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Matt Barnes' fiancée disagrees with domestic violence charge


Gloria Govan, reality TV star and fiancée of Lakers forward Matt Barnes, said in a statement that Barnes was wrongfully arrested on a domestic violence charge and that he has never physically abused her or her family, according to an Associated Press report.

Govan's statement comes a day after Barnes was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Main Jail on a felony domestic violence charge and for allegedly obstructing the use of a telephone line

Barnes had also pleaded his innocence, but he suggested Govan was at fault. He told ABC News 10's Bryan May, "I was the victim but still got arrested" and texting to him, "U know any domestic violence situation 9 outa 10 times the man gets arrested. That's the case here I was the victim but still got arrested. No matter what I say people are gonna think what they want..." Barnes also posted the following on his Twitter page, "DON'T LET YOUR EARS WITNESS, WHAT YOUR EYES DIDN'T SEE!!!"

Since reports surfaced about Barnes' arrest, reactions on the L.A. Times' Lakers blog ranged from cautiously defending the recently signed Laker, expressing skepticism over the facts surrounding the arrest to disappointment and anger. Likewise, Barnes' arrest raised questions on how this would adversely affect the Lakers.

Barnes, a Sacramento native, was released after posting $50,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Govan is the mother of the couple's twin boys and has appeared in the VH1 reality TV Show "Basketball Wives," including the clip below.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes Credit: Getty Images

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I thought Gloria was naive, while on BWives. She thought the ladies were jealous and bitter, when they were just sharing what they already went through. Of course now the charges are false because that is her meal ticket. All I have to say is Karma is a B.

Like i said in my post in the other previous article, let's give the dude the benefit of the doubt.

I know that it is easy for us to believe a story, simply because of our possible bias against him arising from: (i) his numerous tats; (ii) his junkyard dog sneer; (iii) his ball fake antic to KB last season; (iv) his journeyman status giving rise to rumors that he's uncoachable; (v) his summer run-in in a pick-up game; (vi) his previous tussles as a Bruin; or (vii) a combination of any or all of the above. However, the fact that someone has a history of violence does not AND cannot be taken as evidence against him, unless one is to also prove a PATTERN or scheme of conduct that would lead to the INFERENCE that the new charge is believable. As far as i know (i could be wrong, though), Barnes does not have any previous record of hitting a female, much less hitting a girlfriend/partner. Thus, his basketball reputation (?) notwithstanding, i'm hoping that we should just take any report about Barnes with a grain of salt. As loyal fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, we need to give our full support for our team AND its players.

Barnes had also pleaded his innocence, telling ABC News 10's Bryan May, "I was the victim but still got arrested" and texting to him, "U know any domestic violence situation 9 outa 10 times the man gets arrested. That's the case here I was the victim but still got arrested. No matter what I say people are gonna think what they want..."

Sounds like he's blaming the woman. He admits some form of abuse took place. But instead of just stating something on the lines of "I have no comment. Please respect our family's privacy as we proceed through this difficult moment"., this idiot comes up with this childish, arrogant, sexist statement implicating his fiancee.

I stand by my some point in the year, Barnes will prove to be a significant distraction for the Lakers.

Hey my wife kicked me in the stomach and i called the police and then reconsidered it and went for a drive. one year later i was arrested on battery charges for the same incident in which i was the victim and the only one on the 911 records. Face it if you and your significant other is in a dispute, unless you are knocked out and bloody, the man will go to jail even if you are the victim. Boy i Hate that OJ.

I'm willing to give Barnes the benefit of the doubt, but he does need to really watch himself. Outside of what he's done on basketball courts before, he can't slap coaches, let alone what he's accused of here.

Maybe it's time for a new girlfriend? Gotta admit to now wanting to watch the 'Basketball Wives' tv show (ughh.....) just to see what that was all about and how he carried himself in it...

- - -

HalosAnt: "LMAO that's why I like all three major sports... NEVER disappointed, well except for NASCAR/Indy interruptions... This is considered a sport?!? (I'll never understand why and don't bother to try and explain it, I don't wanna know and I don't care.)
Anyway there's always the NBA Channel, you never have to worry about football or baseball poking their heads in there... (or NASCAR/Indy for that matter)"
Haha, I truly agree with NASCAR. My god, going around and around and around... for hours? 1000 left hand turns? To each their own, but c'mon now! lol

Actually, I grew up a big football fan, and baseball. When both of our teams left in one year (!) I slowly lost interest in the NFL. I figured it would be a year or two, maybe three at the most until we had pro football back. Well, it's been what, 15 years now? My last straw with the NFL was when L.A. looked like we'd be getting an expansion team and they ended up giving Houston the team pretty much at the last minute. That was that, and I've not watched more than a couple of NFL games a season after that.

Baseball just kinda fell by the wayside for me as they started showing more international soccer on TV, and as the MLS emerged. I love the constant movement, free-flowing sports (not a hockey fan though). L.A. Galaxy are my other sports passion besides the Lakers. Sadly, I can't sit through a whole baseball game anymore.

You know what is another great sport? Aussie rules football. Can't get enough of that when it's on!

HalosAnt, sorry bout your halos, tough year for them. At least Lakers preseason is just round the corner to forget their mediocre year.

Barnes tweet ‘She attacked me!’

Barnes fiancé ‘nothing happened!’

So, um…if he is telling the truth, he wasn’t beating you, you were attacking him? But that’s cool with both of you? Or he was lying, or you both are lying. Gee, I feel much better now.

That’s it, I’m tired of this. I don’t want to hear anybody else’s disclosure about their own domestic violence arrest. wes’s was funny, but keep your rap sheet to yourself.

Ok, a few good things to keep the subject happy. Been posted before, I know.



We may never know what happened. That said, it seems like something did and if these 2 are going to stay together it would appear they could both benefit by some marriage or family counselling. They've got to learn how to handle stress in a healthy way - especially if they're going to teach their children how to be healthy adults.

It's not easy admitting you need help, but everyone does at some point in their lives. The trick is to recognize it and get it as soon as you can.

I hope this man and his family work their issues out. It's more important than anything - including playing for the Lakers.

That video is scary, entertaining and shocking rolled into one. His lip syncing is some of the worst I've ever seen. Funny thing is, I kind of liked it. Best laugh I've had in a while too! Gotta find that one to add to the mp3 player, put this puppy right between Alessandro Moreschi and Minnie Riperton. Ohh yeahhh.....


Let' s give matt the benefit of the doubt, i'd still prefer him saving his knock out specials this coming nba season.

No comment.



Here's one for you, since you started this contest:


Everyone just have a drink.

Justa - I agree. If they're going to stay together they seriously need to work things out BEFORE they get married.

CyberCosmiX - nah you're not missing anything on Basketball Wives. Actually Barnes fiance opted not to return for the second season because in her words "she felt the show portrayed the women as gold diggers, but she's educated and not like that". Besides on the show all the "wives" hated her (a couple of them tried to beat her down) because her sister alledgely slept with Shaq (and they wanted her to fess up and disown her sis). That show was truly the worst of reality TV. At least that's what I

Wes - that was painful.

Re-Post Cuz I have nutthin new to say



I think you got the worst outcome. Saints won the game but they were exposed. Bert could have won that game if he had another week of camp! ;-)

N'orleans looked amazing on the first drive. After that it was a slug fest. They figured out that 3 running plays in the first half wouldn't get it done and they stepped up in the 2nd.

NO won the battle of the lines, but not by much. They are still the team to beat.

Lamar did the same thing he does for us. Timely rebounds. Timely defense. Timely hustle plays. Timely WTF are you doing?! plays. Enough to help get over the hump.

Reality TV has taken over the world! at least here in the US. Who knows what happened, and I really don't want to know. I think he'll be solid for us this year.

Here's to JB or KB or someone or both, to buy Ron's ring for big bucks, and put it on a plaque at Staples.

RonRon wins the next Indy 500!!!

Phil's next challenge? (besides 4th 3peat).

Successfully coach TWO crazy mofo's!!

Matt Barnes is the third Laker player on this roster to either be married to or in a relationship with a reality TV star(let), with Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol being the two others.


Have you watched the English Premier League? I recently watched a game between Aston Villa and Everton on one of the Fox Sports channels, and was thoroughly entertained by the skill and teamwork of the players. When it comes to soccer, I usually only watch the World Cup, but after watching that EPL game, I think I'll try to follow that league more. Soccer has a chance to become my 2nd favorite sport after basketball.

Hey blog fam.

I see that LakerTom and MM are back. Welcome back guys, we really missed you both.

So, for my birthday (which was today) my wife is sending me to my first ever Laker game this season! Gotta love the wifey for that one.

Now for the topic on hand. My wife and I had marriage counseling several years back. It was the best decision we have ever made. We are still happily married and about to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Maybe Barnes and his fiancee ought to think about counseling.

Laker Mike,

Yeah of course I wrote that. Didn't you see that Staples 24 ahem Staples 17 just want to trade Odom yet again?

He would ship Kobe and Odom and Pau out of town if he wanted. Just not #17.

And howdy LTLF, how you been buddy?

Saw your post on Farmar. Here's something: If Farmar wasn't such a hard headed person who refused to change his game to a spot up shooter he would have actually succeeded Derek Fisher. Yeah like in the 2010 playoffs when he did change his game but too late and when he had his exit meeting MM said he seemed like "I got screwed out of trying to be the next great PG in the NBA".

You mad that a 35 year old man made the correct decisions instead of a hard headed dumbo ears should have been doing?

Blake even though he has no experience in the triangle is already an upgrade over Farmar.

It is as likely that Matt Barnes is being witch hunted for being male as anything. I would never believe anything a gender feminist trained police officer testifies to in a court of law, nor as a "jury nullificationist" would I ever follow any instructions about domestic violence law given by a gender feminist trained judge. Anyone who does so is very foolish. "Los Misandry" shows the corruption that exists in America's taxpayer funded, gender feminist based, domestic violence laws.

... Soccer has a chance to become my 2nd favorite sport after basketball.

Posted by: EJK | September 09, 2010 at 10:15 PM

Hey E. BB is typically #2 (or #3) this time of year in the US. If you're not familiar with baseball or US football do yourself a favor and get!

Are you ready for some football!? (and I ain't talkin bout soccer!)

We're in the stretch run regarding MLB (did anyone see Nelson steal home for the win today?! BRING ON ROCKTOBER!!)

We'll talk hockey another time...

Looks like a slow evening on the nite shift.

MM - thanks for detailng LO's game today.

Atlanta has hired Van Exel as an Assistant Coach....SIAP

I always liked Nick because he wasn't afraid to take the big shot. However, big blemish on his ledger for quitting in the 98 playoffs.

Below is the official statement from Larry Drew

Atlanta Hawks head coach Larry Drew has finalized his 2010-11 coaching staff with the hiring of former pro Nick Van Exel to the position of Player Development Instructor, it was announced this afternoon. Van Exel, comes to Atlanta from Texas Southern University, where he served as an assistant coach.

“We’re very excited to add Nick to the staff,” said Drew. “I think he brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, and given his past experiences, he’ll be really vital to the development of our young guards, particularly Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford. With the staff we currently have on board, I believe Nick will do a tremendous job for us moving forward.”

Matt Barnes is the third Laker player on this roster to either be married to or in a relationship with a reality TV star(let), with Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol being the two others.

Posted by: Jefe101 | September 09, 2010 at 10:15 PM

Doesn't say much for their life IQ, does it?

LRob, I'm a huge fan of your Kareem v Wilt articles. As an amateur historian of the game, I value any information of the past that gives me a greater understanding and love of the Game. I wanted to suggest you do a couple of the Thurmond v Kareem battles. I've heard Kareem say he was the toughest player to play against. I would love to hear how it happened. Just a suggestion.

Speaking of Nick "the Quik" a few weeks ago someone on stated that Del Harris did the right thing in letting Kobe take that final shot in regulation against Utah in 97.

I disagree because Nick was having a great game when Del "disrespected" him and called the rookie Kobe's number. Here's the box score from that game.

Anyway, after Kobe aired balled the last shot in regulation it was interesting how Nick kept giving him the ball in OT as if to say, "Okay coach you want the rookie to shoot, well let him take all the shots". Of course, Kobe more than obliged and shot 4 or 5 more times in OT and I think he made 1 hoop. (definitely immaturity on Nick's part)

I do hold Del Harris partially to blame for Nick's melt down in 98. Here's why: their relationship was already shaky and then Del called Kobe number in the biggest game of the season in 97, despite Nick having a great game and hitting all those clutch shots previously. Then in 98 playoffs I remember him yanking Nick a minute into one of the playoffs games in Utah. I thought he was definitely trying to show Van Exel up. (my apologies to DBDH)

Nevertheless, Nick quit on his team after game 3 in that 98 series and that is NEVER acceptable.

I'm glad to see Larry Drew hire him as an assistant. Van Exel has obviously matured some as a person or Drew wouldn't hired him. Also having coached Nick during the Del Harris regime - I believe Larry knew that Nick wasn't solely to blame for how things ended up with the Lakers.

Jerry West is probably the happiest person in this recent development. That was a great draft choice by West and he always believed in Nick and wanted the best for him.

Always loved Nick the Quick. He was the man back then. If Nick got a job coaching that's awesome. Never imagined him as a coach, but hell, we all grow up eventually...hopefully

LRob, I'm a huge fan of your Kareem v Wilt articles. As an amateur historian of the game, I value any information of the past that gives me a greater understanding and love of the Game. I wanted to suggest you do a couple of the Thurmond v Kareem battles. I've heard Kareem say he was the toughest player to play against. I would love to hear how it happened. Just a suggestion.

Posted by: Cap's Goggles | September 09, 2010 at 11:18 PM
Cap's Goggles - First let me thank you for the compliment, but you said you're an amateur Well we all are amateur historians who share a love of the game. (Maybe MM is not an amateur because he collects some $$$ for tthis.)

Anyway, yes Cap did acknowledge Thurmond as being very tough. I'll see if I can delve in their head to head numbers when I have some time.

I do know Milwaukee played SF/GS for 3 straight years in the playoffs 71, 72 and 73. The Bucks won the first two years and was upset the 3rd year. From what I remember and don't hold me to this.... Kareem dominated in 71, Nate had a very good series in 72...but I still think Kareem had a slight edge...Nate shut him down in the 73 upset.

From what I read in doing the Kareem-Wilt research, I believe Kareem said Wilt played him more mano-mano while the Warriors gave Nate a little help.
(Also, this is what some don't acknowledge in the Walton-Kareem great battle in the 77 playoffs. Kareem guarded Walton mano-mano, while Portland doubled Kareem).

I didn't see many of Kareem-Nate battles growing up because there was just one national game of the week and that was usually LA, NY, Milwaukee, Boston, Baltimore and Atlanta every once in a while because of Pistol.

Thanks for the suggestion!


You are so correct. How could anyone ever strive to be a reality TV star? What happens to those people when the limelight is turned elsewhere?

I guess that was the highlight.

Always live in the now. It's all about YOUR experience. No one else.

Off the soap box! Nite kids

My comments on this were originally deleted. Not cool.

It sounds like lots of bad, however, even though it also sounds like Matt didn't attack her.

By the way, Thriller is awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - I didn't delete any comments of yours. There may have been some technical mishaps, which I'm sorry happened. If you want whatever you wrote to be posted, try again and hopefully we'll have better luck.


I also always liked Nick because he wasn't afraid to take the big shot. However, big blemish on his ledger for quitting in the 98 playoffs.
This whole thing is pushed in press...keep privacy!


Please let us know if Caracter makes the weight today. Thanks and good day to you and the rest of my Laker fam!!!

Matt and Gloria ... fussing and fighting, she said he said, reality TV antics, bumbling millionaires, acting like teenagers, ho hum.

you get what u deserve she is trash he needs to get rid of her take care of his kids and go on she just in for the money n her sister speaks for its self the apple dont fall to far from the tree

We have achance to possibly know what happened depending on the course of future events. If they still get married, then perhaps Matt cold-cocked her or whatever, as you don't accept the proposal of a man who beat you (although clearly, even if he was guilty, whatever he did, at 6'7", to his 5 foot fiancee, couldn't have been more than a finger-push or threat otherwise she'd bear the results of that tango). If they don't get married, then it's because he realizes she's in it to win it. Otherwise, he's just stupid.

Wow i never blog, but when it comes to woman getting hit, it's time to talk. He always has problems on the court, and he also has two kids with her and wont marry her. I Don't know what happened that night, but whatever it was he would do his best to cover it up. I hope she stands up for herself and her kids,however no one want's to have kids and be alone.
PS. Woman we need to love ourselfs a little more!

Hella late response I know but I don't think y'all have any problem loving yourself. I mean, in any given divorce court case, you get to live "the lifestyle you're accustomed to" from when you were married despite not actually being married to that person. You want all that wealth, then stay and work it out. If not, zero cash. And if you have kids together, the money that's for them is FOR THEM, and you should have to show proof of 90% of expendetures of said money through receipts and whatnot every three months.

Oh, and as an aside? If she really did attack him, SHE would do her best to cover it up.

I disagree, I do not think Gloria acted niave. I think she held her own in every episode. Dispite the tactics of the other cast members always ganging up on her she never backed down. As she stated you guys are not my friends why would I sit here and disclose my personal business. Meal ticket? Come on now she has two kids with this man she's getting a piece of the pie regardless.

I don't think Gloria was naive either. She did hold her own quite well against the others. The other women seemed to think that because their relationships didn't work out, her relationship with Matt would derail also. And maybe it will, but that remains to be seen. They weren't willing to give it a chance and were trying to create doubt in her mind. Misery DOES love company.

As far as the charges go, the police said that both parties had injuries, but upon further investigation, they found Matt to be the aggressor so they charged him. She says no abuse took place. He said he was the victim. Clearly someone is lying. I'll go with the police report that he was the aggressor. If that is so, then she should rethink marriage with him. Bad way to start off. If he hits you once, he will do it again.

If she was the aggressor, women need to learn to keep their hands (or objects) to themselves also. Don't assume that a man will take pity on you and give you a pass just because you're a female and the mother of his kids.

OMG! Thats not looking good Matt.



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