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Observations from Lakers' Wednesday practice

This idea may prove short-lived, knowing most of the Lakers' practices aren't open to the media. Typically the doors open around when they're wrapping up. But when we are privy to a healthy portion of practice to notice some things, I'll be sure to take some notes. In the future, I also plan to shoot video of those practices for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a few notes to chew on:

-- As The Times' Broderick Turner mentioned in a previous post,  Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum sat out of Wednesday's practice. Bryant participated in non-basketball drills (weightlifting), but didn't see any time on the court. I noticed a few instances where he was sitting on the sideline, dribbling a basketball. Clearly, he's eager to play. Meanwhile, Bynum completed drills in which he shot the ball flat-footed, but Jackson said he's done nothing beyond his physical therapy.

-- Lakers forward Ron Artest seemed to have gotten his stroke back. He nailed four consecutive jumpers, penetrated the lane through traffic and drew contact. You obviously take it for what it's worth, but it's a good sign considering Artest confirmed Jackson's assessment that he's had some hamstring issues.

-- If I filmed practice today (which I didn't, I'm sorry), you would've seen Lamar Odom personify his game in a nutshell. He worked in the lane through tight spaces and also played on the perimeter. Today marked one of those days where you watched Odom and appreciated the nuances he brings to the game.

-- The team seems to have a really good attitude. They're very business-like, but loose. No one seems to be rowdy, no one is getting upset. Of course, you take this for what it's worth: the media caught about the last 20 minutes of practice and the Lakers are in good spirits coming off back-to-back championships. But it's the right approach to have for now.

-- Mark Medina

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Mark M - If you have time.....

Some of us don't have the ability to see video from our monitors, so whenever you can include some text of interviews, an overview, etc...please do.

Thanking you in advance,

Those on the blog with B.U.M.S.

Blog's Unfortunate Monitor's Syndrome.

@CAP’S GOGGLES… Nice additions. Like them all, especially Pearl Jam. Been a long time Eddie Vetter fan. Here was my Valentine song this year for Mrs. LakerTom:
@DJ… Concerts give life to some of the craziest stories. I remember Mrs. LakerTom and I going to an Elvis Costello concert and he played a couple of songs from the Beatles. There were four young girls sitting in front of us and I swear to God one of the girls turned to the others and said “Who are the Beatles?” That was one of the first moments when I felt my age, sort of like watching you hit below .300. LOL. Go, Yankees.
DBDH… ROFLMAO… “Chuck Norris real name was Matt Barnes.” Too funny, man. You are on a great role.
KOBEMVP888…. “I'm not sure I like this Bynum moratorium. :)” LOL. Think of it as a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order. Mrs. LakerTom asked why I seemed so happy. I told her basketball season was finally here and Kenny just cashed my retainer check so I no longer have to fend off the Bynum Bashers by myself. Of course, the Bynum Bashers have counsel too. Only problem is that is pro bono legal aid.
JEFE101… My bad. Until I get my Google implant, you guys will just have to bear with me. When I was thinking of the song, what kept going through my mind was Del Shannon’s version. I almost didn’t post the James Taylor version because for some reason it didn’t seem right – too slow. Thanks to you, now I know why. Here it is:
And speaking of Del, who could not love this one:

Here's my observations from training camp...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up...

MM - good stuff. But I feel like a dog lookin' up at the dinner table... "C'mon man, forget the scraps, toss me that whole t-bone baby."

Can't wait for the season to start.

MM the boss wants to see you in his office...NOW. And bring you're backpack and keyboard.

The Outlaw -

I'm going for my MSc in Philosophy of Science. It should be a rather fun and academically enriching year over there. Here's a link for you to check out the program:

MM -

How long are you going to be in London? Mind if I send you an e-mail? I've got a question to ask of you.

The Outlaw -

I almost forgot: Thanks for the best wishes! :-)

what if the machine gets all its working parts, i know sasha is a practice guy but what if the experience of game 7 stays with this guy and we really do find ourselves with a game in, game out 3-point shooter to strech the defense,oh well, just dreaming i guess

Good afternoon blog fam. I've been out all day and just starting on todays conversations. Normally I wouldn't respond to something like this, but I just had to lol at Old Hippy's AB for KD trade suggestion. Hmmm, let's see now, why won't that trade happen? 1) there is no way in hell OKC would EVER trade KD for AB. 2) What......aww what the heck, number one should be enough.

Troy B, Sasha needs to become the Laker's version of Mike Miller...actually it's the other way around...Bling, Bling.


I'm not going to be in London. But my colleague Mike Bresnahan will.

Fatty - As far as the video portion, I'll start transcribing my interviews and attaching the text as a word document. If that works for you





63 Footer - lol so what's the whole T-Bone?

MM - real coverage, real games, full videos... basically: the start of the whole dog-danged season!

MM - So much good stuff I can't keep up. Can you tell us how Ebanks is shooting the ball.

LRob - Ebanks shot has been dece....what's more impressive with him is his hustle and athleticism. There was a sequence in Tuesday's practice where he knocked a ball out of Blake's hands and both of them dove for it on the floor. Ebanks' long arms picked up the loose ball. Artest shared that Ebanks has a similar mindset as he does since they're both from Queens


63 Footer - Consider this the appetizer. It'll keep you satisfied enough so that you're starving once the regular season begins


@Troy - agree with everything on G. Hill except he the 3pt shooting. Never did develop that typed of range.

Posted by: LRob | September 29, 2010 at 06:42 AM

Wow I'm really behind.

You're absolutely correct sir. That was really dumb of me. I don't know what I was thinking there, oh wait, it was 1 am and I was deliriously tired. That's right, I'm blaming it on the insomnia. See how that works? If I'm right - Brilliant! If I'm wrong - Insomnia! lol. Wait, but that won't work for posts earlier in the day huh? Oh well.

What I should have said was Grant Hill had consistent range between 18-20 feet. With his talent level I fully believe that had he stayed healthy he would have developed that range though. Remember MJ didn't have a consistent three point shot till later in his career. I think if Hill had stayed healthy, we would be talking about Kobe and Hill dominating the last decade. Remember when there was talk that summer about Hill and Duncan joining forces? At the time that possible combo really scared me.

MM - it's all good here. Just itchy for the season. And then there's the fleas....

Of course, the Bynum Bashers have counsel too.

Posted by: LakerTom | September 29, 2010 at 03:30 PM



No way. They believe they have all the evidence they need, so why seek counsel who knows less than they know? Then again they say "that a man who represents himself has a fool for a client and a fool for a lawyer." But I digress ..

P.S.- Did I violate the terms of the TRO?

@KOBEMVP888… “P.S.- Did I violate the terms of the TRO?” LOL! No, I think you are fine. It was Blitz who petitioned the court for protection so you’re free to attack…Ooops, I mean contact…anybody else. Anyway, I think the terms of the TRO were it expired if no attacks on Blitz after 72 hours so you now have free rein.

DBDH - Can't go wrong with the Man In Black.

Noah - Bela Fleck = smooth

LakerTom - Yep big JT fan. speaking of remakes he did good covers of Marvin's How Sweet It Is and Sam's Wonderful World. Funny you posted Runaround...I was just listening to that a couple of days ago.

LakerTom pt2 - Like 63 Footer said I think its great music in every era. The 60's and 70's were great. I think most people are partial to the music they grew up listening to from a youth to about age 25. For me that's the 60 to mid 80's. But I also love the 50's early rock-n-roll, doo wop, 40's big band & a lot of the current stuff.

If someone grew up listening to Van Halen, Run DMC, Madonna, Prince, Black Sabbath, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi,LL Cool Jay, Metallica, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, The Judds, Reba...well you get my point...chances are they still listen today.

I feel a great energy coming out of this team.

I smell 3-PEAT!

"was Blitz who petitioned the court for protection so you’re free to attack…Ooops, I mean contact…anybody else. Anyway, I think the terms of the TRO were it expired if no attacks on Blitz after 72 hours so you now have free rein."

What was that for? Do you really want me to get into this Laker Tom?

I did not participate since some bloggers were especially going over board about this injury. So you decided to drag me into it?

Do you want me to start again Laker Tom? Or should I bring up Bynum Tom again?

LRob, LakerTom,

LRob, thanks for your response to my post in the prior thread regarding Caracter and Ebanks. I agree with you completely, I'm just excited for them and I believe that they will have an impact for us this year and for years to come. Their attitude has been outstanding and they seem to doing well in practices. Can't wait for the preseason to begin, so we can get a glimpse of what they can actually do.

LakerTom, thanks for the warm welcome back! Go Lakers!!!

@MM - thanks for getting back to me on Ebanks. I know hustle and defense are his staples, similar to Ariza, his challenge will be proving he can shoot.

MVP - Thanks for the lawyer joke. I never heard that one.

Hey guys just a heads up. We should have a new post up within the next hour. It's being edited as we speak


Great news about practice videos. Looking forward to those.

Also because of Lakers training the NBA has been put on notice so let them beware for they are on Eve of Destruction at Lakers hands.

After damage has been done Lakers then create a new NBA

I thought Kobe would be 100% at the training camp. Is there any pronogosis when he will be completely recovered from surgery? I want Kobe to sit down for most of pre-season games, except for maybe one or two games before the real season starts. He doesn't need to play pre-season games. Then, we will see how well Sasha can shoot during pre-season games. I still think the Lakers need the consistant outside shooting threat, relatively speaking.

Laker Tom,

Returning the favor for that zing.

If you had the first overall pick and be in our fantasy league you would have probably chosen Andrew Bynum. CybercosmiX would also probably.

Why is Bynum going to trip to Europe with the team? Any specific reason?


Aside from Kobe, I don't remember the last time I was this excited about our rookies. I would probably have to go all the way back to Eddie Jones.

Denver almost got (stole?) Character in a trade, and they are pretty desperate for a PF with Kenyon Martin out. Character likely would have been the starting PF in Denver to start of this season. I think the Lakers made a mistake by trading Tony Douglas for cash last year, and if they traded Character for cash, there would probably be a lot of angry Laker fans watching Character start for Denver and performing well.

Anyways, I just hope that Luke does the team a favor and retires, so any available SF minutes will go to Ebanks.

@BLITZ… “If you had the first overall pick and be in our fantasy league you would have probably chosen Andrew Bynum. CybercosmiX would also probably.” LOL, Blitz. If I were to play in your fantasy league – which I won’t do not because of you but because I hate fantasy sports – I would take Kevin Durant as my first pick because he is the one superstar that doesn’t have to share his stats with other top level players. Bynum is a tough pick for fantasy teams because a lot of what he does doesn’t show up in the stats, unless you start getting into computerized simulations or such. At least, that’s what I think but I’ve never really done it so maybe I’m wrong. Now if there was a draft by position, then I would probably take Howard over Bynum because of the stats but if I were a GM, then I might take Andrew. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of co-workers who are fantasy players and they hardly even root for their favorite teams anymore. I think fantasy sports dilutes the experience of being a fan.

@BLITZ… “What was that for? Do you really want me to get into this Laker Tom? I did not participate since some bloggers were especially going over board about this injury. So you decided to drag me into it? Do you want me to start again Laker Tom? Or should I bring up Bynum Tom again?
LOL, Blitz. I was just kidding because I knew you would understand that. We used to be able to do that all the time so why not return to it. I know we both want to just keep it fun so I’m not worried. I was really kidding KobeMVP888 with a little lawyer humor so you were sort of a prop for the post. Anyway, thanks for taking it right. And they’re been many times when I have abstained from adding to the conversation. Best of all, all of our “hot” topics seem to have become the blog’s “hot” topics. There a number of persuasive voices on every side and angle of the Andrew Bynum issue. I don’t know whether we were the first victims in a wave of polarity orif we might have been contagious. :-)

@JLF - Eve of Destruction = classic.

@LakerTom - You've got a decent handle on fantasy sports. I don't know about diluting the experience, but it would make you more knowledgeable about a wider variety of players in the league.

@Blitz - Did you sign up with phred? I didn't see your name in the list of 12 teams.

Do you want me to start again Laker Tom? Or should I bring up Bynum Tom again?

Posted by: KB Blitz | September 29, 2010 at 05:18 PM

As Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) said in Young Frankenstein when left alone with the Monster (Peter Boyle): "Don't you know a joke when you hear one? HA-HA-HA-HA."

On the other hand, why not. "Pretty please, with sugar on top." - Winston Wolf (Harvey Keitel) to Vincent Vega (John Travolta) when Vincent demanded to be spoken to politely by the Wolf.

All this other jibber jabber is so NOT controversial anyway. :)

Mark M -

Thanks for the text idea. I will let you know how it works out...

I dunno if it'sbeen posted or not, but theres a video of a five on five between some lakers on (www.lakers. com). THe teams are..vujacic, artest, odom,ratliff, ebanks and blake VS gasol, fisher, barnes, caracter and brown

"...Lakers are in good spirits coming off back-to-back championships."


nothing like a little back to back to keep the team loose and ready for prime time. with or without bynum. i was watching real training camp the other day and it was obvious that kobe wanted to be out there participating in drill albeit very fundamental, but that's what kobe is all about: perfecting the fundamentals and focusing on execution. meanwhile, bynum is just sitting there like a big lug. perhaps his mind was still at the world cup. it must've been awesome, huh bynum? i "ain't" never letting up on him. he's got a lot to prove to his teammates, coaches and ownership- PERIOD! when you sign a contract for $53 million, it takes a lot more than just playing the equivalent of one season while you've been with the team and brandishing 2 rings for your effort and "commitment."

ESPN source:

Best Laker Team ever:

1.- Magic
2.- Kobe
3.- Baylor
4.- Pau
5.- Gasol

Congratulations for the championship and good luck next season.


Cali, my GF is also in London studying philosophy. The history and philosophy of science with a focus on botany of some kind. What a small world. She's at the Notre Dame college near Cambridge.

Who knew?


Ricky, Ricky Ricky. One too many babaloos upside the cranium has left you not making too much sense.

"Babaloo i-a"




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