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Lakers blog profile: TNTLakerFan was all about the Lakers after watching the 1991 Finals

53982032This is the eighth post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers blog community. Feel free to send submissions to [email protected]

Screen name: TNTLakerFan

Occupation: Case manager

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hometown: Kansas City, KS.

Story behind your screen name: My initials are TNT, and I am a Lakers a fan.

How I became a Lakers fan: I fell in love with basketball and began playing at an early age. When I was around 7 years old, my mother put a framed picture of Magic Johnson in my bedroom for my birthday. I saw the 1991 Finals against the Bulls on TV a short time after. Game 1 was amazing, and went down to the wire with Sam Perkins hitting a huge shot. Even though they lost the series, from that point on I was all about the Lakers. Then the Lakers had Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, which was during my teen years, and it just kind of got out of hand. I had a Lakers alarm phone, autographs and countless other memorabilia. The fact that I was playing high school and junior college basketball during that time period makes it all the more nostalgic because locker rooms are the place for debates about who is the best, and it was good to have my squad winning.

Favorite Lakers memory of all time: It had to be watching the ups and downs of that glorious and redeeming Game 7 in the 2009-10 season, and then watching Ron Artest's postgame interview on NBATV live. I have to say the Pau Gasol trade as well, that is still just unfathomable to me how Mitch Kupchak pulled that one off. I was at the gym working out when I got a text from a friend that stated we had acquired Pau for Kwame Brown, and I thought he was kidding.

2009-10 season: Watching Ron shut down Carmelo Anthony on national TV. That was really Ron’s coming-out party as far as being a Laker, and was a sign of things to come. There were guys at my job that were telling me all year that the Lakers were going down to Denver, and how Carmelo ate them up the year prior in the playoffs, and my reply was that that was the reason we obtained Artest. This was an ongoing argument with these haters all year long leading up to the playoffs, and the argument always was subject to change. First it was Carmelo, then LeBron James, and finally Paul Pierce in the Finals. This was a game that signified not only a Lakers victory, but also a sign of things to come in the playoffs

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: When the Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons in 2004. I really thought that we were a team of destiny that year.

Favorite Lakers player: Pau Gasol. Seriously, this guy is STILL underrated. Look at the Lakers record since his acquisition, and top that with three straight 2010 NBA Finals appearances. Take a gander at his line in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals; 19 points, 18 rebounds (9 offensive), four assists, and two blocks. Wow. Pundits need to take heed, those are Hakeem Olajuwon-esque. I also like the fact that he has well-rounded interests and seems to not let anything bother him while on the court or with media exposure. He disproved the myth of his alleged “softness” this year by dominating every round of the 2010 playoffs.

Greatest all-time Laker: Kobe Bryant. Kobe is also top five all-time as well. He has to be fiercest competitor of his generation. He truly is a sniper in basketball shorts, has five rings and played in seven NBA Finals. He is reminiscent of Jordan as far as moves (turnaround fall-away jumper), and the fact that he hit game winners with ease, but he truly is unique and original as well. I mean 81 points? In an era of superior athletic talent? That is simply remarkable. It ranks right up there with the most mythical individual performances of all time. He is also complete on both ends of the court. Ten times all-defensive first team and teams call offensive sets away from his side of the court. Probably the one most intelligent players ever as well, he reads defenses as well as any point guard and calls out plays. He has unbelievable basketball knowledge, and should have a future as a general manager one day. His European upbringing and enigmatic personality make him all the more unique. Mix that with the fact that he has the best work ethic in the NBA, and one day he could be considered the greatest, hands-down.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: 2009 at the Staples Center; never at the Forum.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics. What is strange is that, being from Kansas City, I am also a KU basketball fan, and he was a favorite of mine while he attended. But that soon turned to hate when he began in Boston. His fake Willis Reed finals entrance was the last straw. Watching Ron shut him down was wonderful and fulfilling to me as a Laker fan.

Interactions with Lakers players: I once played in a pick-up game with Anthony Peeler at an outdoor court in Kansas City. He is originally from Kansas City. He was on another level, nobody could stop him.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: An autographed Kobe Bryant basketball that I bought his rookie year for a much lower price than I would today.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: 1. I bet someone $20 at a sports bar that the Lakers would beat the Spurs in Game 4 of the 2004 Western Conference Finals. When Tim Duncan hit his shot, I couldn't believe it. When I saw Derek Fisher's ".04 shot" go through the net, I went crazy. The $20 was fine, but seeing the disbelief on the guy’s face was priceless.

2. During the 2000 Western Conference Finals, the Portland Trailblazers held a 15-point lead in the fourth with something like 11 minutes to go. Who would have thought that the Blazers would miss 13 shots in a row? My best friend had come over to watch the game and left with around 10 minutes to go in the game. He had something like a 30-minute drive home, and I called his house right after Kobe threw the famous alley-oop to Shaquille and said, "Turn on the game."

-- Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]

Photo: TNTLakersFan became a Lakers fan when he watched the 1991 NBA Finals featuring Magic Johnson and the Lakers against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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TNTLakerFan - very cool profile. Was Peeler on your team or against your team? Could make a difference....

TNTLakerFan - It was pleasure to read your profile...

Great you have Pau as your favorite Laker...sometimes Gasol doesn't get the credit he deserves...

How do you deal with the humidity over there in KC...if I ever visit my Dad in St. Louis, and I will be passing by will have to recommend a BBQ place, so I can see what is so famous about KC BBQ...

Looking forward to sharing this season with you....

This Blog God guy Mark Medina just keeps hitting them out the park folks.
That needle is tuck on 1000!
TNTLakerFan, good to meet you up close and personal. OK let me get the small stuff out the way, yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKING STANDING SIR! Your 1991 memories touch close to my heart because it was then that my dislike for MJ began. Your picking Kobe as all-time Laker well you got my vote sir. Great profile! But...WE WANT A PICTURE!!!!!!! Lol!


Cool profile. It's nothing like having locker room or workplace bragging Good point about Kobe's bball IQ.

Yeah that Duncan double clutch jumper in 04 was crazy. It made it seem like the Spurs were destined to win, but alas DFish to the rescue. I remember Shaq's great qoute after the game, "One lucky shot deserves another".

What's up with your boy bailing on the Lakers with 10 minutes left in 00....haha.

Mark Medina,
Somebody is posting under my handle. Please delete all posts from LAKER TRUTH on the most recent thread. Thank you.

Guy R,
Wonderful post.

I'm with you regarding the Kobe/Jordan debate. Kobe is BETTER than Jordan. Why do you keep addressing me as if I'm KBlitz?

It's very difficult to compare stats from different eras. There are too many factors that the stats ignore.

- For instance, Jordan played in an era, where it was EASIER to score (the 80's). When Jordan averaged over 37 points a game in 1986, 13 out of 26 teams (half the teams in the league!) averaged over 100 points a a game! Several teams averaged close to 120 points a game! When Kobe averaged over 35 points a game in 2006, only 5 out of 30 teams averaged over 100 points a game. It was a different league back than. Sure, 37 is a higher number than 35 in a vacuum, but when you take into account how much easier it was to score back than, well, than 35 suddenly becomes more impressive than 37. And don't even get me started in the 90's, the EXPANSION era, where teams were diluted.

- Regarding 3 point shooting, although Kobe's 3 point FG% is only slightly higher than Jordan's, Kobe was a MUCH better 3 point shooter than Jordan. Kobe has so much range, that defenses guard Kobe no matter where he is on the floor (unlike Jordan). He even occasionally gets double teamed behind the 3 point line. Jordan, on the other hand, was not considered a true 3 point threat for most of his career, and hence, defenses did not guard him out there as aggressively as they guard Kobe. In fact, a large portion of Jordan's 3 pointers were wide open shots, that defenses were happy too see him shoot.

- Kobe was also forced to play BOTH the Jordan and Pippen role for many of his teams. Kobe, like Pippen, usually guarded the best player, and Kobe had more playmaking duties than Jordan. As Phil stated, "Kobe has more responsibilities than Jordan ever had".

- Kobe had it tougher than Jordan. He had to battle against Stern, the media, and the refs, whereas Jordan had Stern, the media, and the refs in his back pocket.

- I can go on and on, but my point is, you CANNOT compare individual stats from different eras in a vacuum. There have been rule changes, the style of play has changed, scoring was easier back than, international players are a regular part of the NBA now, making it a true global sport with a larger talent pool than Jordan's time (the 80's and the expansion era). Players have become more athletic, the defensive schemes have become more complex. The league continues to evolve, and has evolved since Jordan's days.

- In conclusion, your stats do NOT prove that Jordan was a better offensive player. Jordan had bigger hands, and was a bit stronger, but Kobe has better range and a bigger arsenal of moves. Simply put, Kobe is a more complete offensive player than Jordan ever was, no matter what the stats say.

- And last but not least, EIGHTY ONE POINTS baby.

@NewMexicoLakerFan, yes it is indeed good to be back home. Thanks LakerTom for sending in your profile or I'd still be out in the Wilderness. How are you and your husband mam? Tomorrow the Vikings shall thrash Miami and they shall then proceed on their march towards The SuperBowl. Have no fear this is Brett Favre's season! After they get there who know's, but they will get there! You got to believe!!!!!! Thanks for having my back while I was gone.
@Lewstrs, how are you sir? Yes you knew I was coming back, NewMexicoLakerFan knew I was coming back. In fact the whole durn world except for me knew it. So thanks to LakerTom...For better or worse...I'm back. Thanks for all the kind words and having my back while I was gone.
This Lakers Nation is a great nation & family and I could not have picked a better one to belong to. Thanks again my brother!

- In conclusion, your stats do NOT prove that Jordan was a better offensive player. Jordan had bigger hands, and was a bit stronger, but Kobe has better range and a bigger arsenal of moves. Simply put, Kobe is a more complete offensive player than Jordan ever was, no matter what the stats say.
- And last but not least, EIGHTY ONE POINTS baby. Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | September 18, 2010 at 12:30 PM
SWEET JESUS!!! Preach Truth Preach!!!!!!

@TNTLAKERFAN… Great profile. Thanks for sharing so many great Lakers moments. It’s funny but reading everybody’s profiles gives me a real déjà vu sensation via the connection to great Lakers moments. It’s fascinating hearing what your Laker compatriots were doing on this day and that day. What’s with no photo and the anonymity? At 27, you’re prime FaceBook demographics. JK.

- For instance, Jordan played in an era, where it was EASIER to score (the 80's). When Jordan averaged over 37 points a game in 1986, 13 out of 26 teams (half the teams in the league!) averaged over 100 points a a game! Several teams averaged close to 120 points a game! When Kobe averaged over 35 points a game in 2006, only 5 out of 30 teams averaged over 100 points a game. It was a different league back than. Sure, 37 is a higher number than 35 in a vacuum, but when you take into account how much easier it was to score back than, well, than 35 suddenly becomes more impressive than 37. And don't even get me started in the 90's, the EXPANSION era, where teams were diluted.

You see why Cyber? I told you LAKER TRUTH wouldn't agree with me. And besides LAKER TRUTH MJ scored his 37ppg in the 80's aka in 1985-1986 season when he had the famous 63 point game. The tempo was harder but everything LAKER TRUTH EVERY person said it was harder to score then it is today.


"And you know what I blame? The hand checking rules. They have given birth to flops 35 feet from the basket. They have created whiners and people that are skillful at drawing fouls (and notice how I didn't say contact). Everything is a complaint because literally everything can be a foul, and if you are a superstar, you are just used to getting fouls called when you are fouled. And the whole thing just builds on itself to where you are faking injuries for a possession and falling down 80 feet from the basket. If you are the fan of the other team, it all just piles on top of the awesome so that you forget about respecting the skill and start asking, "What's to like about this guy again?""

"In fact, a large portion of Jordan's 3 pointers were wide open shots, that defenses were happy too see him shoot."

Ever hear of off the ball movement to GET open? Let's rewind to Game 2 of the Finals how did Ray get that record?

Or one of my favorite games of the 90's

Off the ball movement. One thing MJ had over Kobe was speed. TONS of MJ's shots were in the mid-range game as I had explained. He was a very capable shooter. In fact Mj when he did shoot more than 1 3PT had at once shot 40% from 3pt than Kobe (something sadly even Kobe hasn't done).

"As Phil stated, "Kobe has more responsibilities than Jordan ever had"."

Hmm where does he say that in this quote:

"I think it's the best that I've ever seen a player of mine play with an overall court game. I'm asking him to do so much, and he's accomplishing it. I never asked Michael to be a playmaker. That's the greatest player that I've ever had, that I could consider the greatest player in the game, and I never asked him to be a playmaker in those terms."

"I can go on and on, but my point is, you CANNOT compare individual stats from different eras in a vacuum"

Yea aka less hand checking LESS physical play compared to Pistons or Knicks and simply less "complex" defenses that KOBE LIT when he faced the Suns.

Kobe vs Celtics Man to Man Defense: 28.5ppg, (40.5%), 3.8apg
Kobe vs Phoenix Suns Zone Defense: 33.7ppg, (52.4%) 8.3apg

A HUGE DIFFERENCE LAKER TRUTH between the Zone and the Man to Man defense so put together with the handchecking and you get LOWER FG% by anyone!

To be fair Kobe would be the least affected should hanchecking be allowed again. The greatest one to suffer would be Wade then Lebron followed by Durant then Melo.

I don't know about you LAKER TRUTH personally I'd rather face ZONE than face an ELBOW from Bill Laimbeer anytime of the week.

"Simply put, Kobe is a more complete offensive player than Jordan ever was, no matter what the stats say."

More skilled does NOT mean better offensive player.

Or does Steve Nash really that much better than prime Shaq because Nash boy had more skills than the Diesel?

As for the 81 points game. I was there personally and it was a great game. That being said who was the opponent? The Raptors. What was their defensive rank? 29th out of 30. No wonder why Kobe then lit up the Raptors ESPECIALLY when their center was Matt Bonner and Charlie Villeneuva.

When you put up 42 points 16 rebounds and 10 assists against the Detroit Pistons then that's impressive or even against the Parish-McHale-Bird (and Bill Walton) frontline back in 1986 (which was pure brutal watching the Lakers in Boston fight against that frontline).

Seriously though you NEVER found a source where they specifically said that the Boston Celtics use a zone. LAKER TRUTH again please find me a legit source (no not youtube) nor Bleacher Report that specifically said that the Celtics use Zone otherwise don't use that argument against me, it's a moot point.

TNTLakerFan- Great profile, I was saying the same things all year about Ron Artest.

LAKER TRUTH- Really good points about the Kobe vs Jordan debate.


Us Nor-Cal fans should get together for a game in San Francisco. It would be great to get to know eachother more outside of the blog. There is a Laker Bar in the sunset, the owner has Laker memorabilia all over and plays all the Laker games!

@LAKER TRUTH… “And last but not least, EIGHTY ONE POINTS baby.” What a great post, LT. We may not have agreed on every subject but I thought your logic and conclusions and your overall take were one of the best ever on the Kobe vs. MJ subject. Yeah, I’m biased but not stupid enough to not realize just how great Jordan was. I would add that if Kobe were given the ref advantage that MJ enjoyed, he would have averaged 5 to 7 points more per game every year of his career. Period.
@GUY R… Kudos to you also for a magnificent post on KB vs. MJ. I’m usually pretty suspicious of most statistical arguments as they usually can be interpreted to support multiple viewpoints and usually don’t tell the complete story. The one thing I am confident of is that when his career is over, Kobe will have supplanted MJ as the super star that every young gun wants to become – the GOAT as far as perimeter players go. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts in the future.


Does this mean you hate me if I said I prefer Kansas State over KU? I know Wilt also attended KU but I had friends who were Wildcats and I respect Coach Synder.

I personally went to UCLA btw.

@NBA4EVER… “Us Nor-Cal fans should get together for a game in San Francisco. It would be great to get to know eachother more outside of the blog. There is a Laker Bar in the sunset, the owner has Laker memorabilia all over and plays all the Laker games!”
Count me in. Last year, Jay Jay and I got together at half-time of the second Warriors game. The Sunset would seem like a good central meeting place. Any other Bay Area Lakers fans interested?


I think we are always going to disagree in the MJ/Kobe debate, but I want to make one last point regarding zone defenses. I am NOT suggesting that zones or hybrid zones are more effective than man to man defense, but having the OPTION to use (hybrid) zones makes defenses that much more effective. It's another weapon in the defense's arsenal, that Jordan never had to face. Playing zone is like a pitcher throwing a changeup in baseball. If you keep throwing that changeup, the hitters are going to hit that ball out of the park, BUT, if you couple your changeup with your fastball (aka man to man), than it makes the pitcher that much more difficult to hit.

Catching up on the last thread...

KobeMVP888 - I listened to Sick of was funny. I'll remember the free pass to use it. Thanks for the reminder on Kobe's 55 vs the Wiz. He really wanted to drop 80 on MJ (okay Stack and MJ) that game, but he was off in the 2nd half.

63 footer - You're right about all NBA players being great players. I've played with a few marginal ones over the years and they always dominated. I just tried to make sure I was on their team so I could stay on the court.

63 footer pt 2 - You're right Eddie Hazel was a great guitar player. Listening to Parliament-Funkadelic growing up was like a rite of passage. Eddie was great on Maggot Brain. When you look at some of the talent that George Clinton assembled to play with him its amazing (aside to with him in Eddie Hazel, Mike Hampton, Gary Shider, Bernie Worrell, Junie Morrison (from the Ohio Players), and of course he raided James Brown for Bootsy, Fred Wesley and Maceo.

Mamba - no MagicPhil did not mention that he'll be jamming with some of the P-Funk guys. But you know he's a modest guy. FYI...he plays the bass. WOTS is he's got Stanley Clarke like skills.

Guy R - outstanding work. I never realized MJ's teammates FG% went up without him. Wow. That's a very well kept secret. Did you determine the avg minutes per game in your study?

Blitz - excellent beakdown on 3pointers. One thing to consider is players that shoot fewer 3pt shots do so because they're not proficient in that area, while players that jack a lot of 3pts do so because they're good at it. That may be why a player that shoots more 3pts could have a higher %. I know Magic worked hard on his 3pt shot later in his career to become respectable.

LakerTruth - good breakdown on Kobe vs. MJ

Cyber - I read that about Casspi as well. It was sickening.

Cyber, Truth, Blitz - good analysis on all parts in the Kobe/MJ discussion. I'm in the MJ is better camp "at this point". His defense was a level up from Kobe's. Jordan was more intense and focused on defense. Offensively Kobe's range and variety of moves/shots make him a tougher cover. Maybe Kobe gets a slight edge offensively.

But just think if Kobe had never had his 05-07 seasons to showcase ALL his full arsenal. Would we really appreciate how great he is? Remember this is what frustrated Kobe about Shaq and Phil. He would work hard to develop his game and then was asked to keep it under wraps for the most part. I've never seen another player hit a 3pt shot with their off hand...has anyone else?


Loved your breakdown on the Blog's off season moves.

Going to the rack with the game on the line is great in the league, but doesn't always work in pickup games. Guys will just hack you and say take it out. So sometimes it best to just take the expedite things.

63 footer - oops almost forgot. Do tell on the albums you produced and the song you had charted. You just can't drop that in matter of factly and not elaborate.

MagicPhil/Mamba/Blitz/Justa - how do you access Phil's chat?

First of all thank you Mr. Medina for posting my profile! And thanks to everybody for reading it!

I am actually from Kansas City, KS not MO...yes there is a difference. (although slight)

@63 Footer- I was on his team, and no, I would not have made much difference. haha

@LEWSTERS-The humidity is rough, and you have to go to Gates! Its famous and fantastic!

@MAMBA24-Thanks man! I know, I was a little incomplete without the pic.

@LakerTom- I know what you mean about the deja vu effect. I don't really mess with facebook, it would just be one more thing to keep up with and get caught up in.

@KBBlitz-No, if you would have said Missouri, then a strong dislike would be more the phrasing. K-State is alright...sometimes.

@LRob-No doubt man, good knowledge on the Shaq quote.

63 footer - I understand if you prefer to keep it anonymous.

LRob (and anyone else) - Magic Phil's live chat is:


This profile brought the heat. I don't know how the rest of us are supposed to live up to it.

Good reading.


Laker truth,

We knew it wasn't you. Way to childish.


TNTLakerfan... Loved your profile.. It's great when bloggers from all over the country, old, young and many ethnic backgrounds, can all unite for our beloved Lakers. We have a son that lives in Gardner KS. You can have the humidty,but a very nice city. We lived in Omaha NB for 9 years, so we do love the Huskers!!!

I love your take on Paula.
Fake Willis Reed entrance LMFAO!!!

Thank you. I appreciate it. My sister lives in Gardner. Yeah, the Huskers moving to the Big 10 will be interesting.


Nice profile although you were a young man in 1991 to get hooked with the Lakers. However, I admire your tenacity to stick with this team because it is a sacrifice to follow a team, spend money to watch their games and find another avid fan in your area. You used to have an NBA team in Kansas, I don't know if you heard the Kansas City Kings, they played with the Lakers in 84 playoffs then a year later they moved to Sacramento. Well, anyway had they not moved, your screen name might have been TNTKingsFan, just kidding they're just like Sacto Kings except that Sactown never had a player as good as Tiny Archilbald.

Wish we have your picture and tells us more about yourself and family. You see you're the star in this thread, we want toknow more about you than any of the Lakers or digest all the ongoing debates.

LRob - George could pick under 18 guitar players like nobody's business. And the rest of his band was always major (wrote a cartoon episode featuring Bootsy once, but missed the recording session).

If there were some way to do email through MM (he gives you mine), I have no problem, but I'm trying to stay anonymous (but if MM approached me, or he said I could email him my email to send to you, etc.). Would send you the iTunes listing.

TNTLakerFan - good to have the "ringer" on your team.

And in general: I wish they'd bring back the hand-checking; Kobe would totally go old school on everyone. Lebron and DWade would be cryin', and Artest would be laughing.

Ok, I’ve been gone for like a whole two days and there have been something like seven or eight threads to catch up on. I’m gonna write a few short responses, if nobody minds.

I’m dragging on a bit, so I’ll try to break it up,

RE Luke Walton- Well, much love to both of them, I almost always agree with both of them about stuff, but LongTimeLakerFan is right about Luke, and LAKER TRUTH is wrong. So that is settled. : ) Ok, it’s just my opinion. I can usually see both sides of the issue around here, and we all want the Lakers to win, and I love everybody, but I’m in the pro Luke camp and LTLF nailed it.

RE Mr Ed- I agree. Chick Hearn and Vin Scully ARE radio sports for me. Nothing like them. Sure, Vince is Vince, but I don’t like the Dodgers, or really baseball for that matter, so Chick's, slight tinny and buzzing, for me.

RE Mark Cuban- Whatever. He’s the owner of the Mavs, what’s he gonna say, ‘Sorry, I’ve been working for years and spending tons of money, but we are still pretty mediocre? It’s true, but he’s entitled to say whatever he wants, and hopefully it will p*ss David Stern off and he’ll fine him some more. Money goes to charity anyway, and David Stern is also a tool.

RE Bynum injury etc- I know a few orthopedic surgeons who watch basketball, and I have always gotten the same response ‘not my patient, can’t comment for certain.’ Thanks, FCM, for your matter of fact statement on the matter. It’s frustrating, but it is true. The fact is, nobody can say whether Bynum will get hurt again. If you knew, you could quit being a doctor and retire on what you would win in Vegas, cause you would be the only one.

“phred - thanks for the LOVE. secondly, would love to get your Laker profile soon!
When you mean controversial topics, which threads did you mean? MM…
Posted by: Mark Medina | September 16, 2010 at 10:33 PM”

FCM- I guess I mean in general how you have been discussing the various controversies lately, mostly referring to the debate, kind of summarizing how you perceive the mood of the blog, and giving your own, not terribly polarizing, opinion. I think some of the people in question have been working on being nicer to each other, but your even handedness and political skills have helped.

RE my blog profile- I’m sort of wavering. People have been putting up great stuff and I have liked reading them and getting pictures in my head of the people I have been reading for so long, but I also don’t want to put up a picture of myself or use my name. I would sort of like to do a funny one, but everybody has put out such quality, serious efforts, I don’t want to do a disservice to anybody. So I’ll probably just think about it for a while and enjoy reading everybody else’s.

Michael h- you had a great comment about Andrew’s stats. I don’t think stats are going to be what tells us when Andrew has arrived. Andrew Bynum playing a healthy season and us winning the title will tell us Andrew has arrived, and then we can go on and talk about something else, for freakin once.

wes has great movie recommendations, as long as they don’t involve sasquatches.

RE Ron Artest- well, what else can I say? I love Ron Artest.

LakerTom- Great profile.


On an unrelated note, it’s 4:31 PM MST on Saturday, it’s 11:41 in the first quarter, and Oregon is up 14-0.

Oops, 10:05 in the first, 21-0.

RE Phil’s birthday- Doesn’t he have a couple of rings as a player with the Knicks too?

Interesting digression on Kobe v Michael, at least sort of. I would say that Michael Jordan was the primary scorer on a more dominant team for longer than Kobe. I think Kobe is a better shooter, Michael was bigger, played bigger and was more durable, he would fight through and over guys more than Kobe, while Kobe has a sublime fadeaway.

Of course, people will talk about the hand checking this and the more physicalicality of the game and that, but it worked both ways, too. Who can forget Jordan pushing off over what’s his name? (Byron Russell, I know) That wasn’t exactly atypical. You could push more on both sides of the ball, and Jordan just could bring more momentum and strength. Not a knock on Kobe at all.

An interesting thing to remember about shooting percentages though is how those end of game, end of quarter, last second heaves always get recorded. And of course, playing behind at the end of games, offensive rebounding, and other things will affect the little percentage differences.

Probably the biggest difference I could say, though, was that when Kobe’s shot isn’t falling, he has had a tendency to feel he needs to keep shooting until it does. When Jordan’s shot wasn’t falling, he would (I haven’t watched Jordan like I’ve watched Kobe, but my impression) he would be more likely to pass. And yeah, most of those times, he did have better shooting teammates than Kobe, and he had some really good 3 point shooters on his team, as well. Kobe has never played with Steve Kerr or Toni Kukoc. So I’m not judging.

If my life was on the line and I needed a guy who would go one on five and score? That is a good question.

Since I was actually taking sides against TRUTH on the Luke Walton thing, I would like to say that he is whupping Blitz on the Kobe vs Michael thing, even if Blitz is handicapping himself by comparing eras, which everybody knows you can’t do. Apparently. I just want to say that I mostly agree with Blitz on Michael v Kobe, but TRUTH is in good form today.

UPDATE- 9:30 in the second, Oregon 28, Portland State, 0. I know, it’s Portland State, but Oregon scored 3 touchdowns in the first three and a half minutes of the game, and PSU even started with the ball.





Nive profile, are you the fellow in the glasses and hat or the guy taking a picture of the guy taking the picture?

Sam Perkins did hit a clutch shot in Game 1 and then pulled a 2004 Robert Horry. MIA.

Nice profile TNTLakerFan.
You must have love this news:
Grizzlies get Brown, cap space, draft picks
February 2, 2008
And Kobe Bryant's take: " I think everybody is a little excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us." Three NBA Finals later, and one coming.

" I am NOT suggesting that zones or hybrid zones are more effective than man to man defense, but having the OPTION to use (hybrid) zones makes defenses that much more effective. It's another weapon in the defense's arsenal, that Jordan never had to face. Playing zone is like a pitcher throwing a changeup in baseball. If you keep throwing that changeup, the hitters are going to hit that ball out of the park, BUT, if you couple your changeup with your fastball (aka man to man), than it makes the pitcher that much more difficult to hit."

NFL defenses are more comparable to NBA defenses than pitching.

Why should you never ever throw zone defenses against the Manning's/Brady's/the Brees's/River's?

Because Zone you loosen up the coverage and enables receivers to find loopholes to BUST them. One reason why Tampa 2 is beginning to fall out of favor for more the Baltimore Ravens/Steelers Defense.

You switch zones to "bring a different look" you admit that your defense sucks and Peyton will take advantage and LIT up that silly zone.

Same in BBall. Phoenix tried to start with man to man defense but once they couldn't cover Kobe or the Lakers big men they switched to zone.

Kobe vs Celtics Man to Man Defense: 28.5ppg, (40.5%), 3.8apg
Kobe vs Phoenix Suns Zone Defense: 33.7ppg, (52.4%) 8.3apg

Bryant nearly got 2 triple doubles in Game 3 and 4.

The differences between the Celtics and Suns? Celtics commit to MAN to MAN defense 100% of the time. Do they get physical? Indeed they do but while dirty at times that's what physical defenses are no different than Iron Curtain Steelers or Rex Ryan Baltimore Ravens.

"laying fast and quick team defense is admirable, but somewhere at some time, somebody’s got to be able to play good man-to-man defense"

Zone? Schomon!

Btw I still have no idea why Cyber lumped us together since we obviously disagree about this. It seems that he identifies us as similar just because we don't share his ultra-optimistic views on Bynum.

If that's the case it's no wonder. Throwing a fit you tend to make irrational thoughts I suppose.


If MJ's shots wasn't falling he would rather get close to the hoop or to the free throw line to get the shot back into rhythm. He never had great assists numbers in the second three-peat.

Again Phred,

MJ was more efficient scorer. Kobe is great and was more skilled but skill doesn't necessary mean BETTER.

The whole point with Laker Truth and before CybercosmiX was about that. Then Cyber threw a fit and saying this and that instead of staying on point. Heck he even used a MONTH to judge a player instead of either a whole season or a whole playoff run.

I still don't know why he lumped me and LAKER TRUTH. Probably because both of us doesn't share his ultra-optimistic views on Bynum but that doesn't mean he can throw a fit and do such a bad example.

So no I'm not getting owned or whatnot. People make an argument and I respond to them and then they use more excuses that line up from Mars and a whole can of worms opens up.

@Edwin Gueco- I was young! Like I said on the profile around 8 or so, and I have family near LA, so sometimes the games are part of the visit....and sometimes the excuse..

Blitz- 1) I’m just saying TRUTH is making some great points today. I have to give him credit, especially after he got schooled by LTLF. (LTLF always wins on the salary thing) Nothing personal, and I never said ‘owned.’ You can’t really win or lose an argument between eras, anyway. 2)Yup, I think Jordan was a more efficient scorer. I said Kobe was a better shooter, and he makes shots that Jordan couldn’t. I think Jordan had better shot selection, or was simply better at getting open. Or was allowed to get open more. I don’t know. 3)I almost made the same point about Jordan moving closer or trying to get fouled, but I don’t think that is the main difference in their games, they both are very willing to try to draw fouls, and Kobe gets his share of FTs. Jordan did have better assist numbers than Kobe, but why is more than I will try to address today.

Personally, I think Jordan was a better scorer than Kobe, but that’s no more than a guess. I think the level of competition is higher nowadays, and defenses are smarter instead of tougher, but I can’t prove it and won’t try. I have said that Jordan has had an advantage because he is just naturally bulkier, and he was more durable, in terms of injuries affecting his game at this age. What do you think about my comment about Jordan getting away with more pushing off? Do you agree?

Does anybody have any stats on which player had more fourth quarter deficits and had to chuck up more desperation threes? I know Kobe probably thought he had to chuck up more desperation threes.

I just want to chime in on this MJ vs KB, why do we love to compare two great players? Is it about ego of homers? If you asked Bulls fans, they'd always put Michael first on their list. In the 60's, the discussion was about Bill R. vs. Wilt C, Bill retires it became Wilt vs. Kareem, here comes the 80's it was between Larry B. vs. Magic and in the 90's MJ got that decade w/o being compared to anybody until Kobe came up. We're in the 21st century 2010, we're still going back to the nineties on stats, players, games "as if they are all the same comparing apples to apples". Why not enjoy both players and try to agree to disagree? There are so many other topics that typical fans wanted to know, will there be a lockout? What is a lockout and how will it affect the season? Where are the former Laker players, what happened to them after retirement? I think that is more interesting to know what happened to a player when their career is over? There are no grey areas on facts, they are what they are? But to discuss MJ in the nineties against Kobe in '10, that's 15 years apart, it is either you loved them both or just leave them alone as-is, one is done and the other is still in progress.

Edwin- I sort of agree. I'd love to talk about the lockout, although I think we could have an 'owner vs players' argument on here that would make Luke or Andrew look like tame topics. I hope it doesn't happen.

I think nobody in either the player's union or the league will make any serious statement about it on the record, though, so it is probably hard for FCM to responsibly start a conversation on it with any news, but that shouldn't stop us from discussing the possibility.

Me, I think it's sort of silly to have a break down of talks over some salary cap stuff as long as they will still guarantee players a reasonable % of total revenue, and I think they should be able to get pretty close to agreement on that percentage. Emphasis on should. But who knows. Of course, to be honest, the more Russian billionaires there are owning teams, the more the Lakers might benefit from at least come kind of cap, since we can usually attract better players.

Historically, I am on the side of the players instead of the league, I think the lost season in 98-99 and the advantage it gave to the owners tilted the balance far enough i the interest of the owners and Stern, but I'm sure there are legitimate arguments for both sides.

well Edwin when someone makes a remark like "Elgin as a perimeter player was only bested by MJ" then a certain someone goes out of their way to argue this and that why Kobe is better or whatever.

I'm not sure but I think the comparisons is for people want to put their favorite superstar ahead of whoever so they can say whoever is best. It's like they own the superstar or treat them as their idol and that anything better is bad. I think that's the root cause of the Bynum debates too since many of us would like to think Bynum is or will be better than anyone else in the league and that anything to suggest otherwise is Immoral.

It's amusing in a way.

Anyone else love Anggun? I think she's Malasian, but not sure. What a combo of looks and voice. This is her younger than she is now, maybe the beginning of her career:

And this is here live in NY a few years later doing a David Bowie cover:


Blitz- well, its sports. People will do that. There are no absolute comparisons, so there is no stopping them. I think Ken Griffey Jr was better than Babe Ruth and Greg Maddux is the best pitcher in baseball history, and there is no way to prove me wrong unless you have access to a time machine and sophisticated cloning technology as well as a willingness to chance ruin of all human history.

phred - "and there is no way to prove me wrong unless you have access to a time machine and sophisticated cloning technology as well as a willingness to chance ruin of all human history."

Dang, my secret cloning time machine experiments are no longer secret! Fie on you phred! Fie! I must go back and rewrite the history of this blog to keep it under wraps.

63- Don't do it! You step on a mosquito and we might lose doughnuts!

Mamba 24 - Thanks for the love and welcome back

Phred - Interesting observations. I noticed that I am trying to delve more into discussion topics and feeling the general pulse of you guys. I'm stating my opinions and even if they're "not terribly polarizing," as you put it. I'm probably the beneficiary and victim of my own worldview that I usually notice and understand the nuances from both side of the coin. That doesn't mean I'm not afraid to rock the boat. But unlike the cable news and talk show era that we live in, I don't usually find the polarizing arguments to really be accurate. "Political skills," eh? Hah, didn't know I had any. Maybe I'll run for office....

Too late! I have already gone back and rewritten it making this all one big joke that no one believes... but didn't you used to be left handed?

"I was young! Like I said on the profile around 8 or so." -TNTLF

IMO, we have three kinds of fans in the Southland. First, you already know them in this blog - the lakerholics. They live and die with the Lakers 7/24, they praise all Lakers as the best players ever played basketball. They will embrace the incompetent ones like Smush, Kwame and Cookie because they wore the purple and gold; Second, there are anti Lakers w/ a huge following in the Southland like 131-92, Mike T. Perhaps, they were transplanted Los Angelinos who still follow their old team or fascination with a particular player; Thirdly, there are the Fair Weather or the Perfectionists fans, they come to games late and leave early to beat the gridlock and miles and miles to travel. They're not afraid to trash any player, coach, GM, Owner who are representing the purple and gold and continue to be inept, cheap and lackadaisical. They want to get their money's worth by using more of their mouth ahead of their brain. This third group don't come to this blog, don't care any crap written by sportswriters and BSPN, don't waste time on sports talk if it is not Chickie baby, they have just their standards which are too high and sometimes unreachable. Again imo, this 3rd group are the silent majority.

Having said that, I still admire your recollection with the games of '91 and stuck with the team that lost the Finals. How many of us here could remember the games we watched at age 7, very few and chances are we would have changed allegiances especially if after 1991, our Lakers became dormant till PJ moved to LA.

Edwin - what about us folk who just like basketball and happen to be blessed at living in L.A. (or even out of it) and having an amazing team year in and year out dating back to the beginning of time? We see the faults, love the play, and are just lucky to have such great teams and players to root for.

63- hey! You erased my long, passionate relationship with Hilary Swank! Oh wait, I suppose that might have been a dream.

FCM- Sure, you could probably run for governor of California. They can't do worse.

Just don't run against Fish.

Phred - lockout would be a good topic. Also, before I laboriously comb through a bunch of previous postings, has there been a list put out of training camp invitees (you know, the guys that have zero chance of making this season's roster as opposed to previous camp fodder that at least had a snowball's chance)?

63- also some guy named Biff Tannen just came by and told me I have to pay him rent now. Thanks a ton.

63 footer,

You are the wizard fan that saw the past, lived with the present and will always appreciate what the future brings. You're still be classified on the 3rd group because you loved the games and could distinguish the great teams and the great players. You are looking at the perfection in sports no matter what colors they wear. You cannot be classified as No. 1 because it only represent one fascination that is the Lakers and Lakers alone nor the No. 2, the anti Laker or the guy who belabors the contrarian point of view whatever No. 1 believes.

Too late! I have already gone back and rewritten it making this all one big joke that no one believes... but didn't you used to be left handed?

Posted by: 63 Footer | September 18, 2010 at 06:27 PM


I use to be young, white and 6'3"...

dave m- well, what do you think? I'm not up on the latest proposals or counter proposals, and the ones I heard about weren't that serious anyway.

I haven't seen anything about training camp invitees except this Hicks guy, and I don't know anything about him.

Edwin - yeah, but I come early to the games and stay late.

phred - oops, I guess blowing up that Delorean wasn't such a good idea.

LEWSTRS - sorry man, the machine is still experimental.

63footer that's an exception being Seniors, we want to stretch the cost of ticket and parking and have all time in the world. lol! You're no longer in a hurry to be ahead in the freeway jams. Like my son when we go to games together, he has to listen to the live interview, he wants to hear every word said by the player. I only used the phrase - arrive late and leave early to describe the LA fans who are notoriously tardy and unpredictable.

Edwin - I do get tired of the "fair-weather" fans at games, though; they're the ones texting all the time during the game. Seriously... DURING the game?! They're also the ones who turn and stare at me when I start cussing out players, refs and coaches (not real vulgar, just enthusiastic and creative). On the other hand, I once got a "thumbs up" from Jack when I laid into Larry Bird during a regular season game. I felt I had "arrived."

If our fans behaved like game 7 of the finals...we would win every game at home...

Dr. Buss even said it..."This home crowd was not going to let the Lakers lose."


Have you heard that they have Christine O'Donnell on tape saying she dabbled in witchcraft? This video is the end of her political career. There is no way she survives in the tea party or any party after after this turn of events. Can you imagine the negative campaigning that can come from this? See of you will a black screen fading in to scenes of war, famine, the number 666 and then her quote of having a date on a satanic alter.

Seriously though this reminds me of the end of "The Dead Zone" where that guy grabs the baby so he wont get shot. I don't know about other parts of the country, but the tea party in Indiana is a very consertive, very Christian outfit with a real distain for other ideologies.

Satan is about as far form Jesus as one can get.

She's toast.


Here's the quote:

“I dabbled into witchcraft - I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. ... I dabbled into witchcraft,” O’Donnell said during a 1999 appearance on the show, which ran from 1994-2002 on ABC. “I hung around people who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do.”

She then described one of her first dates – with a witch “on a satanic altar.”

“I didn't know it,” she said. “I mean, there's little blood there and stuff like that. We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.”

Maher showed the clip Friday on his HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and pledged to unveil additional clips every week if O’Donnell does not appear on his current show.

A spokesman for the O’Donnell campaign did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

O’Donnell, the Tea Party-backed candidate who scored a surprise win over establishment pick Rep. Mike Castle on Tuesday, has largely run on a socially conservative platform."


But the worst thing this woman has said (and it's really pathetic) is that she can never lie. So they asked her what she would do if the Natzi's came to her door and she had Ann Frank hiding in n her attick.

"I can't lie."



Hey phred,
I'm also not very up on specifics. The last time I read anything was in August (All-Star Weekend) when Fish and Billy Hunter and a bunch of hi-profile players were at a collective bargaining session that supposedly included tearing up the league's initial contract proposal (which included a lot of roll-backs). The thing that bothers me most really, is this sort of line-in-the-sand mentality by owners that seem almost predetermined to have a lockout. I've just never really understood that approach. Actually, I'm not even sure why I'm suggesting a labor discussion when I so often want to escape hard news by surfing from one baskeball blog to another and there's an endless cornucopia out there including my own recent micro niche which is patently ridiculous and I'm glad to say, harder to find than namesake Slava. Regardless, it won't be that long before the current collective bargaining agreement expires and a summer without roundball will seem comparitively minor.

Good Evening Laker Fam,

Wow, there's so much that's gone on since I last posted. Congratulations to LakerTom, KobeMVP888 and TNT for the great profiles. You and everyone else on here(with the exception of trolls, lol), have a been a blessing on here. Much love to my sister "pot", Mamba24, Lewstrs, Blitz, Hobbit, Lewstrs, LakerTruth and the rest of the Laker faithful! I'm so ready for training camp and the season to begin!

I have been a staunch believer and supporter of both Caracter and Ebanks and I believe that both will have an impact for our beloved Lakers. Caracter can become a special player, but it's all on him to make it happen. There's no question regarding his talent and potential, but he must continue to do the little things, stay focused and determined to be successful. I'm excited about the upcoming season!

Mark Cuban seems to say the same thing every year in regards to the Mavs being a true threat to the Lakers. Broken record. Personally, I don't think that as an Owner, Cuban's been good for the league as many say he is. He may be entertaining at times, but not good. He's just a loud mouth with no titles now or seemingly in his future. He and Redskins Owner, Snyder are two peas in a pod. They stock and restock their teams only to come up short. That's all I'll say about that.

I've stated on here that I'm an avid Rams fan ever since they were in Los Angeles and I'm excited about Sam Bradford. Hopefully, we can surround him with more talent(Hopefully they'll trade for Vincent Jackson)and start winning some ball games. We should've won last week against Arizona, but Cardinal Receiver made the two biggest plays of the game by catching CB Fletcher from behind after Fletcher picked up a fumble and ran 43 yards, but couldn't score. Then DT Clif Ryan scooped up a fumble by Cardinal QB Andersen after he was sacked, then Ryan only had to run 25 yards to score, but Breaston caught him from behind inside the 5, stripped Ryan, and then the Cardinals recovered it in the end zone for a touchback! We could've gone up 20-10 at that point and pretty much seal the deal, but the Rams found a way to lose again, 17-13. I've always been a fan of the Lakers, Rams, Dodgers and Kings! I don't what I would do if Los Angeles ever got another NFL franchise. Go Rams!

MM, great job with all the information and great links! Much love to all my Laker family! The season is drawing near! Go Lakers!!!


Wow, another Rams fan. I didn't know we even existed.


Wait.... is this O'Donnell clip on YouTube? I need to see this.

Oh hooooo! That was choice! So, this puritanical party is harboring and abetting witch candidates! I think it's the government's obligation to investigate. There must be some blue laws left on the books about this type of thing.

63 footer - A cartoon of Bootsy...that's pretty cool. George's album covers where like a movie. Even after reading them for years you'd still find something you hadn't noticed before. I have a few Clinton stories from his days of visit the radio station and let me say he definitely lives up (or down depending on how you look at it) to his rep.

phred/Dave M - Unfortunately I think the owners have their hearts set on a lock out.

Blitz - were you on your debate team in've got good debate skills, plus you're relentless.

Edwin - debate/argue topics. That's what sports fans do otherwise sports radio wouldn't be thriving.

Nemaia - I hope you're right about Caracter. Offensively I love his game, but I concerned about his ability to defend the post at his height. But he was a great pick especially for the 2nd rd. Don't stay away so long.

Wes - Whew. Great play call to win it for MSU. Your customers won't be happy campers in the morning.

Was it you posting about Lou Reed at the Whiskey in '78? I remember that one... and sooo many more there. Back then you could see anyone and everyone there, Runaways and Van Halen one night, Ramones and Blondie the next, from the Motels to the Germs, Zippers to the Plugz, the Weirdos, the Screamers, Siouxie, Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers, the Furs, the Go-gos, Magazine and Ultravox and X and Buddy Rich! (yes, and at the Starwood too with his big band) and so many more shows over the years there including one of my all-time favorite memories, John Belushi getting up on stage to play drums with the Dead Boys on "Sonic Reducer" and believe me, he rocked. Good times.

Dave M,

What could be the reasons for the lockout? Is it the CBA as a whole or just the particulars on the exorbitant players contract? There has to be limits on the pay scale or else they have to build as big as the Dallas Cowboy stadium or LA Coliseum in order to recoup the investment of the owners. In times of recession, everyone has to scale back, our country has receded the excess, the world economy shrunk so are the vanishing employment. Unionism may be on its last trough although these are entertainers and cannot be replaced by cheap entertainers. During the time of Mikan, players are paid per game and they go around the town to help promote the game. Today, our NBA players don't have any concern of the past, it's all goes down on talents. The talented players can demand the salary contracts they wish because other teams are willing to pay him much if not better. The battle brews up between the owners and the players. The owners band together to protect their investments, the players unionize to protect their rights, how about the fans in general who is working for them? Is it David Stearns? Supposedly NBA Cares, he represent the fans too. It appears he is the lackey of the owners, watch out for his bonuses, golden handshake and options attached to it when he retires. Shall we see the day when those court side seats at Staples would cost $10K per game or build a larger arena with a large giant screen similar to Dallas in order to meet the payroll? I wish fans will strike back like what happened in the 60's against the establishments to check the abuse that is taking place. Shall we see the day when fans lockout themselves outside and cancel all these cable subscriptions in protest? As long as there is demand the ever increasing prices of tickets, cable subscription will never stop.

There definitely have to be some player concessions, belts have to be tightened everywhere. But, if the players are locked out then there's nada, zilch. No cable, no ads, no tickets, no fans, no high-lights, no revenue kickbacks from major markets to minor ones. And what are we left with? As for salaries themselves, it's starting to look like the polarization of classes, franchise players eating up the teams' salary caps with much of the roster accepting minimum. The middle class is getting squeezed with the MLE often getting split up in order to help field a team. I think the players union would go for some curbs at the top but from what I've heard, the rollbacks are across the board, affecting pensions, etc..


"debate/argue topics. That's what sports fans do otherwise sports radio wouldn't be thriving."

~~Absolutely agree, they create controversies, sensationalism in order to sell air time and ratings. However, LRob in this blog if we try to argue on debates without any resolution like MJ vs KB; Bynum as a Superstar vs. Bynum an injury prone....what a waste of intelligence!!! We will never know the answer of these topics because the events are still on going. If we chose the topic Russell and Chamberlain; Magic vs Bird who is better? We can compare them because they already stopped playing. To talk about Kobe and Bynum intermittently and ad infinitum daily in every thread....we are really bona fide junkies. Once in a while is OK, Second time around is just plain too much and becoming a boring topic and to repeat it several times in so many threads, it is becoming a habitual poison that we can't resist. Don't take my opinion seriously, it's just a commentary from a grumpy old timer.

LAKER TRUTH, KB Blitz: Sorry if I mixed you guys' screen names up in the MJ/Kobe debate, I was up past my bedtime, lol, around 2am last nite and I didn't do it on purpose. I think I still had the Bynum debates in my head from a day or two earlier, lol. My bad.

Kobe's still > MJ... muahahaaaa (if he's not there yet, he will be when it's all said and done!!!)

as LAKER TRUTH says above, "EIGHTY ONE POINTS baby!"

- - -

TNTLakerFan: Enjoyed your profile. I'd like to think that your being in Kansas, and a Laker fan proves a point that I make, you can take the cities that NBA teams play in, draw with a compass a circle around it, larger for bigger teams, smaller for the weaker ones, and the whole rest of the area of the map will be Laker fans. I'm sure you mom bought you the Magic Johnson picture for your room because the Lakers are like the Cowboys: America's Team, either love or hate everyone has a strong opinion of them. Your mom obviously has great taste!

Props to you on being a Laker fan half-way across the nation. All the best!

- - -

phred: You make a great point regarding comparisons of players from differing era's, especially those that came when basketball was barely televised, and few footage exists. The Mikan era through the '60s - I really wish it would be possible to see games of that time. Young Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, Wilt in the early '60s, and his legendary matchups against Russell, my god, footage of Wilt's 100-pt game. There is just so much, unfortuantely, that we haven't seen, and cant' see, that it is so hard to judge.

Chick Hearn long maintained that Elgin Baylor was the finest player that he saw play, and this was after MJ and even Magic. How then could we argue that Jordan is better than Elgin when all I've seen, for instance, is Elgin at the tail end of his career?

Good point you make.


Edwin - point well taken on the debates growing old. In the Kobe-MJ debate over the last two days I thought both sides brought up a few different twist. Oh and by the way, I know grumpy old men and I don't consider you grumpy and you're definitely not old, but you're plenty wise. I appreciate your insight.

I hung out at the Whiskey or the Roxy alot during those times...Another favorite time I had at the Whiskey was The Tubes...great show...

Your post brought back memories, both that scene and those clubs always had surprises...friends and colleagues would watch each other shows, and all of sudden everyone is on stage improvising...

It also helped that Mario, the owner of the Roxy was a friend...maybe he liked my Qualudes better than me, but I never had to wait in line and always had a great table up front...

LRob -

Gutsy call on the fake field goal, by MSU...but it looked like time ran out...

But I'm glad the Irish lost...

dave m, LEWSTRS - man, you're bringing back the memories... or what's left of 'em. Madame Wong's down here, the Mabuhay Gardens up north... now I know what I'm listening to Sunday while working! (Plimsouls, Elvis, Pretenders and The Jars come to mind, too.)


Who spoke these words...

“In basketball—as in life—true joy comes from being fully present in each and every moment, not just when things are going your way.”

“Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the Me for the We.”

“Once you’ve done the mental work, there comes a point you have to throw yourself into the action and put your heart on the line. That means not only being brave, but being compassionate towards yourself, your teammates and your opponents.”

“Like life, basketball is messy and unpredictable. It has its way with you, no matter how hard you try to control it. The trick is to experience each moment with a clear mind and open heart. When you do that, the game–and life—will take care of itself.”

“I think the most important thing about coaching is that you have to have a sense of confidence about what you’re doing. You have to be a salesman and you have to get your players, particularly your leaders, to believe in what you’re trying to accomplish on the basketball floor.”

“Red and I, I think, have a mutual admiration. That’s all I can say.”

“If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball”

“Despite their tremendous talent, (NBA players) are still, by and large, young adults, seeking validation from an authority figure, and there is no greater authority figure on a team than the coach. Needless to say, in today’s warped, self-indulgent climate, too many players couldn’t care less about appeasing the coach.”

“The best part of basketball, for those people on the inside, is the bus going to the airport after you’ve won a game on an opponent’s floor. It’s been a very tough battle. And preferably, in the playoffs. And that feeling that you have, together as a group, having gone to an opponent’s floor and won a very good victory, is as about as high as you can get.”

Answer will be posted later...

Nobody ever talks about Sam Perkins, but he is my favorite player of all time. I grew up watching the Sonics since I'm from Washington, but I moved to California when I was 14 and I've become a HUGE Lakers fan. It's fitting since he played for both teams. He was an amazing player.


Phil Jackson...the greatest coach ever...

Phil Jackson? That lucky hack who only wins because he always has the best players in the world on his team?

Sorry, I had a moment of immanent trolldom; I feel much better now.

I think Phil, despite his standing, is one of the most underrated coaches in the history of sports. There were never any excuses about Coach Wooden; everyone knew his greatness. With Phil, people STILL have reservations. That's just crazy.

TNT that profile was Dynamite! Couldn't resist. It's good to know you are representing in Kansas City. Cheers!

As far as Kobe vs MJ, as an NBA fan, MJ. As a Laker fan, Kobe. By the end of his career hopefully it will be a unanimous KOBE. "That's all I have to say about that"

" The minute I heard Kobe say he had one more ring than Shaq, I said to Danny, 'Let's go get Shaq,' and it happened," said Grousbeck.
Wyc Grousbeck is the principal owner of the Meltics.

Do you think Kobe will be motivated?

Phil Jackson? That lucky hack who only wins because he always has the best players in the world on his team?

Sorry, I had a moment of immanent trolldom; I feel much better now.

I think Phil, despite his standing, is one of the most underrated coaches in the history of sports. There were never any excuses about Coach Wooden; everyone knew his greatness. With Phil, people STILL have reservations. That's just crazy.

Posted by: 63 Footer | September 19, 2010 at 07:23 AM

Don't get me started. Sure, he had MJ and Pippen, but how many rings had they won before he got there? How many rings had Shaq and Kobe won before he got here? Then he took a team with Kobe, Lamar, Kwame Brown at center, Smush Parker at the lead guard position, Luke Walton at starting small forward and no bench to 7 games against Phoenix (which he should have won in 6) and with patience and backed by a great GM and owner molded this team into the champs they are now in a relatively short period of time. The way some of our own fans bash the likes of Bynum, Fish, Lamar and even Artest last season, you have to be impressed.

Philip Douglas Jackson is ARGUABLY the greatest head coach/manager in the history of North American professional sports. Anyone who states otherwise is underrating him.

Good morning everyone,

LRob, I'm gonna jam w/ a drummer that played for pfunk for 2 years. Don't know him, but he's not one of the originals, but I take that. And "Stanley Clarke skills"? Man, I wish...SC is a beast. The man. Period. I'm more like a white version of Louis Johnson, the guy I grew up listening the most. Btw, the jam was postponed to next saturday, enough time to get the rust out of my fingers.

On the bball side, again the discussion KB x MJ. Look, MJ was great, etc...but I still think the best of all times was Bird & Magic. Those guys could play every position and score from anywhere. But MJ put some numbers and we have to respect. Kobe is getting there, we just need to wait. I believe he will be surpass MJ. Besides, his path was WAY HARDER than MJ. Kudos to KB. He's the best player hands down and I can see the next KB on Durant. That means LBJ will be the guy that could be, but will never be.....LOL. In 5-6 years, the crown will move from Kobe to Durant, and LeDone will have to watch it from the hardwood....sad.

About what Grousbeck said, that's a lie. They took forever to sign Shaq, he was not in their plans...

You guys have a great sunday, Magic Phil is taking care of little Magic Alex (my son) so I have my hands full for the day.

See ya later.

@JAMIE… Good to hear from you. 17 ppg would be a fine offensive effort from Drew so maybe this is the year that 17 rules. #17 averages 17 ppg as the Lakers win their 17th NBA championship. More importantly, I would like to see Drew also average 12 rebounds and 3 blocks per game.
What would be great is if we could buy a set of DVDs or an online subscription to entire Laker seasons, much like you can do for TV shows today. Better yet, if the games were condensed to eliminate timeouts and halftimes. Then, in the offseason, we could feed our joneses by replaying all the Lakers victories in a season. I mean, imagine watching Wilt and Logo winning 33 straight. Jerry Buss should start a Lakers channel with all of Chick’s original simulcasts. Of course, the LA Times would have to arrange for free subscriptions for Lakers Bloggers. That would be SWEET!.
@HUMANAMOLY… How could I ever forget the great conversations we’ve had reminiscing abo0ut Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, two of the most iconic and original artists of our generation. There is nothing more mystical in creation to me than how our crazy environments and experiences mold and craft us into such complex and unexpected creatures of existence. The sage old saying that what doesn’t kill you will make you better is often true. Who can deny that Lou’s addictions had much to do with his great creativity. Same with so many great musicians, painters, and writers, who have relied upon the angst of their experiences to enrich the product of their artistry.
As someone who has been lovingly married to the same wonderful woman for over 40 years, I love a happy ending and seeing Lou and Laurie get married in 2008 after a decade together made me feel warm all over. I’ve got friends who’ve been together almost as long as my wife and I but have never married, even though they live and own property together and call each other husband and wife. Even for an ex-hippy from the free love days of the 60’s, marriage still is the ultimate commitment. So Phil, if you really love Jeanie, you need at some point to be a man and step up to the alter.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that it’s fate that plays the ultimate role in our existence. There but for fortune go you or I – nothing could be truer or more humbling. With the good luck to be born in the USA with loving responsible parents, I became a businessman and entrepreneur. Cast those dice differently and I could just as easily have ended up as a drug dealer and criminal. That’s probably why I’m a liberal at heart who has a hard time passing by someone less fortunate than I even if it means the couple of bucks I hand out will end up being spent on drugs or booze. Say you’re a vet and you’re sure to appeal to my conscience. There but for fortune go you or I.

Hey guys. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. There's going to be another Lakers profile up fairly soon and it will serve as the only post of the day.

I plan to feature another profile Thursday and then Friday. Then training camp starts Saturday. I will feature more Lakers blog profiles throughout the season, but the timing of it will purely depend on what's happening with the Lakers. I imagine it'll serve as a good item when the team has an off day, there's not much news going on etc.

Feel free to keep emailing your profiles to [email protected]

63-footer, Lewsters,
Hong Kong Cafe versus Madam Wongs! Club 88, Music Machine, Cathey DeGrande, Blackies, Starwood, Mabuhay night at the Whiskey with the Sleepers, Nuns, etc., roads trips up there for the real thing, those were the days.

Club 88 & the Music Machine were right down the block from me. A little later Rik L. Rik, Pandoras, etc. A great few years of explosively creative music at that time.

TNTLakerFan - Great profile and thanks for sharing!

- Nothing better than winning a bet (no matter the amount) when all seems lost!

- When the Gasol trade first happened, I sent a text to my son who thought I was joking. It was the difference maker.

- Portland should have beat us that year but choked it away. I could see the memories of the game in Rasheed Wallace's eyes when the Lakers faced off against the Celtics this year. I like to think that's part of the reason Rasheed hung up the sneakers.

KB Blitz,

you wrote: As for the 81 points game. I was there personally and it was a great game. That being said who was the opponent? The Raptors. What was their defensive rank? 29th out of 30. No wonder why Kobe then lit up the Raptors ESPECIALLY when their center was Matt Bonner and Charlie Villeneuva.

When you put up 42 points 16 rebounds and 10 assists against the Detroit Pistons then that's impressive or even against the Parish-McHale-Bird (and Bill Walton) frontline back in 1986 (which was pure brutal watching the Lakers in Boston fight against that frontline).

my response: Your basketball knowledge is enormous. With respect, on
this one you're wrong.

Let me explain to you why:

So, I don't think that this is the game you're looking for. It will make a point.
Charles Oakley had a double-double.
Dave Corazine had a double-double.
Sam Vincent had 18.

To be honest, I don't recognize 2 out of 3 of those names. That's not the
point. The point is that MJ had help to the tune of 44 pts spread amongst
3 players. That means that the Pistons couldn't run a "Box & 1".

I'm sure you know this, but for those who don't:
"Box and 1"
This defense uses four defenders playing zone defense in the standard "box" set-up. Two defenders are on the low blocks, and two are up at the elbows. The fifth defender plays man-to-man defense against the star player. This defense may work best against a team with a good point-guard or perimeter player.

To my point:

1 against 5


3 against 5

Beating 5 professional NBA players, arguably the best athletes/players in
the world, is greater than beating 3 professional NBA players. You can
argue that the 3 were better players, but that doesn't negate the laws of
physics which mean that they can't be in two places at 1 time. Since MJ
had help, he wasn't facing a box and 1. That means he had more space to
maneuver and do his thing.

Is winning 3 against 5 impressive? Yes.
Is winning 3 against 5 impressive against HOFers? You betcha!
Is that equal to beating an entire NBA team? Hell NO!

Another thing. There's this guy called Scottie Pippen. You may have
heard of him. Regardless of the ridiculous numbers that MJ has thrown up,
he didn't win anything significant until he was paired with one of the best
defensive SF's in the NBA.

For a significant amount of time, Kobe was paired with ... um ... those who
were challenged from a talent perspective. You can talk about MJ's numbers
all you like, but they didn't happen in a vacuum. The Bulls, from the owner
down, were defensive minded. This can *NOT* be said for the Lakers at
any point in the Kobe era. Except for maybe now.

So. MJ had more talent/skill around him. Teams couldn't throw more
people at him due to the talent that surrounded him. Therefore he faced
less coverage. You can argue that the coverage he did face was more
physical and more skilled. That doesn't necessarily overcome the numbers

Feel free to ask some of the other practicing martial artists on the blog.
1 against 5, even if they're scrubs, is going to be *extremely* difficult to
beat and that's what Kobe did.

Great profile TNTLakerFan! These blogger profiles are really great reads. I salute you for including Kupchak's move to acquire Pau Gasol as one of your favorite Laker moments of all-time. It really was a masterstroke of GM genius - gotta love that last piece of the puzzle when Mitch signed guard Aaron McKie, then an assistant coach for the 76ers, earlier in the day to make the deal work salary cap wise!

I used to play with Rik.

Great read TNTLakerFan. It's not everyday I see someone who enjoys the Los Angeles Lakers and KU Basketball. They are the 2 basketball teams I live and Die with!

What an awesome writing!!!

And what a wonderful choice for most wonderful moment of past season.
Honestly it has been a constantly pushing-up-to-forward-and-better kind of reading.
You sound completely in charge and full of resounding Laker enamouring it makes me proud to just READ you.

This profile series keeps getting better and better.

Props, Z.



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