could be... and is it worth gambling away some of our biggest chips to find out?

LakerTom - "Wade only won his because of the refs."

I agree with your general statements on teamwork, etc., but the one above sounds like semi-sour grapes. Yup, I watched that Finals, but if you say Wade won because of the refs, that validates every Celtic fan who says we won... for whatever reasons (bad calls, Perkins was out, etc.). I give respect where respect is due, and Wade won a finals. Period. Just like we won all our championships. Period.

Still, I think the idea to shut down one of the three Heat and the rest will fall really meant shut down DWade. I think he's the ONLY one of the three that will even begin to rise to the occasion, and if you take him out, the other two will choke.

With Ron wearing down Lebron over a series and Bosh being... well, Bosh, it's only DWade who has a chance, and we have the tools to deal with him. And, as you pointed out, our interior will smoke them.

63 Footer - yes but you have to agree that if Kobe got the calls that DWade gets, well - that would be something wouldn't it? For most of the game the defensive player is in Kobe's shorts without getting called for the foul. But if you just look at Wade funny sometimes, the whistle blows. Gotta wonder what the deal is there....

Everyone assumes Miami will have a flawless, "injury free" season.

They lack depth for sure, and to overcome injuries will have to press harder to win. That will take its toll and come playoffs, teams like Orlando, especially the Celtics will elevate their play to handle the Big 2 + 1.

They will learn and improve if they are committed to winning by playing playoff minded defense.

Until then, think of the Lakers Elgin Baylor/Jerry West days. A fine team that could score but didn't have the edge to win in the Finals.

I don't see them getting to the Finals till the following year (if injury free) and then being spanked by our Lakers. IMHL'sO

Next year's Finals?: Lakers vs Celtics

That horrendous one hour show where LBJ declared he was taking his talents (the talents that never won a ring) to south beach, spoke volume of how egotictic he was. He gotta be THE MAN, and he will carry himself on the baskbetball court as such. Riley wrote about the "ME disease" when he was the Lakers coach, he has not seen anything yet, a KING-sized "ME disease" is looming in the south beach horizon. Team work will be elusive in south beach.

justa - I'd mentioned Kobe not getting the calls for 3 of the 4 quarters the other day - no disagreement from me - Kobe DOES NOT get the calls, until the 4th, then he usually does alright (possibly because he forces his way into the calls more, daring the refs).

I just think it's opening a can of worms when World Champion Lakers fans make excuses. We need NO excuses. Wade won one... so what. We win most of them and are now going for a threepeat.

I think we match up just fine against the Heat. And teamwork and time together (as LakerTom was saying, oh, and that Phil guy, too) count for an awful lot.

Baron Davis has been nominated for an Emmy for Best Documentary for "Crips & Bloods: Made in America" (he's the executive producer) on PBS....

I'm sure there's a Clipper joke in there somewhere.

Finally off my duties...

Melo - No way he's coming here, he's going to NY. Besides, we don't need Melo. Period.

Miami Cheat they will cheat, the concern. PJ is right, they'll choke as a team.

G in DC(aka GDUB) - EU Doing da Butt = AWESOME!!!!

Forget about the Heat, the bulk of those morons couldn't beat a bunch of euro- pansies in international competition. There are bigger fish to fry. My bet is that the the toughest competition will come from an up and coming team, or maybe even from an officiating crew to tired to call even half the fouls the Celtics commit.

63 Footer - agreed. No excuses. None needed.

The thing that really pisses me off the most about the 3 idiots in Miami has got to be the ego. The hutzpah. The cojones (sp?) to have a championship parade before they've ever even played a game together. ARGH - my level of hate for them may surpass my hatred of the Green Weeners. It just may. At least the C's have won something. At least their franchise has a history that goes back decades - not just years - decades. They've got some right to talk, but Miami?? Really?? And 'fans' are panting to follow - to worship - these morons. These pretenders. Ok - so they wanna win do they? They think it's going to be that easy do they? Right. Believe me - the Lakers will be more than happy to show you how it's done.

Justa - yeah but it all evens out. Kobe works it both ends, he gets away with fouling other players a lot because he's incredibly skilled at it (like the other aspects of his game). And, there's nobody better at pump-faking to draw a foul. He may not get to the stripe as much as DWade but he's more accurate. I think part of the reason DWade gets there so often is he plays a little off balance. He's been more in control the past few years but he used to crash and burn every time he went to the basket, whether he made the shot or not. You could see the refs basically cringing... and then they'd send him to the line.

nonsense. you speak highly of a clearly over the hill boston team because you know you will beat them if they lucked out of the east due to injury to miami. la will have a better record than boston, home court again, and younger legs. perkins is 1-2 years off with at acl injury and the other players ecluding rondo who can't shoot are old and slowing. this is a paper tiger.

miami will beat the lakers silly. mimiam will have a better record, better players. kobe in his prime never stopped wade who is too quick. artest gives up nearly 30 per game to james. and bosh neutralized any of the laker bigs. barnes was over run by wade and james when he was on orlando's team. vegas is correct: miami sweeps next year.

wes -

Here is the whole game 7...I had just the 4th quarter, but I can't find you tube folder is a mess...excuse me for a bit, while I organize it...

If Bynum is out for preseason, I hope to see Ratliff to start and Odom coming out the bench or Gasol start as a center and Caracter start as PF in pre-season games. I want as much playing time for Ratliff and Caracter as (if not more than) Gasol and Odom in the pre-season games.


I almost forgot, you had also mentioned seeking recommendations for 'Spaghetti Westerns'. If you haven't seen it already, check out 'My Name Is Nobody'. Along with 'Once Upon A Time in the West' and 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly', it's one of my all-time fav's of that genre.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

justa - I work in Hollywood, birthplace and heavyweight champion of ego, and I've found that people either have "it," or they don't, so I just smile when they baost, and wait to see what they produce. If they live up to the ego, power to them, but... that's awfully hard to do. Awfully hard....

I just like it old school: do, then say, or not say.

@ Edwin,

I agree that interior is the Lakers biggest advantage. That's the reason I'm reluctant to consider trading AB or LO. The top 8-9 players on both teams are important and in a long series a key bench player can win a game for you (see Big Baby gm 4), but basically it comes down to your finishing 5. Based on past experience this is what I think it would look like for LA and Mia:


So, yes our biggest advantage is the PF/C. Of course, if Andrew is healthy and progresses the way we expect him to that advantage will be even more pronounced.

Well said LakerTom

Bynum for Durant?

OK...I need to be taken to emergency room...

I was in a cold sweat...hearing this...and I found myself putting on a Laker jersey...getting ready to take a shot of Patron...Then I woke up and realized I was sleep walking...Got the Lakerholism bad...

Hey guys. Just a heads up. Throughout the rest of the week (Wed-Friday), I'm going to getting some help from the sports staff to fill in. Don't worry I'm not going on vacation, but I've been asked to help with a preps project. I'll have content up all the days and don't worry I will be at PJ's presser on Friday, but I'll mostly be tied up in the afternoons/evenings in reporting on this series. So Dan and others will pop in from time to time with a post and help with comments. Don't worry, once training camp starts I'm fully back on board with Lakers blog for the whole season. But just wanted to give everyone a heads up


LRob, true the Miami Heat lacks teamwork since this is the first time playing together under Spoelestra. I also think Erik S. will only last up to two months and will be replaced by Pat Riley. The owner would like to maximize the returns of his investments on these three amigos.

It may be an old new that Drew will not have preseason, it not cause to dampen the spirits of the lakerholics but I'm just pointing out that a player who does not undergo preseason warm up and games would take time to adjust at the beginning of the season. I noticed this from Sasha, from Gasol just being realistic about situation. It is not a cause of concern but it is what it is. Longtimed Laker fans and lakerholics have the same objectives but have different perspectives in evaluating the path to Championship. There is no right path in predictions, it is the result that counts.

I don't know if this survey result (by NBA.COM) has been posted or not, but Kobe has been voted as the most favorite player by NBA rookies by WIDE margin: Obiviously they value the WINNER more than anything else as we all should do...

"Who is your favorite player in the league?"
1. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers -- 38.2 percent
2. LeBron James, Miami -- 10.5 percent
3. Carmelo Anthony, Denver -- 7.9 percent
4. Kevin Garnett, Boston -- 5.3 percent
Dwyane Wade, Miami -- 5.3 percent

How about if Durant was insisting on a trade, who on the Lakes would you trade for him?
Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | September 21, 2010 at 01:39 PM

Anyone not named Kobe!


Don't forget about Special Delivery's The Lonely One. That was huge also.

Oh yeah...Da Butt...still sounds good today...Yea...Yea-ee

Now you know I love GFR, they're practically Detroiters (Flint). I always felt they were underrated from a historical standpoint, so its nice to see you give them some love. Inside Looking Out was definitely a classic. Some didn't like them when they softened their sound a few years later, but they still was jamming. Who doesn't love, "We're An American Band?"...but this was my favorite...


you gave this as the finishing lineup:


says D-Fish is 6'1"

says Mike Miller is 6'8"

Are you sure you want D-Fish guarding Mike Miller?

Going to take a dip back into reality here...

1) We aren't getting Melo. Denver wants young talent (Bynum isn't in Melo's league which includes guys like Kobe, Durant, Wade, and LBJ), draft picks (ours are bottom firsts) and large expirings (Vujacic's is just $5 million). Plus, we are in the same conference. Forget about it.

2) Drew for Melo? Deal. Melo is still a superstar, and he would compliment Bryant and Gasol well. Artest off the bench would continue to harrass perimeter players and both Artest and Melo could play PF. Pipe dream, though.

Drew and Odom for Melo? No deal, unless I have solid proof that Caracter is a legitimate starter in this league. Besides even if Caracter does that's still giving up too much size and the versatility that Odom gives.

Gasol for Melo? No way especially that Gasol was the biggest reason that catapult the Lakers from being dark horses in the WCF (and that was with Bynum) to being the dominant team for the last two years. Even with Bryant and Bynum being out with injuries Gasol showed that he could keep the Lakers afloat and still beat Utah and San Antonio (and giving the Lakers their first win in Portland albiet against a Roy-less team).

3) Would I rather have Melo than LeBron or Wade? Haha, no. I don't even have to explain that. Maybe Melo vs Durant but if Durant continued his play from FIBA he easily tops Melo.

And don't even think of Durant. Unless the Thunder begins a fall and keeps sucking the next few years (highly doubt that) Durant isn't going anywhere especially with that contract.

When I thought about it, PJ's comment may well be the message to the Lakers players as well...."The best way to beat the Miami is to play as a team." He is such a master minded coach.

We all love Magic. He is in fact many on this blog favorite Laker. Well he almost was a Kansas City King (Sonny Belfast eat your heart out).

Boy how would that have changed the course of history...I'll let our SciFi experts elaborate on that.

But let's revisit the story...details to follow.

@63 FOOTER… LOL. Yeah, I’ll admit to a little sour grapes about Wade’s ring but my real gripe is that it got Shaq that cheap 4th ring that he held over Kobe’s head with his crude rap song about it. But I do agree with you that Wade is the stud of the three but I would take Kobe over him any day. And you have to admit that if Kobe got the calls that Wade got in that series, we probably would have won in 2008. You literally could not touch Wade without the refs calling a foul. Throw in Gary Payton, who totally choked when he was a Laker, ending up making a great lucky play and the entire Finals turned into a real bummer to me. I don’t deny that I’m a homer and will give every questionable call to the Lakers. From what I’ve seen and experienced, why shouldn’t I?

It was 1978. The Bee Gees were ruling the radio. Happy Days, LaVerne & Shirley and Three's Company were some of TV's most popular shows. VCR's were all the rage. The Mayor of San Francisco was murdered. Jim Jones led the terrible mass suicide in Guyana. The Yankees repeated and the Washington Bullets (Elvin Hayes, Bobby D, Wes Unseld and our very own Mitchell Kupchak) finally won the NBA title they had been chasing since the early 70'.

I was a senior in high school ready to attend MSU...and was hoping that Magic wouldn't leave before I hit campus.
April 27, 1978

Spartan star refuses $1.5 million

EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) - It was a tough decision not to turn pro,
and he's making no promises about next year, but freshman cage whiz
Earvin Johnson is on board for another season at Michigan State.

Johnson, who led the dark horse Spartans to the Big Ten title, turned
down a chance to be a millionaire Tuesday when he told the Kansas
City Kings their offer of $1.5 million to turn pro was too low.

The Kings wanted Johnson to apply for the National Basketball
Association's college draft and offered him a $1.5 million multi-year

"I came close to signing,"Johnson said after the Tuesday
midnight deadline for pleading hardship and turning professional.
"But a lot of things I wanted didn't come through. And then, more than
anything, I didn't want to leave my teammates."

Johnson said he also had mouth watering offers from "seven or
eight" other teams. "It was the hardest decision I have
had to make in my life," the 6-foot-8 star from Lansing Everett High
School said. "Choosing a college was small stuff compared to what I've
been going through the last couple of weeks. This decision concerns my
future, my life and they were talking a lot of money."

But while MSU fans can breathe a sigh of relief, they shouldn't buy
season tickets for the next three years in hopes of a Spartan dynasty.
"I'm not making any commitments as to next year," Johnson
said. "It was hard not turning pro this time around, and I imagine it
will be just as hard or harder next year."

Are you sure you want D-Fish guarding Mike Miller?
Posted by: hobbitmage | September 21, 2010 at 10:02 PM
Hobbit - no I'm not thrilled about Fish guarding Miller, but what are our other options? Miami could try to run him in the post, but that would be playing into the Lakers hands and taking the ball away from DWade, Lebron and Bosh.

We could put Barnes in, but I don't trust him in the clutch. Blake is also an option...but PJ and Kobe trust DFish (and rightfully so) thus he'll get the minutes.

Magic almost leaves the MSU to play for the Kansas City Kings

Excerpt from Seth Davis Book, When March Went Mad

They had a hand signal. Whenever Earvin Johnson was somewhere
he didn't want to be, when he was surrounded by autograph seekers
he couldn't turn down or glad-handers he didn't have the heart to
shoo away, he would turn to Charles Tucker, his friend and mentor
since childhood, and touch his hand to the brim of his cap. That
meant it was time to go. And that was what Tucker was waiting for
on April 22, 1978, as he and Earvin sat in a conference room in
Kansas City and discussed a potential contract agreement between
Johnson and the NBA's Kansas City Kings.

Earvin was fresh off a brilliant freshman season at Michigan State
University. He had led the Spartans to their first outright Big Ten
title in nineteen years. He had helped them reach the NCAA
tournament's Mideast Regional final, where they lost 52-49 to the
University of Kentucky, the eventual champion. Johnson, however,
had been uncharacteristically sloppy in that game, scoring just 6 points
on 2 for-10 shooting and making several costly mistakes down the
stretch. Yet that did not dissuade him from considering the possibility
of turning professional. At the Spartans' annual spring banquet a few
weeks before, Johnson gave his strongest indication yet that he was
leaning toward leaving college. "If the money's right and a few other
things are right, I'd probably have to go," he said. One unnamed
associate was quoted in the local newspaper, the State Journal,
as saying that Johnson was "almost 70 percent sure he wants to turn
pro, but he's thinking big money right now. He's not going for peanuts."

Johnson was undeniably a huge talent. Yet his uneven performance
in the NCAA tournament solidified some nagging doubts about just
how well his unique blend of skills would translate to the NBA.
"The kid's got a long way to go," said Bob Kauffman, the general
manager of the Detroit Pistons. "I hope he doesn't take a chance
and ruin himself." Larry Donald, the revered columnist for Basketball
Weekly, wrote that "knowledgeable scouts will tell you they worry
about his shooting ability. They see Earvin as the kind of player who
might someday make a winner into a champion, but he's never going to
make a loser into a winner. No guard can."

Perhaps it was those misgivings or just the financial realities of operating
a franchise in a league that was struggling to remain afloat that kept Kansas
City's general manager, Joe Axelson, whose team owned the second
overall pick in the draft, from offering the big money that young Earvin
was hoping for. The meeting was already delicate since Axelson was
violating the NBA's rule forbidding its teams from trying to lure college
players into the draft. (Though Axelson told NBA commissioner Larry
O'Brien that no financial terms were discussed, Johnson later revealed to
the State Journal that Axel-son had offered him a five-year contract worth
$225,000 per year.) Finally, after much haggling, Johnson ran out of
patience. He looked over at Tucker and touched the brim of his cap.
The two of them immediately stood up to leave. "He's a funny dude,"
Tucker says. "He takes a long time to think about things, but once he
makes up his mind, he's ready to go."

Axelson said he would call Tucker the next day to let him know whether
he could meet their price. When Axelson called well past the designated
hour, Tucker informed him that Johnson had decided to remain in school.
Naturally, Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote was elated to hear the
news, but the episode reinforced Heathcote's understanding that the
temptation of the pros would be even harder for Johnson to turn down
a year later. That was the reality he faced heading into the 1978-79
season: the Magic Act was not going to be playing in East Lansing much

Just finished watching Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.
I loved it. Interesting variation on story.
Russell Crowe is his usual heroic self.
And Cate Blanchette is so uniquely beautiful.
Here’s a good question for the movie buffs:
Who were the best Robin Hood and Maid Marion?
Who was the best Robin Hood?
Who was the best Maid Marion?
Frankly, all six actors are among my favorites.
(1) Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchette
(2) Kevin Costner and Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio.
(3) Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn.

I don't know if this survey result (by NBA.COM) has been posted or not, but Kobe has been voted as the most favorite player by NBA rookies by WIDE margin: Obiviously they value the WINNER more than anything else as we all should do...
"Who is your favorite player in the league?"
1. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers -- 38.2 percent
2. LeBron James, Miami -- 10.5 percent
3. Carmelo Anthony, Denver -- 7.9 percent
4. Kevin Garnett, Boston -- 5.3 percent
Dwyane Wade, Miami -- 5.3 percent

Posted by: LakerPeace | September 21, 2010 at 09:52 PM
Peace - Thanks for posting. I'm not suprised Kobe was #1, since he's been the man every since they've been watching bball. But I am shocked that the margin was that large.

Bird-Johnson Duel Heats NCAA Final
AP Special Correspondent
"How do I feel about the matchup with Magic Johnson'.'"
Indiana State's Larry Bird repeated a question. "I
don't see it as a matchup. "I am a scorer. He is a passer.
I ain't guard him. He can't guard me. We are two different

The towering spearhead of the unbeaten, #1 ranked
Sycamores spoke logical words but even he could not
dull the marquee impact of the Indiana State-Michigan State
battle tonight for the NCAA college basketball championship.
No matter how one tries through cold analysis to downplay
the eyeball-to eyeball confrontation of the season's two top
cage personalities, the NCAA final boils down to a dramatic,
super-charged duel between two of the season's leading

It's the "Bird Man" against the "Magic Man." Bird is correct
when he says he and his arch rival are different. They arc of
"different color, different backgrounds, sharp contrasts in style —
both on the floor and off."

Larry Bird is a 6-foot-9 inch giant out of a small, rural Indiana
community. French Lick — a white man in a sport dominated
by blacks. Called one of the most complete players of the
generation, he has spent much of his post season time
collecting awards as the universally acclaimed Player of the Year,
feuding with "the press and fielding questions about how many
millions of dollars he will demand to turn professional. A 22-year old
senior.-he is the first round draft pick of the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson is a string bean. ball-handling wizard out of
Lansing, the state capital. He is a sophomore. 6-8 and 207 pounds,
who is mature for his 19 years. Already a finished player, there are
reports he may plead hardship and quit college to join the pros after
this term. The pros are drooling in anticipation. It's true they will not
guard each other but they are sure to cross paths often during the
course of the evening. They're the men thousands of fans and
a nationwide TV audience will be watching.

Bird, his long blond hair flowing. is inclined to dominate a basketball
floor. He is an intimidating figure as he uses all of the hardwood
skills — shooting, passing, rebounding, stealing — with the subtlety
of a berserk tank. Human bodies bounce off his massive frame.
Johnson, on the other hand, is like a phantom. He moves
with such speed and grace and maneuvers the ball with such
sleight-of-hand artistry that it is hard for the human eye to follow
him. Many regard him as the finest passer in the game. Like Bird,
he appears to have peripheral vision — eyes on the side and at the
back of his head. He can spot a moving teammate and hit his target
through the slightest opening. He is a fencer with radar in his blade.

If Bird subdues his opponents with a mixture of versatility and brute
strength. Johnson lulls them to sleep with his mesmerizing finesse.
"Some people like to shoot. I get my kicks out of making a good pass
and watching a guy go up for two." he says. Yet he refuses to concede
he lacks shooting ability. "If I'm straight up looking at the basket, it's
going in." he insists. "I can shoot when I want to."

He proved it in the semifinal game Saturday when he scored 29 points in
the Spartans' 101-67 victory over Penn. His all around consistency was
amazing. He hit 9 of 10 from the floor. 11 of 12 free throws, grabbed 10
rebounds and made 10 assists. Bird was equally effective, scoring 35
points on 16 of 19 field attempts and three of four free throws plus 16
rebounds and nine assists. "I was so hot I kept begging for the ball." he
said, after Indiana State eked out DePaul 76-74.

The two collegiate super stars are striking contrasts in personality.
Bird is a dour, introverted personality, sullen, defensive about press
criticism and inclined to be arrogant in interviews when forced into
them — against his will. He has had a ban on interviews with the print
press during the past season. Someone asked him whether Indiana
State needed to win the NCAA in order to have a successful season.
"Hell, it doesn't matter whether we win or lose. I'm going to get my
money. "he snapped. This is typical.

Johnson, on the other hand, has carried his floor magic to his relation-
ship with fans and the press. He is a charmer —everybody loves him.
He can't wait to get to the interview room where his naturalness and high
good humor abound to overflowing. "I just naturally love people." he says.
"I love to talk. Man. I'm lucky — this is a great life."And he lights up the
room with his magic smile.
Classic quote by Bird -
"Hell, it doesn't matter whether we win or lose. I'm going to get my
money. "he snapped.

If someone said that today they'd get roasted.

Are you sure you want D-Fish guarding Mike Miller?

Posted by: hobbitmage | September 21, 2010 at 10:02 PM

He did guard Ray Ray very well in 2008-2009 season and in the 2010 Finals Hobbit even though yes Miller has 3 more inches than Jesus Shuttlesworth.

While height does have a factor Hobbit sometimes if you can be an annoyant that advantage isn't as useful. Joe D had 3 inches below MJ yet MJ called Dumars the best defender on him (even though personally I think it was the Glove who himself was only 6'4).

Same story with John Starks and while he did not earn any All-Defensive teams he really did give good perimeter player such as Jordan, Miller, Richmond, and both Hardaways (Penny and Tim). And he was only 6'3.

In any case we would have a clutch shooter in Fisher in crunch time so he's needed for the offense in then anyways.

March 28, 1979


NCAA basketball champion Michigan State —losing only one
senior — automatically becomes one of the favorites for next
year's Final Four at Indianapolis. But the Spartans and consolation
winner DePaul once again proved that college basketball domination
has swung away from UCLA, the 10-time national champion.

MSU will lose forward Greg Kelser. But if sophomore Earvin
Johnson returns to East Lansing. Mich., the Spartans will have the
power, size and speed to make a run for the national crown in 1980.

Johnson was voted the tournament's outstanding player after he
led Michigan State to a 101-67 thrashing of Penn in the NCAA
semifinals and a 76-65 win over Indiana State in Monday night's
championship game. But Johnson is rumored to be on his way to
the NBA as a hardship case.

Following the title game, the 6-foot-8 guard said. "I still don't know
what 1'll do. I've got to enjoy this first. I'll make a decision in a
couple of weeks."

The MSU "Magic Man" scored 53 points in the two tournament games
and was part of the Spartan zone defense that caged collegiate
player of the year Larry Bird in the championship game, limiting Bird
to just 19 points — 10 below his average — and just two assists.

While the rest of the Spartans return, Bird's graduation will take
the heart out of ISU's offense and defense. Bird led the Sycamores in
scoring and averaged 15 rebounds per game. Michigan State's NCAA
title is the fourth straight for a team other than UCLA. Kentucy won in
1978, while Marquette took the crown in "77 after Indiana broke the
Bruins' stranglehold with the title in 1976. UCLA had won 10 NCAA
crowns between 1964 and Indiana's victory. And the Bruins had been
in the Final Four in every year during that stretch except 1966 when
they lost to Utah in the Western Regionals. But UCLA has been unable
to make it out of the West playoffs for three straight years, losing this
season to DePaul, 95-91, at Provo, Utah.

LRob -
'This is how I feel...

Change 'Love' to 'Lakers'......

MM, please ban Barry Starvo from posting articles on Lakers Blog while you're "away" working on your project. That is all...

Okay so Magic's statue could be in front of the United Center instead of MJ's.....

The coach and The centre!LAKER beat HEAT!

April 19, 1979


The Bulls will call "heads" today when NBA Comm. Lawrence O'Brien
flips a com at his office in New York to decide whether the Bulls or the
Los Angeles Lakers will pick first in the NBA's draft of collegiate
players June 25.

A historical perspective of the NBA's annual coin flip indicates the Bulls
should call "tails," but just so the responsibility could not be hung on them,
the Bulls owners decided late in the season to let the fans who bothered to
show up at their games vote on the question.

The results of that balloting show 1,898 fans favored calling "heads," and
1,401 favored "tails " The voting might have had different results if the
fans had known that in the 13 years of NBA coin flips, tails has been the
winner nine-times. In fact, the coin has come up tails in nine of the last 10
flips. The last time it came up heads was in 1976 — the only time the Bulls
have been involved in the post-season com flip. That year, Atlanta called
'heads' and subsequently traded their right to the first pick to Houston, who
drafted John Lucas. The Bulls, choosing second, took Scott May.

In actuality, the first pick in the draft this year carries less importance than
most years because the player every team wants most — Larry Bird —
probably will not even be available. The consensus All-America forward
from Indiana State was eligible for last year's draft because his graduating
class got of school then (Bird sat out a year before attending Indiana State.)
He was drafted by the Boston Celtics and Red Auerbach has until 24 hours
before this year's draft to sign Bird, or he goes back into the hopper.

BIRD REPORTEDLY is asking for a $6 million, six-year contract, which
would make him the highest paid player in the NBA. Bulls General Manager
Rod Thorn said he expects Bird to sign with Boston and if that happens,
today's coin flip will matter little because the Bulls and Lakers are not
interested in the same player. The Bulls will take Michigan State's Earvin
"Magic" Johnson if the sophomore playmaker lives up to the prediction
that he would quit college after two years. The Lakers, because they have
Norm Nixon running their offense, are not interested in "Magic."

They reportedly will take Arkansas' Sidney Moncrief. If "Magic" is
available, the Bulls will draft him, Thorn said. "If you need leadership and
an athlete, he's the best," Thorn said. "He's not the best shooter, but he's
a tremendous athlete and he has great leadership capabilities. He makes
everybody look better.

"IF MAGIC doesn't come out, there's not a heckuva lot of difference
between the first guy and the fifth guy," Thorn said. He expects the top
six seniors (after Bird) drafted will be Moncrief, UCLA's David Greenwood,
San Francisco's Bill Cartwright, Rutgers' James Bailey, Michigan State's
Greg Kelser and Northeast Louisiana's Calvm Natt. Natt was the best player
last week at a series of All-Star games in Hawaii, Thorn said.
Quote of the article...the Lakers not interested in Magic because they have Norm Nixon running the (Sorry the Lakers are not Portland...please forgive me Dan)

Apr. 20, 1979


CHICAGO (UPI) — The Chicago Bulls want to draft Michigan
State's Earvin "Magic" Johnson but it appears now the Los Angeles
Lakers will get him, Bulls general manager Rod Thorn says.

The Bulls Thursday lost the coin flip with the Lakers for the NBA's
top college draft pick. "I thought it would be heads," Thorn said.
"I'm disappointed, but there are seven top-flight players in this
year's draft. "The first choice obviously is a better position and I
think the Lakers are after Earvin "Magic" Johnson. It depends on
whether he comes out to declare his hardship."

Lakers General Manager Bill Sharman said Thursday it was between
Johnson and Arkansas All-America Sidney Moncrief. "It's very close
between him (Moncrief) and Johnson," Sharman said. "Moncrief might
be a little ahead at this point as a player. I'm not sure who we'll take.
It hasn't been decided."

Earvin Johnson, the most valuable player in this year's NCAA playoffs,
has played two years for Michigan State and has until May 11 to
declare whether he will give up his amateur status.

"I'm not certain who we will draft," Thorn said. "There are many ways
to go and we may even trade our choice." When Thorn was asked
whether he thought the Boston Celtics would sign Larry Bird of Indiana
State, who was picked by Boston as their first choice in last year's draft,
he replied, "I believe it's 75-to-25 they will sign him. We would be
interested in trading for him. I think what it would take is two starters
and a future draft choice."

Boston must sign Bird within 24 hours of this year's June 25 draft or
lose signing rights to him. Thorn indicated nothing has been done within
the past week about bringing in a coach for the Bulls. Thorn said he
would have called heads anyway, despite a poll of 3,300 Bulls' fans
last week which indicated that 1,898 fans were in favor of calling heads.

Tails has been the winner 10 times in the last 11 flips. Ironically, the last
time heads came up was in 1976, when Atlanta won the choice over
the Bulls. The Hawks picked John Lucas and Chicago chose Scott
May of Indiana.

April 20, 1979


ALEX SACHAKE NEW YORK (AP) — The Los Angeles Lakers
won (the right Thursday to open the National Basketball Association's
1979 college draft on June 25), but General Manager Bill Sharman says
his club hasn't decided whom it will select. Chicago Bulls General
Manager Rod Thorn, following the dictates of fans who responded to a
local promotion, called heads in the coin flip, held by conference call
from NBA headquarters. But the coin tossed by NBA Commissioner
Larry O'Brien came up tails for the 10th time In the last 11 years.

"We're tickled to death," said Sharman. "This opens so many doors for
us. When we won, there was so much whooping and hollering you
could probably hear us back in New York without the telephone."
Whom will the Lakers pick No. 1? "We really don't know, because there
are so many things that can happen between now and the draft," said
Sharman. "There's always the possibility that Larry Bird might go back
into the draft or that Magic Johnson might decide to turn pro. Those are
two players we would certainly have to consider."

Bird the 6-foot-9 Indiana State star who was college basketball's Player
of the Year, was eligible for the NBA draft last year and was picked by
the Boston Celtics on the first round. Bird and his agent, Bob Woolf, are
currently talking contract with Celtics President Red Aucrbach. If Boston
doesn't sign Bird by June 25, he becomes eligible for the draft once again.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, the 6-8 guard whose passing and playmaking
helped Michigan State to the NCAA championship, is a sophomore and
has until May 11 to decide whether he wants to turn pro this year.

The Lakers' primary need is for a shooting guard, but Sharman said that
would not dictate the club's draft choice. "We'll probably take the best
player available," he said. "If he doesn't fit in with our coach and our
system, we might be able to trade him for someone who does."

Besides Bird and Johnson, Sharman said he rated guard Sidney Moncreif
of Arkansas, center Bill Cartwright of San Francisco and forwards David
Greenwood of UCLA and James Bailey of Rutgers as the top college

The Lakers were participating in the coin flip because they had obtained
the No. 1 pick of the New Orleans Jazz in 1976 for guard Gail Goodrich.
New Orleans had the worst record in the Eastern Conference and Chicago
had the worst mark in the West.

May 6, 1979


Basketball fans in the Lansing area are waiting nervously to learn if
Earvin Johnson — their beloved "Magic" ~ will turn pro and break
their hearts.

While Johnson himself insists he hasn't made up his mind, Michigan
State fans seem resigned to the love affair ending. They know deep
down the bright lights of the big city and the big bucks of a long-term
contract are tough competition for college loyalty and another two
years as the biggest man on campus.

And Johnson — who has to make up his mind by May 11 and says
he'll announce a decision about mid-week — will offer no apologies
to his college worshippers if he joins the National Basketball Association.

"I tried to give them two of the best years of my life, and if they
can't understand that, if they badmouth me for leaving, I can deal
with that," the easy-going teen-ager explained last week as he waited to
be interviewed for an official NCAA film. "Naturally they want you to
stay, but it depends on whatever Earvin Johnson wants to do
what's best for him. I can't think about what they're going to think."

It has been a remarkable and bittersweet two years for Michigan
State fans, sure as they were that Earvin would not stay four full
years. He strolled out of Lansing Everett High School, just a few
miles from campus, to lead the Spartans to a Big Ten title as a
freshman. Then he returned to spark them to the school's first
NCAA championship.

I gotta keep it REAL. I was hoping Magic came back so Michigan State could repeat. James Worthy (or Ralph Sampson) would've came to MSU to play with Magic. I had visions of a

LakerTom - I haven't seen any of the Robin Hoods. But those are six outstanding actors/actresses. But what happened to Errol Flynn? Wasn't he one of the original Robin Hood's?

Lewstrs - haha...that was a good one. They didn't get that big. Maybe they were a little before their time?

i'm a laker fan so I might be bias but I don't think the lebron, wade thing is going to be as effective as most people think. the key to miami is going to be whether or not bosh steps up. if bosh plays well then the heat will be scary.

I take the example of the laker team after shaq left. Its not a perfect axample but as close to one as i am familiar with. We got Lamar and Butler playing with Kobe. Butler and Kobe played lights out basketball together, obviously Butler is no wade or james, but we still had kobe next to him and he scored well. but lamar was a big disappointment. We accept him now as he is, a 6th man but back then he was expected to be an All-star and that never happened.

If Bosh is not an all-star then the heat will suffer like the lakers did during those times. no inside presence, both on d and offense. no championship. i see a likely scenario of the heat trading wade or lebron in the next couple years to get better team balance, match up and chemistry. Probably Lebron, he'll want to go bandwagon hunting for a championship he for some reason does not have the confidence to build around himself.

My Eastern Conference predictions:

Boston - they will implode because of injuries and cus they are simply too old. Rondo will keep them fresh and running but the old guys will began to feel their age. They might start the season well but by the all-star break they will
realize mentally what their body were telling them. They are old and they don't have it anymore. Then they will find that Shaq is not only old but also lazy. Its downhill after that. They make the playoffs as the 5th seed and get knocked out by the 4th seed. Doc gets fired, Allen retires, and Garnett goes bandwagon hunting. Pu**y Paula hangs around cus he don't mind playing around crap teams as the team rebuilds around Rondo.

Miami Heat - they will fall somewhere in the playoffs before the finals. Too bad the Lakers are waiting for them. The main impotence is that this team has no leader. Its going to be a case of "oh I thought you were going to shoot it, or rebound it, or cover it." They lose not because someone played so bad or made a bad play but they lose because no one wants to take responsibility. Sure they all want the accolades but which one of them is also willing to risk taking on the critisism and doing the little things that are not necessarily popular or even politically correct.
We have Kobe. He is responsible for the Good, Bad and ugly. The Shaq debacle, the bad teams with smush and kwame, and now the championships and the mvps. its always on kobe and he takes it on like a champion, a warrior and a man. These dudes in Miami just don't have it. they are too into their own image. their jersey's will sell the most and they will be popular but for some reason in the playoffs they will encounter some "bad luck" and not win.

Orlando - if Howard wipes that goofy "i'm such a nice guy" smile off his face then the Magic has a chance to meet the Lakers again.

Chicago - one of these new and exciting young teams will be the ones to knock out boston or miami. i think it might be the bulls.

I'm toast for the night. Time for me to close my eyes and climb aboard the Dream Weaver train....

Magic's journey to Lakerland to be continued....

Like Costner a lot, but Errol Flynn gets my nod as favorite Robin Hood.
Film also featured Olivia de Havilland and Claude Rains.

More importantly, Bidwell Park (nations third largest municipally owned, and by far the most diverse and beautiful) in Chico, California will forever be the reigning 'Sherwood Forest'.

I know you'll miss me terribly, but I'm out of here.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Giants!
Dodgers lost again...oh, the pain
Go Manny, Go!


My team will not only beat the Lakers but it will dominate the league for the next 5 years, barring injury. Laker fans are so delusionsal.
Think about this. My team last year had the best record in the league with nobodies around me, and the only reason we lost in the playoffs was because my nobody teammates couldn't hit a shot if their life depended on it. Me, on the other hand was great. Wade is great. Bosh is very very good. We have good offensive and defensive role players.
So riddle me this, you clueless deaf, dumb, and blind fans. Will not the Heat win more games than the Cavs did last year? Think real hard now, okay, get some aspirin. For those who said no, continue on to the funny farm bus depot.
My Cavs won 61 games last year and that was after coasting the last 10 games.
Would you think the Heat can win one more game? 2? 3? perhaps 4,5,...10?
We will win at least 68 games next year without breaking a sweat.
Because I am the greatest player who will sacrifice scoring records, not to mention millions of dollars to win multiple consecutive championships. And for those who have said I can't do it don't know what it is to be a champion. There will be payback, I have a long memory, and I know where your blog is.

Hey JAMF how's this one hit you?
Posted by: JustaLakerFan | September 21, 2010 at 04:36 PM

hahaha that reminds Troy B of the Lost Boys.

Troy B is currently on the PP thread and stuck in 3rd person.

Troy B is tired now.

Are Laker fans here underestimating the Heat? How good might Miami be?

It's been said that the Heat will falter because of ego's, won't be able to play together, there's only one ball, need more time together, etc.
Maybe it's relevant to keep in mind that these 3 guys (W, B, J) have been planning this get together for quite a while, they left some $ on the table to do this and they might actually be committed to making this work.
Can it?

How about the Celtics "big 3" after they got Garnett and went straight to the Finals. They figured out how to adjust their games and work together pretty quickly. They understood they needed to play together as a team.

And how about the Lakers. After adding Gasol, who meshed with the team almost immediately, they went straight to the Finals.
The Lakers then added Ron, who "wanted" to join the Lakers and play with Kobe and was willing to try and adjust his game however he needed to.

Riley should not be underestimated either. He knows what they must do to win.
My point is, they can make it work.

No, I am not a Miami fan. They do have a few weaknesses, as does every other team. Boston, the Magic and Chicago won't be a pushover. But if Miami is committed to playing as a team they can be very good. It may take them a year of playing together but by the playoffs they should be jelling, if not sooner.
I think a key point is that they planned this, they want to be together, they know they need to play as a team. Of course injuries may play a roll, as it will with every other team.

The Lakers are the Champs until they aren't. They are still the best team until someone beats them in a playoff series. If healthy I think the Lakers can still beat Miami, this year.

But the Heat will make some noise this year and may be much better than some Laker fans give them credit for.
Is this Heat team better than last years Cavs team?
I hope they fail, I'm not confident that they will.
And I trust that trying to be objective about a Lakers opponent doesn't tarnish a Laker fan.

Laker fan, we can be in denial all we want, but the Heat are real and pose a serious threat to the Lakers 3peat.

We can hope all we want that chemistry will be an issue, but LBJ and D-Wade are not selfish players. They will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone on that team is on the same page.

The difference between this team and that Laker team Wilt was traded into that situation. These guys came voluntarily...that's a big difference.

Miami Heat - they will fall somewhere in the playoffs before the finals. Too bad the Lakers are waiting for them. The main impotence is that this team has no leader. Its going to be a case of "oh I thought you were going to shoot it, or rebound it, or cover it." They lose not because someone played so bad or made a bad play but they lose because no one wants to take responsibility. Sure they all want the accolades but which one of them is also willing to risk taking on the critisism and doing the little things that are not necessarily popular or even politically correct.
We have Kobe. He is responsible for the Good, Bad and ugly. The Shaq debacle, the bad teams with smush and kwame, and now the championships and the mvps. its always on kobe and he takes it on like a champion, a warrior and a man. These dudes in Miami just don't have it. they are too into their own image. their jersey's will sell the most and they will be popular but for some reason in the playoffs they will encounter some "bad luck" and not win. Orlando - if Howard wipes that goofy "i'm such a nice guy" smile off his face then the Magic has a chance to meet the Lakers again.
Chicago - one of these new and exciting young teams will be the ones to knock out boston or miami. i think it might be the bulls. Posted by: crystal | September 22, 2010 at 12:13 AM
DAMN! I wake up in the morning, read the Blog and what is the first thing I have to say?...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

@LRob why are you posting articles from 1979?

Nobody cares about 1979! I would be different if Magic was still playing and the Lakers were irrelevant, but that's not the case. Get with times.

LakerTom - I haven't seen any of the Robin Hoods.
Posted by: LRob | September 22, 2010 at 12:05 AM
WTH? AW HELL NAW!! LRob has not seen Robin Hood? Don't do this to me brother!!! When I am in doubt and need an answer, I always say, I'll ask LRob. When I'm in a situation and get confused, I say, WWLD What Would LRob Do? And now...and now LRob says he has never seen a single Robin Hood. TAKE ME HOME JESUS!!!!

G in DC,

Yep, Hero was and is a mesmerizing experience. I mean, there is nothing like it in the history of kung fu cinema. It really took the genra to a whole nother level.

Is nother a word?

The old school kung fu films may seem light in comparison, but that's the nature of the beast. They're 40% comedy, 40% action and 40% low-budget.

But I'm in love with the gerna irregardless.

Hey, here's some random guy's top 20 kung fu fims of all time. This is a nice place to get some more possible kung fu buys because all 20 of these films are worth owning. This list gets a bit heavy on Sammo Hung, but I can understand his love for "The Fat Dragon." Sammo Hung was the main guy who led the way for 70s kung fu stars. He was Jackie Chan's mentor and he's a great choreographer now. He did the fight scenes in "Ip Man."


...if you have time to spare...


G n DC,

And I separate kung fu cinema in pre 80s and post 80s categories. The pre 80s has all the great, schizophrenic kung fu oddities, the 80s is a giant black hole where kung fu went to die, and the 90s gave birth to the kung fu big-budget epic like "Iron Monkey" and later on, eventually, "Crouching," "Hero," and "Ip Man."


Not one of our better days on the blog. People are acting like trolls are doing us a favor by posting crap. Larry, you are a blogger and I love you, but never take sides against the Blog family. Posted by: phred | September 21, 2010 at 07:50 PM
Phred you are my brother but please, don't tell me who and who not to talk to. I call several what you consider Trolls friends & will continue to call them this. I’ve went over the thread backwards and forwards and I don’t see one freakin place where I’m taking so called sides. If you're talking about JustaHater saying he wanted a Blog profile of me and justanothermambafan and my saying it’s coming, I would think you are making a big stretch. But Phred tell me my brother, where were you when I was being attacked left & right? You know who came to my aid? A Freakin so called Troll. Now I appreciate your Lakerholic spirit and all my brother but the only person in this world that can tell me anything is my baby daughter...You don't sound like a baby and you sure in the hell aint my daughter. Carry On!

KB Blitz & Lrob,

re: Fisher & Miller.

LBJ will probably be running point-forward or D-Wade will be pg.

Fisher on Miller is a *BAD* matchup. It's a 7" differential. Miller can pass
or shoot over him at will.

Please read that again. It is a *seven inch* differential not 3 inches.

I expect to see either blake or barnes. Let's say that lrob's initial lineup
happens & Miller starts raining 3's. PJ won't keep that lineup. He can't.

Don't y'all find it ODD that, as Laker fans, we can rant about our size at C and
how we can't trade Bynum, but at every other position we're quick to dismiss
size as any true advantage or we turn to the "intangibles" as a way to
negate the advantage of size?


You're not disagreeing with me, but you are getting into a war of semantics.

The Lakers care about the Lakers, yes... but when you look outside the Lakers, one team stands predominantly above the rest... this is the team the Lakers will have to go through (they will have to defeat)

And, the likelihood that the Lakers have home court vs the Cheat is not that great... 50-50 in our best dreams (and lets hpoe for that)

Looks like drew's resting for 6 weeks before surgery just came back and bit us... yeah, 50-50 odds at best for HCA

And why is phred so disappointed that fans would want what's best for the team?

Dude, it's not like I'm salivating over melo - the cp3 thing def had me going, but this is a low probability more marginal situation. Melo for LO & parts (which probably would never happen) would be an upgrade. The chemistry issues... what chemistry issues? LOL. Melo is not that kind of guy - he's a second fiddle or third fiddle type that can take over if needed; younger and more athletic; attitude has never been a problem before, etc etc

It would be an upgrade, but its not like you could just hand the Lakers the next 3 titles (or even the next one)... which I certainly think a majority of people here are willing to do. <-- that's one reason I like it here so much, far more optimism than what I have so it makes me feel good

@Art - Valid points. I agree that a lot here are underestimating them. But until they shore up the interior a little more and as long as Kobe is still top 5 player...Lakers still have the edge. However, Miami should win 2-3 titles with the Bron, Wade, Bosh trio.

@TroyB - People are strange indeed.

@GeeMack - thought it was interesting that Magic could've easily been a KC King or Chicago Bull. But I can understand your lack of interest. That was a loooong time ago.

@Mamba - Guilty as charged. Hey I can't keep up with all things hoops, music and movies. My movie knowledge is decent, but that wouldn't be one of the first categories I pick on Hey give me credit for at least knowing Errol Flynn was one of the original Robin Hoods.

I don't believe for one minute that anybody Lakerholic will underestimate the Heat. Some are even level-headed enough to opine that the three-headed monster (Lebron/Wade/Bosh) is capable of winning 2-3 NBA championships within the next 6 years. BUT this is under the premise that they would jell with their teammates (and vice-versa), they can avoid injuries and would have the right complementary players during the same time frame. When people talk scared about the trio, one memory gives me perspective -- the Spanish national team played tough against the US for more than 35minutes in the 2008 Olympics -- that is, until this Bryant guy came up with that dagger 4-point play. Posted by: Raymond42n | September 21, 2010 at 08:06 PM
OK so once again I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!

Hey give me credit for at least knowing Errol Flynn was one of the original Robin Hoods. Posted by: LRob | September 22, 2010 at 07:33 AM
You got a lifetime pass with me LRob, you know I was just playing with ya bro! Also, to me Errol Flynn is the one and only Robin Hood!

Don't y'all find it ODD that, as Laker fans, we can rant about our size at C and
how we can't trade Bynum, but at every other position we're quick to dismiss
size as any true advantage or we turn to the "intangibles" as a way to
negate the advantage of size?
Posted by: hobbitmage | September 22, 2010 at 06:41 AM
hobbit - I understand the significant height difference and I like Mike Miller's all around skillz and game. I've had him on several of my fantasy teams in last few years and my only knock on him is I'd wish he'd shoot more...and not miss so many games. Yes, I would say that matchup would be advantage Heat.

Of course having the height advantage can be utilized better in the post, where the taller person can defend, rebound and score. That's why I like having that size advantage in the post more than the perimeter.

The whole height thing is another reason Phil has always favored taller guards. So I agree with your point. But Fish has proven that his clutchness can help offset his lack of height.

Of course, that's the beauty of having a versatile team like the Lakers. If its not working they have options like we both mentioned. The Heat also have options to get bigger inside. I like our options better than Miami's.

Miami has done a great job of assembling their team and that's why they're a worthy foe. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

You got a lifetime pass with me LRob, you know I was just playing with ya bro! Also, to me Errol Flynn is the one and only Robin Hood!

Posted by: mamba24 | September 22, 2010 at 07:38 AM
Thank you sir, but please still call me out when And how are you on this beautiful morning that the Lord has Blessed us with?


How are things in ND country? Are they still whining about the calls? I'm glad the Big 10 can give them their annual spanking since they won't join.

And how are you on this beautiful morning that the Lord has Blessed us with? Posted by: LRob | September 22, 2010 at 07:52 AM
And you know why he blessed us with this wonderful weather? Of course you do because you're LRob, but for you others he blessed us because The LA Lakers are GODS FAVORITE. YES, YES, YES!!!!

@LROB… “I haven't seen any of the Robin Hoods”
What, no romance left in Detroit. Robin and Marion is one the greatest love stories of all time.
Three great Robins and three adorable Marions. You don’t know what your heart is missing.


Enjoyed the Magic articles, there was some stuff there I didn't know and Magic is my favorite Laker.

I don't always have time to read those long articles you post (that's what scroll wheels are for) but all the one's I have read I have enjoyed.



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