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More of Phil Jackson's pre-season press conference

--Mark Medina

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Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of analysis of Phil's presser beyond the initial news about Andrew. Was busy helping with a high school football assignment. But I wanted to get the rest of the video up there so you guys weren't out of the loop


Phil looks like he's more ready for a hunting trip with that shirt and beard than the NBA season.....

But if Phil could do it his way, maybe a shaved head and Monk robes would be more appropiate.

We need to get Dr. Buss to televise practices.......

I would pay to see them, wouldn't you?

"Inside the Lakers practices. Up close, uncensored, and un-like anything you've ever seen..."

To Mark Medina on todays and this years assignment:

A new season is upon us.

We are the most informed Lakers blog on the planet. There is no doubt, we are quite spoiled.


We will expect even greater things from you this year. We have the confidence in that you will do your job, and give us nothing but your best. Exceeding 100% effort everyday, okay, maybe 90% depending upon the day of the week. We want more, and more of it.

To quote the great motivator, Leslie Nielson from the movie 'Airplane', ....."I just want you to know. We are counting on you."

Some other words of inspiration.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
"Ask not what the Lakers blog can do for you, but what you, can do for it!"
"The few, the proud, the Lakers fans"
"Just do it!"

We will be anxiously waiting for your reports.

Your truely,

The commenters on the LA Times Lakers Blog

07:52 hrs. Troll Alert!

GOOOOOD Morning Lakerland! Fatty is up early today!

Carmelo signing with New Jersey, huh. Must be tired of living in the Lakers shadow. I can't wait for the pre-season to start.

Fatty's statement about us being spoiled? Hmmmmm. Maybe so.

My thought for the day, "it has been a long time since I enjoyed the second team. The last time I can recall is during our three-peat (2000-2002). I would love to see more blowouts so we can enjoy seeing the bench guys and truly root for them. I liked when we put a game in the fridge and we could see what kind of game the scrubs had. No stress, just enjoying them and getting to know them. The last couple of years there have been so many close games and Kobe has dominated the end game. Would LOVE to see our top tier get plenty of rest and all of us (including the starters) can enjoy and root for the second teamers.

Blake, Brown, Ebanks, Character and Ratliff. Maybe Sasha instead of Blake if it's truly a blowout.

HEY! If the Carmelo 4-way deal that's now being discussed goes down, Jordan Farmar might be the starting PG for the Nets next year!

It would be between him and DJ Augustin for the starting role.

Thanks for the video. I only wish we could also hear the reporters questions, especially on short answers. I can only guess what the question was.
I believe it was something like this:
MM: "Phil do you read the LAT Lakers blog, and do you believe these guys can all get along?
Phil: "NO"

Mark was that you with the funny hat? What questions did you ask? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yay, KobeMVP88 & KB Blitz have made up! Can we all please affirm that we are together again, one blog, one familia, one love (the Lakers) - or in the case of the occasional trolls (troll away, we need you guys here too to keep us all honest!). We need to be together at least for one night, the eve of training camp media day.

Please, can we all affirm we are together on the blog, if only that? Trolls and Laker-blinded blogsters alike (which I may be one...)? On the media day eve, can we be together as one???

Posted by: CyberCosmiX (or CCX - You decide!) | September 24, 2010 at 11:36 PM


I consider Blitz to be a valuable, smart contributor. I also think he backs the wrong horse. However, I do enjoy engaging in a nice, healthy disagreement. I felt that the reference to Lew as a "spoiled fan" required a response and a clarification. I try to be courteous, but I don't particularly care for it when my carefully crafted comments are taken out of context. I look forward to a season of healthy banter.

As for who starts at center until Drew returns, I defer to Phil Jackson. In fact, when it comes to issues involving rotations, time outs and coaching the team, I think PJ has finally proven himself. :)

HAVING SAID THAT, even last season I wanted him to keep the rotations normal. I wanted him to start Mbenga when Drew was out and Powell when Gasol was out and bring Lamar in off the bench. Then, when he didn't, I deferred.

Then somehow we won #16. Go figya.

If Melo does wind up leaving, the only real competition out West for us is OKC- Dallas maybe.

Does anyone have the preseason schedule?

Woohoo - media day. Live streaming anywhere for us out of towners?

The season is finally about to get going. I couldn't be more excited. I expect the Lakers to be an improved team this year - more health, more depth. But I also expect some tough challenges. And that is what will make it a great season.

Going 82-0 and blowing out the oppositon every night isn't what makes for a fun season, it is having real, legitimate competition and coming out on top anyway. There are at least 2 legitimate contenders to battle the Lakers for the title this year.

Boston - too often dismissed by Laker fans as "old," the Celtics took LA all the way to Q4 of game 7 last year. They are back this year, and with the drama of Shaq to add to the fun. Will he help or hurt? Probably both. Don't count Boston out. Old, but talented and tough.

Miami - Who knows how these guys will play together, but the smart money is on "pretty damn well." They have the talent, and there will probably be times during the season when they will look unbeatable.

And a couple of teams in the West will likely gel and cause problems for the Lakers as well. OKC? Dallas? Portland?

So the Lakers will have some challenges. Some games to circle on the calendar. some playoff series that keep you awake at night. That's great!

I expect the Lakers to snag a three-peat this year. They are talented. They are deep. they are experienced. They are well coached. They are a team, not just a collection of players.

But it ain't gonna be easy, and its going to be fun as hell to watch this team.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Let's get ready for the new season...

Looking forward to seeing Blake, Barnes and the rooks.

Why did Miami pass on Dampier when he's clearly better than Magloire? Is it because Magloire is DWade's boy? Or maybe they just didn't want to spend the extra 1mil since the other 4 centers have guaranteed contracts. Interesting.

Thoughts on potential Melo trade...
Everything hinges on how good Derrick Favors is. If he's a future prerennial all-star then Denver is getting decent value in return with Favors, AK's expiring contract and #1 pick. The Nets drafted Favors ahead of Cousins (who I think will be very good), so they must really like him.

Good deal for Charlotte getting Devin Harris for Diaw.

Edwin - No I'll be full time on the Lakers blog. Because there wasn't much going on this week (sans Phil Jackson's press conference) I was asked to help out with a high school project involving a few other Times staffers.

Just wanted to comment on Carmelo Anthony.

I have no idea what that guy is thinking. Why would he even want to go to the Nets? The Nuggets have a better cast of players and a much better chance of going anywhere. Why trade for a much more mediocre cast when he couldn't even get his current team past the second round without a proven player in Chauncey Billups? So now he's going to "upgrade" to Jordan Farmer at the 1? Is Troy Murphy better than K.Mart? Brook Lopez looks to be a really good player, but even Jamal Magloire was an all star center on a bad team in a bad conference way back when (this is not to say that B.Lo can't elevate his game, but there's a possibility that he's a big fish in a small pond).

Soooo.... Melo wants to play in the same conference as the Magic, Celtics and Heat, up and comers Bulls, Hawks and to some extent the Bucks?

Come May when the Nets finish in 7th or 8th place in playoff seeding he'll wish he had C. Billups to back him up. He's the real reason why the Nuggets got to the WC finals. Have fun in NJ/NY Melo Man because those trips to Cancun that Nick Van Exel used to love will really start to haunt you now.

@FATTY… “We need to get Dr. Buss to televise practices.......I would pay to see them, wouldn't you? ‘Inside the Lakers practices. Up close, uncensored, and un-like anything you've ever seen...’"
LOL! That would be the ultimate in reality TV for Lakerholics although we would have to figure out a way to prevent opposing team scouts and trolls from accessing the live practices. Certification by the LA Times Lakers Blog would be the best way to create a firewall to keep out the Celtics and Heat spies.
Who knows, maybe the LA Times will start thinking out-of-the-box and go really go entrepreneurial and transform the Lakers Blog into the ultimate multi-media portal and gateway for Lakerholics with 24/7 live video cam and chat coverage of every single Lakers player and coach. Then Faith could take her love for Sasha to another level. Hobbitmage could ask Drew those nasty questions in real time. DFish could actually chat with DFish. Pfunk could browbeat Phil about his rotations and time outs. The complete lack of privacy and secrecy would record the blog’s first 100% blog-sync-think rating.
@JOHNNYV… “It has been a long time since I enjoyed the second team. The last time I can recall is during our three-peat (2000-2002). I would love to see more blowouts so we can enjoy seeing the bench guys and truly root for them.”
I’m with you on wanting to see the bench mob really play well and create an identity for themselves. There are moments when I even want to see how a completely separate 5-man second unit of Theo, Odom, Barnes, Brown, and Blake or Theo, DC, Odom, Barnes, and Blake would do for the Lakers. Watching the chemistry and camaraderie that Phoenix Suns second unit had intrigues me.
@KOBEMVP888… “HAVING SAID THAT, even last season I wanted him to keep the rotations normal. I wanted him to start Mbenga when Drew was out and Powell when Gasol was out and bring Lamar in off the bench. Then, when he didn't, I deferred.”
That perfectly summarizes my position, too. While I won’t hesitate to criticize a specific move or lack of move by Phil or suggest he do something differently, I have complete confidence that he will make the right decisions long term. Phil is the most cerebral and Machiavellian NBA coach ever, a maestro at manipulating the media, motivating players, irking opposing teams, and winning championships.
Trying not to make a jubilant high-five post after your comments to certain bloggers reminds me of a excited kid with a handful of rocks standing next to a perfectly quiet and smooth body of water trying to resist the almost irresistible urge to toss a rock into the water to watch the ripples break and flow. So in the spirit of avoiding confrontation, let me just give you one giant virtual high-five right now. I’ve met many high-powered attorneys and legal eagles in my day but if I ever really need a lawyer, you would be the man I would turn to. As somebody said earlier, I want counselor 888 on my side.



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