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Lakers' Andrew Bynum targets November as return date to play

Bynum_300 Lakers center Andrew Bynum said Saturday at the team's media day that he won't be back playing in the regular season as soon as many in the organization thought.

Bynum had right knee surgery July 28, and is still recovering, unable to do anything during training camp.

The two-time reigning NBA champion Lakers play their first regular season game on Oct. 26 against the Houston Rockets. Not long after that, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson had said Bynum would be ready to play in a game.

Not so.

"I see more towards the end of November," Bynum said. "The doctors are telling me this could be somewhere around there. There's no exact date."

Bynum said it'll be four more weeks of rehabilitating his knee before he can get on the court.

Bynum was criticized by the media and fans for having the surgery so late. He had the knee drained so that he could attend the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa and to take a vacation in Europe.

Bynum said the best thing is for him to be healthy for the rest of the season.

 "Obviously [the criticism is] because [I] could get the surgery the next day," Bynum said. "But you kind of got to be ready to go into surgery. I don't think that's the thing you want to do coming off a long season and coming off a championship.  I kind of took my time with it, and I'm fine."

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Andrew Bynum during Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals last May. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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I enjoyed the profile. The 3pt Nick hit to beat Boston was sweet...reminiscent of the 3pt Magic hit to also beat the Celtics in Boston.

You are a great Laker fan indeed. How can we be mad at Del? He led the Lakers back to respectability.

Posted by: LRob | September 25, 2010 at 12:36 PM

Once again...Phil ain't mad. So we shouldn't be mad.

@Mamba - You're fired up and ready to roll. Let's do this!

@Cyber - Good. CCX was too similar to Roman numerals, which by the way, why did I have to learn that in school. Now if I can just petition the NFL to just tell me plainly what number the Super Bowl it would be all good.

@LakerMike - AB definitely showed some toughness in gutting it out in the finals. Props to him for that.

The biggest difference in the Willis Reed situation was he got injured in the first qtr of game 5...and missed the last 3 qtrs of that game...and all of game 6. There was a lot of uncertainty whether he would play in gm 7. Thus, his playing was more heroic. Bynum didn't miss any games and we knew he'd play in game 7. (Oh yeah, minor detail...Reed was going up against this cat name Chamberlain).

I agree with utzworld - The Banner Holder, if the boss ain't mad...I'm not mad.

Rest up Drew and get fully healthy (whether that's late November or January)and come out ready for your best year after!

Here is game day story from Willis Reed game.

May 8, 1970

Reed Given A 50-50 Chance To Start Tonight’s Game
Will Willis Reed play? If he does, how effective will he be?

These are the questions haunting the New York Knickerbockers
as they prepare to tackle the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison
Square Garden tonight in the deciding game of the best of seven
series for the National Basketball Association title.

Reed, who suffered a severe hip injury in the first quarter of
game No. 5 and missed three quarters of that game plus all
of game No. 6, is given a 50-50 chance by the team physician,
Dr. James Parkes, to start tonight's game.

The Knicks managed to win the fifth game even without Reed
in one of the most inspired games ever seen at the Garden. But,
given two days to adjust, the Lakers overwhelmed them, 135-113,
in game No. 6 with Wilt Chamberlain completely dominating the
proceedings. Playing against an assortment of centers much smaller
than him, Wilt poured in 45 points and grabbed 27 rebounds, with
most of his points coming on dunks and short shovel shots.

The Knicks need Reed to stop Chamberlain - as he had in the first four
games. But what if he can’t?

"The little guys can do it," said the Knicks' Walt Frazier, meaning himself,
Dick Barnett, Bill Bradley, Cazzie Russell, Dave DeBusschere and Dave
Stallworth, all under 6-7.

"We are just an ordinary team without Willis," says DeBusschere.
"We might win, but it would take a superhuman effort. I'd rather
have Willis in there if only for a little while. With Wilt making up
his mind to go to the hoop like he did, five little guys can't do it.
There's virtually no way to stop him."

The Lakers' Jerry West concurs. "If Wilt goes to the hoop like that
again, there's no way we can lose," he said.
Notes from after gm 7....

Before the final game, he had two pain-killing shots pumped
into the right hip area. Then, just before game time, he
walked onto the court amid a thundering, standing ovation.
Reed had said before the game, "I'll play if I can crawl."
He almost had to. Reed was playing on one leg. He grimaced and
hobbled, but got the job done - that is, he stopped Chamberlain,
holding him to 21 points.

"I felt if I could get enough pain-killer into the leg, I'd be
all right," said Reed "I had to be able to pivot on the foot."

Reed, who received 200 milligram shots carbocaine (longer lasting
than novocaine) before each half, scored only four points and played
about 28 minutes, but he muscled Wilt Chamberlain away from the
boards at the key moments.

Hey guys just got out of media day. Expect some posts up in a bit


"Rest up Drew and get fully healthy (whether that's late November or January)"

~~Yes, yes Drew take some more time of that rest with Luke on the bench (13m + 6m =19m) from nov to june if you divide it in 8 months that's 2.375m per month dormant w/o the luxury taxes. On the other hand what can we do except whine??? It is like seeing your teen wearing a knee brace at the beginning of the school year because he ignored previous pleadings not to jump from cliff on a skateboard. Oh no, you can't stop them they know better and entitled to happy summer. Today damage done we both suffer the consequences.

With Drew, we engaged in debates with his delayed healing. Do you think if this happened to Ratliff or Mbenga (before,) do we really care? I think it goes both ways, those who are criticizing, praising and condescending Drew do their own version of shouts like a good parent caring for a child. They all have their own style in showing their love. Here our child is the team as a whole. Without Drew, a part is missing we don't have that inside threat of the triple punch from the triangle towers Pau, LO and Drew. What we have are the four towers namely: Pau, LO, Theo and DC? The last two are unknown, are they really a threat? It is like that church in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, it is still under construction to this day. We will know until end of November whether the four towers could withstand competition.

drew, are you RETARDED?

Well you can always turn negatives into positives. In this case it gives Ratliff and Caracter playing time to polished whatever they need to do in the new team, new system.

As long as Bynum will be healthy and ready for February, March, April, May and June. That's still five monhts of high level basketball. Man, 82 games are pretty long considering all their doing is positioning for playoffs.

How about shortening the summer vacation and make it 2 seasons in one year with a rest in between. It means more playoff games than regular season games.

I for one does not need a long vacation to not watch NBA games.

No problem...let's not be impatient...AB needs to be 100% before he comes back...Hopefully his knee will be stronger, and he can strengthen it during the regular season...We need AB in the playoffs...

I agree if Laker FO and PJ are fine...then we should be too...

#17 Coming Up....

Drew have a speedy recovery and hope you heal properly. Read the Art of War by Sun Tzu if you haven't. Go Lakers!!!

The way I see it is Bynum loses 2 months of playing into shape. That hurts tyhe team. When he finally plays in late November the team must start him at his lowest player shape level. That disrupts whatever flow the team has established. The good news is other players will get more time in real time scenarios. I mean the team has to literaly take a step back to catch him up and move forward. In a year when home court will be crucial as well as team chemistry can the Lakers afford this?

For those who missed Media Day....Here are the interviews...

Come on,now-- delaying your surgery to go to see World Cup makes no sense to me. Management pays these guys millions of dollars to be ready to play, and this guy delays his surgery to get his mind right? Please1 grow your ass up Andrew and quit being a prima donna.

FACT: So far neither Phil nor Bynum himself have said anything about any swelling being the reason for the delay. In fact, both have said that time off/vacation was the determining factor for scheduling the surgery on July 18th. The additional 10 day delay could have been due to a scheduling conflict with the surgeon, or could have been what the PR people said to say. (Speculation)
My take is this. Drew could have had the surgery 2 weeks after the championship series (July 1st or 2nd) . A two week vacation right after the Finals would have been well deserved and understood. He could have taken additonal time off to relax and vacation after the surgery, but he would have been on the road to healing and recovery.
There is no way that the original surgery date was July 18....that's a sunday. So right away I'm suspicious about that date.
Bottom line is, he wanted to travel and vacation before the surgery and was willing to take his chances of not being ready to start the season on time.
The Lakers were OK with that choice also, and that's why they are not upset with him. They in essence told him that mid July was fine for the operation. What neither of them was counting on, was the longer recovery and rehab period. Personally, I believe that you should always assume the worst and hope for the best when it comes to injuries, but don't wait too long to find out.
To those who have mentioned the fact that Drew played injured during the playoffs, and was a difference maker in the outcome. I could not agree with you more, and I give him his due admiration. I'm happy to see that level of dedication from young Drew. However, it's something I expect from every professional athlete. Especially one making seroius dough. He does not subsequently get a pass to exhibit a "me first" mentality. He should have built on that reputation and continued to demonstrate that he was willing to make certain sacrifices for the benefit of the team. (My opinion)
Ultimately, Andrew should be compared to his peers. Kobe, Fisher, Ratliff, Artest, Gasol and even Odom, have done what they have felt they needed to do to be ready at the beginning of the season. They have all taken different approaches, but the end result is that they are ready.
As gracious as Phil and Mitch have been about the situation, and I believe that they feel partially responsible, there is no question that they would much rather have a recovered and healthy Bynum than a question mark at the center position at the start of the season.
The determining factor for the longer recovery has been stated as there being more damage than originally thought. One can only speculate when that damage occured. My first thought is that it happened as a result of continuing to play with the injured knee. I do not believe, however that the damage was such that he was in a lot of pain and that he could not at least function at 70% capacity. Once again if the pain and injury would have been too severe, he does not decide to travel around the world to watch soccer.
Finally, I will leave you with this. In hindsight and knowing then what we all know now. What do you think the decision would have been? BTW, I hope that I'm not classified as a Bynum basher, or not being in full support of the team. I can asure you that Bynum still has my support, and I can't wait to see him on the floor. Like Edwin said, you wish you could keep your kids from hurting themselves. When it happens you feel for them but still love them. (My own spin) :-)

whatever... at least the team knows that he's out and they'll make the necessary adjustments. lets hope hicks has something in him because he'll be backing up the team's new starter, theo ratliff. don't forget: the team has kobe's thrice repaired surgical knee and an arthritic finger. lots of drama and the season hasn't started yet... the team's opponents are waiting anxiously as are we.


You rock LEWSTRS! Thanks.

Listened to Steve Blake and was pleasantly surprised. Is it terrible I expected him to sound like a tweaker? It's just because of his "I-should-be-selling-Meth-under-a-freeway-in-Sacramento-look" No offense to Sacramento. He just looks pasty and ...strange.

Also listened to Matt Barnes, and I'm happy to hear how excited he is to play with Ronron. Dude. Ron and Matt at the same time, shutting down all of the other opposition. OK regular season, START!

From a truly unrecovered Lakerholic - LLTL

From a truly unrecovered Lakerholic - LLTL

Anything for you babe...

I'm can't wait for the season to start, just like you...

The New Lakeshow...#17 Coming Up!!!!

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, I just don't know? All don't get me wrong, but this is a very scary situation. Would not like to bet on him making it through the season. A healthy Chis Bosh would look good about now. I hope I am wrong and Andrew comes on great, but???????

Hey guys - We should have a post up soon about Kobe's decision not to have surgery on his index finger. Just wanted to give a heads up. Without giving it away, look for my thoughts on the Andrew Bynum situation later on.


As long as he gets back fully recovered even its late it better than coming back too early and going out with a messed up knee.

i'm not surprised. i also scratched my head when AB decided to put off his surgery to vacation and watch World Cup action (and perhaps party with playboy playmates). i don't know, sounds like a real douche-bag move that Shaq had done over the years (using the regular season to play himself back into shape).
PJ will continue to do what he always does when Bynum is out of the line-up (start Pau at center and Odom at PF). we now may see some Ron-ron at the PF, and give some burn to Walton (if he can play), Barnes, and possibly Kobe at the SF. it'll be interesting. we may see some line-ups like: Gasol, Artest, Kobe, Sasha, and Blake. who knows? maybe Caracter and Ebanks might see some time, too.
(imagine if Caracter turns into a phenom and pushes Bynum to the bench even after he returns...that would be some-what funny)
don't get me wrong, i do like Bynum and had been supporting him (on this blog) for years. but let's be real here. this is THE year for him to show us all that he was well worth his fat contract extension. ( have to show the League that you still belong in it, lol)

Celebrating the return of the season by watching game 7. It is still hard watching the end of the second and start of the third but Lakers come alive at 7:45 with a
Fisher steal, Kobe drive, Kobe made shot, Pau made shot and we know the rest. From the depths to the heights, such a complex game of matchups, demonstrations of will by both teams, and the ultimate greatness of Lakerdom. Let it begin again!

Laker J, very well said. One can be appreciative of all that Andrew brings to the team and defend him against the asinine trade speculation (Chris Bosh...) while still offering criticism.

Drew gutted it out in the playoffs, and for that he deserved credit and a nice vacation. However, getting the surgery done a little earlier would obviously have been the better choice. Had the surgery gone as they originally expected, he'd have had that much more time to come into camp in shape and ready to go. Had the surgery gone as it ended up, he'd have had more time to recover and rehab.

So, bad decision for sure, but hardly fatal to the deepest team in the league....

A healthy Chis Bosh would look good about now. I hope I am wrong and Andrew comes on great, but???????

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | September 25, 2010 at 03:33 PM
Chris Bosh is a PF, like Gasol. Bynum is a rare especimen, a big old-style center. Now, we have maybe 3-5 guys only on the entire NBA that can fit on that: Bynum, Yao, Camby, Howard...who else? I'd never trade Bynum for Bosh, never. At PF we have Gasol, we're good.

Those big centers can win a game by themselves. Just remember the playoffs against OKC. It was a matter of keeping the game high, pass to Gasol or Bynum and score.

Let's stick w/ Bynum; I know...he frustrates me as well, but we must keep this guy with us, size still matters.


Laker J, very well said. One can be appreciative of all that Andrew brings to the team and defend him against the asinine trade speculation (Chris Bosh...) while still offering criticism.

Drew gutted it out in the playoffs, and for that he deserved credit and a nice vacation. However, getting the surgery done a little earlier would obviously have been the better choice. Had the surgery gone as they originally expected, he'd have had that much more time to come into camp in shape and ready to go. Had the surgery gone as it ended up, he'd have had more time to recover and rehab.

So, bad decision for sure, but hardly fatal to the deepest team in the league....
Posted by: God | September 25, 2010 at 04:24 PM


GOD has spoken...I am at peace...#17 Coming Up....

Drew will be just fine. Minutely examining dates makes no sense to me. The dude gutted it out during the playoffs and then got slotted in for surgery with his surgeon's availibility and recovery factors figured in. Turns out there was more damage then was expected. It happens. He's going to rehab the knee and return when it's safe to do so. And if the new scrubs get in some much-needed playing time, then that's okay too.

When was the last time any Laker's first priority was the team?

Don't you all get it?

The team is not their first priority.

And the fans? Way, way down the list.

When was the last time ANY Laker's first priority ws the team?

Don't you all get it?

Their priority is NOT the team first.

And the fans? Way, way down the list.

Maybe it was a bad choice but can you actually blame the kid. Drew gave everything he had in the playoffs playing through what must have been some very uncomfortable circumstances and some of you guys are criticizing him over taking a couple of weeks to enjoy life and relax before his surgery. He had planned on taking a month off and then having surgery but it was pushed back by 10 days. Was he even able to have his knee surgically repaired a week, two weeks after the final game of the playoffs? I am not saying that I agree or disagree with his choice but then who am I or you for that matter, to say one way or the other. The coach and front office had no problem with it and it seems the only people who have a problem with it are certain reporters and fans as if he cheated them out of something.

I have always supported Drew, and liked the way he put up effort and showed his grit when he played injured during the finals...

But, postponing the surgery so that he could watch the WC2010 in South Africa..thats unacceptable!! When you go for any medical proedures, one should look at the worst possible scenario for the healing time and should have planned like it.

Instead, he wanted to enjoy the vacation, and take his sweet time off during the course of the season. Drew should think how he would feel if he were the Lakers' owner!!

Is it time to trade this irresponsible guy?? May be Lakers' management should start thinking about it.

This maybe a blessing in disguise with AB being out till Nov. It will give the new and rooks more pt and create good chemistry early on. Also AB I suggest you invest in a hyperbaric chamber. Just ask Hines ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I told everyone Bynum would not play until after the all-star break. now do u hear it ?? bynum says late november. laker management keeps smiling but I know they are worried Bynum has a long term injury recovery as he always does. The Lakeres do not need him to win. They have the people in place now. so let's roll lakers and get it on.



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