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Poll Question: Which Laker will have to adjust the most to the NBA's technical foul rule?

The NBA recently announced that technical-foul guidelines would be expanded to include "overt" player reactions to referee calls. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said afterward he thought such guidelines were already in place. Coach Phil Jackson recalled that such guidelines, announced before the 2006-07 season, were abandoned over the course of the season. The two responded with a shrug when asked whether the rule would affect Bryant's on-court behavior.

But there could be reason for concern. Bryant was called for 14 technicals last season (fourth highest in the league), 11 in 2008-09 and 15 in 2007-08. A player serves a one-game suspension after accumulating 16 Ts. So will Bryant have to make any adjustments?

"I'll tell Sasha [Vujacic] to shut the ... up, so I can stop having to go to bat for him all the time," Bryant joked.

There are surely some other players on the Lakers who may need to make adjustments. The team signed forward Matt Barnes this off-season in hopes his defensive intensity would infuse some energy. Some note, though, that he sometimes channels that passion the wrong way; he picked up 10 technical fouls last season with Orlando. Lakers forward Ron Artest could ostensibly suffer with this expansion of the guidelines, although he was tame last year, picking up six. And though Lakers forward Lamar Odom is known for his laid-back demeanor, he accumulated 11 Ts last season.

So with the new rule change, which particular Lakers do you think need to make the most adjustments? Or is this league mandate much ado about nothing? Feel free to vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

-- Mark Medina

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Good morning blog fam. How is everyone doing this wonderful morning?

Hello Blog Fam - Basketball is in the air!

Kobe will for sure have to be careful. He lets those words fly sometimes, and it always lands him in trouble. At least he can keep his mouth shut when he has to, unlike Sasha who is always lifting up his hands in amazement at a foul called. He's forever tangling with the other team, too. Pesky defense, yes, but no self control.

And speaking of Sasha, I'm glad they go hard in practice, but if he hurts Blake I might have to take a contract out on him. Dude. Don't hurt your teammates!

One day closer to the regular season. My unrecovered Lakerholic tendencies are becoming unruly. C'mon, regular season!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!11

Kobe has to curtail his reactions when getting fouled and a no call. He is very demonstrative with his arms and looks right at the official even when play continues. He is also the kind of player that can adjust to the new rule better than most. He is the epitomy of mental toughness, not to be confused with Ron's mental health expertise. Ron and Kobe's combination of mental approach to the game, while different, should help the Lakers as a team. Therapy 101.

It's really Sasha but who really cares if he gets a T, tossed, or suspended?

Does this leave the door open for El Benito to change games or what? I recall the Payton/Malone season when Jaffe tossed Payton for turning and acting surprised when he got called for his first T in the first 40 sec of the game. Is this what we have to look forward to this year? I can see Kobe waving the ref off after getting hammered on a drive and picking up #1, then looking at the ref with his palms to the sky and goodbye Kobe for the game.

So, basically, Kobe cannot react...or even respond...anymore to those incessant non-calls when he drives into the paint. It will require a whole nother spectrum of discipline for him. Ditto for Matt Barnes. As I said a while ago, I hope Ron gave him the number to his shrink.

Pau Gasol :D

Surprised Pau wasn't even a poll choice.
He and Kobe both will need to work on this.

When I read this, I was thinking they could change the name to the "Kobe rule".

But all these guys do this and we happen to see Kobe play much more than others.

So you can't even demonstrate to a ref that you had position on a charge, or the one I like, discuss with a ref the call, in a quiet manor for too long? uhm....

As a former Ref, I don't like seeing all the whinning going on, but you have to admit, this gives the NBA Ref much more control of the game.

I kinda think the Daunegy situation had a little to do with this overeaction from the NBA. Players questioning calls, replays exciting the fans, fans feeling games are fixed, etc...

AK had this one right. With the NBA, "its all about control."


Thanks for the "Logical Song". Great selection. Takes me back to my freshman year at MSU. Lots of fun memories. I'm still a simple man, a little radical, liberal,

Also, peeked at the Petty, Journey and Queen (one of my personal favorite groups)links. You're on a roll this morning. I'll swimming at I can't give you the appropriate musical reply. But I'll catch up later.


It's obvious what you think by the choices in your poll. There should be a slot for Phil Jackson in this poll because there are plenty times when their is a clear non-call on Kobe and Phil just sits a zombie.

Their are times when Phil Jackson should get a technical to let his players no that he has their back and to save his players from getting a tech .......especially Kobe.

That's the one thing Phil could use his reputation for instead of manipulating the media.......he could do a better job of manipulating refs and bringing attention to obvious bad calls.

Also the refs should have a public review system and a subsequent ranking that includes blown calls, excessive technicals called, etc.........

Why should the refs be above reproach? The league as it is set up now with these new rules are ripe for scandal with officials and their calls.

And the evil, controlling emperor Darth Stern continues tightening his grip on our beloved league (of extraordinary gentlemen). Does his insanity know no bounds?

The problem is not the rule, but the bias. Several players used to react the same way Kobe did, but no call.

@Justa - I hadn't even equated Darth Stern into the picture. Now methinks this is just another ploy to help the Legion Of Doom - and Stern's favorite pet LeSellout - overtake the TRUE SUPERFRIENDS. Remember...he approved the Crab Dribble on LeSellout's behalf. Now this.

Didn't work last year. Won't work this year.

i'm going to roll my eyes at this one.

pfunk36 - Longtime no chat! How is it obvious you know which way I'm leaning. Honestly, I don' think it'll be an issues. Players will test the limits and then adjust. In due time, it'll prove it won't be consistently enforceable and then they'll mysteriously forget about it


justa - I'm very upset with you, as you made my morning quite a long one. I got a call from the commissioner's office today angry that I'd put a poll up on this item. They said I knew this would open the floodgates up about David Stern. They then reiterated no ASG for you this year


I have an item being edited and posted soon. But just so everyone has a heads up as early as possible. NBA TV will be featuring Real Training Camp, which will showcase the Lakers practice. It will air live on today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then shown on NBA TV today two separate times (2 pm to 5 pm; 6 pm to 9 pm)

Cheat Media Day today...

Jalen Rose saying they will have best record this year...

Good comes the media bandwagon...

Bring it on...PJ and Kobe will be ready...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

The new rule is so lame. Refs had this 'power' last season (by the way, if my super power was to call more technical fouls...I'd be bummed). Does this mean the refs will call the games better? Doesn't this olution feel kind of like treating the broken finger when the patient has several stab wounds to the chest cavity?

It's excessive contact and physicality that generally sets the stage for player complaints. Defenders getting away with holds, offensive players getting away with a push. Block or charge, restraining area or no. Some of these could be fixed instantly with instant replay from a booth (restraining arc for one, just go to the replay, have ex-refs who can't get up and down the court well but still wants to be around the game man the booth).

If calls couldn't be influenced by players, don't you think they would calm down the theatrics a bit? I'm not saying that instant replay would end complaining. Complaining will never end by anyone, we're humans and we complain. But I am saying that to single the players out isn't productive. If calls are being missed (and evidence piles up year after year that indicates they are) then telling players to stuff it doesn't make the game any better or more fluid.

@LRob - Where do you work? Water World?

I like this rule. Too many times, too many players are yapping at the refs instead of moving onto the next play. The instant emotional gratification gets in the way of making a positive contribution. JMHO.

The refs are only human - when a player has rolled his eyes or thrown his hands up repeatedly at a ref's call, or non-call, it would be understandable that they would become a little annoyed with that player and, perhaps, not give them a call that they deserve. There will definitely be an adjustment period, but in the end, neutralizing the players' personalities like this may be good for the players, as it will neutralize ref bias as well.

Good morning blog fam. I have so much catching up to do. Congrats to DBDH for profile!

So glad there is so much to talk about and I am looking forward to the Real Training on NBAtv.

Cheers - PLG

From the, "If Stern could get away with it, he would" Department.

"Thinking" the call was wrong will not be allowed anymore.

If the Ref "determins and feels" the player doesn't agree with the call, even though there is no obvious discernable action from a player, a technical foul will be called.

'Thinking' giveaways could be facial expressions, body language, undue quietness of a player, a player looking away after the call, a player overheard counting to ten quietly to himself, a player found smiling, a player whispering to another while the other smiles, (in this case each will be assessed a technical), rolling of eyes within 2 minutes of a call, doing nothing after a mistaken call, yawning, etc...All are dead giveaways and a technical foul should be called.

Refs will also be stationed in team huddles to listen for any deragatory statements about the refs and league officials. Appropiate fines and technical fouls will be awarded to anyone violating this rule.

On the otherhand, flopping will still be permitted and should not be given technicals, except to the offending player who mentions to the ref why it was a flop.

First time poster - long time reader. Always enjoy everyone's comments, and especially the profiles that have been posted lately. Nice to put faces to some of my favorite contributors. Still waiting for a profile of justanothermambafan, love her posts! Love LakerTom's posts, he missed his calling as a sports writer, and, of course, the always effervescent Mamba24 - OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!

LRob - sorry you are slammed at work today...Here is something to listen to while will make you more productive....

Magic Phil - can't forget is one to bring back some memories...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

As for the refs - they're only human and when a player repeatedly rolls his eyes or throws his hands up in the air, or worse, at a call or non-call, I can see them getting annoyed at that player and then not giving them a call they may deserve. There will definitely be an adjustment period but neutralizing player personalities with these new rules may ultimately be a good thing as it may neutralize ref bias as well.


Good morning everyone. It's going to be a scortcher today. To be honest, I'm done with the heat. I could use a little Fall weather.
Kobe is going to have to adjust because there already is a bias against him, so he's just going to have to deal with it.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


All I'm saying it is incumbent that Phil Jackson makes some changes as well......why isn't he included in your poll?

I think David Stern and the gang is using this rule as a subterfuge to gain "control" over the game and possibly manipulate it as it was manipulated during the 06' Finals when Dwade had something like 98 freethrows in 6 games.

Would it not make more sense to have a review board and an objective review of each ref and a subsequent ranking of each ref to build more trust between refs and fans and refs and players?

I mean think about it.........wouldn't you be more comfortable investing your money with a trader that was getting a monthly return of 5% and has been doing so the last 10 years? All of us are a little calmer when we are dealing with someone whose actions can be measured by an objective system..........these refs have so much influence on a game but there is no system in place to let us know whether or not this is a consistantly good ref.

This kind of blatant subjectivity leads to questions, doubt, and outburst from players, coaches and fans that have so much riding on it. Phil Jackson should start thinking and make smarter comments than the one he made about how the players in the game use to be less "demonstrative"............Hey Phil, the game has changed and the circumstances around the players have changed. There is much more at stake now, the game is much bigger, advertising dollars have increased, television money from cable and network has increased, media coverage has increased, the game is much more global, THE PLAYERS NO LONGER WEAR CANVAS CONVERSE ALL-STARS, etc............if all these changes in the game have occurred then wouldn't it be wise to upgrade the officiating and regulation of the game to these modern times?

Will someone tell Phil Jackson that coaches weren't making $12 million
back when players were calmer. If he wants to go back to those days maybe he should volunteer to reduce his salary back to the days when players were less "demonstrative".

LuvthoseLakers - thanks - and welcome.

(But don't hold your breath on that profile thingy...)

SWEET!! You know we're back into the swing of things Laker-related when pfunk comes home and starts ripping into Phil...

Hi pfunk!! Hope you had a great vacay!


I'm with you. The first thing I thought, too, was "the Kobe Rule"


But, at the same time, Kobe can play half a season with 15 and not get his 16th. So, he has the self-control, but only chooses to exercise it when necessary.


@Datty: "From the, "If Stern could get away with it, he would" Department."

Oh my God! That was laugh out loud funny. No, I mean, LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Almost got me in trouble here at work!

You are already in mid-season form, my friend!


Hey FEARless -

You mean, you are looking at Lakers stuff, when you should be working?!

Shame on you! haha

Fatty (Datty)

Sheez!!!!! David Stearn and Stu Jackson need to get a grip! As long as players don't delay the game, its purely asinine to expect to remove the emotion from the game. I can see right now that as soon as a guy flails his hands at one of the ridiculously inconsistent calls that NBA refs make (and they will make more this season) they are going to be throwing around "T's" like there's no tomorrow. *THAT* will undoubtedly disrupt the flow of the game. Here's a suggestion for Dave and Stu, TRAIN THE REFS TO MAKE CONSISTENT CALLS and players and coaches will have less to be frustrated about.

Alvin C,
The complaining does get a bit ridiculous and Darth Stern is probably aware that the complaints do limit the popularity of the NBA. I've heard dozens of people state that they aren't interested in the NBA because of:
1. The officiating.
2. The histrionics of the players.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Kobe will always be granted some leeway by the refs because, hey, he's Kobe Bryant.
Matt Barnes, on the other hand, accumulated 10 Ts in whatever minutes he played last year (nowhere near KB's I presume), and if there's going to be a crackdown, Barnes could cost us. Regardless of the outcome of his legal entanglements, Matt needs to get professional anger management help, for the benefit of himself, his family, and the team. Anger is a good thing IF MANAGED PROPERLY (not yelling, just emphasizing).

Kobe pushes it to the edge in this category as he does in most others. Knowing ones limitations, is the more "T" and you are sitting is the limitation.
my comment: The Lakers beefing up defensively gives an appearance of Pittsburghs Steel Curtain.....I see the Heat, tring to Wade into the deep end of the Lake.....Mark will find in crunch time, that LaGone is just that....and Bosh will be boshed .....look for the purple curtain, come crunch time.

the West is the Best

Fatty, sorry 'bout the typo. It happens sometimes when you are trying to blog on the down-low.



Thanks for the welcome Justa! disappointed you won't be posting a profile - totally understand though. Excited to read everyone's comments this season - it should be an amazing year!



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