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Luke Walton pledges not to allow injury history to inhibit his play

There's uncertainty whether Luke Walton can manage to escape the injuries that have plagued him during a seven-year career. There's uncertainty whether his back will even hold up when the team travels to Europe next month for a pair of exhibition games Oct. 4 against Minnesota in London and Oct. 7 against FC Barcelona in Spain. And there's uncertainty whether all the work he put in this off-season to stave off the pinched nerve in his lower back will be worth it.

Regardless of the outcome, there's one approach Walton pledges he'll maintain.

"When you start getting cautious and start worrying about things, that's when you seem to get hurt more often when you're not playing free and reacting," Walton said Saturday at the team's practice facility in El Segundo, where the team had its first day of training camp. "That thought definitely comes in, but as an athlete you can't let that stay. You have to get your body in a position where you're not even thinking about it. That's where I feel I am right now."

It's the only attitude he can control from this point forward. He spent a good portion of the off-season visiting with Lakers strength coach Chip Schaefer, a back specialist, a Pilates teacher and a yoga instructor, all in the hope that his back wouldn't require surgery and that he'd feel as strong as possible heading into training camp. He's eager to get on the floor after playing in only 29 games last season, making the campaign rather frustrating even amidst a second consecutive championship season. And he's hopeful he can secure his spot, considering the Lakers essentially acquired insurance policies in free agent Matt Barnes and draft pick Devin Ebanks. Said Walton: "As far as I'm concerned, I'm ready to go."

But, you never know. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson acknowledged he's unsure how strong Walton's back will be once the season starts. But one thing's for sure: Jackson wants Walton in the lineup for several reasons. Jackson argued Walton's 53-game absence "really hurt the bench chemistry." With the Lakers acquiring free agent reserves in Barnes, Steve Blake and Theo Ratliff, Walton's understanding and willingness to play a team role in the triangle functions as an effective baton for the newcomers. And it would ensure more depth to a unit that's already going to be asked to do more considering Andrew Bynum's revelation today that he won't play until at least the end of November.

How everything will turn out is uncertain, partly because of how Walton's back will respond once he's on the basketball court and also undergoing the rigors of travel. Whether the answer results in a success story or more devastation, Walton's at least comforted in the knowledge that he put in the necessary work to give himself another shot. "I feel like I prepared the best I can," he said.

--Mark Medina

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Whatever we get from Luuuke will be an added bonus...

I already had him missing most of the season due to the back...

LRob -

Sparty Ballers...hmmm...with shades of green...I like it...

Asian Sensation - give us a hint so we can guess who you are...great name by the way...

Lakers Dynasty - The next Generation...#17 Coming Up!!!

@Lewstrs - I agree that anything we get from Luke is a bonus. He's working very hard to make it back so I wish him the best! Re: Sparty Ballers name - hopefully I'll be worthy of the I see your All-Stars are ready to rumble.

@Puddle - Where's HarpFarmFishHunt???? Although you might have to drop Farm from your name...Also who is the Hunt for...Lindsay Hunter?

@phred - Thanks for being such a good Commissioner!

KB Blitz,

Where is your fantasy bball squad?

LakerTruth/KB Blitz,

Why do you think Miami passed on Dampier?

LakerTruth I know you were "worried" about him a little and Blitz you mentioned his rebounding against the Lakers.

MM - Thanks for your take on Bynum.

Since we have so many movie fans here has seen the new Wall Street movie? If so let me know what you think (rate it 1-10). I loved the first one, but was hesistant on going to see the new one because the previews were kinda blah. But the critics are giving it good reviews so I'll probably check it out.

Just not buying the words Bynum and Courageous in the same sentence.

It was publicly acknowledged that no further damage could be done to the knee and it was up to Bynum to play as long as he could stand the pain.

Another point, since when has any of Drew's injuries ever followed the normal recuperation time?


Emily Wilson | September 24, 2010 USC school for communication and journalism
Staff Writer

Injured right knee of Los Angeles Lakers Bynum is seen heavily bandaged during Game 5 of the 2010 NBA Finals basketball series in BostonThe Lakers open the regular season on October 26 and maybe, possibly, if we're lucky, Andrew Bynum will be able to play.

But he definitely won't be ready for training camp and it's very unlikely that he'll participate in any of the eight preseason games leading up to the opener against Houston, it was announced Thursday by Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Bynum is still recovering from a knee surgery underwent on July 28 to repair a cartilage tear in his right knee. He sustained the injury during the first round of last season's playoffs.

He certainly deserves credit for playing through the rest of the playoffs with that injury and helping the Lakers to a second consecutive championship. There isn't a doubt that his contributions were important to that success, even if they were limited due to injury.

His 7-foot frame, combined with the equal size of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, created a foreboding wall for opponents to score against or defend.

But even so, this recent injury report is frustrating news to any Laker fan. This is the fourth consecutive season that Bynum is dealing with a significant knee injury and it's only his sixth year in the league.

Part of that frustration comes from the nagging doubt that Bynum takes this gig as seriously as he should.

Had he undergone surgery earlier in the summer, when the season ended in June, the likelihood of a timely recovery would have been almost guaranteed. Instead, he chose to take a month off to attend World Cup matches in South Africa and vacation in Europe.

Surgery at season's end would have set him up for a healthy start to training camp Saturday and a preseason full of conditioning and team-building. Instead, the Lakers stand a high-percentage chance of staring the season without their starting center.

And listen, sure, in a perfect world, I'd love for Bynum to be able to celebrate his young professional success by taking trips to far-off lands and doing whatever he wants to do (within the bounds of the law and his contract, of course) in the offseason. But this is an imperfect world, one in which injuries and slow recoveries are his constant reality and in which the Lakers pay for his livelihood.

It's time that Bynum begins to take on the responsibility of a near 23-year-old with a demanding career, rather than that of a wealthy young man with no worries and a travel bug.

Beyond questioning Bynum's commitment to or enthusiasm for the upcoming season, this slow recovery raises another issue, an issue that starts with Greg and ends with Oden.

Bynum's last few years are starting to resemble the troubled career of Portland's 7-foot center of the same age. Oden and Bynum both have immeasurable potential but are trumped by repeated injuries that make a career past age 30 look unlikely.

Oden was drafted as the first overall pick in 2007, but he missed the entire 2007-08 season due to a right knee microfracture surgery. He was injured in the first game of the following season, only to return later that season to be injured again, only to return again the next season to be injured again. That brings us to present day. Do you think Blazers fans would be surprised by news of another Oden injury? I would confidently guess not.

Likewise, it's doubtful that Lakers fans are surprised today and doubtful that they'll be surprised if Bynum's knees continue to be the bane of his basketball existence.

What is more surprising, if it continues, is the sneaking suspicion that Bynum cares less about getting well in time to play an entire season than the fans do. With all of his size, potential and skill, he's too good to throw it all away.

Whether it is injury that inhibits his career, or Bynum's own lackadaisical attitude and approach to personal health, it's going to be a shame either way.

I got major catchin' up to do, lol, still working on watching the PJ presser from yesterday...

LakerMike: Regarding your NEW THOUGHT (FOR ME) ON BYNUM . . .

Sheer Excellence. For those that didn't read it, or missed it, I reprint it here in its entirety. LakerMike, if there was a post of the week/month, this was it in my book:

"I had read the reports (just like you) many times over the past few days. Bynum's recovery & rehab from surgery will take longer than initially projected. No big surprise.

But then additional information was added that Bynum's knee, upon surgical inspection, was worse than expected and thus the surgery more extensive than anticipated. This is the reported reason as to why his recovery will take longer than we were told.

This morning the thought (a new one for me) struck me that this would mean that what Bynum did during the playoffs was even MORE courageous than what we thought. His injury was WORSE than suspected.

I have not read or heard anyone make this observation yet. I know our blog is very combustable on anything-Bynum, but I thought this was significant. Willis Reed lives in NBA folklore for dragging his leg around in '70 game 7. Michael Jordan's "flu-game" in '98 Finals versus Utah is practially enshrined. Perhaps Bynum should be getting some credit for something that certainly fits on the continuum somewhere between those two?

And please, for you great debaters out there who are already formulating a counter to my observation, please do not attack the statistical incongruinty of Drew to Reed/Jordan. My point is not one of production or contribution. My point is one of COURAGE. Playing HURT/SICK. Taking one for the team. INSPIRATION. Manning-up (apologies to my female bloggers!).

His recovery time extended is a bummer. But, perhaps we should give him extended credit for his heroic performance in '10 Playoffs?


Beautifully stated sir!


Troll Man -

I'm sorry, but you expect me to listen to some chick in journalism school at USC...One who compares AB to Oden...Does she even know how he got injured the first 2 knee injuries...

Be serious...I might as well listen to Justa Hater, and crown the Heat champs already...

Mark Medina said it best...Read his post on previous thread...

Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill....

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

according to some at SS&R, they didn't remove the damaged bit of Drew's miniscus, but were able to repair and save the broken bit, which takes much longer to heal(3-4months instead of a couple of weeks), but makes it less likely that he'll be bone on bone in a few years. this may actually be very good news and worth the wait.

LakerTom: "@CCX… No reason why a shortened derivative of your handle can’t also survive. Just like you may be Mike to some and Michael or Mikey to others. Anyway, there is no other sports blogs with as many great Mike’s posting as here. Like I told KBMVP888, here is a virtual high-five card that you can play for me every time you make another terrific post. Yes, intelligence and reason can prevail over chaos and misinformation. Just like good triumphs over evil and the Lakers will triumph over the Celtics. The Heat? There just the latest flavor du jour. They’ll sing a different tune by the All-Star break."
I have been on quite a few blogs/chat systems over the years and cannot remember someone that I've agreed with as often as I have yourself. I think we really are on the same wavelength, lol. More than that, it is your reasoned, thought out, well written posts that win me over. It is apparent that you are a long-time fan, and don't succumb to the hype of the moment - like the Heat for instance.

I remember that you even had me convinced that going with an Odom as point-forward over Jordan Farmar would have worked, through your smartly crafted posts and intelligent positions. There are stats to substantiate anything, but when one has watched enough games, it's possible to gauge the contributions of a player or effectiveness of a system without even looking at the statsheet. I sense that you have built up a huge repository of hoops knowledge and nuances through many years of watching games and have a deeper understanding than most others.

It's a pleasure to share the board with so many intelligent Laker fans like yourself, through the years there has never been a blog that has felt so much like 'family' for me than this one.

This should be a fun year! Especially though, enjoying it all with our 'blog family'!


P.S. I'd be happy if CCX became the shorthand version of CyberCosmiX, seems like everyone shortened it anyways, lol.

My long, late and blabbish response to stuff. Poorly edited, I'm sure. It's late.

“…I just shouted, “Ron Artest! Ron Artest! Ron Artest!” for about two minutes straight. My neighbor across the street asked my wife the next day, “Who exactly is Ron Artest?...’

Oh, and I could yammer all day about Drew, but I thought Laker J’s comment at 3 pm on sat. summed up both sides pretty well. Well thought out and well presented. Needless to say, I don’t agree with all of it. : )

Of course, I think some fans are just dang judgmental. Jerry Buss pays Drew’s salary, not you guys. Drew doesn’t come to your job and tell you what to do. Just my knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction.

Probably the wisest thing Drew could have done if he was ‘planning for the worst’ injury wise was to skip the Finals. The smartest thing he could have done since was to not tell anybody anything in any interviews since then. The only thing he could do to make Laker fans happy? They won the Finals and they are still complaining, so I guess; nothing.

I think we have some interesting real life test cases in player psychology to view here. Kobe- Doesn’t take time off, doesn’t talk to the media, plays through injury. So far, so good, but we worry. Drew- Discloses a lot to the media, doesn’t necessarily play through injury, is cautious and errs on the side of um...caution. This season, the rubber might meet the road; Kobe’s refusal to get his finger fixed might hurt his game, Drew’s caution and honesty about his knee might give opponents the edge.

Of course, odds are all the other factors will outweigh all this. Life isn’t a good experiment, too many variables that can’t be controlled.

RE Barnes- Let’s just say we should be a lot nicer to Drew than this guy. All his damage seems to be self inflicted. I hope he will get it together and the Lakers will help him, though. This team seems to be good on player’s character, if previous players are any indication.

Ray- you have the wrong web site. This is

You want



Still Lewstrs, she brings up some of the doubts that many of us have and for good reason. The track record speaks for itself and I for one am not convinced. AB's participation in the playoffs last year was a start but lets not go overboard.
Olden's injury history in my opionion parallels Drew's in many ways.
Also, don't you find it curious that now, all of a sudden, we hear that his injury was more serious than first thought? The timing is dubious at best. Just another excuse perhaps? Certainly this information would have come out immediately if it was true, the delay of 1 more month for rehabilitation purposes certainly wasn't Top Secret.

As far as the freak circumstances of Bynum's first 2 knee injuries, whether the knees were injured coming down on them awkwardly or weight from an outside source bending them wrong, it is still a sign of weak knees, and it's weak argument for AB enthusiasts to downplay his susceptibility for similar type injuries.

That been said, it would be nice to have a healthy Andrew Bynum for the complete playoffs. I like our chances much better. But we can win without him.

Still apparently have three more spots for fantasy bball, although I don't think FCM has joined yet, and i figure he's a pretty big draw, so after he does, we'll have to beat people off with a stick. (not like that.)

I mean, cause he can't pick Lakers, so it's a competitive advantage to the rest of us.

LEWSTRS: "I'm sorry, but you expect me to listen to some chick in journalism school at USC...One who compares AB to Oden...Does she even know how he got injured the first 2 knee injuries...
Be serious...I might as well listen to Justa Hater, and crown the Heat champs already...
Mark Medina said it best...Read his post on previous thread...
Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill...."
Unfortunately, it looks like Plaschke's mission was accomplished in tarnishing Bynum through the half-truths he published.

The fact is, microfracture surgery like the one that Greg Oden or Tracy McGrady had done is more serious than the arthroscopic surgeries that Bynum had done, so it is comparing apples to oranges. It is about 50% that an NBA player comes back healthy after microfracture, while arthroscopic surgery has a much higher return rate, and the recovery time is much less. Heck, Kobe just had arthroscopic surgery on his knee!

I blame Plaschke and his half-reporting, he poured gasoline and passed out matches, I don't blame someone for lighting up and running with it. It's just a shame, Bynum has gotten so much heaped against him, so many people dissing him, his game, his mindset, etc... that it is a wonder how he hasn't been crushed under the weight of it all.

LakerTom pointed out how Phil spoke of the way they did the surgery was not in the routine way, it was done in a way that hopefully strengthened moreso than normal, but required a longer recovery time. If so, that is great, missing a couple of meaningless exhibitions in order to come back stronger? Sounds like a no brainer to me!

I'll repeat your line LEWSTRS: "Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill...." I just hope everyone can take it to heart.


Sigh. I just spent a long time composing a thorough and irate rant at certain Times reporters who in my personal opinion can stick it in their Plashke's, but I guess my only real question is;

FCM, is there any chance the Time's will give your (in my opinion) more reasonable and fair minded statement on Drew's injury equal time in response to this over hyped and less than objective *#%$?

Cause right now Drew has just taken a ton of crap, and the biggest voice defending him is Phil Jackson. (Or maybe LakerTom) His opinion carries a lot of weight, but he is hardly a Times published or even very good player advocate.

Come to think of it, that is barely a question.

LRob: Cyber - Good. CCX was too similar to Roman numerals, which by the way, why did I have to learn that in school. Now if I can just petition the NFL to just tell me plainly what number the Super Bowl it would be all good.
LOL, tell me about it, I mean how many fans say 'SuperBowl XXI really beats out XXXVI'! But I'll answer to CCX, cyber, or whatever though, lol. I'm easy...

- - -

LEWSTRS: Thanks for posting those links back a couple blog entries back. Now, just gotta take the time to go through them one-by-one - not now though, practically falling to sleep me is. That's a job for tomorrow morning, lol.

- - -

MM: As I go through the wealth of material you have posted on the board, which will probably take a few hours to read and go through - and that's just the past day and a half, lol - I know that I am speaking for all us blogsters when I say THANK YOU for all the long hours and great work that you do. The reason that there is NO other Laker blog that compares to this one is as much due to the excellent work you do as any other factor. Your efforts have convinced myself and obviously many others to call this 'home'. I feel that we are getting the timeliest and most thorough Laker news and info right here, up to the second. You are what separates this blog from the lesser ones - which is all the others.

We don't say it enough, but THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO MM!!!!


CyberCosmiX - Thanks for the love. It's definitely been fun and I'm glad you enjoy being in this corner of the blogosphere


phred - I'm free to really write about anything with this blog. As far as my opinion on Bynum, I have a post that's waiting to be edited and will likely be put up early in the a.m once the copy editors get there. I'll let the post speak for itself, but I can say my take is very different than Plaschke's.


phred: "Sigh. I just spent a long time composing a thorough and irate rant at certain Times reporters who in my personal opinion can stick it in their Plashke's...

Cause right now Drew has just taken a ton of crap, and the biggest voice defending him is Phil Jackson. (Or maybe LakerTom) His opinion carries a lot of weight, but he is hardly a Times published or even very good player advocate."
I'm so on board with you phred, Plaschke is seeking a sensational story based on slanted reporting, it is harming Bynum's reputation throughout the league. Even P.T.I. and Around the Horn shows were debating Plaschke's story.

I guess, what does he care as long as he got a provocative story out of it? Why let the truth get in the way, or why report any facts that might lessen the impact of a good diss. Plaschke knew full well what he was doing, and if it hurts Bynum's reputation in the while, so what...


MM: "Thanks for the love. It's definitely been fun and I'm glad you enjoy being in this corner of the blogosphere"
If I may quote the famous (infamous?) Vic the Brick Jacobs, whose crazy hat I caught site of in the Media Day coverage, 'One Love!'

Great to have such a fine blog family as we have here.


Troll Man -

It comes down to, your doubts on AB are more serious than mine...

But better than that, I like your positivity if we didn't have him for the playoffs...

And there are some flip sides on him taking longer to return...frees up PT for some new players...I think we'll be alright...


It's easier to post when I just use the initial...but CyberCosmiX is a great rolls off the tongue...

Lakers Daynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...


I would love to eat crow when it comes to Drew

Of course it wouldn't be the first time

1. Phil
2. Lamar
3. Derek
4. Pau

check check check check

Batting 1000% at being wrong

I think thats a good thing I think

Troll Man- Hey! You're still doing way better than troy and never!

mea culpa, guys. Much Love

Ok, here's some news- I drank a lot of coffee at work today, worked for ten hours, watched the Oregon/ASU game, drank a few beers and wrote for a while, and I've got my first draft on my blog profile.

it's only five pages and 2,250 words, and I covered about half the stuff, so here's to some re editing. Still looking for some good pictures.

I was wrong on

2)trading Eddie Jones and Elden for Glen Rice
3)Phil Jackson
4)Phil Jackson again....

but lately i've been doing better.

I was totally right on Artest.

I have no idea what I am on Bynum.

Oh, and I was totally behind Clear Pepsi. I thought that was gonna work like crazy.

Don't forget Pepsi Free

The younger generation will never get that joke in "Back to the Future"


I'm pretty sure the only joke the younger generation will get in "Back to the Future' is when Biff got the manure pile dumped on him, cause that works in any age. The rest of it? "I am your density?' hover boards? Libyans?

that fleece vest Marty was wearing with the plaid?

Seriously, if we went back in time 30 years now, we would run into people that thought that was up to date.

Sorry, I'm rambling.

I hope Luke is healthy.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Y'know guys... Plaschke really isn't the one that started all this. In fact, the day before Kevin Ding over at OC Register popped something out which immediately followed with Adrian Wojnarowski over at Yahoo Sports. Next day, here's the idiot Plaschke writing his take. All in all though, it is unfair to Bynum. What people fail to remember is that the tear was already there prior to the playoffs. In the playoffs he made it worse and made it hurt. Had it been taken care of long beforehand things would have been fine even now. Blame the docs, not the Bynum.

Troll, as far as you saying Bynum has weak knees, I beg you to find someone who landed on a foot the way Bynum did... all 28olbs of him on another persons foot awkwardly and didn't get hurt. I BEG you to answer who could handle a 6'6" 210lb player crash landing very fast might I add into their leg and walk away without injury. Go watch the YouTube videos of the injuries and the different angles. I'll be surprised if even you don't cringe. I think maybe you just need to have another look, especially at a few different angles.

Seriously folks, there is real angst about Bynum & Luke for legit reasons! Sugar coating facts with blind opinions does not change facts. Those facts are what bring the angst. We (except the haters) are all on the same page rooting for all the Lakers to be healthy the whole season, but many of us who have lived a long time have noted that trends are called trends for a reason. Instead of shooting messengers whether they be journalists or bloggers is unproductive. Trying to post and sugar coat past facts and real trends is likewise not productive to be made as personal attacks for those who do not choose to go that way. I HOPE Bynum and Luke can contribute much of the season, but common sense viewing of their trends and facts make for scant optimism. Thus the angst by some of us.

Warmish, coolish tropical breeze here. Just stopped raining.
Another beautiful Sunday evening in Chiang Mai.

Have been away a couple-or-three days, and have read only
the Laker Blog headlines; but I’m shocked, as I know many of you are.

Andrew can’t play. Andrew is out. Andrew needs to heal. Through November and perhaps beyond.

Like I’ve been saying, Get the picture?

Actually, the young man deserves a lot of credit. He’s no fool. In fact, he’s probably painfully aware that he’ll likely fall into the category of players who never achieved greatness only because of chronic injury. The same thing may happen to a couple of other potentially great young bigs on the Clippers and Portland, except they may not be lucky enough to even get some meaningful playing time in, much less pocket two championship rings. I’m sure Andrew is grateful.

(Andrew, my friends, knows the score, and besides, the World Cup only comes around once every four years. He is a black American and it was in Africa for crying out loud! Would you have missed it if you could do it in style like he did? And take your family? Furthermore, having attended it will not make one smidgen of difference to his long term prognosis; a prognosis
which is not good. He seems aware of that, even if many of you aren't)

Andrew knows too, that he has become really no more than a good-luck-charm, a perceived part of essential ‘chemistry’ on a championship team, and I’m sure, deeply appreciates your support. Yes, he’s been involved with two championship teams. But tell me what half-way decent 7-footer wouldn’t have, playing only limited minutes next to Lamar, Pau, Kobe, and the rest of the supporting cast?
He knows it, even if many of you don’t.

On another topic, what’s really comical is that a couple of you have expressed righteous indignation over perceived unfair write-ups about him. They said ‘this‘ but failed to say ‘that‘ sort of argument.

Well, unfair, half-truths in write-ups disturb me too.
I like the reporting to be balanced and factual.
For example: To this day I occasionally wonder what really happened in Colorado, don’t you? Was she raped, merely a slut gold-digger,
or a bit of both?
Was the Saint guilty of anything more than adultery?
Did Kobe buy off her testimony? Did Lord Stern exert his sway in any manner?
On these matters, it is irrelevant that Kobe, -many would (rightfully) argue- has put his life together since. I am in essential agreement with that, though he is still a douche-bag.

Concerning the Dog-Killer, I notice that the NFL Commish recently clamped down on what a player can or cannot say publicly about his own personal life, and while I realize that this kind of censorship might fly quite well
on a nanny-board, I ask you: Don’t you not want to know the truth
about such matters, even when it hurts?
Or even if you don’t want to know,
shouldn’t it be his right to tell people?

Back to Andrew. I’ve always liked the kid, and thought he was special.
Nothing has changed in that regard, and all of you can write what you will....
but one thing is an undeniable certainty: Andrew has ailed, has had to walk on egg-shells, and could not consistently be relied on for more than partial service for most of his 6-year career.

Here’s a flash! That ain’t gonna change folks, except to get worse, much worse. He is ‘injury prone’. He said it himself.

Sometimes you just gotta cut bait.

Oh, and don’t worry. If Bynum can no longer carry it, Luke will bring it!

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!
Go Niners!
Go Giants!
Go Manny, go!


I am with you Mr. Phreddington. Plaschke has been a pain in my Simers for years.

I wish Luke the best. With Barnes' mental state a question mark and Ebanks a great athlete but a raw talent, there may still be nights where Luke is called on. As Phil said, his absence last year "upset the bench chemistry."

Yes, I know Luke's limits. Yes, I think he is overpaid. But he can be a real help off the bench for this team.

Now I've seen everything...Simers positive...or is it 'good cop bad cop'...,0,3680138.column

Here is an excerpt...

This week Plaschke jumped all over Andrew Bynum.

He's been down on the 22-year-old kid since Bynum was a teenager. He was also a Frank McCourt supporter, but I digress.

He thinks the Lakers should trade Bynum. Any chance he gets to drive that point home, he does.

"Different season, same story, the Lakers big man comes up small," wrote Plaschke.

That's one thing I will never understand. I have no idea why sports columnists have to be so negative.

I believe the Lakers are lucky to have Bynum. I hear Phil Jackson talk about the value of a big body all the time. I'd like to think on occasion he's talking about a sportswriter 40 pounds too heavy, but I know better.

As for the slow start Bynum is going to have this season, isn't the kid following the lead of his elders? The regular season has never meant much to Jackson or the players.

You think the Lakers have any intent of hanging with the Heat to secure the home-court advantage throughout the playoffs?

Let me help you: No.

Every year the Lakers have the talent to win almost every game and yet every year they pace themselves. And that's with Jackson's approval.


I think they are beating this story to death...There are 2 sides...I'm in the, 'all is good, don't stress the small stuff, side'...

Lakers Daynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

'You think the Lakers have any intent of hanging with the Heat to secure the
home-court advantage throughout the playoffs?

Let me help you: No.'

Posted by: LEWSTRS | September 26, 2010 at 07:26 AM

But I thought most of you wanted to get back to the championship game?


Sonny -

Now don't take my post and put it out of content...Those words are straight from Simers article, not my statement...

I will give you a pass, as a harmless mistake...I never thought of you as a trouble maker, just someone who is a Kings fan...(my sympathies)...

Read the post carefully next time...thanks...:)

Lakers Daynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

"Who is Sonny Belfast?"



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